Did you know that 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season's ending is singed by a 14 years old girl?

did you know that 3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season's ending is singed by a 14 years old girl?

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doesnt this make you feel a little bit old?

Also lain iwakura's VA was only 14 when she voiced her

i am 30

isnt it the time to give up with anime?

to do what?

She's got a promising future then.

to grow up

and to do what?

Implying that watching anime is a sing of immaturity. user, you have a lot to learn about the medium. And life.

teach me more. and remember your posts after 10-15 years

get a gf

usually people who watch anime are more sensitive and good. but you know, also school schooters and bin watched them

That's fucking impressive for someone that age.

14 years old girl: being a singer
30 years old-man: pathetically watch anime and achieves nothing in their life

JAV when?

japanese girls look like the same from 13-14 y.o. until their 50s

Why? 3D is objectively inferior to 2D and soon the need for it will be completely obsolete.

b-but that's true man
watching anime only lead you to despair
you are achieving nothing in your life

it's not like that
deep down you know it

It is though. You'll understand it one day.

B-but it's bullshit. No one would call people who regularly watch murrican TV series for adults (not porn) immature, even though most of them are just as crap, bland or childish as anime shows. Shows for the masses are such, end of story. The diamonds are rare.

No, it's not but anime girls won't ruin your life or spend all your money, nag you for the shittiest little things on earth or demand impossible feats all the time. Oh wait, what was I on again...

>is singed

the word is "sung", OP

burn in hell, normalfag scum

It requires a journey to the underworld to fully appreciate. And yeah, with people who did make that journey you never know if they ever returned from it. Otaku no Video 1991 does a good job of showing where you can end up if you're doing nothing but escape from reality with the medium.

But one can also view it as something inspirational. In fact, viewing it in any other way is a treason to it.

It's not about looks. She uses her voice very well for someone who did not have that much time for training.

>to sing/ sang/ sung
Im sorry


It's just a little bit worse than watching a singing contest for adolescents.

BTW, related: youtube.com/watch?v=UzWt6E4y5-M

She was 13 then.

>something inspirational
how can "cute girls doing cute things" be inspirational?

It refreshes and frees your soul.

By showing you that kindness is at least theoretically possible. Makes you want to try it out.

I fell behind on 3-gatsu and just realized that it's over. Will we get another season? I need this animated more than life itself.

Wait three weeks.

She was three when 3-gatsu first started. I feel old.

shes hot


wanna cum in that face

all 3gatsu OPs and EDs are pretty bland. it's a shame since it's AOTY three years in a row

You need to kill yourself you retarded newfaggot.

Can't wait for her gravure to come out

are gravure models still pure? of course JAVs arent

It will happen to you one day too


Wasn't You Get To Burning also sung by a 14 year old girl?

Oh never mind, it wasnt.
I wonder what OP I'm thinking of then...

and do what with a gf?

I have wasted my youth....

No they don't, lmao.

Get out.

sorryyy...i mean ...i mean...kek.

what's wrong with his eyes

Bump of Chicken ones were great. I like S1's second ED and S2's first ED too, they are catchy.

Is the show good? Im kind of interested in the 18 boy relationship with the loli


Resigning yourself to complete escapism will only lead to emptiness and depression.

emptiness can be filled with cute girls and depression was always a meme

>emptiness can be filled with cute girls
For a time


When did Cred Forums start watching anime?

it's fine if that time is your entire life.

GTO taught me i wasted my youth

texhnolyze elite

Not everyone is good at singing from birth and was blessed with a nice voice OP, what point are you trying to make with this thread?

It belongs more to /jp/ than Cred Forums.

Doesn't work that way. Or rather, you'll have to work on yourself for it to work, which kind of defeats the purpose. If you aimed at escaping the reality, that is.