People actually watch things animated by Toei? Even without a gun against their head?

People actually watch things animated by Toei? Even without a gun against their head?

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One Piece is probably the best anime ever made.

Mostly kids and normies. In fact, they're a far bigger audience than the AOTS



Y-yeah haha

I watch One Piece, but don't ask me why, I wouldn't happen to have a rational answer to that.

The only good thing about OP anime after Enies Lobby is the musical score, and even then it's wasted since the same 2-3 tracks are recycled over and over due to the terrible sound direction.

One piece fags do but they aren't people.

I watch One Piece, but dropped after they made a huge massive changes to their art style before the time skip/before trafalgar law/after impel down arc, I don't exactly remember when, but the anime gone shit after that and somehow it's hard to watch because of its awful art.

Neither is anyone else here, so figures.

Toei made and keep making amazing shows. You're just watching the bad ones. Lurk more.

What's she doing on the bed?

>keep making amazing shows
Such as? Show us.


>asking for spoonfeeding
Come on, try to hide the fact you're a newfag harder. Their best shows are always posted on thread like this and 3x3.

The shows posted on 3x3 are the old glories like .
Modern Toei can only produce trash.


I genuinely feel pity for the people still watching One Piece instead of just sticking with the manga. How people mange to get any enjoyment from it with that slow-ass pacing and garbage animation post timeskip is beyond me.
Music is good though.

Okay cute sheep. Try watching their new shows instead of just calling them bad to look cool on an anonymous chinese site.

Toei has produced 1 single decent series in 5 years and that's Tiger Mask W. The rest is raping the same franchises over and over like they've done in 30 years and mediocre adaptations like the World Trigger one.


That's all

>no argument
As expected. Keep going. I can also pretend that Gonzo produces good shows and call a newfag anyone that asks me to back it up.

Not anymore. But I used to watch One Piece and hating it. But only because I was a teen at the time and didn't know any better. Shame on you Cred Forums for not telling me earlier. I've given most Toei shows a try but only because it's an easy +1 dropped on myanimelist.

Hugtto is 10/10 so far and next episode look so good.

Toei literally did nothing wrong.,

Kado is better even if it have shit ending.


So why does he stay there? Toei may be a horrid studio when it comes to scheduling and overall production quality but they must pay their animators a substantial amount right?

I feel sorry for you


Do you only watch shounenshit or something?

u mad

One Piece is kino desu. Rest of the shows are boring and have zero substance.

He's not a toei animator, he's a freelancer but he loves toei's shows. And yes, toei is one of the best studio when it comes to salary. I forgot the actual rates but it was well above the average.

Tiger Mask W was pretty fun.


What was the exact moment Toei turned to shit?

Just because the manga is good. The anime is a poor adaptation.

I mean, WCI is prolly the best anime has been since timeskip. Plain insulting.

Whenever Miyazaki made his first movie/anime.

I like their old movies, like the puss in boots one.

>thinking the animation studio is always indicative of the actual finished product
pic related and kuuchuu buranko were both toei and both are great

Heartcatch and GoPrincess were pretty good.
>DBShitters will forever be butthurt that a show for little girls has consistently had better animation than their shitty show for several years straight

Wait wait I recognize that logo, it's of a retro game
I can't recall it correctly there's a cat with a sword that walks on brick wall

>that damage control

Thank god I'll never have taste this shit. Anime is a visual medium.

>Anime is a visual medium.
Say hello to 2017's AotY.

the fuck are you on about?

No one said always indicative just indicative for most of their output. Which in this case is true, Mononoke and Buranko are 23 episodes of exception to a 2000+ episode rule.

This looks fine. I don't think you actually know just what Toei does. The shows mentioned prior just tend to suck regardless. Just because something has frames doesn't mean I'll like it. See Akira or a random Miyazaki movie. Those were boring as fuck to me.

I called your taste shit.

Toei is some of the biggest studios in the industry, which means they'll have at least some talent in their staff (even if it scapes as soon as humanly possible from there), or some interesting project each 29th of february. Their 50s-60s movies ain't bad either.

>Norihiro Hayashida
>The animators responsible for those scenes are newbies
This is pure bullshit tho. Faggot is irrelevent to Super, he's not even part of the staff and he's just deflecting his peers' planning and scheduling incompetency onto newbie animators when episode 5 didn't even have newbie animators.

This. Studio Ghibli and Toei are some of the most INFLUENTIAL studios there are. Did I mention how influential they are?

They produced both the best looking CGI and the worst written show of 2017

And that is a feat

well op basically phrased it otherwise

post your taste then if you're going to randomly just call other people's taste shit without any backing to your own

How new are you?

Episode 5 was animated byToei Philipines, and you know what else philipinos animated?

My taste has nothing to do with it. You're just moving goal posts. But I really enjoyed The Wayward Cloud (2005) recently.

Pic unrelated

It looked good but nowhere near as good as Cunny. It still had that slight jank to it that makes 3D feel so separate from 2D, which Kuni almost fully got rid of through some form of miracle.

You mean they made a great anime and then completely shit on the ending.

And Etotama was made in 2013 and look miles better, and didn't have junk at all.

Said like that sounds like you're implying TAP animated everything when it's totally wrong. They acted as a support studio (as they always did with every toei shows) and they actually did very little (they were at the bottom of the credits for genga) like that Beerus vs Goku SSJ1 scene.
Most of the episode was made by Toei and there was some really strong animation through out the whole episode, but the art was rough because of the fucked schedule.
And for your information, TAP have some really good action animators, sure not many but the few they have are really good.

What the hell, did they made two animated episodes from one manga chapter?

that's the norm

I feel bad for anyone who has watched all of the One Piece anime but never read a single page of the manga.

pomf pomf

>Boring as fuck
Mind telling me what you consider exciting? Even if you don't think it's a good movie or consider it overrated I don't see how you can find it boring. There are pleanty of action scenes and the plot moves fairly quick. I'm genuinely curious, I've heard a lot of people shit on Akira, but I've never heard it described as boring.

read >

not an argument

I don't just watch it, I sub it.

>ask question
>answer is not an argument
Wow. Hopefully your family loves you because lord knows you're one boring person.

Their animators have a union.

He's right, Akira is such a boring collection of 80s cliches and set pieces, held together in a precitable, drawn out narrative where not that much actually happens for most of the film's run time (rewatch it, every scene you remember is either at the beginning or the end). It's of course visually impressive, but you can get all the enjoyment you're going to get out of the film overall by just watching sakuga compilations of it.


Still mad.

Toei because of the memes

Tiger Mask W and Kyousogiga were great.

People that talk about Toei are normalfags that only watch their long running SJ shit

You fucking betchya


The OP Anime has been looking good lately.