Shingeki No Kyojin

What is Zeke planning? Where's Armin and Hanji? What's Historia doing?

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>What is Zeke planning?
a revolver ocelot
>Where's Armin and Hanji?
the CT and FT will appear next chapter
>What's Historia doing?

prove me wrong fags

Hanji can't be the FT because she's the SC commander

>What's Historia doing?
being cute and useless

Endgame right here , brothers

>what's Zeke planning?
Thinking about manlet's titan cock
>where's armin hanji
They're gonna.nuke Liberio soon
>what' Historia doing
Being a puppet queen and fucking fat old men probably

True, that honor goes to CONNIE

What if they'd kept the pregnant titan alive and fed Annie to her? What would happen to the baby? Is that how you create Ackermans?



There are people here that honestly don't think, annie and eren aren't already married.

They honestly don't expect her to finally show herself after having a convo with her dad.

AT on the cover of 25th volume

Kakkoii desu.

Eren did nothing wrong


Annie bump

These nails are weird

Always a good thing.

I hope Armin eats Reiner so he can inherit eternal suffering power

That doesn't look like Reiner,m8s.Oi,don't tell me....

Zeke Uber Keikaku coming soon.

If it's somehow Falco I will shit myself with both anger and excitement.

AT - Attack Titan.
ArT - Armored Titan.
Keep up.

Attack Titan

>What is Zeke planning?
I don't know
>Where's Armin and Hanji?
I think they're going to nuke the Market reinforcements.
>What's Historia doing?
Managing a small country

Yo that shit is kino as fuck.

Can anyone tell me the best way to purchase this physical?

Hey user, I have all the physical releases and the colossal editions, plus the Lost Girls manga and Light novel on top of the manga for No Regrets and the full color edition.
My advice to you is to buy new if you can afford it, if not, you can often find bundles of the manga on Ebay that will save you a ton of money. I would avoid buying at retail as they will sometimes mark it up.

I have the anthology too, but it's a waste of money so don't buy it.

*Advancing Titan

>muh 'tism

Yeah M8,I know.But it looked like the Armored for a moment.

*Advancing Giant

the real question is how do we pull Eren out of the uncanny valley.


25th volume will be out on april 9th


Perhaps for you. I use a local store that often sell at retail price, but sometimes mark up.

>Advancing Giant
The Progressive Behemoth

The Leftist Lumberer

I hate the new google.

It's cancer. They better fix it.

The Degenerate Brobdingnagian

kek Lost

Does anyone know where I can buy this?

>What is Zeke planning? Where's Armin and Hanji? What's Historia doing?

Nowhere. It's a WF limited figure.

Does that mean I can't buy one? I had to be there.

You could try to find one from a previous buyer if you really care, but it seems difficult to me

The Retarded Giant

I'll try and do that. It's extremely irritating that something like that isn't available more readily.

brrrrrap on mikasas face

Gabi is incredibly cute and deserves her measure of revenge, then a happy life.

She is adorable I hope she doesn't kill anyone
>Tfw no qt daughter like Gabi


Why people even care about the plot anymore after Erwin Death????

I'll still love her, even if she does kill someone.
>Tfw no qt daughter like Gabi
It's depressing.


Have another Gabi

I have that one, but thank you. This is my rarest Gabi.

Thank you

You're welcome, I like that there are other big fans of her here besides myself.

New Titan Shifter HYPE

they need each other.

Is there any character that can defeat Eren Yeager? And I'm not talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager. Hell, I'm not even talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager in contact with an Eldian of royal blood, so that he activates his Shiso no Kyojin coordinate powers. I'm NOT talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yeager after ingesting the Yoroi no Kyojin serum and having practiced his hardening abilities with Hange and the Survey Corps. I'm talking about Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Yaeger with mastery of hardening and creation powers after consuming the Yoroi no Kyojin and the Sentsui no Kyojin, while in contact with Zeke in his Kemono no Kyojin form, activing his coordinate powers through the Shiso no Kyojin ability.

She grunts only for him

FUCK who is gonna get eaten in the next chapters

>pointed ears
>tiered jaw
Literally just Eren

It doesn't have a nose

Retard, volume 25 ends with chapter 102. There's no new shifter.

>hair style different from other shifters
>weird nose
>no beard
>no double teeth rows
New titan shifter confirmed you can't refute this

>you can't refute this
Retard, volume 25 ends with chapter 102. There's no new shifter.

>inb4 is Colossal Armin

There is a cover with Historia about to use the titan serum but she didn't

>There is a cover with Historia about to use the titan serum because that happens in the manga.
Fixed that for you. Volume 25 ends with chapter 102. There's no new shifter.


>Ymir Fritz was literally god
n-no pls


Zeke looks really happy there

>Implying the threat of Zeke wasn't literally looming over everyone that night
Nice try user

Zeke is always a happy little monkey

Except when grumpy little man puts long sharp thing in his mouth.

Bro, it's just a first page of 25th volume on wich is a zoomed face of Eren's titan from the cover, like in 23th volume with Reiner face zoomed.

Grumpy little old mans with pointy sharp things are enough to ruin any monkeys day.

He looks even more dead inside in the zoomed image for some reason.

How did only Armin know about the ocean? They have maps that show it.

Can't wait to see him literally dead next chapter.

Zeke has always been a happy person,except when shit gets real.

I think that line denotes the boundary of their knowledge of the landscape, not the sea.

They never reached that far to know what the ocean is, though (or at least to know that it’s a vast and salted body of water that covers most of the world they live in). Might be an inconsistency.

I love him

Best boy, in both this life and the next

I hold that this makes most the sense.

He is showing them this:
>People fleeing their homes due to the appearance of the Titans.
>Unable to match the overwhelming force of the Titans, humanity was forced to sail to a new world. At this time, most of humanity had been annihilated, but the majority of this was at the hands of their fellow humans.
>Those who gained passage aboard the ships were only a small fraction composed of the rich and powerful.
>The voyage was rough; about half [of the ships?] vanished without reaching the other shore.
>In the new world, great walls had previously been prepared.
>This new continent, we shall revere as sacred.
>Within these walls are the ideals of humanity.
>Within these walls, let us create a world eternally without strife.

He can't be showing them that. That's information from before the memory wipe.

>yfw Reiner will die in 2018

It's literally the same image.


The same image doesn't mean it's followed with the same information. He's not showing the whole image, only the part of Paradis. I stand by what I said, the line most likely denotes their knowledge of the landscape. Armin's family book is the only indication of there being a sea. That's why Eren tells Levi about it on the roof. That's why the scouts are so surprised to see it. Nobody knew about the sea.

Falco's Armored titan confirmed
Rest in pieces Reiner

This manga dies with him

>this manga dies with manlet

That's creepy

He will never die. JUST is eternal.


Don't try and reason with a retard.

10/10 nekokasa

Another chapter, another chance. Confess your sins to me.

I'm not fond of Armin but I'm tired of the constant hate against him, simply because it's cancer at this point. You can only go through so many hundreds of threads seeing "Armong a shit" every other post until it gets annoying. It's not even funny, it's annoying. I know several others who post here feel the same way. There's so many triggered landwhales it amazes me they're still triggered almost two years later that they feel the need to spam every thread with "OINK" or "Armong a shit" and harass whatever little Arminfags are left (maybe 2?). They claim that it's "normal" on Cred Forums but it isn't. This is autism beyond Cred Forums. I have never seen this level of cancer in my life.

My favorite character died so now I want everyone else’s to die aswell

Is your sin by any chance connected to


I unironically think Eren's gay for Armin

Zofia's legs did look strangely cute poking out from under the rock and I don't care if anyone disagrees.

I still like EM

LH is the only reason I read this manga

I like EA

I want a qt titan gf

I'm glad Bort died, his fags were annoying

>look to his sides
>see titans dead
>see manlet flying
LZ best comedy duo

I liked Bert and Erwin until their fags ruined them both for me. Especially Bert. I even have a folder on my computer of fanart of him that I refuse to post because I don't want his fags to have any joy whatsoever.


Yes, but I’m not a sperg about it

I think Eren did nothing wrong

I ship ZE


brocon a shit

the teeth, hair and nose is different


It seems to you because of low quality of a pic

I like LH

We will see soon enough


That's the wrongest LH


wow I didn't realize that the WHT was holding her head up because her neck is fucked...

also is Magath dead or not?

Oldfags who stalk schoolgirls material

>also is Magath dead or not?

Thoughts on the best volume cover? Why is it 23?

Magath is a die hard

>wow I didn't realize that the WHT was holding her head up because her neck is fucked...
Speed reader

>also is Magath dead or not?
Speed reader, he shows up

Oh i remembered he says ""this is bad"" later but how the fuck he escaped the bomb though?


The explosive was small and packed, not a fragmentation weapon. He was outside the immediate blast and partially shielded by the desk. He still took an injury and lost his helmet all the same.

Isayama improvised Cart titan mask to cover her ugly titan face especially because it was supposed to be an ugly middle aged man

thx user

That's okay.

Man of culture.

Gabi should kiss ____me

No. Don't start this again. You're not allowed. Die.

sometimes one forgets that Eren is canonically extremely attractive. It's a good reminder.


Annie should kiss ____me too

Cute picture.

Kill yourself.

I want to put my head on her lap or hands.

You're welcome, but you shouldn't talk to that other person.

I want to put my dingaling in her lap or hands.

I see why nevermind

You just shouldn't, they aren't nice.

He wishes Hanji would grab his balls like that

She's touch your dingaling for you and make it cry happy

>Spend time colouring the chapter
>still use leddit translation
why bother.

I kinda want to see the original Pieck. An adult titan shifter would have been an interesting dynamic for the Warriors.

He was probably originally left out of the Paradis mission with Zeke because children can sneak into the walls as refugees no question asked.

She's much better now.

This fanart is awful by the way.

>tfw eldian

>What is Zeke planning?
Betraying SOMEONE to take the founder to himself
>Where's Armin and Hanji?
Probbaly on their way using a blimp. WHY they aren't already there though? What were they doing while the rest of the SC was burning down the city?
>What's Historia doing?
Molestating some loli who looks like Ymir in the rape dungeon of her farm.

>Oy vey remember the 6 trillion Marleyians that died in the Titancaust

shoop it

You invent words often?

I don't have that ability.

some of ages

Post a rare Annie and I could do it.

Anyone got that Spoof comic with Eren and Connie drawing beards and mustaches onto themselves?

I have none

You mean this?


What panels should I add to the Avril Lavigne video of Eren x Reiner?

Guess it's time to throw my "based on a real life person Jaeger picture".

>Guess who is this and who was used to creat this image
Pro tip:Isn't the tattoo Joker

She does. Every night.

I like that one, long hair suits her.

Henry Cavill?

Does anyone have that picture of eren holding a baby and berthold's cucked face in the window getting his head squashed in armin's jaw?

I saw it awhile back and have been kicking myself for not saving such a quality shitpost

>Paradis has been in secret correspondence with Hiziru, and the latter provided a safe haven for the survey corps
>Eren's letters were mailed there and used to coordinate the attack on the festival
>This is how the Hiziru dignitary knew to leave
Seems likely to me

Need fap material, gimme what you've got

EH is always a good start

Say no more

Shittest tier

I like Shoujo Ramune. The girls are adorable.

This kills the thread

I think season 3 will be one cour, so they can adapt Shiganshina AND Marley in a future two cour season 4.
It would make sense because if season 4 were to begin at Marley, everyone would be disappointed by not seeing the survey corps for most of the episodes. It would pretty much feel like a completely different series.
But if Shiganshina is adapted in the first 12 episodes, and Marley arc in the following 12, they wouldn't lose hype after the shitstorm of Shiganshina.

This is funny.

>I think season 3 will be one cour, so they can adapt Shiganshina AND Marley in a future two cour season 4.
Season 3 is one cour so they can end on an Erwin voice over while the main characters talk in the same corridor.
>It would pretty much feel like a completely different series.
Isn't that the point of the basement reveal?

Kill me.

I thought it was funny.

I want the entire world outside of Paradis Island to burn to the ground, because of the shit they put our heroes through.

>Isn't that the point of the basement reveal?
Maybe, but that wouldn't work in an anime format. Having a new season start with 8 episodes of literal who characters and the previous villains talking would kill the hype for the anime.

>our heroes
Race traitor

>kill them all Eren

If you didn't want race traitors, you shouldn't have distributed manga that depicts demons as heroes.

Some humans were on eldians' side for some reason, including the asians.
It's possible that inside Eldia humans weren't treated like shit like Marley says.
As for everyone outside of Eldia though...

>depicts demons as heroes.
All that fire bombing sure looks good, eh Floch?

Then that makes them weak race traitors.

This is when Wall Maria was sealed by King Fritz right?
So, who are those three?

Better than literal man-eating giants, sociopath child spies, and genocidal racist slaver rapists.

That could be the inside of the wall.

>Henry Cavill?
Exactly right,Annie lover-Chan...?

Race traitors are less than dirty

Hello Zekefag.

Why do you hate these so called "race traitors"? Is it because you know, deep down inside, that you are one?

>Leave their people behind to be treated as subhumans
>Turn thousands into titans to creat walls
>Threatens the world with absolute destruction
>"Lol m8,if you want the power and kill us all,then it's fine"
>Marley sents eldians to take the Founding Titan and prevent the Colossal "threat"
>Grisha steals the power and now they can't take the power away
>Destroys the second wall duo to this
>Grisha's son has the Founding
>"Eren,come with us and nothing will happen to the people inside of the walls",Eren replies "Fuck you"
>Time skip
>Paradis eldians comes back,with the knowledgement of what really happened,stilll fucks things up to the Eldians left behind even more
How mad would you be if a little group of your race,with no empaty for you,doomed your entire after fucking your people years ago?

Good evening(I think that's how it's said).

>(I think that's how it's said)
You're correct. How are you doing tonight?

Doing good,a little tired and thoughtful,but it's fine.Thanks for asking.
What about you? How you doing? Have been doing anything "interesting" lately?

If I was in Zeke's position, with the limited information and conditioning that he had, then I could be very, very mad.

From out outside perspective, though, it is clear that the squables of the past, and the legends that developed around them, are relevant only in that they inflict punishments upon innocent future generations. Simply put, it's a society-wide injustice. This must end, now and forever.

I'm glad you're doing good. I'm okay, been better. I'm just having a drink and starting Civilization V. Not really, I don't think my life is very interesting. But I'm looking forward to March, Star Wars Legions and the new SNK game come out.


god I want to fuck hitch so bad

She certainly has charm. I like her wavy hair.

>What's Historia doing?
Cleaning her husband's, Eren, bedroom.


Oh yeas indeed,next month we are also getting a new chapter.

You know about drinks,why don't you go to bars and use it at your advantage? What do you like to do?

>with the limited information and conditioning that he had
I don't think he has "limited information".

t. Zeke who sells his companions and folks out because he's too much a coward.
The Rapping of Monkin 2.0 won't come soon enough.

>mikasacucks still seething

>forgetting the fact those dumb humans were genocided by Paradisians
General humanity still remembers all the shit eldians pulled, touyou cunts might've just helped and later got backstabbed.

That too, I'm always excited for a new chapter.

I'm not a good social person. I tried going out with people from work for a while, but it's not for me. I like lots of things. I like to paint miniatures for example.
What do you like to do?

>our heroes
No. Hanji maybe. Mikasa can still be salvageable.

>he doesn't like new based Eren

>He likes weak faggots

Eren is the one who propels everything forward.
He might lose a battle, but his spirit makes his cause keeps going.
Eren is the best manga protagonist of this decade.
I bet Grisha would be proud of the man his son became.

66D chess brah,he is playing with everyone like a damn fiddle.

Indeed,the thrill of the pre release and during the leaks.

I undestand,but try to hang out some times just to have contact with your friends and with people,but focus in doing what you like even if others don't agreed.
> I like lots of things. I like to paint miniatures for example.
If you have the chance,could you show one of these.

>What do you like to do?
Many things,from drawing to playing,reading to watching,you pieck one.
I starting to read the "Call of Cthulhu",its pretty good.

>Eren is the best manga protagonist of this decade.

I actually leave the threads when there are leaks, I don't like to have the story spoiled, I wait for a translation so I know exactly what's happening.

I don't have friends, that's why I spend a lot of time here and other forums talking to people.

>If you have the chance,could you show one of these.
I painted these and these.

Can I see one of your drawings?

I like Call of Cthulu. I like a lot of Lovecrafts writing.


More Gabis are always good.

Are Gabi-haters quite possibly the lowest form of sentient life?

They are among them, I think. But not all of them are stupid.