Hatsukoi zombie


I can't be the only one still reading this wild ride right?

You missed the thread yesterday. Also gook scans are out of someone wants to dump.

Sorry to break this to you but as of the latest chapter the status quo remains unshaken.

I thought translation were dead
Did anything actually happen?

Nothing happens

I'm honestly surprised this series is still going. I dropped it a while ago, and assumed it would get axed. How well does this series sell?

It sells like shit


It doesn't even make 10k, but editors like it and give it a ton of colour pages.

The author got into a loophole where Ebino is singlehandedly keeping it alive but he has to make her lose

with batoto dead I don't know how many chapters I missed. I think the last one I read is "beware of mountain girls". which one is this?

2 chapters

It is an asspull that Ibusuki suddenly loves Tarou.


It's an asspull that Tarou looks cool now instead of an nappy ass afro little midget

It's an asspull that this is still getting published even though it sells like shit.

The only legitimate asspull is that Ebino isn't universally acknowledged as the best girl of all time and the manga doesn't immediately end with her winning the MC and getting married

Oh shit. It's time to read.

She showed no signs before this.


Tarou doesn't deserve Ebino.

She's fucking huge

Hes actually too good for the shitty girls in this manga

Torako is bigger

Except she has.

Anyone who doesn't immediately propose marriage to this shrimp is wrong in the head.

>Except she has.
For like half the entire manga too.


Am I just an idiot.


Motherfuckin' bootleg fireworks, man

I'm so fucking happy Torako was picked up

Man, I bet that she's the fantasy of lots of guys in that school. She'll become the school beauty in the later years


>d-don't ogle me boys
>What!? Tarou you aren't going to ogle me!?

Yesterday's thread was the highlight of my month.

Wut? She doesn't give a fuck about what the others think of her


I bet she cares about what Tarou thinks of her.

Of course

Why do authors spend so much time making the girl who will obviously lose so much better than the one who will win?

Are you even reading the same manga.

Reference girl for suffering.

Because he knows how much everyone wants an Eve.

Why can't this shit get axed already jesus christ

You lazy bastard
Dat Ebino tho



But you said she doesn't care what other people think.




I'm kinda getting tired of the girls stalking Ibusuki

I'm getting tired of this whole manga.

Then why are you still here?

The only place it's going is nowhere.


I hate myself apparently since I can't get enough of Ebino.


Fuck I love ponytails

Bail now before you have to watch her suffer.

Checked and the same here


Look who's here

I liked her fluffy hair way more

So has Ebino won yet?



Best part of the chapter.

This will bring a lots of problems
She looks like a mother tho

She has in my dreams.


>those sweater puppies
God damn.

It'll be his worst birthday/christmas

>fat sweater puppies
>author keeps making Ebino the fucking best even though she will lose
What a madman.


>Ebino and Eve are dressed alike and have a similar body
I am surprised that Ibuski isn't reeeeing hard.

So Ibusuki thinks Eve got a sweater because Tarou looked at Ebino and liked it right? Then she gets bootyblasted about it.
On one hand its nice to see Ibusuki suffer but on the other this feels like the author telling us there are just no chances for Ebino.

Best girls wearing a sweater

It's fine, Ebino has given up and is letting go. She doesn't still pine for him or expect anything.

This series never fails to make me angry.

>this feels like the author telling us there are just no chances for Ebino
There never was a chance for Ebino.

cock in hand for ebino!!

>manga is about how the first love is the true happy love
0 chances for Ebino since the first chapter

She doesn't even like Tarou.

>Extra Thicc

Tarou is Ebino's first love though.

Yeah, but for some reason it's just about a man's first love.
Also, if Ibusuki didn't had showed up, there's no doubt that Ebino would have been his first love

>manga is about how the first love is the true happy love
This is so retarded.

the only exception in the manga is the couple that broke their relationship the 2nd day

the shrimp can be very cute

she's the perfect size for me

>I can't protect this smile
Make her lose now you faggot author, I can't handle this feelings.

Is it worth it to read this just for Ebino

The smile can't be protected
you'll suffer

Only if you don't delude yourself into thinking she has a chance on the Tarobowl.

>ebinafags think they know suffering
You can all eat shit.

>implying evefags actually exist

I do.

They actually do, but they know they never had a chance and don't cry every thread like ebinofags do.

At least she has some minimal chance since she's a main character.

Unless he was willing to kill off both of the real girls we never had a chance.

Just for Ebino? No not really, you'd be better off just looking at whatever random pics get posted here. Her entire role in the story is to get curled into romantic situations by everyone around her and then lose. She basically has the agency and personality of a Speak & Spell.

But she's totally happy if Tarou ends up with Ibusuki. Or if Tarou ends up forever alone she still would be happy but kinda sad for him.
Her end is bittersweet

>But she's totally happy if Tarou ends up with Ibusuki
If that happens she will dissapear.

Still happy. Her life goal (and why she was born in the first place) will be fullfilled.
That's why I said a bittersweet ending for her.

Eve is roughly a thousand times more likely to win than Ebino

How does that make it anything other than bitter for evefags? How does that alleviate the suffering? Best girl either dies or goes crazy.

She will 'live' inside Ibusuki

She wont though. That is just Ibushit

>Ibusaki and Ebino is some weird S&M bestiality role play relationship.

>You're a girl aren't you?
>continues his routine of jacking it to the thought of Mansuki beating his prostate like a speedball

Santa Ebino would be pretty hot too tho

Ibusuki will fully awaken. Her personality is the same as that of Eve. It's already been hinted at. Ibusuki = Eve. Evefags = Ibusukifags

I remember seeing one of the chapters in which n Ami-z affected Ebino. Maybe they'll fuse and Ibusuki's personality will become like she was back then

No. Fuck off.

Eve is the Ibusuki that is 100% honest with herself. Unfortunately, Eve does have bigger boobs.


Japaneses look so much alike that they can't differentiate between a boy and a girl before puberty?

Don't worry her tits will eventually grow after Tarou knocks her up.

Fucking sad shit like this dross continues while other series that are more worthwhile are not allowed to continue.

Twas a chapter of habbenings and humor.

When eve merges with ibusuki the tits instantly grow

I'm glad you people don't write manga.

If koi zombie is any indication, you don't need much talent to write manga.

I'm sorry you can't read the sarcasm in that.

The hate this manga gets from its own fanbse is unbelievable.

I'll make a judgement which is probably wrong but the people who are reading this manga have read romace like this so much we have slowly become jaded and full of hate towards this drawn out shit. Many of us probably picked up Masamune-kun no Revenge when it started up.

>Tomboy childhood friend

It doesn't help that the author made the main girl the most unlikeable heroine ever

The manga got me hooked when it was about them helping to make couples, not my fault that it turned into a shitty romance.

It was bound to happen, but still.

>op doesn't know
This is the exact reason and chapter I dropped this shit.

I bet even the old translator got sick of it. I wonder if a new translator took over.

Most of us want Eve or Ebino to win because it'd make a more interesting critique on the central message of the manga.

>I bet even the old translator got sick of it.
If I'm not mistaken the translator said that . I could be thinking of something else though.

Are you secretly harem protag

It's just too much teasing. The author can't bring up with a nice excuse to extend the manga

This. I've never seen a series where one girl was so clearly the best girl before, not even Nisekoi or Negima.

>I bet even the old translator got sick of it. I wonder if a new translator took over.
Yes, this is what happened. I'm too lazy to look it up properly, but looking at some credit pages, there were quite a few translators involved in this project, at least 5.

Will Ebino end up with Tarou's jealous friend?

Ebino will end up with Ibusuki.

Maybe she'll end up with Tarou's brother. Or alone

She'll end up with Tarou in my fanfiction

I'm in the same boat. I originally picked this up because I thought it would be an interesting exploration of different types of childhood friend couples and relationships. I also grew to love Ebino as a heroine; she's so far ahead of the other two that her self-sabotage and Tarou's denseness are actually painful to read.

The fact that the mangaka continues to push Ibusuki despite failing to make Ibusuki anything other than a caricature of the tsundere is just a sign of how piss-poor his talent as a writer is. Other modern harems, like BokuBen or Yuuna have better tsunderes and better tomboys. Ibusuki might look like a tomboy, but she has none of the charm.

Eh, I like it but any discussion to be had is terrible so I generally stay out of it.