Classroom of the Elite

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Karuizawa, Ichinose and Sakayanagi are the top 3 best girls. Others need not apply.

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Sakayanagi, Horikita, and Karuizawa are the top 3.

Hey, Cred Forumsnons. Sorry about the long wait. I was busy over the weekend and couldn't do much. I'm about to finish part 1 of chapter 1 from volume 5 in a couple of minutes. I'll dump it here in around 15 minutes. Part 2 of chapter 1 from volume 5 will most likely be completed tomorrow night. For now, I'll dump part 1 of chapter 1. This should kick off volume 5's translation. From now translations for volume 5 should be on a regular, daily basis.

Oh hi there TL user. I hope you get enough rest though. You must not die on us yet

>Sudou Ken's Monologue

To be honest, I'm not a proper human being. I don't need someone else to tell me that. I decided to become strong and stand for myself when my mother, who worked in the entertainment business, left me. The small presence of my father's back. He spent every day living somberly as a mere janitor. I felt sick looking at that sight. Being the idiot I am, I gave up on my studies and decided to enter the world of sports. I was into sports like tennis and table tennis at first but they never really clicked with me. I could practice all I wanted, but I could never reach the top ranks in those sports. Then I had my first encounter with basketball.

Normally, I dislike playing with others as a team, but miraculously, I was able to make it work in the case of basketball. That was why my skill with it increased. I even got a recommendation for the high school with one of the best basketball teams in the country. But I got entangled in violent activities, and my application was rejected. And that was when I realized it. That I am scum born from scummy parents. That is why I chose to enter this school instead. A place where I won't have to pay money for education, and a dream school where even my future could be guaranteed---

(Continued. This starts volume 5's translation. This is the prologue containing Sudou's monologue. Continuing the dump)

So much this. Horikita dropped so hard in the last 2-3 volumes.

>Sports Festival Begins

"The surnames of the students divided up in order of the zodiac animals were the key to figuring out the 'target' then".

The location was the table furthest back in the crowded cafe 'Palette'. The close of summer vacation. I, along with Hirata and Karuizawa, and also Horikita, with those bizarre members, surrounded the lunch table. The purpose was to review the shipboard special exam that had taken place in the midst of the summer vacation. We were verifying the answer to the search for the 'target' that took place in mixed teams divided up into groups of the 12 zodiacs.

"The rabbit is the 4th in the zodiac. Ayanokouji-kun, Ichinose-san, Ibuki-san and Karuizawa-san. It would continue in that order".
"I see. If that's the order then I'm the 4th. That's why I was the 'target' then".
As though impressed, Karuizawa nods. But even so, the two girls here, at first glance, should have appeared mismatched but through the existence of Hirata, for some reason, the incompatibility between them was erased. It's a mystery.

"But you know, that rule is extremely simple. Almost anyone could understand it. That means the Dragon group Horikita-san and the others belonged to was the 5th so Kushida-san would have been the 'target', right?"
Having heard the answer, Karuizawa inserted the straw into the pack and sipped milk from it.
"That's right. Certainly, if you know the answer, it's simple. However, to arrive at this answer in the middle of the exam is no easy matter. Just with the three 'targets' in your own class, you won't be able to find proof of the rules that determine the 'targets'".

Including oneselves, if the names of all 3 'targets' for a class were known, it could be said that one would finally begin to see the possibility.

(Continued. This is part 1 of chapter 1 of volume 5 now)

TLanon you're a saint and I love you.

And besides, even if one realizes that the order of the surnames that correspond to the order of the zodiac is how the 'target' is determined, there is still no changing the fact that the first time answering is risky regardless. Because, by some chance, if the wrong answer were to be given, one would incur a considerable amount of damage.
Of course, if one wins the bet, then it's possible to overturn everything in one stroke.
"What worries me is Class C. I think during the middle of the exam, Ryuuen-kun discovered the rules".
Hirata's conjecture is most probably spot on. If that's not the case, he would not have been able to do all that.

"But, isn't it strange? If that's the case, why did he make a mistake?".
"I was also uneasy about that too. Even though there was a massive risk involved, if he understood the rules then ultimately it wouldn't have been strange even if he had seen through all the 'targets'. In other words, there should have been no mistake".
However, judging from the situation, Class C gave a wrong answer. Horikita then voiced her deduction she had made from a slightly different perspective.
"Even if Class C is seemingly dominated by Ryuuen-kun, couldn't it be that it's not monolithic? There should be more than a few people dissatisfied with his dictatorship".

"Certainly, that's true. The right to answer is given to all students, so students who did not comply with Ryuuen-kun's plan or those he failed to control making a blunder. That line of thought cannot be ruled out either. If they gave a correct answer, they stand to gain a massive amount of points after all".
The conjectures of Horikita and Hirata follow a good line of thought. However, it's also a fact that one cannot say that for certain. As for why, if there was a traitor, Ryuuen would thoroughly root out that individual.


Even if they deleted the mail and overcame that, if it's him, he might even go as far as to check their private points.
"What do you think about this, Ayanokouji-kun?".

Due to such an act from Horikita, both Hirata and Karuizawa turned their eyes towards me. I ended up unconsciously choking from that overconcentrated gaze on me.
"I don't know, I have no clue at all".
As I said that to deceive them, perhaps they lost interest in me in one stroke but their gazes scattered away.

But since Karuizawa alone was still looking at me, I returned her gaze and after a slight delay, she averted her eyes.
"Either way, right now our first priority is to establish this relationship. It makes me happy that I'm able to talk like this with Horikita-san and Ayanokouji-kun".
Up until now, Horikita had not wanted to hold the discussion Hirata had desired. However, after the end of the special exam for the two of them, it probably meant that changes have begun to appear in Horikita's mindset. From being cornered herself, she's begun to realize the fact that she cannot fight alone.
"It can't be helped, right? The zodiac exam was a special one where you absolutely cannot overcome it alone. If this can be predicted to be the same in the future too, a certain degree of connection will become necessary".

That seems to be the biggest factor behind Horikita changing her mind. However, that is correct. There is a limit to fighting alone in solitude. From now on too, one can expect many small trials from society that one cannot fight against alone.
"But even so, you successfully managed to escape Ryuuen-kun's grip".
Unlike Horikita's team, Karuizawa who was the 'target' of a different group, brilliantly managed to overcome the exam without having her identity be discovered. The indirect benefits that brought to Class D are by no means small.


"Well, I suppose. I have a surprisingly good poker face. Right, Yousuke-kun?".
Clinging to Hirata's arm, Karuizawa smiled with upturned eyes. It was almost unbelievable that the relationship between those two had once soured. It's beyond my interest whether or not this is just an act or not though.
"It was because before Ryuuen could answer, someone else gave the wrong answer after all. It was thanks to that".

But since when did she start calling Hirata by his first name?......Yousuke. I'd like to call him that too for a bit but it's impossible. Hirata and Karuizawa, it may be a new relationship created from the complicated situation between those two. Hirata returned Karuizawa's smile, then turned towards Horikita.
"I have a proposal to make, would that be ok?".
In response to Hirata's proposal, Horikita persisted in remaining silent without answering. It's an expression of her intention of wanting him to speak.
"Firstly, in order to bring the class together as one I'd like to bring Kushida-san into the fold. I think she will be able to supplement the four of us in parts we cannot compensate for. Starting with Ike-kun and Yamauchi-kun, there are few people capable of bringing the majority of the boys together as one, you see".

Indeed, it may very well be that the one qualified to rein in the students of that sort is Kushida. However, I don't know whether or not Horikita will easily greenlight that. From enrollment up until now, the relationship between those two was constantly bad.
"Unnecessary. I won't deny it in the sense that she is capable of controlling them, but it's something we can do on our own. For that purpose, I've reached out to you and Karuizawa-san. If the two of you will lend your power, then this problem can be beaten. It may be a different story if you prove uncooperative like a certain someone though".
She looked at me with a side glance. What a rude person.


"Certainly, if it's Ayanokouji-kun, he may not follow our lead".
The two of them, with the exception of Hirata, nodded in agreement.
"It's a big misunderstanding if you think of me as the uncooperative one. For lengthy things, I'm just one amongst the crowd obediently falling into line. Truly, I'm a person you can control like you said yourself. In other words, I'm a person with a small presence".
"The ones who claim to be people with a small presence are the ones who aren't so. That is one answer".
"Then are you a person with a small presence?".
"Me? There's no way I could possibly be a person with a small presence, right? Do you mind not mocking me?".

At this point, it was a flow that couldn't be considered as anything other than sketch comedy but it doesn't seem at all like Horikita was telling a joke. It's incredibly difficult to judge whether or not she's playing the fool but without a doubt, she's probably being serious.

(Part 1 of chapter 1 of volume 5 is now complete. Part 2 is a pretty long chunk so I doubt I can finish it tonight but I'll finish as much as I can tonight and dump what I've done in a few hours. I'll most likely get around 1/3rds through part 2 tonight and finish off the rest tomorrow)

Best girls together at last in this chapter.

Hey you do you TLanon love you man.

When will we ever get to see him playing actual basketball?

TL user love you

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Hope you had a blast on your CNY holidays (I assumed you celebrate it since you're from SG)

Yeah. Chinese New Year sure kept me busy. I really apologize for that, anons. If I had it my way I would have translated nonstop since I dropped the Arisu/Ryuuen SS. But from now on I should be free since CNY stuff is over so I'll be back to translating volume 5 daily now so the one month per volume pace should be back on track. I'll dump some more of part 2 in a few hours.

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I want to fuck Horikita.

a janitor and a chick from entertainment business huh. that's just begging for a divorce

Poor Sudowoodo. He had a hard life. Dad was janitor and mom was probably some underground idol selling her body to make ends meet. No wonder he's so screwed up coming from such a broken home. Maybe that's why he's lusting this bad after Horikita. So he can have a stable family with her that won't break apart like his own one did.

>"But, isn't it strange? If that's the case, why did he make a mistake?".
>"I was also uneasy about that too. Even though there was a massive risk involved, if he understood the rules then ultimately it wouldn't have been strange even if he had seen through all the 'targets'. In other words, there should have been no mistake".
>However, judging from the situation, Class C gave a wrong answer. Horikita then voiced her deduction she had made from a slightly different perspective.
>"Even if Class C is seemingly dominated by Ryuuen-kun, couldn't it be that it's not monolithic? There should be more than a few people dissatisfied with his dictatorship".
This part's bugging me:
>However, judging from the situation, Class C gave a wrong answer.
What wrong answer? In vol 4, class C got 150 class points because they successfully betrayed all 3 class A targets. Ryuuen had said previously that he'll only be targeting class A in the next (zodiac) test and he did. That's probably why he didn't go after all the classes, as he could have earned significantly more points if he did. Anyway, what wrong answer are they talking about here? Are they misinterpretings something? Am I?

>"What do you think about this, Ayanokouji-kun?".
>Due to such an act from Horikita, both Hirata and Karuizawa turned their eyes towards me. I ended up unconsciously choking from that overconcentrated gaze on me.
>"I don't know, I have no clue at all".
Literally all three of them know that he's full of shit though. It's just that they don't know that the other two know. Amazing

Thanks as always user.

These were the results of the ship test from that volume so perhaps that might help clear it up?

>(Rat) ---> Due to the traitor's correct assessment. Outcome 3.
>(Cow) ---> Due to the traitor's wrong assessment. Outcome 4.
>(Tiger) ---> Due to the target's identity being protected. Outcome 2.
>(Rabbit) ---> Due to the traitor's wrong assessment. Outcome 4.
>(Dragon) ---> Due to the entire group's correct assessment after the exam's end. Outcome 1.
>(Snake) ---> Due to the target's identity being protected. Outcome 2.
>(Horse) ---> Due to the traitor's correct assessment. Outcome 3.
>(Sheep) ---> Due to the target's identity being protected. Outcome 2.
>(Monkey) ---> Due to the traitor's correct assessment. Outcome 3.
>(Bird) ---> Due to the traitor's correct assessment. Outcome 3.
>(Dog) ---> Due to the target's identity being protected. Outcome 2.
>(Boar) ---> Due to the traitor's correct assessment. Outcome 3.

>And based on those results. Increases and decreases in the class and private points in this exam would be as follows. In this case, cl and pr would represent class point and private points respectively.

>Class A - Minus 200cl Plus 2 million pr
>Class B - No change in cl Plus 2.5 million pr
>Class C - Plus 150 cl Plus 5.5 million pr
>Class D - Plus 50 cl Plus 3 million pr

That's the majesty of Kiyopon's strategy. He makes sure his pawns each individually have no idea that there are others in the know so they all act like they're the only ones who know about him when all three there pretty much know he's a LOT more than he lets on. Horikita knows somewhat, Hirata knows too, Kei knows the most but they all have no idea the other two sitting there know so they just play it off. Also
>But since Karuizawa alone was still looking at me, I returned her gaze and after a slight delay, she averted her eyes.

The legendary eye contact communication started from volume 5 and continued developing until it reached full development in 7.5 where they can telepathically talk to each other.

>Up until now, Horikita had not wanted to hold the discussion Hirata had desired. However, after the end of the special exam for the two of them, it probably meant that changes have begun to appear in Horikita's mindset. From being cornered herself, she's begun to realize the fact that she cannot fight alone.
Thanks to 50%. I hope Horikita will unearth this as she tries to figure him out now that she's wary of being used.

Quick question TLanon. Are you going translate the skipped parts in the V7 rooftop chapter when you get there?

Nice trips. Also she's begun to realize that she can't do everything on her own so now Horikita's decided to befriend Kushida and make her an ally so she won't have to fight alone anymore. Horikita is aiming for the best friends route with the trustworthy Kushida while alienating the untrustworthy 50%.

Link to Pastebin? Lost the link after my old laptop broke down.

Here you go
Happy reading, user.

I want to marry this best girl so bad.

Thank you very much TL user! Be sure to take some well deserved rest when you can, your well being is the most important thing for us.

Thanks. Alright, it turns out that among outcomes (3) and (4) that we don't know details of, one of the following happened:
1) C betrayed B but failed, outcome (4). C betrayed D and succeeded, outcome (3), this is group Horse where Minami was the target. D (Koenji) betrayed B and suceeded, outcome (3).
2) B betrayed C but failed, outcome (4). B betrayed D and succeded, outcome (3), this is groups Horse. D (Koenji) betrayed C and succeeded, outcome (3).

In line with the class C mistakes and Ryuuen not having someone on a leash, I'd say that option 1) is correct, and 2 people from class C betrayed when they weren't told to.

Blessed anons.

Yeah this is most probably the case. It just goes to show even class C under Ryuuen isn't all that united and there are still some (probably bitches like Manabe) that just look out for themselves and grab points where they can at the expense of the class itself which explains why C gave wrong answers despite Ryuuen figuring out the mechanism of the test.

>alienating the untrustworthy 50%.
I doubt that will last long. 50% being an ally to the group is something that should happen, soon or later. They might have schemes that conflict with one another, but aligned interest is foreseeable as well. After the dust settled, I expect Horikita will eventually start to realize that.

First for such an alliance to happen Horikita must either accept Kushida's expulsion or 50% must give up on expelling Kushida. One of those two. They can't have it both ways. Right now 50% wants Kushida out, Horikita wants her in. So one of them must give up in order for an alliance to form. The thing is, I don't see 50% relenting at this point. He's given Ryuuen a promise between men™ so I doubt he'll back out of it. It's either going to be 50% expelling Kushida and ending up as enemies with Horikita or Horikita allows Kushida to be expelled on the condition that 50% cooperates afterwards.

I often remember the thought "Everyone should have one person with whom they can talk about everything" from ASoIaF when thinking about her. The stress from living a lie can't be contained forever. I wonder if she'll ever find someone, doesn't have to be a lover, to who she can show her hidden face (cooperating with Ryuuen where he learns a thing or two of her real face isn't what I'm talking about either). Because I think that's the only way for her to not break completely at some point -- that's if she'll continue with her double life and not get a redemption. Well, a redemption is highly unlikely considering vol 7.5

After 7.5 I'm wondering why that can't be Horikita? Horikita has shown a genuine willingness to extend a helping hand to Kushida, forgive her for all the shit she pulled in vol 5 and even forced 50% to say his shit in front of her. That's a huge olive branch from Horikita. I just wonder if one day, maybe when she's on the brink of expulsion, Kushida will accept Horikita's offer of friendship and unload everything she has pent up on her.

I never liked Kushida. And never will. So I hope 50% expells her. Get that paranoid bitch out of the light novel.

That's right. Horikita has been hypothesized to become her bff/confidant/nakama since way back, certainly at least since vol 7 came out. If there's going to be any such person, it can only be Horikita. And especially with Horikita vying for it since vol 7.5. But vol 7.5 also brought chances of her redemption down and we seem to be going down the expulsion route. If there's one thing to stop that, it would be Kushida allying with Nagumo, because just Horikita can't stop Ayanon.

Kushida a shit

Horikita is really a tough person to deal with

I'm surprised 50% hasn't gotten fed up with her yet and moved onto another pawn to use. I guess her academic brilliance and above average athletic skills help her out a bit by making her useful as a pawn but Hirata is also almost as smart as her and likely more athletic as well. I wonder if 50% will at some point switch over to using Hirata instead and put Horikita on the backburner if she proves too unreliable. 50% just lost a pawn this volume since it evolved into a Tauwa partner so he'll need a replacement soon too.

Kushida isn't going to be expelled. People are crazy to believe that will truly come to pass.

He would be using Hirata if weren't for the fact that he's neutralman

It's banter but at the same time serious for Horikita. It's cute. She wouldn't be Horikita if she wasn't like that, anyways.

Let's see how neutral he can be once Kiyopon starts blackmailing him with Sugimura-kun's bullying and suicide and threatening to spread it around to trigger Hirata into obedience. This will most likely happen next arc since he needs a pawn in the StuCo to rape Nagumo for him. I'm just afraid that Kei won't like it and act to protect Hirata instead of staying loyal to Kiyopon in this scenario since she might still have lingering feelings for Hirata too.

> she might still have lingering feelings for Hirata too
Do you even read this ln?

Did you actually read, or just talking out of your ass?

Feelings of gratitude not love. I know they're in a fake relationship I meant Hirata helped her out before she met Kiyopon and saved her from getting bullied by giving her a high social status in the school by being his fake girlfriend. This means Kei will most probably feel gratitude towards him for having protected her back then. Even though she's now in love with Kiyopon doesn't mean those feelings of gratitude will magically disappear. She might try to protect Hirata or convince Kiyopon to leave Hirata alone to repay the debt by protecting him this time. I never meant love, that feeling in Kei is reserved for Kiyopon but gratitude is still there since Hirata did her a HUGE favor after enrolling.

You're confusing things. Hirata be neutral or not, it doesn't matter. Kiyopon can use his traumas to manipulate him. However it's precisely these traumas that make Hirata someone less valuable than Horikita. Hirata doesn't have the Horikita mental strength. Horikita as a leader, is above average. But well below people like Ryuen, Sakayanagi and Ichinose. BTW she is the best option because Kushida is a bitch, Hirata is weak mentally and Karuizawa doesn't have the spirit of a leader. (And Koenji doesn't give a shit about that)

>But since when did she start calling Hirata by his first name?.....

The signs were clear from the start, even because Kiyopon wanted to separate her from Hirata since the beginning

Yeah. The one thing I really like about how Kinugasa handled the Kiyotaka x Kei relationship is how slowly he developed it over time. Most LNs would have one volume of MC saving the heroine and her falling in love with him at the end of that volume. But here? It took 6 volumes for Kei to realize her feelings for Kiyotaka (4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7 and 7.5). It was handled really well in my opinion. And even as early on as volume 5, you can sort of see Kiyotaka's subconscious possessiveness over Kei. Their eye contact gazes also start here. It's really great to see this relationship grow bit by bit like this.

>She might try to protect Hirata or convince Kiyopon to leave Hirata alone to repay the debt by protecting him this time
I'd say her trying to "convince Kiyopon to leave Hirata alone" is the max she's able to do. And she'll only do that if Kiyopon's manipulation of Hirata is very cruel. Not because'e she's in love with Kioyotaka, but because she's his parasite. She won't disobey him even in these situations where it's cruel and thankless towards Hirata who she's indebted to. She'll probably try to reason with Kiyotaka, fail, and accept it.

We already do. It’s called Kuroko no Basket

It is revealed later that it was her excuse to begin calling him Kiyotaka if she used the first name for every boy.

She may perhaps even be the one instigating his trauma.

Not every boy, only Hirata. She still calls Ike as Ike-kun and Yamauchi as Yamauchi-kun. She only uses first name for two boys (Yousuke and Kiyotaka). One's her fake boyfriend that's done as an excuse to call the other one, who she's crushing on hard, by his first name.

That's sweet of her, seems she is falling already.

I'd say that's TOO cruel a thing to do. Even for Kei obeying Kiyotaka's orders. Even if she's in love with him, even if she's his parasite. That's still too cruel. Kiyotaka only protected her starting from the ship incident. From the start of enrollment to the summer holidays, Kei was only able to stand at the top of the caste without getting bullied or kicked out thanks to Hirata offering her social protection as her "boyfriend". For her to do a 180 on him and start tormenting him is too cruel. I even bet she'll beg Kiyotaka to change his mind in this case. She'll probably ask him to use her or someone else as the pawn instead of doing that to Hirata. Of course if Kiyotaka forces her she'll have to do it but I still think she'll try her very best to reason with Kiyotaka.

>too cruel
user I...

No I'm not saying 50% won't do that. He's a literal sociopath he'll break Hirata into a comatose vegetable if he has to but what I'm saying that Kei doing it willingly would be a bitch move. Something an ungrateful bitch would do to her former saviour. A Judas move. I think she'll try to convince 50% not to do it or at least do it to someone else she's not indebted to like Hirata. Like it or not she owes Hirata a huge debt, almost as big as the one she owes Kiyotaka. The respect from the class, her leadership of the girls, all possible thanks to Hirata's cover for her. Kei's not a sociopath, she knows gratitude.

It's more probable that Kushida is the one instigating Hirata's trauma then anyone else.

But she doesn't know about his past, does she? I thought Hirata kept it secret from everyone except Kei and Kiyopon. Unless Kushida somehow hears it from Nagumo who investigated Hirata or something? She won't have any means of knowing. Unless Kiyopon leaks the information to her through someone else so she can do it for him.

Sure, she'd be the perfect agent for that. But she'd do it unwittingly. She has no reason to go against Hirata specifically.

She can do it by making the whole class go kaboom. Hirata was like a deer in headlights on the island exam so it can happen again.

>Hirata doesn't have the Horikita mental strength.
That has nothing to do with it. He can't use someone like Hirata as leader when he refuses to help his (fake)girlfriend and antagonize some girls from other classes.

Patrician taste.

Also, KiyoKei is the OTP.

I think this user is right on the money here. A lot of nips on 5ch have been speculating ever since vol 6 and especially after 7.5 that Kushida will be nuking the whole class by revealing everyone's secrets to each other and turning it into a shithole. This will indirectly break Hirata by reminding him of his trauma. It also makes it a lot more critical for 50% to expel Kushida right away so his class doesn't turn into a Third World country unable to climb out of its muck.

That would be Kushida giving up tho. She already did the kaboom once, but that was at the end of middle school. Imagine doing that now in the first year of high school. She's still looking at this high school as her new chance at her perfect self and perfect life, that's why she's so hellbent on expelling Horikita. She's not giving up on that till the last second.

Dude, read the novels before posting or shut the fuck up. Blackmailing Hirata with that wouldn't make him listen to 50%'s orders, he doesn't need his position in order to survive like Karuizawa did
>Kiyopon can use his traumas to manipulate him
He'd only be getting someone who would betray him when he realizes 50% is going to get someone hurt

He willingly told his past to 50%. He doesn't really care about others knowing about his past or not. However, Kei is different since she didn't want others to know she was bullied

>He'd only be getting someone who would betray him when he realizes 50% is going to get someone hurt
It's the other way around. The way to control Hirata is with a very real threat of hurting someone unless Hirata obeys you. Hurting many someones (and thus ruining his precious harmony). And what you order Hirata must be something that doesn't involve hurting others, as seen when Kei asked him for help in vol 4. So things like joining the Student Council could work.

This. Hirata doesn't want to hurt anybody, so by reverse engineering that logic, promising to hurt someone bad will convince him to obey you. Just make sure you don't have him hurt anyone though. Join the StuCo and leak information on Nagumo. That would be a way to make use of him. Nobody gets hurt. Everybody wins. And if he obeys 50%, nobody else gets hurt. So he gets his precious little harmony. It's a win-win for all sides, unless Hirata disobeys, then threaten to hurt someone bad and he'll fall back into line.

It's enough to convince Hirata that there is a spy among them and that spy from Nagumo is threatening to hurt the class unless he cooperates to stop the spy by opposing Nagumo.

With just that, he'll cooperate. As in, actually cooperate, willingly and the way he chooses to. It doesn't make him a pawn.

It puts him around the same level as Horikita. Not a pawn but not exactly a partner either. He won't know anything about what Kiyotaka is planning. He won't know what the end goal is or what the outcomes will be. He'll just know what Kiyotaka tells him to do and willingly cooperate. It'll be that grey area between pawn and partner that Horikita is currently stuck on.

I'd say Horiktia is currently consciously pulling back from that grey area and is trying to sever it entirely.

Not him, but I disagree. There's no point in creating needless drama and waste time on having him and Horikita be on opposing sides. Based on they little exchange in 7.5, I'd say Horikita is keeping her guard up, butt she's poking and prodding to see how 50% will react. Going against Nagumo for the sake of everyone is something she would do, so it's highly probably that she will work with 50% again.

>There's no point in creating needless drama and waste time on having him and Horikita be on opposing sides.
It's not drama, the story is setting for that outcome

I didn't say they'd go on opposing sides. Only that she doesn't want to be manipulated by him anymore, and she's attempting to move away from that.
That said, depending on the Kushida situation, they may be on opposing sides in the future.
>Going against Nagumo for the sake of everyone is something she would do, so it's highly probably that she will work with 50% again.
That seems to be 50% intent yes, but it's questionable what she'll want

The old Horikita from 1-5 would have jumped on Nagumo's ship at once.

Yeah. There will certainly be those from the first years who'll like his ideas. I wonder about Yukimura. He had some development in the background and realized he must do his part for the class, but he didn't break on Hori's level so it's possible he'd still want to go the individual route.

Every girl in class D will want Yamauchi, Sotomura and those expelled, except Shinohara who is going to defend Ike.

She is a pawn. Everyone is a pawn (Except Sakura)

This little bugger deciding to go off on his own and try to prove his worth by following Nagumo's policies and rising to class A through his own talent will be interesting to see. It would definitely cause the group to break apart and give Haruka the impetus to start the NTR on Airi. There's no doubt next arc will bring about several changes in relationships. Hirata and Kei breaking it off, Horikita getting closer to Kushida, Yukimura probably striking off on his own to Nagumo's faction. All sorts of interesting shit could go down. I can't wait for April.

How's that and why?

You didn't specify that, though. It's one thing to not want to be used, and another to imply that she wants to sever ever wanting to work with him as a partner of some kind. Knowing her personality, she would want it to be on er terms if they do work together. About Kushida, her being expelled isn't likely to happened so it's a big maybe at best.
>That seems to be 50% intent yes, but it's questionable what she'll want
If nothing else, she's a person of logic. It's up to 50% to convince and compel her. We'll just have to see.

I wonder if there'll be those girls that want Ayanokouji expelled too since he's generally considered part of the losers group (at least until the relay) but even after there should still be girls that see him as a creep and want him out. I bet Kei will stamp those girls out socially like cockroaches if it comes to that.

He is not going to betray his class.

in fact I would see it otherwise yukimura at this moment has more sense of fellowship by the ayano group, while horikita sees the most optimal that the most outstanding partners cooperate with each other to upgrade to class A since this remains their goal.

You're right I worded it poorly

I don't know, user. He didn't break the way Horikita did to learn to love his class. He likes his group, no doubt, but he still probably is ashamed of being placed in D and still believes he on his own is capable of rising to A unlike Horikita who got broken into loving teamwork. So once Nagumo offers Yukimura a shot at his dream to get to class A through his own effort maybe he jumps at the bait. You forget Nagumo is also very charismatic. He was able to talk all classes in his year into joining forces under him. He might be able to sow some chaos in the 1st years too. If anyone can do it, it's this Chad.

Season 2 will come . Believe .

Unlike with the current 2nd years, the gap between the current 1st year classes is within reach. And likely will become even more so after the next special test. So while there will be students joining Nagumo for one reason or the other, there won't be an avalanche of supporters and interclass unity like in the 2nd year

Yeah, maybe in 2025

Imagine Yukimu becoming the Nagumo spy in class D and finding out Ayanon is X. Kid might implode

I'm actually concerned about why Ichinose of all people is joining Nagumo? She's all about rising up together with her class and he's all about kicking your class to the curb and rising on your own under his command. Why would such polar opposites work together and why would a girl like Ichinose work under him? Unless she's planning on overthrowing him which seems unlikely considering she hasn't even see through 50%'s facade unlike the other 1st year leaders yet, I can't imagine why else she would join unless Nagumo's doing the same thing to her what Arisu is doing to Kamuro regarding their pasts.

She plans on becoming the next president ofc

As for the afternoon class, it has become a 2 hour long homeroom. When the instructor for Class D, Chabashira-sensei, arrived, she began to explain indifferently.
"From today the classes will resume again. However, in the 2nd semester, from September to the start of October for a period of one month, in anticipation for the sports festival, there will be increased physical education classes. Keep that in mind for the distribution of the new timetables. And also, along with the timetables, material regarding the sports festival will also be distributed. The students from the front will distribute the printouts to the back".

The moment they heard the word sports festival, screams rose up from a part of the class. Of course there are students who are anticipating the arrival of the event but there are also plenty of students who feel antipathy towards an event that is focused mainly on sports.
"Once again, the school's HP will be presenting the same details as the printouts. If necessary, remember to use it as reference".
"Sensei, is this also one of the special exams?".
As the class representative, after raising his hand, Hirata asked that question.

'Obviously that's the case' was the reply everyone had thought would come back but........
"You lot are free to interpret it however you want. Either way, there's no mistaking the fact that it will have a massive influence on each and every class".
Saying that, Chabashira-sensei opted for a vague answer that was neither an affirmation or a repudiation. From the unathletic students, a further scream arose. If this were a normal school, it would have been possible for them to hold back on or skip it entirely as they wish, but since this is an event on which the fate of the class rests even if they happened to be unathletic they simply avoid it.

(Part 2 of chapter 1 of volume 5. Continued)

On the other hand, a portion of students who had confidence in their athleticism like Sudou were in high spirits as though saying 'this is it'. It could be said that for them, this is the first exam in which they can contribute to the class other than intellectually.
"Ayanokouji-kun, here---".
In the midst of the surroundings that were becoming restless, Horikita, who had been reading the material bit by bit, noticed something and pointed to the printout.
I too, turned over the page and checked that part. And when I did, what was written there was unexpectedly the examination system. It was only for a moment, but I felt as though Chabashira-sensei had looked at me.

"There are probably already those who have seen through it and noticed but this sports festival has adopted the method of dividing all school years into two separate groups and have them compete against each other. You lot in Class D have been assigned to the Red Team. And Class A too, will be competing in the same Red Team. For the duration of this sports festival, it means Class A will be your allies".
Class B and Class C were part of the White Team and the sports festival will be the Red Team vs. the White Team.
"Woah, seriously? It'll actually be something like that!?".

It couldn't be helped that Ike would be surprised. Regardless of whether it was a written exam or a special exam, the basic idea was that it was a fight between separate classes. He must have assumed this stance wouldn't break. By the way, what would a complete team battle be? It would be a different form of cooperation than the previous shipboard special exam. On top of that, it would be a cooperative battle that goes beyond school years. The dweller beside me was pretending to be calm, but inside, she must have been panicking.
Her brother, Horikita Manabu, belongs to Class A of the 3rd years. Depending on the circumstances, we may have to hold talks with him.


"At last it's an opportunity for you to make contact with him, huh?".
"......don't talk about that here".
Just by lightly touching on that, she got angry. Apparently, I made a verbal slip and Horikita glares at me. The sharp pencil glinting at the tip she's gripping in her hands is ominous so I'd like her to stop it.
"First of all, look over the outcomes that can come of the sports festival. I don't feel like explaining many times over so make sure to listen up well this once".
Chabashira-sensei taps the printout while explaining the vital checkpoints.

Lending my ears to her, I simultaneously dropped my gaze down to the printout. What was written there is as follows.


(Rules and Groupings of the Sports Festival)

The sports festival's competitive system is built upon dividing all school years between the Red Team and the White Team.
The classification will be Class A and Class D in the Red Team. The White Team will consist of Class B and Class C.

• Allocation of points for all participants in the competitions (Individual Contests)

Depending on the results 1st place 15 points, 2nd place 12 points, 3rd place 10 points, 4th place 8 points will be allocated.
1 point each will be deducted for placing lower than 5th place. In the case of team competitions the winning team will be allocated 500 points.

• Allocation of points for participants of recommended competitions

Depending on the results 1st place 50 points, 2nd place 30 points, 3rd place 15 points, 4th place 10 points will be allocated.
2 points each will be deducted for placing lower than 5th place (The relay which will be the final contest will be awarding 3 times the points)

• The impact of the outcome of Red Team vs. White Team

From the totality of all the school years the losing team will have 100 points equally subtracted from their class points across all school years.

• The impact of separate ordering of school years

From the total count the class that takes 1st place will be awarded 50 class points.
From the total count the class that takes 2nd place will not have any change to their class points.
From the total count the class that takes 3rd place will have 50 class points subtracted.
From the total count the class that takes 4th place will have 100 class points subtracted.


"It's a simple matter, it means it's necessary to compete by going all out without letting your guard down. Because the penalty that the losing team incurs is by no means a light one".
Certainly to have 100 class points be subtracted is a huge matter, but there are several other points I'm worried about too.
"Umm, sensei. How many points does the winning team get? There seems to be no mention of that".
In response to that simple questioning from Hirata, Chabashira-sensei utters a single, cruel word.

"Nothing. Only that there will be no minus to their points".
"Uge, are you serious? That doesn't sound good at all".
Pandemonium. It couldn't be helped that the class would become restless. Up until now, in exchange for the huge risks, there was also an unfathomable compensation that had been prepared. In this sports festival, that could barely be seen at all.

"Remember the class-specific points have also been properly calculated so keep that in mind too. Even if Class A leaps forward into action and the Red Team you lot belong to wins, in the case where the total count of Class D happens to be the lowest ranking, you will still be incurring a 100 point penalty".
In other words, even if we enjoy ourselves and our team happens to win, rather than make a profit we would in fact lose out. What this setup means is 'to fight with all of one's power and not let up' and that is the emphasis here.

But even if we say that, even if Class D alone goes into action it's still pointless. Even if by separate school years we take 1st place and receive 50 points if we lose to the White Team it will still mean a 100 point loss. On top of losing, if we end up placing 4th place then in total it would be a penalty of 200 points. On the premise that the Red Team will win, Class D must also contribute majorly. Looking at it like this, it can be seen that it's far stricter than the other exams but at least something like a special bonus is also within sight.

This is all I've translated so far. Now that I've dumped this it puts me roughly 1/3rd of the way through part 2. I'll complete part 2 in its entirety tomorrow afternoon and dump in the early evening. Here if thread's still alive, another thread if it's not. Then I'll continue onto part 3 and hopefully finish off most of it tomorrow night. Good night, anons. I'll continue translating the rest early tomorrow.

Night, thank you


I can't fucking wait until the relay chapter gets translated. HYPED as fuck for Kiyopon almost publicly humiliating Manabu in front of the whole school.

I can see why 50% drifts further away from her as the volumes progress. Way too anti-social(even after V5), talks about nothing but Class A, gets triggered if you mention Oni-Sama. Basically treading on thin ice every interaction.

She was also probably about to stab him with her pencil if he kept mouthing off about onii-sama as well. Horikita really is intent on destroying her own flags with 50% the best she possibly can. Now buddying up with Kushida, before being colder than liquid nitrogen to 50% and physically abusing him with threats of pencil stabbings. I don't even blame 50% for falling straight into Kei's open arms after that.

>How's that and why?
By not thinking this is the usual LN were every girl revolves around the MC, but more like a VN. Girls are introduced at first but the ones that are not in the route you are playing get less development, they are forgotten or they end up antagonizing the MC in some way.
The fact that she valued more getting "friendly" with Kushida instead of helping 50% and 50% having plans to expel Kushida (which Horikita will never agree since it hinders their climbing to class A) is a dead giveaway that they will be in oposite sides in the near future

When it doesn't happen even in the final volume, will you bawl and go suicide?

Good night TL user, thanks

As if I were a Horikitafag.

This. Especially since according to 50% if you expel a student from your class, the class itself drops back down a level. So even if they're C class now if Kushida gets expelled, they'll be D class again. Horikita must absolutely HATE the idea of that and will do everything possible to stop 50% from doing just that. If 50% won't change his mind, it will put the two of them on a collision path that will probably end in at least a small fight between them. This is assuming neither 50% nor Horikita changes their current mind.

Whorikitafag spotted, shitpost incoming.

Here. Just for you.

It wouldn't even be a fight. Horikita would get murdered too if she crosses him.

Yeah but why not oppose Nagumo? He's literally the very opposite of her ideals. She's all for friendship, teamwork and doing it together. He's all for indifference, selfishness and rising up on your own without caring about who gets left behind. This is the one thing Ichinose must loathe doing since she's a legit saint so why doesn't she oppose him at all? Is she just hungry for power as the StuCo President? Does she just want status and glory? Does she not care about the students that will be hurt by Nagumo's policies? I think Ichinose cares but since Nagumo might know her weakness she's being beaten down into obedience.

I think Horikita stands a good chance of beating Ayanokouji though.


Yes. Only this natural born genius will stomp 50% in front of the whole school, humiliate him completely and turn him into a pariah even Kei will avoid after such a humiliating defeat. Arisu a best and her victory is on its way. Soon, 50%, soon you'll know defeat for the first time. Smug-chan is coming for you.

Tbqh, opposing Nagumo would spell her doom. She might be well aware of that. If she intends to be the StuCo president after Nagumo, the only way to stay in the StuCo while he's at the top is to obey him. Perhaps she intends to revert things back when Nagumo's term ends. But, as for opposing him, she always gave away the vibe of "To each his own" and if someone doesn't do as she wants, she'll just let that person be. So I think she just calmly accept that that's how Nagumo's policies are.
Also, from her talk in vol 4.5 it looks more like she admires him. Not his ideals, but him as a person, a high achiever, and an ex class B senpai.

Horikita didn't pick Kushida over him though. She was in disbelief and was being wary of him. If he had nothing to hide and was being honest, then he could say it in front of Kushida. That's what Horikita wanted to see. Obviously, he can't because he has a reason to keep Kushida from knowing sensitive details.

I think you need to take off of the waifu goggles. Kei is supposedly set to win, so why mix insecurity with conjectures and assumptions? Most VNs don't have heroines turn antagonist in routes outside of their own, so I don't know what you're trying to get at.

I honestly see Ichinose's dilemma for the next arc being her conflict between her own desire to be StuCo President and the fact that obeying Nagumo might mean her friends could get hurt. Just for example, if her dear Chihiro-chan or friends Kanzaki-kun and Shibata-kun somehow fall behind Nagumo's not going to wait for them to catch up. He's going to turn around, figuratively shoot them and kick them while they're down. Ichinose's conflict then could cause her mask to come crumbling down and force her to make a choice between obeying Nagumo for that sweet, sweet StuCo Prez chair or disobeying him and possibly getting kicked out of StuCo in exchange for protecting her friends like a true saint would do.

Good night user!

I have a huge crush on this girl and I'd honestly fight Ayanokouji for her sake. She's so cute and best. Especially the way she was acting on that ship.

Her thighs are to die for. I can understand why 50% enjoyed touching them.

>Horikita didn't pick Kushida over him though.
But she did, the scene from vol 7.5 consolidates her stance of climbing to class A WITH Kushida despite her being a traitor she had in vol 6.
>50% calls her in order to talk about something
>She tells him to go to the cafe
>She doesn't tell him Kushida is there with her
>She tells him she won't be listening to anything he wants to tell him if it's not in front of Kushida. Remember that she knows kushida now wants to expel 50%
>She doesn't believe in 50%'s words and goes as far as to call her brother (asking his phone number through her secretary)

>I think you need to take off of the waifu goggles. Kei is supposedly set to win
I'm not even a keifag, why are you bringing up that to ad hominem me instead of using real arguments from the novels?

>Most VNs don't have heroines turn antagonist in routes outside of their own, so I don't know what you're trying to get at.
Not him but from the top of my head Saber in Stay Night for example is an antagonist in Heaven's Feel route which is Sakura's.

>If he had nothing to hide and was being honest, then he could say it in front of Kushida
>let's reveal all out plans to Kushida, it's not like she will backstab us again!
If she was not on Kushida's side, then she's still naive and stupid

is that the race volume?


THIS SO FUCKING MUCH. I hate the argument that Horikita is not favoring Kushida over 50% when she literally knows Kushida wants to Expel 50% with a capital E. She wants him gone, out, disappeared forever like Putin does to his political rivals. Horikita knew that and still forced him to say all his plans in front of Kushida. It's like playing poker in a high stakes game and turning your cards around so everyone at the table can see your hand before the game is even over. It's either her choosing Kushida over 50% or Horikita being a blind, naive stupid fuckwit of a girl who doesn't even have common sense when it comes to social interactions.

Finally. Took him long enough. I've been asking him for the race part for forever and he does side story shit.

>he does side story shit.
The 0.5 vols are important to the story too.

Shut up, you shit. Vol 7.5 was a great volume for Keifags, like me, Pastelbin user, TL user, and the others 70% of the fanbase.

Hope he skips the race so cunts like you can fuck off

>he does side story shit.
Kinugasa himself has stated that the .5 Volumes are just as important as any other volume and are only given .5 to represent them being school holiday volumes (4.5 was Summer, 7.5 was Christmas).

How will this chart change at the start of the next arc? Sato's obviously dust in the air now, formless and shapeless and odorless. Hasebe's probably starting to kick into high gear. Has ever since the relay and will probably get wetter and wetter the more 50% subtly shows off his alphaness. Airi is already a goner (Omae wa mou Shindeiru) she just doesn't know it yet. Hirata is Faggot Prime and Kei's legs can't be spread any further than she already is for 50%.

I want him to just skip ahead to volume 6 now to deny you fuckers the catharsis you've been waiting for.

just finished watching the anime, will there be a season 2 or any other types of content I can digest

Here are the LN translations. For Pastebin
And for PDFs/ePUB versions
There's also the manga but I wouldn't recommend that one. Art is nice but the story is changed drastically. But for now, volumes 4, 4.5 and 7.5 are completely translated with translations of volume 5 underway now. Anime ended on volume 3 so you can dive straight in.

You missed the point. Why do you get that impression when Horikita only treats Kushida like a member of the class? They have a deal and she's holding Kushida to that. Horikita is already wary of 50%, so if he had to hide then he could say it in front of Kushida because Horikita thought it was going to be about the class. Doubt regarding Nii-san is perfectly understandable, so even if 50% told her, she couldn't just believe him. Her brother didn't convince her either since she can't believe that it's for her own sake, so she knows something weird is up.
>knows kushida now wants to expel 50%
As if Kushida can take him down. Horikita obviously doesn't care not because she wants 50% expelled, but there's no harm in letting Kushida target him.

For starters, you are trying pretty hard to say all of that to make to overkill the probability of Horikita route. It's unnecessary.

Only because of circumstances.

Kushida knows there's dirt on her. Betraying them will screw her over. Kushida is currently on board now so let it be.

Read the ln so you meet the best girl

>Betraying them will screw her over.
And yet Ryuuen tells 50% during their conversation that Kushida called him not too long before the rooftop asking him to attack Horikita so she can try expelling her again. Ryuuen even tells 50% that despite losing in the Paper Shuffle, Kushida still wants to expel Horikita badly. This alone proves Kushida is definitely not on board. She wants Horikita and 50% out and she contacted Ryuuen before rooftop happened and now will likely jump ship to Nagumo. Kushida is NOT trustworthy and Horikita trusting her either shows her naivety or her jumping ship from 50% to Kushida or even both.

Horikita? Already met her.

karuizawa only likes kiyotaka platonically.

you're a genius

10/10 fucktoy material. Why isn't Kiyopon doing what needs to be done to her?

She is too tall for him

And yet she's still going along with Horikita for now. She'd have to get herself out of the mess she is first and save her own ass.
>will likely jump ship to Nagumo
If this happened, then all the more reason 50% and Horikita will work together.
>Kushida is NOT trustworthy and Horikita trusting her either shows her naivety or her jumping ship from 50% to Kushida or even both.
Obviously not the latter. Call it naivety if you want, but this is clearly a game of poker chicken. It's like she doesn't know how much Kushida hates her and wants her gone, and this bet thing is only a temporary cease fire on Kushida's end. Kushida can't make a direct move herself, so she has to rely on others and now that she is out of favors with Ryuuen, she can only sit tight and go with the flow.


She's the best. Just the best.

>Thanks to 50%. I hope Horikita will unearth this as she tries to figure him out now that she's wary of being used.

he managed to change the cold queen Horikita but it looks like he does not like this change according to some of his monologues in 5,6,7 and now Vol 7; 5
he does not like the idea that Horikita becomes independent
he prefers that she stays under his control
this story he thought Horikita was locking up in her room is an example
He was disturbing that she was finally outside in a cafe
>>For someone like Horikita, who is basically a loner, she may also be cooped up inside her room much like me.
>>Somehow, she seems like she'd be weak towards the cold. If so, that would make this easier.
>> Contrary to the image I had, it seems Horikita is currently in the middle of an outing.
>>I felt slightly troubled by it,

she can see Kushida without his help which was impossible before
this moment in this Vol 7.5 between Ayanokouji ,Horikita and Kushida is the most important to show the Horikita development since the first Vol
she is very unpredictable for him and this is a problem for him he can not predict things with her anymore
he has a serious problem he is very posssessif for the people he knows

Sup ESL-kun. It's been a while.


>Kushida knows there's dirt on her. Betraying them will screw her over. Kushida is currently on board now so let it be.
t. Horikita

>Only because of circumstances.
She still proves that heroines can become antagonists ouside their routes. And Fate is the most famous VN. Unless you are moving your goalpost

Tsukihime did it too.


Welcome to home, ESL-Kun. Miss you

>he does not like the idea that Horikita becomes independent
>he prefers that she stays under his control
That's mostly false. He very much wants her to independently lead class D so he doesn't have to bother with her and class D in general any more. While that is so, he'd also prefer to be able to control her when the need arises. Things might change with the StuCo arc now tho, as he seems to want her to play a role in it according to his desires. But we'll know more of that later.

ESL-kun is the best kind of shitposter. The one that never shits up the thread, improves its quality actually. Amuses people from all sides, never truly makes anyone really mad. His shitposts also have a tint of comedy to them that adds to their flavor. I'd rather have ESL-kun than THAT other shitposter any day. You're always welcome here ESL-kun and in the spin-off manga everything you say will be true I guarantee it. Also the official staff of Youzitsu apologized for forgetting Horikita's birthday on Twitter so that shows how important she is to them.

the author who is very subtle with the ship HorikitaxAyanokouji
he makes listen to the conversation about Sudo who asked Horikita to go out with him
and then Kushida who talks about this story in front of Ayanokouji to see their reaction
like a girl who teases her friend in front of the boy she loves
it's completely her intention to talk about that in front him
the author who is very subtle he place this twice in this chapter
Ayanokouji listens to a conversation of the three friends
and the second is Kushida who talks about it
what did he mean by that?
now abosulously everyone thinks there is a relationship between them
the long list is growing
Kushida, Sudo, Yamauchi and Ike-kun, Hirata,Karuizawa , Sato, old Horikita, Sensei, Ryuuen

very smart

we are getting closer of the Kei's birthday

>Also the official staff of Youzitsu apologized for forgetting Horikita's birthday on Twitter so that shows how important she is to them.
Damn straight. Did any other girl even get an apology like that? No sir, only Horikita

Yes sure bro

Cred Forumsnons I've been wondering. Kiyotaka's birthday is October 20th. Kei's is March 8th. That's like 5 months difference. So who's the older one? Is Kiyo actually younger than her?

>Did any other girl even get an apology like that?
Probably because they never NEEDED an apology like that since the staff never forgot their birthdays since they're actually important to them unlike Horikita who got forgotten harder than Rem did. No other girl will ever get an apology too since they'll never be forgotten except Horikita will be getting apologies every year with each forgetful birthday.

Obviously not since they don't forget their birthdays.

>Damn straight. Did any other girl even get an apology like that? No sir, only Horikita
They need to get their bday forgotten in order to have that privilege

I'd assume Kiyotaka is older. Let's just go by our years since we don't know what year the LNs are taking place in. If Kiyotaka was born on October 20th of 2015 then Kei would be born on March 8th of 2016 so they would still be in the same Japanese school year except Kiyotaka would be a few months older than her by virtue of having been born a few months earlier in the past year while Kei was born a few months later into the next year.

>Children who have their 6th birthday on or before April 1 enter the first grade of elementary school of that year.
>School year starts in April and ends in March.
What do you think?

What was the point 50% stepped in? The island shit right? I forgot why he even bothered this entire shit seems like too much work now. Much better to let class d crash and burn.

Soon. They will experience a new, unknown world together. After the highs of Christmas, Valentine's Day and her birthday combined it will be the best night ever in their lives for them and once Nagumo finally goes down, they can have another celebratory round on his bed to assert their dominance over the StuCo.

If I were nipponese I obviously wouldn't be posting on a mongolian knitting board. Shit's different up there

Actually, I said it's different but apparently it's the same rule for your birthday, even though school starts in september not april.

Imagine if they also forgot about her birthday... Jokes aside, Kadokawa will milk the fans with tons of merchandise

Because Chabashira was blackmailing him with the threat of kicking him out of school so daddy can take him back to his playroom except 50% doesn't want to go back to his playroom anymore so he has to work hard so Chabashira won't tell him to mind the door on his way out. Except in vol 7 he knows she's just bluffing so he decided to throw a middle finger in her face. She doesn't like it one bit. Now he has to fight Playboy Prez Nagumo since MANabu is calling in his debt for the rooftop. So in exchange for saving his waifu on the rooftop, 50% now has to take on Nagumo to pay back the debt.

I wonder what Chabashira will use to try to blackmail him again. Now she's learned it has to be real. He won't be trusting her idle threats any more.

Kei's pretty much one of the primary allures of Youkoso right now (along with Ichinose and the MC himself) so Kadokawa definitely won't forget those 3 birthdays at least. Ichinose, Kiyotaka and Kei draw in the majority of the LN fans so I really doubt they'll forget her birthday. If only because that's the day they can make a shit ton of cash by putting out limited edition merchandise of her which people will buy because Best Girl is Tauwa and Tauwa deserves it.

AH right that. The deal with Manabu seems too pricey.

She'll probably use the same thing Manabu used. She was also a witness to the rooftop, not just Manabu. They both were there to act as witnesses for 50%'s rape of Ryuuen and his lackeys. Since Manabu is using that as an excuse to pressure 50% into fighting Nagumo for him after he graduates I imagine Chabashira will use the same thing to call in the debt and ask him to repay her by getting the class (and mainly her) to class A.

There is no deal too pricey to save a gyaru waifu in distress. Kiyotaka understands the intricacies of this art. If there is a gyaru waifu pleading for your help you do NOT hesitate when it comes to deals. You make one right away. Because a gyaru waifu in need is the shame of the husbando if he does not stride to her aid. Kiyotaka knew this which is why the gyaru waifu went tauwa in 7.5. Kiyotaka isn't even complaining, he knows the deal was worth it for the gyaru waifu he got in return.

It's not enough. He doesn't give a shit about debts to her. Chabashira wants him in her class, badly. She cannot afford to lose him. He basically taunts her there because he says he won't be doing her bidding anymore, but knows she won't get him expelled or anything for the slight chance of him doing it sometime in the future. Because class D can't become class A without him.
Manabu is different. If he crossed Manabu, he'd pay.

Horikita has her male Harem too
Sudo, Hirata, Ruuyen, MC and her brother
for the moment only Sudo, Ruuyen and her brother call Horikita by her firt name Suzune
I think the next will be Hirata
because he wants to be close to her since the first day and she did not give him any chance
but she has changed now
the bet is open
the last will be MC in 4 more next Vol

>If he crossed Manabu, he'd pay.
I don't mean to dehype Manabu here or anything but at this point I really doubt there's anything he can do against Kiyotaka. He can't even do anything against Nagumo himself anymore which is why he's relying on Kiyotaka in the first place. And he only has a few months at best before he graduates, he's stepped down as President so he has limited authority here too. The 2nd years obey Nagumo so he only has the 3rd years. The 1st years mainly don't work for him. Kiyotaka is also just as capable as Manabu if not slightly more. I don't think Kiyotaka is actually afraid of Manabu, just doesn't want to go through the trouble of fighting him for real so he prefers to keep his imouto Suzune in school for his sake. The thing is, there's not much Manabu can do anymore with his little time left here and Kiyotaka likely knows is. He's just paying back the debt to Manabu and Manabu knows it too which is why he needs to do something to make sure Kiyotaka continues paying it back after he leaves.

>Not being Optimus Prime Faggot for Ayanokouji
You had one job, user. Just read the LNs. Hell just watch the anime. Hirata is the faggot to end all faggots. He was born from humanity's collective unconscious desire to see the ultimate faggot born into the world. His past shaped him so he'd be ready to faggot it up here with 50%. Hirata lusts for 50% more than Kei, Sakura and Hasebe combined and I don't say that lightly. If Hirata is anything but gay, then there's something wrong with the world.

Would you guys drop this is kiyotaka completely and utterly gets btfo?

Not if it's executed in a plausible way and has plausible and interesting ramifications for Kiyotaka.
Wait, no. I wouldn't drop it either way. But if it's as I wrote up there, I'd be excited about it too.

No. Because if Kiyotaka gets BTFO'd by this ABSOLUTE MADMAN CHAD I'd like it even better. It would humble Kiyotaka and make him even more lethal. He would know he could potentially lose so he'd go all out from the start. No more holding back. He can learn from the mistakes that led to his defeat and grow too. He's not an amoeba. He can learn, adapt and grow too. If he ever loses to this CHAD, I can be sure he'll use it as a stepping stone to reach even greater heights.

This is best boy and a 10/10 husbando. Just a reminder so you remember who's the real MVP of this series and who to love. I'm doing my part supporting and cheering for this amazing man. Are you?

>Is Kiyo actually younger than her?
God I hope so. It makes it so much hotter if Kei is actually older than him. It makes every single last one of their interactions hotter than they already are if she's legit older than him.

God I wish Tomose would actually care about drawing males. He draws such perfect 10/10 chicks every time, but it's like having to draw males causes him physical pain. Look at that fucker in your pic user. He's supposed to be a 10/10 sportsman, just wait to read about it in vol 5, strong af, great muscle build, comparable to 3rd year athletic upperclassmen, as strong or stronger than Albert the Gigga Nigga etc etc. Now look at the illustration. This lanky shit wouldn't couldn't an ice water bucket high enough to pour it over Kei. I really hope the guy steps up his game.

>Are you?
Yeah, you, me and Kushida!

Shinohara bestest girl ever in the school's history

>strong af, great muscle build, comparable to 3rd year athletic upperclassmen, as strong or stronger than Albert
You are describing my boy Ryuen!

I don't even blame the man. If I had a fraction of his talent in drawing 10/10 girls I would spend my waking life drawing 10/10 girls. If some fuck calling himself an author tells me to draw him a male (what the fuck is he a homosexual?) I would draw him lanky little shits so he'll get tired of making me draw him men and ask me to draw him more girls which then I would pour every ounce of my talent into to give him 45k sales on the first week.

Shit, shut up Ike. Kiyotaka can discover and use her as pawn

Tomose Art

Tomose Art Full Potential

Ok but. Why are Kushida's tits bigger that Sakura's here? And why in the hell does Ichinose have the fang? It dangerously doesn't fit her with that body.

T H I G H S. God I wish I could smother myself in them. Such inhuman softness should be a sin.

/lit/ time WHEN?


Kiyotaka will be returning Ellery Queen to her in vol 8, brother.

Hiyorifags... What they eat? Where they live? Why do they exist when a character as wonderful as Ibuki exists?

Sorry but eXcuse my interruption, I think you may have mistaken a stone for a girl. This is a common mistake that's made eXtremely often at the eXpense of better girls. Please remember a stone is an inanimate object that upon closer eXamination should be concluded as being inferior to an actual girl.


offensive, dude. Ibuki is a good GIRL. She is a Girl, i believe it!

>The respect from the class, her leadership of the girls, all possible thanks to Hirata's cover for her. Kei's not a sociopath, she knows gratitude.
You know that Hirata break the promise with her and also bringing Kiyotaka along that lead to her bullying in the ship.

Nevertheless Hirata still protected her a huge deal. If Hirata refused to pretend as her boyfriend, Kei would have never gotten the status she enjoys now she probably would've gotten into trouble with the other girls a lot earlier given her headstrong attitude and she would have been bullied again in high school too. Hirata is the only reason she was saved from that fate. No other boy in class D has a high enough social status to protect her that way. Kei is not a sociopath, even if Hirata stuck by his ideals on the ship, he still shielded her for the better part of a year. Kei understands gratitude. She won't cruelly hurt Hirata like that. She'll most likely try to convince 50% to change to a different pawn.

Last for Suzune best girl.

Pretty sure he's a troll or a false flagger, but I don't dislike him. He's quite amusing and sometimes he kinda livens up the place.

I'm hoping that like Sakura did. Kei gets a dakimakura for her birthday. It'd be an instant pre-order for me.

Due to how the school yeat works in Japan, he is actually 15 at the start of the series. All heroines except Haruka are all older than him.

Pretty sure academic years in Japan start in April and end in March, which would make Kei one of the youngest in her year.

Kiyotaka is older since he's currently 17 after his birthday and Kei is still 16 since all the first years are all the same age after all.

Sure does but everyone born between New Year and 1. April that year starts at school together with the others born after semester start that year. If Kiyotaka was older and born in October that year, next year Horikita, Kushida and Kei would be born before the semester so they will start school one year under Kiyotaka which is not true, therefore Kiyotaka must be 15 which is normal since High School in Japan starts when they become 15-16.

>Kiyotaka is older since he's currently 17
He's 16 user. Japanese start High School at 15 and finish at 18. 50% is in his first year and his birthday was in October so he would be 16.

I think Sakura is older than Kiyotaka since Sakura's birthday is October 15th, five days before his birthday.

I though 15 years old is still a middle school age since that age is last year of a middle school student.

Just a hint: Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki are in the same grade so you are wrong.

You start your final year of Middle School when you're 14 so once you get to High School you'll be 15. 15 years old is a Middle School age, but it depends when you're born as to how long you're 15 during the last year of Middle School.

Should they find a 2nd years that can capable on opposing Nagumo directly and openly except the 2nd year are controlled by him, but a least they should find someone that equal him since we don't know more about the higher years.

Kei is younger

How tall are Haruka and Hiyori?

Yes, Kei will likely be Kiyotaka's moral support if he gone too far like what happened in vol 4.5 when he tells her that the chip would be used to expel his own classmate but she tells him that he's being too cruel and decided to destroys the chip instead.

Best threesome

Double paizuri with them would be amazing.