The Purest Fate girls

The Purest Fate girls.
Everyone else is a slut


Too Pure

>King "I fucked a girl and liked it" of "I only use panties chosen by Shirou" Knights
>Rin "Pleases old men" Tohsaka

Tai " I molested Shiro when he was a kid" ga

Illya is the purest of all

Herakles’ fleshlight.

>Tai " I molested Shiro when he was a kid" ga

Prove it.

Shouldn't it be Taiga "I molested Shiro when he was a kid" Fujimura?
I know it's irrelevant, but it really annoys me

Pleases young boys for bentos

Technically, Shirou's the one who molested Taiga.


This is Fate route, right ?

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia.

Guys, there's something wrong with Illya's eyes but I'm not sure what.

Best Illya is dead Illya

Has a wifes son(daughter)
She raped King Arthur

Non Virgin =/= Slut

Rin instigates sex, Sakura is a perennial victim of sexual abuse. If it were her choice, she’d choose to lose her virginity to Shirou on her wedding night

>An eroge

>Pure Kohai-Type female protagonist, Sakura
Words straight from Nasu.


Fuck off with those sluts.
Umu is actually the purest.


>futa cuck
Sorry, but only one fate girl is pure.

user, I’m so sorry, but you’re waifu a unbelievable slut. A slut of Biblical proportion

>Any fate girl
>Illya 'Turns her onii chan into an onahole'' Einzbern

Finally a decent Fate OP


Defenseless ANUS


My waifu is purer than yours.


I want Altria Lancer to be my mommy gf

Fucks Kiritsugu when Shirou isnt watching

>the only fate girls with porn scenes
beside medusa and the silver haired girl

Sure buddy.....

She literally says she craves the semen of a Magus. That's not an excuse. That's the kind of thing a slut says when her cuck bf walks in on her fucking the entire football team. Wormslut a slut.


Do you guys have lancer vs assasin camrip from heavens feel movie

I rather wait 3 more months

She has evil demon worms in her cunt that eat her alive if she doesn’t feel aroused. Being pure isn’t not having desire, it’s not giving into it.

She is the best girl

That means she is grotesque but pure

Rider is pretty good bet also, certainly purer than Saber or Rin

Call Dr. Gil.


I want to hold her and tell her I love her the way she is

>long since retconned shit that Nasu wrote in half-heartedly in hopes of sales among the eroge crowd
She's a virgin who drinks blood for mana.


Shes raped by Shinji (And Worms), even in Realta Nua Version

No she isn't. He tries raping her for the first time in the scene where she kills him, and before that, he just acts possessive without even abusing her. The worms aren't phallic anymore either.

>mfw Medea looks exactly like my cousin minus the hair color
Jesus christ

You can’t fuck your cousin, user. But I can


Nasu retconning is a normal thing at this point. Remember when Shinji raped a girl and Shirou said it was a good thing for her?

The only Pure girl on that pic is Tohsaka only.


"Yeah. I wanted to do it with you with nothing else in the way. So I thought this was unfair."

I said it with a boiling head.
I can't think straight, but I'm telling the girl in front of me how I feel.

…Her stare is hurting me.
It gets awkward, so I look away from Tohsaka and scratch my cheek.

Something suddenly touches my lips.


Can someone dump the UBW sex scene ?

Cute Sex =/= Slutty

OK, let's think about this for a second. The hscenes have naked women on screen having sex. Sure, this was put in the story to sell more copies. However, Sakura being raped offscreen, and having tons of worms in her vag, that won't sell more copies. This is entirely what Nasu wanted. It isn't a sales thing.

Yet, it got retconned just like the H-scenes.

Flirting with Lancer on the same day as that sex=Slutty

>Self Insert Cuck

My top five Type Moon girls are: Arc, Touko, Medusa, Bazett, and Nero. What does that say about my taste?

Yes, this is true.

You like mature women, but also ditzy happy girls with super hot bods.

And by "ditzy happy" you mean blonde bimbo sluts.
user has good taste.

How would Arc's paizuri be


Heaven but it would also crush your penis to dust giving how strong Arc is.

Firm, warm, and also energetic.
She'd pump it out of you pretty fast while building a good rythm, and also look eagerly at the effect it has on you. She'd be surprised and intrigued by the hot semen suddenly coating her perfect tits and getting them wet. Some of it might get on her face, since she's looking at it so closely.

its shit


>rin pure

Yes. To make it available to a broad market. This isn't hard to understand.



This is the purest girl in TM, others can't hope to compete.


Touko is top tier and would probably be best girl in any other series but she had to be in the same one as Shiki.


What would a date with Touko be like?

Kokutou's uncle asked her out, but she just gave him a cold shoulder

Dinner in a high class restaurant, high speed on the road in her sport car, smoking a cigarette on the side road with her, rough sex followed with lot of cuddles for the rest of the night.

>high speed on the road in her sport car
I'm not sure if that would be healthy at all.

Maybe not, but it's fun. And if anything happens she could always give you new limbs.

she only had sex with her husband


My nigger.

yea, that sounds about right