"Abe-sama, people won't buy motocycles anymore"

>"Abe-sama, people won't buy motocycles anymore"
>"I order a Bakuon adaptation"
>"Abe-sama, people won't go outside anymore"
>"Fund a camping anime"
Is this man a genius?

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pitch the next anime to stop school shootings in muhmerica


>Abe sama the economy won't grow anymore
Cute traders doing cute things when?

>"Abe-sama, people won't go outside anymore"
>"Fund a camping anime"
This backfired as otaku are killing themselves while camping.

Bakuon was great desu


/out/ is not /k/, /k/ literally tried hunting squirrels with napalms

They died outside, what's the problem?

>otaku are killing themselves
Just as planned.

>otaku are killing themselves while camping.
That's a good thing.

But that's not a bad thing

what do you think Spice and Wolf is?

Squirrels eat my tomatoes and dig in my basil. I kill one of the fuckers every few months as a warning to others. My garden grows in peace.

Will we ever see the day where Abe gets personified as a cute girl and conquers the world?

All according to Abe's keikaku


Trading for furries

Ask Nasu.

>Abe-sama your rating are going down! What do we do?
>Put me in F/GO

How fucked is Japan Cred Forums?

>>"Abe-sama, people won't have sex anymre"
>>"I order a Hentai adaptation"
if only

>>I order EVERY animation studio to make hentai

>Abe-sama, we want to promote gender equality
>Let's announce Index season 3

to camp you are forced to outside while to nut you can just jack off without having to interact with w*men

I miss this show

>"Abe-sama Chinise neo-Imperialism is out of control"
How does he respond?

whats is with the *
theres a filter on women?

Deny the rape of Nanking again.

>not rape Nanking again
you had ONE job



Colony drop China

We should get Recettear anime, I think it would work as a short series about jewing and dungeon raiding.

An anime where all the kids have guns.

Women aren't allowed here, faggot.

>Make another helicopter destroyer.
>Wait for chink autistic screaming
Or just ignored them.

>still no cute pregnant girls doing cute things anime

Abe you had one job

Make an anime about how pearl harbor was a training accident and China actually invaded, raped and medically experimented on the nips.
I find it funny though how MiA's Bondrewd is always compared to a Nazi since he was doing nasty experiments on living kids. The nips literally did nastier medical experiments, and many of the experimenters admitted to also raping the test subjects (while they were still "fresh" anyway...). But I wonder how many nips actually know this, considering most Westerners aren't even aware.

We're all little girls here, user.

Engage in a pissing contest by claiming some floating rock.

At least it's not on purpose anymore

>otaku are killing themselves while camping
Sasuga Abe-sama

anime where the world defunct the CIA and Mossad

Give the director of net-juu control of a 2 cour military anime.

Joshiraku S2

there is no escape


Last I checked we're already getting Code Geass S3

Kingdom season 3


Japan already stopped their school shootings by banning guns.

>Abe-sama the the sperm quallity have drastically decreased over the last 30 years
>What should we do?
>Lower the mayonnaise prices
Is there anything this man can't do?



Some of the local archwizards get triggered by the bad word. We can't have that.

Didn't happen

>tfw no loli emperess

Sounds like the real plan is working then.


But if it was up to Nasu, there's also a chance he'd become a robot or demon instead

Americans did the same experiments on American kids. I wonder how many of them know this.

She will become the first women to japanese Emperor if her niece not born. Her future now to marry peasant and become peasant.

>Abe-sama, the countryside needs more tourism

Cute pussy.

>that schnoz

Use his WMD

This. Unironically.

muh dick

I can only hope the Goblin King wears a slightly modified Dragon Robe instead of his usual shamanesque attire.

>first women to japanese Emperor
user I...

Man i wish i were that peasant. I thinking about it for like 10 minutes now. Imagine how we meet each other and start rabu-dabu doki-doki things

>fund an anime about dating foreigners
>suddenly no more birthrate problem

>New anime made by (Insert studio with prestige and experience)
>MC is a cute teenage girl who goes on fantastical adventures with her traveling party of various creeds and hometowns from around the world
>Episode 18 (Yes it's two-cour) involves the extremely blatant but excessively cute romantic interest between her and her party member coming to a close and the male party member finally confessing to her during an intense engagement with some dragon/demon/monster that made them realize they might be in true danger and want to share their heartfelt feelings for one another before it's too late
>He's black, has shaggy hair and a beard, and is more handsome than any of the other male heroes

How many riots?

>How many riots?
two. Cred Forums and Cred Forums.

But did you kill them with napalm? It would be cooler if you did

>what do you think Spice and Wolf is?
S3 never.

>"Abe-sama, women won't breed anymore"
>"I order a shitton yuri adaptations"

What sort of anime will he fund once Japan becomes overpopulated?

>*saves Japan in your path*
>*best PM since Yasuhiro Nakasone in your path*

I'm still fucking mad for that ending, that failure to utilize and explore such a wonderful setting, and the lack of S2 because

Devilman Crybaby Redux

an anime that encourages old people to commit suicide

Is assisted euthanasia a thing in Japan? They kinda need to bring 'death with dignity' thing back.

It already happened, that's why the birthrates are dropping since years ago.
>tons of moe and harem to make 3DP look like shit

I'm not sure if that one will work out well.

>otaku are killing themselves
[laughs in Japanese]

The new Sentai has a black actor

isn't that the reason why Darling in the FranXX was made?

>gets bullied

old and busted

Abe-sama, can I have another season with my cute wife Chi-chan? I promise I will marry all the girls you want me to marry.

An anime where American is once again 99% white and where unbroken nuclear families consisting of one father (male) and one mother (female) are the norm.

Why do you think we're getting more Fukumoto?

>otaku are killing themselves while camping
Everything went according to keikaku

I got excited thinking he was going to be one of the Rangers, but this is still a fun one.

He was already on a variety show, they just ask him to ham up his accent because it's a cops vs. robbers show.

>99% white


>"Abe-sama, people aren't buying soda"
>Leave it to me

This anime was shit, but I ironically enjoyed watching it.

>"Abe-san, people aren't having kids anymore"
>"Fund an anime that looks like it's for small children but is actually aimed at adults in their child-bearing years so they'll want to watch it with their daughterus"

with the strict antipiracy laws of Japan we can assume that otaku are fuel for their economy

But Japan also doesn't have blacks. hispanics, or muslims either.
An anime where only Whites and Asians are allowed to bear armed.

>But Japan also doesn't have blacks. hispanics, or muslims either.
or whites

Cred Forums is a mistake

>Black father abandons his kid
I see the stereotype is known in Japan too

We are getting a lot more chinks and thais and viets lately though
today I heard three separate groups flapping their lips today
why are they so LOUD?

It was too few episodes, but I'm happy with what they were able to do.

It would make a great game though

>country used to be 95% white and had strong family and community bonds
>used to be able to order machine guns though the mail with no paperwork
>shootings never happened

japfag here
we don't call him abe-sama
we call him abe-chan

What race was the latest US kid to shoot up his school again?

Stop the World's End Harem author apparently

>de jesus cruz
obviously white

The one common thread between all school shooters in America is they come from broken families.
The common thread in non-self inflicted gun violence is non-whites.

Neither have anything to do with Cred Forums.

An anime that looks into the underlying societal changes that got us here. In the 30s/40s you could mail order a GEN-U-INE NAHTZEE ANTI-TANK RIFLE from a Sear's catalog, but shootings have only become an issue in the past decade.

Literally le 56%


This known around the world. In soviet russia african and cuban students often left svetlanas and natashas with curly haired souvenirs in wombs.

There's some H manga out there about a hafu Black guy who gets constantly shit on by Japs for having no father and probably being a criminal and a rapist, so he becomes a criminal rapist

>95% white
>shootings never happened
I don't know why you can relate these two things together, especially with the fact that almost all school shooters are insecure white males.

It's a meme, mostly used on Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums, Cred Forums and /o/ to refer to what the anonymous poster feels is bad or wrong, and wants to make it noticeable by adding a censor

>country used to be 95% white
>Slaves made up at minimum 12% of the population since the 1700's

Then make a sequel about their kids being treated like shit for being hafus

>99% white
Slaves made up as much as 40% of the Southern population going all the way back to the 13 colonies.

They weren't counted as people back then.

Most slaves in America were white (Irish).

>Th-the country is totally 111% White! Fucking Europoors stop arguing this with us!

What's wrong with school shootings? You all see it as a tragedy, I see it as Americans dying over the rights to bear arms


this was one of those early 2000s "girl falls out of the sky. adventure ensues" shows right?

Man I miss Sora no Otoshimono

This post shouldn't even been on Cred Forums.

Cred Forums is short for Abenomics

It's due to the loss of the bonds formed in communities, animals naturally try and stay with their own and distrust those that are not.
When you have a large segment of people different from you being forced into the same area, trust is lost and resentment grows. This is worsened when the population starts to move to large cities and you lose a sense of community with even your own people.

It's not just between those of different races but even those of their own. Small, homologous communities are more likely to be friendly and have strong bonds with their neighbors and families.. Places like that is where you see people helping each other without any concern.

When you enter larger, more diverse area's trust and community bonds suffer. Most people won't even think about helping someone change a tire or give them a ride.

The real issue is underlying societal bonds being broken down, leaving many people alone with no way to seek help and no support systems.

Schools are useless at trying to resolve problems, if someone tells a teacher about issues they are having, it's likely to just be ignored. If the victim tries to physically fight back with their fists, they'll be treated worse than the actual bully has. Then you have many children with no father figures in their life to help them understand their feelings or raise them. You have people with no sense of community, with broken families lacking father figures, with no way to peacefully solve their problems through authority figures at school, can't simply punch someone for bullying them because they will be treated worse even if they are the victim, it leads people to see killing as their only option to solve their problems and be noticed.

Firearms are more heavily restricted then they have ever been, yet 40+ years ago we had never had this sort of thing occurring.

Shootings, drastic increase in drug usage,etc are symptoms greater societal dysfunction and lose of community.

use the report button to flag the thread so mods see then.

What happens here? I don't get it.

Yeah sorry I killed one of the 50 Franxx thread faggot

Honesty it’s the whites and blacks that shouldn’t get guns.

That's a good way to empower latin cartels.

More like "guy drinks a soda, said soda becomes a cute girl. battle royle ensues"

>argh stop saying the truth thats a mistake!!!

>Abe-sama, the countryside needs more tourism
>Make Flying Witch season 2

>implying spics are much better

Fedora tries being cool by putting his weight on the cue stick after slamming it down, where it breaks in half. His slow reaction time makes his weight follow the broken stick downwards, where he slams his head on the pool table, getting himself knocked out in a weird position.

>post yfw you realize that whites are mass killing people every once in a while

Oh right, I forgot about those guys. Okay, so whites, blacks and Central to South America shouldn’t get guns.

> New york
> 90% white
Literally what?

You need to be able to afford to live there.

Sounds like everything is going according to plan

>Cred Forumsshit on Cred Forums
I told you all but you didn't listen

if people just use the report button mods would delete the thread



If you look at the lower right it says that this was in 1940. Unless you're memeing >poles >irish >white

Yup. You've aptly summarized just about everything that I can think of that leads to shooters.
The only thing I'd add is that schools most likely exacerbate this problem now, compared to the past, but its only a tiny thing.
That and Nihilism. Lots and lots of nihilism turns suicide, into trying for the high score.

How does it make you feel user? Knowing the problem while nearly everyone around you ignores what you have to say in favor of doing nothing while talking.

Nevada-tan: The Animation

Pick one

People are autisic, man.


>Ne, Abe-sama, people don't go sideracing anymore

>literally sending stupid otaku to a poisonous island to practice an extremely dangerous sport

>The only thing I'd add is that schools most likely exacerbate this problem now, compared to the past, but its only a tiny thing.
That and Nihilism. Lots and lots of nihilism turns suicide, into trying for the high score.
The 24 hour news cycle feeding into the problem is a serious problem as well. Columbine is the flashpoint for the issue, when you show that the sick and ill can gain the attention they never had through the use of violence, it inspires copy cats that try and kill more to get their name out there. You see people actually glorifying their acts now with movies, music,memes, etc, it's disgusting.

>How does it make you feel user? Knowing the problem while nearly everyone around you ignores what you have to say in favor of doing nothing while talking.

It's frustrating. People naturally want to think they are in control of a situation, it's an easy way out to just imagine you can solve an issue through either banning or giving out more of something.
Taking a step back and trying to look at the reason why people decide to commit acts of violence is a lot more difficult for most people to try and understand. There is no easy way to solve this issue, it's frustrating to people to try and face that. What people are trying to do is pretend you can solve a fever by taking a cold bath, when the cause is actually full body sepsis


But that was his real motive. Otakus are lost causes that don't do anything good for japan so why don't kill them

shut up and get to the car!

>Otakus are lost causes that don't do anything good for japan

How? Otakus still buy shit and pay taxes on whatever.


They will never breed and that is the most important part for Abe

Someone who would only be considered white in America.

>Abe-sama picked Kirino as Japan ambassador of youth
What did he mean with that?

Shag your sister

Hard working guys!

>mongoloid face
>light-brown skin
Im mexican and im pretty sure hes a fucking pocho.

Anime adaptation of the Mein Kampf Manga

Not sure but certainly not white

To be fair, that user is not wrong,if you look at the most wanted lists in texas and such, very obvious hispanics are listed as white

>Americans did the same medical experiments as Japan.
Citation needed.
Here's a starting point on what experiments the nips did to the Chinese:

>Abe-sama, we don't have enough research stations in Antarctica

You have a... very interesting idea of how government intervention in economics works. The scary possibility is you might be right.

PROCREATE with your sister

>Mein Kampf Manga
It's a light novel you pleb

japan isn't that affraid of mongoloidism

>La Creatura

>>"Abe-sama, people won't buy motocycles anymore"
>>"I order a Bakuon adaptation"
>>"Abe-sama, people won't go outside anymore"
>>"Fund a camping anime"

And so people keep staying home, watching anime, alone.

>Is this man a genius?

>we have desperate lack of workers for kindergartens

Pokemon GO to the polls! was a big success and why not repeat it?

He's actually lowkey saving the genepool.
>retarded otaku go and buy bikes and kill themselves
>retarded otaku go and camp and lit themselves on fire
>smart otaku stay home

>helped and probably funded by tons of gov research groups


I want to buy a motorcycle after watching Bakuon, but I am in America and also would be likely buying a 30 year old bike, so A for effort there Abe.

guns exasperate the deep cutting social issues America (and the West at large) is going through right now. Guns are a dangerous thing for an ill-society to have, but they are also an important and immensely empowering right for a healthy society to have


The Godfather movie was funded by Mafia in some extent

More likely it's the fat ones that can't move are being saved, and ones that actually had a chance to go outside and procreate are the ones dying.

How many otakus would die if Bakuon!! was made by Kyoani?

Holy shit this actually exists

>but they are also an important and immensely empowering right for a healthy society to have
no lol

Y'all laughing about this but I see nothing wrong with giving people inspiration to make something of themselves, especially to people who may not feel fulfilled in life or feel like they have no direction through a relatable medium.

This H manga was hot

>what is switzerland
Tell me how many school shootings they had the past twenty years. Then tell me how many the US had. It's almost like the issue is with the US being a failing society of sociopaths in general, not guns. It's like blaming a building because a relative of yours committed suicide instead of considering the idea that he may have had problems.


But the fat home dwellers don't procreate anyway. Unleashing otaku on the world only causes pain.

Ehhhh, it's the difference between getting shot and having a cannon take your legs. Both are bad, but one's demonstrably worse.

I live in Japan.
But this country is the worst.
I want to immigrate to America.

>implying Yuru Camp isn't an attempt to revitalize the rural economy

>Wanting live in the land of SJWs

No that's anime P.A. Works pulls out.

Capitalism ho!

>Firearms are more heavily restricted then they have ever been
That's nowhere even close to being true.

It's the adaptation of the LN


Now Abe is supporting gay marriage will IPS babies save Japan and get those lesbians couple impregnate females like rabbits.

>I live in Japan.

Nice try, weeaboo.

>I want to give up my highest lifespan in the world, economic safety and the comfort of living in one of the most developed, intelligent, socially safest and homogeneous nations in the world to go get shot by a nigger or a mentally broken white boy while the nation is in a state of civil war over sock puppet ideologies created to distract the people from the oligarchs trying to take over the world

President daughter X Empress daughter yuri marriage manga when?

> trying
Did you miss the 10% corporate tax cut that demands absolutely 0 reasons to pay wages or insurance or contribute to anyone? oligarchs already control the world, silly.

The common link between 90% of mass killings by anyone in the first world is mind-altering drugs. Islamist, far right, school shooter etc. Almost all were druggies.

Japan is a backwards nation under a veneer of technological progress.

And when all that collapses and spreads across the world, I'd rather not live in a country that's going to get instantly rage-nuked by China.

I don't mean just economic control. I mean, mind, soul, everything. While the process to completely eradicate all the world's cultures and replace them with one global order of bugmen emperors is in a stage wherein the damage is irreversible, it is not yet complete.

It’s not entirely true but it’s actually pretty close. Keep in mind that better firearms technology =/= looser gun laws. The NFA was enacted in 1934 and it restricted full-automatic arms and destructive devices behind a tax stamp paywall. The Hughes Amendment of 1984 further restricted gun rights by ceasing the development of full-automatic arms manufacture for civilian use. The Federal Assault Weapons Ban was enacted in 1994 banned several semi-automatic rifles and “large capacity magazines”, and expired in 2004. the AWB era was the most restrictive time on American gun rights, but the regulations have mostly only been piling on since ‘34

okay, but if you come here and vote for neoliberal social and economic policy you will be little better off

>nuclear families consisting of one father (male) and one mother (female) are the norm.

Nuclear families was a fad to begin with. If they want it back they have to loosen legal marriage rights same with the gay couples. I'm fine bringing it back first thing is loosen those divorce laws and put gay couple in the nuclear family household as well.

Blend S?

Broken families and mental illness has been a huge problem that America refuses to talk about or take action.


What are the most dangerous cities of America as criminality, shooting rates etc?

>nuclear families were a fad
>literally the majority of history everywhere is extended families
Not that I disagree about loosening legal marriage rights.
Without any default rights to the others money, alimony or inheritance you're going to see a whole lot of more stable families.

Neither does america.

How did I get to Cred Forums? I'm pretty sure I clicked on Cred Forums.

Because it means going up against the voting bloc of feminazis over single mothers and black ghetto fucks over black families.
You're literally never going to see anyone to the Left of the Social Conservative right bring it up even a smidgen because of this.

When whites chimp out millions die and you can't stop them and the next chimp outs will come.

Factually not true. Whites are almost perfectly represented in mass shootings as their percentage in the population. It's just that it's less interesting when a black kid shoots people at a black school.

> Drive men against women
> Watch society collapse
It never fails.

This is Cred Forumsbe though

>fund PROCREATE anime
>any otaku that hasn't turned ends up dying in a forest
Saving the country and taking out the trash in one swoop.
A fucking patriot.

I think you mean drive men away from women.

I wish I lived in Japan.

Even low paying jobs seem better in Japan than in America.

Just imagine working as a bookstore clerk who breaks embargo by taking a sneak peek at Japanese manga or novels that arrived overnight at your store before their release date.

Just imagine how hard your e-peen will feel when you get to know manga or novel spoilers before most of the world.


And you know how many other countries banned guns too and have shootings, look at Europe it doesn't work the better way would be to give teachers guns and even certain students that would probably be anime like.

Right outside of your parents' basement.

5 steps ahead

I too fantasize about working in an obsolete industry in rapid decline.

>he thinks ethnostates are an exception, not the norm

I am confused? Are bikes more popular in Japan or scooters?

Because when you google Japanese scooters, it seems Japan is more fond of modifying scooters than modifying bikes.

My parent's basement is not in america, fortunately. Don't go to school tomorrow by the way.

>this is what europoors actually think the US is like


>otaku dying
Are you retarded

>I wish I lived in Japan.

Unless you're Swiss, Icelandic or Norwegian, you're really in no position to ridicule him.

>it's less interesting when a black kid shoots people at a black school.
I don't know you, but I'd be surprised if I read a black kid went to school.

This. Black school shootings never happen because they murder each other on corners selling dope instead.

>Unless you are Swiss

Vivo in Canton Ticino, molto piacere!

The japaneses prefer to kill themselves before tainting their genes with gaijin blood.

dont you see all those people unironically trying camping after camp?
one of them just died doing that lol

Imagine lviing in Japan and not going outside? It's a crime. I understand when people in russia don't go outside, cuz it's a fucking shithole full of subhuman trash, but in Japan..

men happily separate themselves from women after women have already been polarized against men

If you want people to have sex showing them porn that will decrease their sex drive probably isn't something you should be doing.

But american couples prefer to have dogs before having kids.

Japan is full of subhuman trash, what is your point weebshit?

>"Abe-sama, people won't go outside anymore"
>"Fund a camping anime"
This worked on me, Yuru made it look fun as fuck, Abe is a god.

Are you telling me my chinese cartoons are nothing like what happens in the real Japan?

Yes. 3D is shit.

>hurrdurrr otaku are dying so ebing
>look mom i'm so edgyXD
Oh look, totally not Cred Forums being overrun by crossboarders.

Your fucking dumb and clearly never been in Zipang