Dragon Ball Super

What if Goku loses? Just dodge erasure

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Oh god my dick


Probably be like wait Goku can become even more SUGOI Zensama pls spare our universe for even more SUGOI SUGOI HAPPY TIME


I thought Viola was white

Canon SSGSS Cell


>That android girl


Dragon Ga Gotoku when?

>Golden-Blue Cell
It's real now boys

Also post Friezas/Nameks/Majins now

>mfw got piccolo as my first summon
T-Thanks doc!

>Kaioken = +1500 power boost
>Super Saiyan = +2000 power boost
>Ascended Super Saiyan = +2500 power boost
>Super Saiyan 2 = +3000 power boost
>Super Saiyan 3 = +4000 power boost
>Super Saiyan 4 = +5000 power boost
>Super Saiyan 1/2/3/4 Beyond God = +8000 power boost
>Super Saiyan God = +8000 power boost
>Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan = +9000 power boost

Will UI get a +10000 boost or even more?


wtf toei thats not how ssblue works

>mfw after all these years I finally managed to compile a complete playlist of all the episodes of DBZ that played on tv back in the 90's
The one where Goku's voice changed 3 times

Wtf Toei doesn't make Heroes

What does broly/kale get

Caulifriends assemble!


Broly's boost is different for some reason (even SSGSSKK multiplier is different instead being just +9500 or something like that) but Kale gets the same as SS4, a +5000 boost

What is this attack called?

Hello caulifriend.

>Goku admits he has never kissed his wife in both the anime and manga
What is wrong with Toriyama. Why did he include this in the outline.

Also yes that means when Broly goes LSS4 berserker he will still get the +5000 boost that Kale gets with LSS berserker alone

Right here, sad because Vegeta out = No U6
But happy because more Caulifla in the manga

Caulifla makes me happy

and who animates those previews for the game?

>he thinks goku won't make the wish
He will, believe me.

>>Goku admits he has never kissed his wife in both the anime and manga
So how the hell he had kids?
Did his wife just jacked him off during his sleep and put it in her vagina?
Or Goku is just a big kid by mind and doing him is immoral.

Two options
>Goku is pure! Pure!
>Goku fucks like a fucking animal would

Yamamuro, but he doesn't make the designs, people at Dimps do

Goku is winning and he will give bejita the wish Right?

Reminder that GODku was HOLDING BACK both times

1. He wasn't fighting with the intent to kill. He was merely testing Vegeta's strength hoping to fight him once again
2.Decided not to go ssj3 because he knew it would hurt Vegecucks fragile ego.

Note's outfit is so fucking hot, goddamn. Naizuri when?

>Sees Freeza as a friend since ep.111


Yes goku is going to wish his daughterfu back.

>There are people that honestly to god likes Heros and it's overdesigned shitplate of PS2 era 3 polygon count, literal whos cast

Is he still /ourguy/?

Erasure was just a trick to make everyone fight their best. Everyone that got sidelined is watching from invisible stands.

What is there to like about Goku in this show? (I'm talking about just DBS, not DB/DBZ.)
Why do people like him? What is it about Goku that makes him some people's favourite character?

>even a what if GT Goten is closer to blanco than Gohan

Frieza hasn't been eliminated yet.
Goku doesn't need to win. He just needs to not be eliminated and Universe 7 wins by default

His entire character arc and everything about him was ruined in DBS. They even ruined his design. He looked perfect after Cell's defeat with his new jacked up body. And god the hair change was so unnecessary and retarded.



>that kefla


I personally thinks Goku will drain almost all jiren's stamine and gets eliminated. Then Frieza will show and eliminate the tired jiren. Winning the tournament and set the things in motion for the next arc.

Friendly reminder
Sean Schemmel > Ian Corlett > Peter Kelamis > Kirby Morrow > Steve Blum > A literal pile of shit >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ATATATATATATATATATA

I want to try one of those gachas once in my life

>mfw picked up keru this weekend

>spirit sword
>never happened in the manga

I think we are the only retards who see Super as two different stories, Toyo and Toei don't care

You mean his wife

Where do you import gacha from? I saw some cool muscle bird gacha on Twitter but I couldn't find where to buy them or even what they were called.

Nozawa > Kelamis > Corlett > that Italian guy who died > Schemmel
Now go back

You have shit taste, his current design is great

Where did you get this Image from?

That's hair looks really nice

>this won't play when goku masters ultra instinct youtube.com/watch?v=tFMRTeHJfXo

I didn't import it, I got it from a local comic book store.


He got so butthurt when people called out his shit headcanon

>literal whos

Nozawa wins once again

It's an interesting variant cover. Not like the bullshit SSRage or Spirit Bomb sword actually happens in the arc.

So yes.

The moment you realize thats the only figure she will ever get, and thats Toeis fault for trying to make her a Broly clone


It's not that hard to get, most comic book stores carry stuff like this. You just have to look for one in your area.

She'll get more just give it some time, even hit got a figure already.

>his current design is great

U7 should lose

Oh god what's wrong with his left arm

seriously, what happened to frieza? was he killed by jiren or by 17 commiting sudoku ?

when will the next mangachapter leak?


>goku didn't care about her
>had to ask kale to join the fight because caulifla was boring him
>jobbed to one ki blast
>earlier jobbed to the pride jobbers including the little tornado guy
>kale is forced to fuse with her because shes already on her last breath
>kefla is born
>job like a motherfucker
>deleted next episode
>goku doesn't even mention her again 16 episodes later
>cucked out ss3
>confirmed to be piccolo tier if not lower
>in order to fight for relevance caulispics manufacter a romantic relationship with goku whos like a granpa next to her
>some other retard tries to bait people with making her goku daughter
>deleted and forgotten

Episode objectively sucked.

Vegeta's elimination was dragged out for no reason, he ended up doing nothing with his attempts at striking Jiren.

Pretty much nothing happens other than Goku going UI and Vegeta being eliminated, no action it was a very empty episode.

They should stop trying to make us forget about Freeza we aren't retards.

I'll give them credit for one thing though and that is the Ost+scene where Goku hears the voices of everybody Jiren's included before he goes UI

>what if goku loses
he does

>t. brainlets
It's just what he did to merged Zamasu in the manga.
Trunks slicing merged Zamasu in half prior he becomes "infinite Zamasu" is part of the outline, SS Rage and a Genkidama being part of the sword technique isn't

You mad?

>no white hair
So Jiren is stronger than the incomplete UI? Wow it's fucking nothing

>vegeta's elimination was dragged out for no reason
This isn't legitimate criticism. Dragonball is known for "dragging out" fights and it's not a bad thing by itself. Jiren could knock out every fighter in the first minute but that wouldn't make good television. Vegeta's half had good animation, script and music. It was good, the only thing I didn't like was vegeta's boot hanging from the rock.

It was an okay episode, at least they didn't drag Vegeta's elimination all the way to the end of it. The fighting was the strongest point of the episode, since it finally had some thought in it (ie, coreography). Lowest point was the Ultra Asspull (ie, Goku's version of Naruto's 9 tails) since the way it's activated doesn't make any sense whatsoever, is not even supposed to be a form (even though they retconned it to be) and took him literally minutes to master (at least for Naruto it took him years to understand how to use the 9 tails properly).
DBS is so poor because Toryama is not writing everything like in DB and DBZ and it has so many writers that they can't keep track of what the others are doing.
Stamina finally mattered for once only for Vegeta to pull a Final Flash and give Goku energy out of his ass.

Riddle me this Toeishills
How did 17 blow himself up if his bomb was removed?

>Vegeta is the guy who cares about his family, friends, protegé, keeping his promises
>remembering them does nothing
>Goku is the autist who thinks of his family as acquaintances and says actively rejects power of love bullshit
>rememebering his friends gives him UI

Toei is fucking schizophrenic

>SS Rage and a Genkidama being part of the sword technique isn't
Why is he using both in the cover then?

The episode itself isn't trying to make us forget freeza, he was shown in the friendship reel.

I only watched/read DB and DBZ, can I just jump into super or do I have to watch any of the movies or GT first?

>Vegeta's elimination was dragged out for no reason

>Literally just recolored 2 of the girl saiyans hair without bothering to spike it up

>This fucking cuck is going "my dick"

You people fucking scare me.

How did Chiaotzu blow himself up if he didn't have a bomb?
How did Saibaman blow itself up if it didn't have a bomb?
How did Buu blow himself up if he didn't have a bomb?
How did Cell blow himself up if he didn't have a bomb?
How did Vegeta blow himself up twice if he didn't have a bomb?

reminder that son goku blanco is beautiful

>literally illiterate
He's using SS2 and his sword charged with ki, he DID it already in the manga.

Hope Frieza is fine

You ruined it, the hair is supposed to be grey. It doesn't match the eyes this way.

post the best Super screenshot


See It's just a colored representation of Trunks' aura and sword slice in the manga, colored blue as a reference to what happened in the anime.

This is the absolute trash. What an abomination of the Jiren. Which is repugnant to the Scriptures Carl has given personality to the bottom along. When Gillen has complied with the fight against Gogs early in the tournament, Goku was the only one in the tournament. Now understand why he does not expect the world. Heifer is completed. As if the challenge is mighty, and of great power: they describe the Gieren to an attentive observer Goku of his dead foe.

Vegeta that, just as in the current of a power belongs to the smoke, will you give? There is not enough power to turn on the unlocked, even if it is lower the energy to stand and not be able to save energy is already sufficient.

Now they themselves are willing to forget the still, hiding himself, he is in the circle of the Frieza. No mention Frieza. That there are two kinds Goku and Jiren exclusion occurs, that it can never Frieza fate. A better goal will be to develop Jillen with all the character you want to recover. I'm glad that it's over it can not finish fast enough. It also suggested that the film is a flashback Sadara on the planet earth.

>How did Vegeta blow himself up against Majin buu?


It's not supposed to be actually SSJ Blue though, just a generic "Blue God" level. I don't know why they did this, but they all have models for SSJ so it's not even laziness, it's just that for some reason they didn't want to give actual SSJ Blue to the Saiyan avatars.

>implying Jiren will lose



Was it the episode Toshio was talking about? Part of the episode Vegeta (Vegeta) was very embarrassed to say ....... I do not know why he is so proud of this. Vegeta went out very pitifully. The second half of the episode did not go well. It is not a very good episode. I hope 129 is good.

What am I supposed to do after super ends? I don't like OP and YuGiOh and Boruto threads rarely reach bump limit. I need a weekly show that I can shit post about in the Cred Forums generals

>What if Goku loses?
Jiren learns again that is important to trust people and he will wish for all the universes to return back

He will and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

>OP, Yugioh, Boruto
Just kill yourself already

you can jump off a bridge for starters

Am I having a stoke


>having the right to trash talk any other anime when you watch Super

You'll be fine, we still have the manga and heroes so threads will still be made but incredibly slow.

Opaque Haze Distortion

Very interesting, I can now pick out the crossboarders by filename.

I won't believe that lie until I see it with my own eyes.

Kek. Superfags BTFO.

You're going to be mildly disappointed.

What triggered UI this time? Goku being punched?

Can someone tell me what the fuck is this

he remembered he has friends thats it.


muh limits being broken just like all the other times

This is the cheesiest and most predictable end. Three of the team were more powerful, Vegeta sacrificing himself to take time off for Goku, as did Masin Boo, Goku made one move for the last time ... the same since then it was against Kefla.

The only thing that still does amazing things is the fact that Freeza is still in the ring, but I know what he's done in the last three episodes, based on exactly where it knocked, where exactly, even not coming out and like to knock out again.

And they kindly showed that GirEN can not land a blow in Goku. And will Goku show us a stronger version of this deformation in the next episode?

And in the end, there is no point in fully recovering, having transformed into his instinctive fraud. There was an excuse that he absorbed Genki dama to gain energy, but this time he is completely tired and now seems to be fully recovered

So lads, which animators do you want to see show up on the Blanco vs Jiren finale?

Shida is a given, but I hope Takahashi gives us some god tier art again.

Also don't forget the hair style is different. Toei's SS2 Trunks is SS Trunks from when he killed Freeza without bangs, Toyo's SS2 Trunks is SS Trunks from when he killed future 17 and 18 without bangs, proper SS2 aura and an occasional vein in his forehead. SS Asspull is like Toei's SS2 Trunks or like Kale's SS (depending on the animator of the episode), way different.

what is the reason that Goku and Goku alone was able to master this form that even the strongest god of destruction was unable to, all in the span of 20 minutes?

Dragon Ball Heroes.

UHG animation


Even if he wanted to revive everyone he would still lose.

Suupaa Doragon Booru Hirozu

I'm not surprised.

Is this what one would expect from a battle royale?

I wanna fuck Note so bad.

Is god ki required to get UI? If not then why didn't he get it from "breaking his limit" in the past?

nice projection


>tfw she's too obscure to get good lewds

Is this official art? i love it

haha fuck you

Why didn't Goku get healed after getting beaten by Cell jrs?

Limit breaking means absolutely nothing anymore.


>Is god ki required to get UI?
UI is an angel technique
angels =/= gods

>why didn't he get it from "breaking his limit" in the past?
He didn't learn UI basics from Whis.

>An altered form of Goku with heigtened reflexes and a boost in power from being able to read opponents movements is somehow able to keep up with Jiren,
where as ssb kaioken x20 can't, which provides a power and speed multiplier over the hundreds.
Can someone explain this to me?

where is cuck circle??

Vegeta broke his limits plenty of times this episode and also had UI lessons. Why didn't he get it?

I'm just going to assume this is the most meme coincidence to ever occur in the entirety of Dragon Ball.

But it gets me every time, lmao



>Vegeta broke his limits plenty of times this episode
Nah, that's filler. Vegeta canon limit (at least at this arc) is still SS Blue

In Toei's headcanon UI is a powerboost

He tried to trigger it but couldn't, ended up just using SSB but more powerful. SSI has nothing to do with limits.


SSB2 was toei's attempt at making up for Vegeta not having any limit break moments in the outline. Vegeta will probably get a rage boost in the manga then get BTFO

>sho thish ish *sucking sounds* gonna help me go brue right?

Today I will remind them.

Where is Master Roshi?

>blue cell isn't just a shitty recolor anymore


you know cell jr is a thing, right?


Stop forcing this debunked theory. Regular UI is a technique, not a power boost, but Goku uses a TRANSFORMATION that makes him stronger and makes him use UI, like SSG gets god ki and a power boost but usually god ki isn't a boost, just an undetectable ki.
Blanco is happening in the manga too and he will be physically stronger than SSB Goku, even without the auto doge hax and I can't wait to see it


If Frieza can drop some other healings beams, Goku gonna fall in love

Reminder that Vegeta is always more powerful than Goku when they have the same form
>Base Vegeta > Base Goku
>SSBlue Vegeta > SSBlue Goku
>Royal Blue Vegeta > SSBKKx20 Goku
>Mastered UI Vegeta > Mastered UI Goku
We all know he'll get the form offscreen and be the top dog in the near future. Also 2-0.

Behind rice boy


>god ki isn't a boost, just an undetectable ki.
Retconned. God Ki is detectable now if you're strong enough.



behind cuckhan, between tien and frieza

>The cuck circle was part of Toriyama's outline

Nice headcanon

>toei's inconsistencies retconned a plot point
Top kek
Even Piccolo can sense god ki in the anime because Toei is fucking retarded

>in the near future

I have bad news for you son

Nice heacanon

>dude what if we abandoned the weaker members in this survival tournament lmao
What the fuck Toyo was supposed to fix this

He'll have the form by the time the new movie rolls around

Not an argument

Remember 3 more episodes to Dragon Ball go off the air for good.

>That Goku
Finally, he looks like a proper 50 year-old man.

So Jiren will be forced to use the same asspull instinct secretly planned against El Padre?

Royal Blood. >>>>>>> Low class warrior

>fixing anything

>fixing what comes from Toriyama
If Toyo wasn't able to fix Trunks' doppelganger he can't do shit with the cuckcircle

They have kekhan though.


>We all know he'll get the form offscreen and be the top dog in the near future. Also 2-0.
Nice fanfiction.

Seething Gokuk

I think the best way to handle these character are to have them be masters at different forms.

God that doujin was horrible.

sure why not

This should be the ED song for the final episode.


Vegecucks need to be put in their place

>jealous vegetamutt


Fuck, forgot the link.

People who call Toyo a tracer don't know shit about Jiji

Dragon Ball Super literally is a Dragon Ball AF rehash

>looped atatata
no one cares

Out already man, chill

>N-Nice f..fanfiction

But Jijii has better art than Toyo's mediocre imitation of Tori's style

I've read his stuff, it's just as bad as toyo's.

No. No corrections.
Just pure Tate.

Admit it, Gohan reminds you of yourself.


Shut the FUCK up

Do you understand super got cancelled no more episodes you got everything you wanted.

Of course he "has" better art

This can't be fucking real

t. Jose

>Toei/Toriyama didn't bother giving Vegeta incomplete UI even though he took the exact same training Goku did from Whis along with a 6 month headstart


>when you copy someone's artstyle so convincingly you get accused of tracing
Have you seen his drawings that he posts on Twatter these days? The guy's fucking insane and I have mo idea how he draws like thay with just a pencil and no guidelines.

Considering how pointless UI Omen was most of times, it might sense if Omen was Toei's invention and the outline only has full UI

>dead show
>dead thread

>Pure Tate

As long as it isn't rushed.

>>dead thread
Retard. I bet you have never been in a thread that wasn't a DBS thread.

That one isn't tracing (even if you can see he obviously used Toriyama's as reference). But this one is


the previous post to yours was less than a minute before

Piccolo can sense god ki because Kami can and he's part Kami. Piccolo was the only one to sense Shin's ki when he showed up at the tournament in the Buu saga.


The first time I saw this I stood up and clapped like a retard while laughing like a maniac. I still can't believe how fucked up this is.

I hope that in the manga el Jiren just grab him like a toddler and throws him off board.

Yeah, makes sense since it jobs to Jiren and Toriyama never released an official concept art of it.

The biggest problem the ToP has in general is trying to deal with two utterly conflicting facts around it

The first being that, tournaments are only really cool if the heroes are fighting someone on the level they are

The second being that Goku, Vegeta, and the others, only got to the level they are through a stupidly implausible series of events that makes no sense for basically anyone to have also gone through.

The ToP was doomed from the start, and is why 90% of the fighters that U7 faced weren't even perfect Cell tier.

The thick eyeliner makes her perfect.

Note is pure!

This. And let's not forget
>cuckba tier in the anime and even lower than him in the manga


He never said he sensed his ki, just that he noted something.
Still, you can't excuse Toei bullshit, even Hit and Freeza can sense god ki according to the anime series, but again, ONLY in Toei's series

>actual broly characterization
Honestly I liked Toyo's AF. He is pretty good at mimicking DBZ-era Toriyama.

And honestly, given how much Toriyama's art has changed since then (for the worse) Toyotaro is probably our best hope.

>Translations for the chapter out
At first I was annoyed at how Toyo made the other universes job a lot quicker, but his writing is actually pretty good, at least compare to the anime. The interactions between U6 and Goku/Vegeta and Goku with U11 are a lot better than the anime. There's small but nice Gohan, 17, and Roshi moments. Vegeta and Goku think Jiren isn't really an issue, and Vegeta even calls him a jobber, meaning that he's massively holding back to not kill anyone.

We need moar Caulifla


He's better than toyo, but he definitely traces.

Honestly this isn't tracing either, but it's a lot more 1:1 than what Toyo has done besides that one Vegeta Nappa/Cabba homage (which was pretty clever).

If Frieza is just there so that when the time runs out and Goku just keeps evading all of Jiren's attack U7 wins because they outnumber U11.
Then why couldn't they just play it as a joke and keep sleeping Buu in. Have him sleep through everything and reform whenever someone shot him and be too heavy to lift and throw off stage.
Then have him even sleep through the winner announcements too.

It could've been a bit less bad if Trunks was asking for the energy like in Xenoverse 2.

So we'll never get characters this hot in a Dragon Ball anime, okay cool.

>Non canon game fixes this retarded scene

This timeline.

>mfw Toriyama's art is so god tier that new artists literally resort to tracing him because they couldn't hope to achieve his level of coreography and shot composition.

where did you find it?


scram rat
they tried. The holding back things was the solution they tried


>SSGSS Golden Perfection soon


dude goku lmao

Super Saiyajin Cholo when!?

literally who


>Goku managed to achieve and master a power only known by gods and higher beings in less than fucking 45 minutes

Talking about slow pacing in DBZ but this isn't what we wanted.



GT already did it.

I am prepared to be utterly disappointed by the final fight between Jiren and Goku.

Literally Perfect

Vegeta giving energy to the arcs main protagonist back to back arcs.

Riddle me this Toyospic
How did Saibaman, Chiaotzu, Cell, Vegeta (twice) and Buu blow up?

onepieceofbleach has it.

Is Vegeta Bigote stronger than Goku Blanco?

While it's fun to think meme magic was involved, It isn't too hard to predict Dragonball's fights.

>Character debuts new powerful form
>character demonstrates his power by literally *teleports behind you*
>villain is pissed about the change of tides and just recklessly throws punches with reckless abandon.
>character dodges/grabs punch, and then gets one good hit in to establish this powerup isn't just for show.

Me too, and it's just because Jiren will lose.

Oops, wrong pic.

well, at least it looks better than anime

Since you've got dubs, that move is called "And this is Super Saiyan 2."

The choreography is too similar for my liking.

Yeah I can't explain Frieza or Hit, however there is a precedent for Piccolo to be able sense things deity related.
Though I doubt 'god ki' was even a thing in Toriyama's mind when he was writing the Buu saga.


i like her and i want to massage her sweating moist shoulders

Of course it does


5.3 (five point three)

>thicc caulifla
I want to feed her properly and watch her get /fit/.


There needs to be a nude edit of this

So wait, Kefla is pretty much Forte. What does this imply?

Don't worry Caulibro, I love her

She could be the ultimate Saiyanfu more than she already is

Y-you too

Nothing, just that Toei didn't want to put much effort into designing her.

>Cum spirit bomb

>Goku doesn't transform in the anime
Anime Goku is such a masochist

Why did they wait until Kefla to make her ripped?
She should have been from the beginning.

Xeno characters are too strong for Super

>Youngjijii better than Toyo.

Yeah, no. Youngjijii art is hideous.



I want these two to beat me up.

Is he? You know that will just be another "Goku pulls a new form out of his ass moment"

I hope Goku loses but impress Jiren enough to change his wish.

>Establishing their entire team is filled with useless jobbers
Wow, great Goyo

>tfw back in 2 weeks

They're both good, but YoungJiji is closer to DB-era Toriyama and feels out of place sometimes in modern scenes, while Toyotaro is closer to Buu-saga Tori.

It's a little longer than that but yeah can't wait.


1 month*

No DBS next week or three weeks from now

Jeez, we're 2 weeks away from the reveal of this form in the anime and there's already tons of promo material and merchandising of it.
They sure are being blatant about how much of a ''all we want is to sell toys'' show DBS is.


Who else loves fighting as much as Goku?

I want this only because Jiren will win.

Either way i can't wait


You ruined the thread you fucking faggot

I'm pretty sure kale would sperg out and go berserker mode on caulifla if she ever did that.

Why does Gohan always job to furries? Will everyone get blanco before Gohan? Why does Gohan even exist as a character anymore why don't they just kill him off he'd serve more purpose that way at this point.


Shit, I accidentally created a new fetish for me
>your cum/orgasm will never be used to help your fit waifu for the good of everybody

nice armpits

>defeated by fucking Kale and Caulifla in the anime

At least they're losing to the MC

>le generic someone calls out your name as you're about to die for another asspull powerup

Wait, Xeno Goku fought off Demigra who transformed into a form stronger than his XV final boss form in base form. Xeno Trunks can hold his own against Beerus and he was a thing before Zamasu saga. How strong are all the Xeno characters?

so many losers.

What's the point of reading this if we know U6, 9, 4, and 2 are all jobber universes?

U2 a cute

and a couple more.

See what "creative" differences Toyotaro will do compared to the anime.

What have you done?

Is dropping healing beams the equivalent for giving handjobs in Freeza's race?


Jump right into DBS, but skip to ep 27 and watch Battle of Gods and RoF first

>literal tranny
I feared this garbage would happen someday if female saiyans were introduced in the main story,, and of course that's exactly what happens especially when a fucking female Broly was the first thing announced.
Fuck this garbage.


>Dreamworks face everywhere
So this...THIS.......is the power of toyo....waoh.......

Blanco goku

Who draws Basil worse? Bear in mind both these images are taken from (obviously for Toyo) still screenshots from group poses. Whoever loses, they both still suck.


>>Vegeta's elimination was dragged out for no reason, he ended up doing nothing with his attempts at striking Jiren.
Reason was to show Vegeta's way of life, and his development. Hide pride even on the edge of death in a hopeless fight.

>Pennywise with the smug

>Zoiray can't grow wins in the anime
Fuck toei

There's no way Kale would get mad at her precious one-chan.

White people and Argentinians are so mean

The one that traced his drawing from someone else.

>How strong are all the Xeno characters?
Fanfic tiers of powerful. The Demigra that Xeno Goku stopped as an SS1 would have destroyed all of the timelines and the real world.

T. Kale

Wonder if they ignored it like they ignored Black can turn into a super saiyan.

>White people and Argentinians
But Argentina is pretty much white, with nearly everyone having european heritage.

What's wrong with Toyo's?


>DbGt has only an anime adaption
>is complete shit
>Dbs started off with the anime then the manga
>is complete shit
Really makes you think

Still mean

GT is actually good. Only autistic powerlevel fags have any problem with it.

>>Dbs started off with the


The head is too big.

The wish has to end up being for all universes to be revived right? It's Dragonball so I can't think of anything more cliche

DBS didn't start with the anime, the mango came first


God I wish that were me

Can you not see the mishapen size of the forehead? The eyes in the wrong place?

Super manga started first

>Even Soyo aknowledges the Spirit Sword

>even SDBH's modelers get that UI Goku has the same hair style as base and SSG Goku
>Yamamuro and the other animators at Toei doesn't

Good lord that is not perspective

See and stop embarrassing yourself, spic boy

wtf even is that is that supposed to be his cape in black?

Yeah I guess the eyes are a little too small and centered, but it's not that big a deal imo.
Toyo had to draw a hell of a lot of characters there, give him a break if one of them looks kinda off.

He isn't in the manga?



Reminder that Goku lost against Vegeta, Cell, Buu, Beerus and Hit. He only won against Freiza, and he had to borrow a ton of energy plus wish for his stamina back to win against Buu. Geez, I wonder if he's going to win against Jiren.

He's, read the fucking chapter

Oh. I didn't see him at first. I thought Cell had replaced him. What a relief.

>what is perspective


>last fight of the series
>Goku hasn't won once against the main villain in all of DBS

I-is Goku gonna win this, r-right? It can't possibly end with Goku being BTFO once again.

Many of them are off or simplified
And these are for introductory group poses
Nice way to make an impression

Basil vs Buu was better than most ToP fights.


Of course he's gonna win it. Blanco literally makes him angel tier.

Maybe but I want this to happen

To me, Basil and Buu WAS the tournament of power.
Basil and Buu should be crowned heroes of Dragon Ball and Gohan/Goku/Lavender/Bergamo and every other shitty character in the ToP should be deleted for good. Rest of series should just be Basil and Buu going on adventures throughout the remainder of the multiverse.


i found this, its actually good

Don't worry user. Gokek will be getting his consolation win. If he can't get even one win against his own rival then he will have to get his wins from someone else.

>defending that shit by trying to call it perspective
In no fucking way can you take a camera around Basil's dumb ass looking head and get something that looks completely off like that. Go back to your deviantart hugbox if you can't see what's wrong with it

They're a bunch of jobbers anyway, who cares

They keep saying this shit is predictable but we have no idea about who the fuck is going to win this, and I love it

>Cover Adrian Barba

>If he can't get even one win against his own rival then he will have to get his wins from someone else.
But he already defeated Hit

Will pic related happen in our lifetimes?

Did they think even autistic nip kids would forget about Frieza?

But kekarot literally is 0-1 against sHit.

>but we have no idea about who the fuck is going to win this, and I love it
The OST already spoiled who wins judging by the last track.


But mary sueku has already surpassed the GoD's and become Angel tier.

They might've if they didn't remind them of his existence every episode.

>Gokufags this delusional
Nice headcanon

The adventures of Buu and Basil actually sounds pretty fun, and more interesting that the cast of poorly written chucklefucks we got in the end.

Angels are lame tho', they literally never fight, even if their universe survival depends on it. At least GoDs are still an active part of the dragon ball world.

fairy tail

I hope he never uses that retarded form again

They got all that power for a reason, there's probably some situation they're meant to fight in.

Saiyan asspulls

Smugpup's OC fucked him in the ass offscreen and he got doggoAIDS and his hair turning white is just the first sympton

I hate the blue form too, but it looks kind of good on the GoD outfit, especially if Goku could achieve some form of full power perpetual Blue like in the pic.

I believe this is actually not someone being retarded on purpose, but someone using Google translate or some equivalent

>transformation that makes him look like an angel and allows him to use the angel tier technique that only angels mastered before to beat a guy confirmed stronger than GoDs
>no angel tier
Man, you are delusional

Chichi told him what sex was but not mouth to mouth kissing

So can Goku finally cuck Beerus now?

Reminder CHADren wins

This Only Beerusfags and GoD-tier powerwankers think Goku hasn't breached angel-tier with this form.

Also, he's been getting closer to Beerus in terms of power since he first went God.

I fight dykes

As some wise anonymous Cred Forums user said a few days ago:


Whose words are those? Toriyama's?

Angels are a last defense against threats that directly endanger the Supreme Kai's existence. GoDs can take care of themselves; the S.Kais can't.

Brown European heritage

Precure and Kitaro are better shows.

From a fellow Gokubro who was saying he'd solo Jiren months ago, you a fucking delusional mate.

Why the fuck did Superfags pick up the word "contrarian" as their new buzzword? Do they even know what it means?

Kamen Rider and the new Super Sentai that just came out are much better too. Currently Kamen Rider is the ride that won't stop slowing down.

Can't wait until Build's soundtrack comes out

Sorry, anime only, not watching your gay shit

>goes from weaker to a GoD to Angel tier in a span of 48 minutes

Only two minutes left son Goku sama kun

t. smugpup

Yeah it's from a Toriyama interview. It's in-line with Beerus' statement that he used 70% of his power in BoG.

When you started masturbating to dragon ball

They are supposed to be "the strongest iteration" of themselves, with the exception of the Super timeline (Goku Xeno does not know about Super Saiyan Blue).
Trunks is from the Future timeline, Goten is from a(the?) GT timeline, Goku and Vegeta are from a GT timeline where the Movies happened(but GT ended differently, evidently) .

Bardock Ss4 is an exception, as he's "a warrior that shouldn't exist". In fact he's not a Xeno.

>muh generic "MY FRIEND DIIIIIIES" triggers a generic strength and speed boost with wild and wacky blond hair!
Super Saiyan is such a fucking stupid asspull

Why is the ToP arena so damn small in the manga? 80 people are supposed to be fighting on that thing. The sense of scale is fucked.

>Super Saiyan
Did you mean to say UIJ? Because that's what happened last episode.


Nope. I'm talking about the Original Super Saiyan being a retarded asspull just to have muh saiyans win again lol

>some random deviantart kid comes from the future, turns super saiyan, and kills frieza in 2 minutes

what the fuck? toriyama is a hack

>mentioned in both saiyan and namek arcs

It's his brand of autism
he thinks Migatte no Gokui should be Migatte no Gokuijin

>some random robots are stronger than super saiyans
toriyama has gone senile


>Let's take a look then.. at Ultra Instinct

>oh look here's your brother turns out you're from spaaaaaaace
God dammit Toriyama could be be any LESS talented of a writer?

Talk about asspull..

>UI might just be twice stronger SSG, literally the same increase of SS2 from SS
>people think this is too much because muh invincible GoDs
Top kek

Don't forget that nothing that happened in dragon ball and z really mattered in the grand scheme in things considering the universe was going to be erased soon.
And even before that a fucking sentient piece of gum was going to destroy it while """god""" let it happen.

hahahaha I'm so damn hype for this, not only will Goku get his first true and biggest win in Super, he gets to take any possible spotlight from his memed out son.

>"Dad I'll find a new form bla bla bla"
>"Huh... a new form you say?"
Goku should be called the Take a Wish Foundation.

>might just be twice stronger SSG
Nice headcanon

Your pic proves nothing for now. Come back when Goku's skin goes blue.

He literally said "might" based off previous author statements, faggot.

>Paco don't understand what "might" means

>Oh man I can't achieve that asspull my rival got
>I'm so mad!
>AND sad!
>Wait, I pulled it out of my ass!
I did it!

Goku and Vegeta weren't even rivals at that point, Vegeta just hated him.

Goku will lose and the continuation of Super is a complete reboot starting from Dragonball

You mean the guy who lost to U11's Pui Pui?

But he was one of the first ones to do it, right? So it's fine, right? [laughs]

Gotenks was stronger than ultimate Jobhan
Goten and Trunks were stronger than 18 in Buu saga
Cell was stronger than jobhan
Goku is stronger than Jobgeta in blue and ssbkx20
Goku and Jobgeta have been as strong as beerus since blue was introduced
Hit is also as strong as beerus
Jobhan is STILL weaker than Buu
17 is stronger than lizardcuck
Cuckfla is Buu saga at fucking best
I don't give a fuck what you say bitch you know I'm right

Based Vados

Only spics care about power levels Enrique

What did they meany by this?


Why is her face so red?

>you know I'm right
Literally everything you said was wrong, you fucking retard.

Can't wait to see Smugpup lose again.

GT is pedros' favorite.

thinking of champa's balls


So Goku is now stronger than SSB Vegitto?

Yes powerlevelpaco




Way late. We knew about this back in November.

I think he's been trying to actively activate it consciously for a while now, but activating it consciously it probably not good enoug he'll have to learn to get the feeling of it or some shit like that.

Sorry I stopped paying attention over a year ago how was the fallout and are people still in denial of the series ending I heard there are literally 2 episodes left and they're low budget and rushed


oh yeah, they're pretty big



based Champa

Golder Freeza?

Wow, Golden with white underneat looks so much better than Frieza actual Golden form.

Most were in denial until the official announcement which was around a literal month ago.

Blue eyes Golden Frieza

Blue eyes

Does the one on the left have hair?

What would multiversal Cred Forums be like in the dragon ball universe

>if Goku loses
To Jiren? For his last try? The guy isn't even part Vegeta (unlike Cell), so I don't see that happening.


universe 7 already started taking them out quite fast. was to be expected

he doesn't

And only U7. Toyopedros will defend this even though it was a "problem" in the anime.


Still, I wonder if they'll give a explanation for the Saiyan Avatars not getting Super Saiyan hairdo in Blue form.

Ok let's play a game. Name 1 (one, uno) Goku's transformation stronger than UI.
You can't.

t. Toriyama Akira

huh kek

Super Saiyan 4.

>no piccolo and u6 namekian conversation
Namekian lives matter

Lava Goku

Toyopedros BTFO again. This is getting sad.

What the fuck are you talking about, toeiturd?

Who's stronger, Marcarita or Vados

>preemptively attempts defense against the undefeated record

>holding back
He sure loves jobbing to his Prince.

>wasn't fighting with intent to kill
Must be so given a 77% power advantage on the Kamehameha (before the modifier focused his PL to make the attack even more potent). Quite the ki control to do this and manage no actual damage (just emotional) to Vegeta in the process. Doens't do Roshi's attack any good being dragged through the mud like that, but I suppose he's not worried about making it look good so much as his man crush and future 'rival' (who always beats him up).

NOTE: You forgot to finish the last sentence of this paragraph.

Did you want a slap, then? This aside, it is better he didn't use the amazing self-defeating form (that by rights, he should be able to blitz with, yet it is assured he would find a way to dick around long enough to use up all his time/energy before sealing the deal when it should end in seconds). At least he got to pretend he was in the same league as his better before being left eating dirt (just as planned, of course). Even Goku couldn't be so retarded as to drop his guard in front of 'Geets like that. It was all part of the plan, certainly.

I miss Lava Goku.

Jesus, I just noticed UI was meant to be another literal recolor. Toei tweaked the hair.

It was created by Toriyama and it's said to be Goku's strongest form. Toyopedros were saying that UI being a power boost was all Toei.

I unironically liked GT Goten, he was great

you can see them fighting in the pan shot unlike most of U6, kale didn't say anything this chapter neither did dr.rota.

>oh man i hope i find a date
>oh they left without me in that spaceship i can go on a date now
Why did you like GT Goten?

There are even antiwaifufags that are in denial about Kafla happening in the manga, even some kekhantards say Gohan will do it great in the manga due their desesperation. You are just proving you are equaly stupid, toeidog.

>pan shot
i meant wide view panel.

Beautiful! I really wish this cover wasn't a limited edition thing

He didn't get eaten by a Spirit Bomb I guess..
Lucky Kakarot

those tits HOLY COW

Pretty sure you can still buy the limited edition via Amazon, sis

Oh, I was talking to a waifujuan.

Idk, I guess same reason I like "Scholar Dad" Gohan. not all the characters have to be fight-madmen like Goku and Vegeta, Goten was this teen who wanted to go on dates and shit, and in fairness, he totally stepped up in the beginning of the Baby Arc, I honestly like his fight (shortlived as it was) with Baby.

>not a delusional antiwaifufag = waifufag
Please leave

Mastered UI Vegito

I'm killing everyone in this thread

Oh I'll definitely check it out, thanks user

What happened to Frieza?


Shh, Freeza-sama is sleeping.

How many episodes left?

2 many.

letting the monkeys fight


Where's Cabba


There is.


what do you mean? in the latest chapter it seems like he's being the expository device.


damn i wish i could read

I live in Australia, how do I play or follow Heroes?

3ds emulator and ultimate mission x

>do you like this private conversation cabba?


She's going to suck his dick that's all

Strange as it is, people forget Vegeta is the one with natural talent. Naturally stronger (and certainly more potential) and naturally better at fighting (made a ~3x modifier version of what Roshi offered which is shown in canon as 2.2x and even official material rarely takes beyond 2.5x).

Goku just gets more and better hand-outs (sort of like trainers *of which, only Super has ever pushed one upon Vegeta*). Vegeta gets Majin for a decent boost (officially 25% for him). Goku got SKW (canon implication is x10 as passive Oozaru, but official values present it as 44%) and hand-holding for god ki (where non-canon material like Super is concerned *not interested in going into GT*).

While canon chose to bury KK (and the other canon multiplier *even SS1 doesn't actually have one stated in the source material* that would be the tail-based transformation), Toei still holds a torch for it in their continuity (making things look even more bizarre on their side like Goku needs x20 to be equal with Vegeta's 'Royal Blue', which would make it the most absurd official multiplier stack on a previous form to date *which I feel is only an accident of bad writing even before considering how Toyo isn't going to go against AT's wishes by using the dropped technique suddenly*).

All those piss-weak fighters, great masters, learned techniques, close calls (zenkais being made up later *and mostly getting dropped* doesn't help with one thinking retrospectively*), etc. added up to Goku doing just well enough to be half of his shit tier brother. And that's with SKW (reducing him to 1/10th the canon value doesn't jive too well, so we'll just work with taking off 44% *bring him down from 416 of Radish's incorrectly noted 1.5K...to ~231 to measure up even more poorly against what should be more like 1.2K*). King Kai had his work cut out for him here.

NOTE: Do you suppose Goku will use Mastered UI to job to Vegeta without even thinking?



>V-Vados-kun be gentle k-kudasai...i-i can't take it rough again...

>Won against Buu
That was Mr Satan, Vegeta, and everyone from Earth, Goku was just the person to gather it all and fire. You wouldn't say the gun used to kill someone won a fight, you'd say the person who made the gun be able to fire.

>put in their place
Given the MC is incapable of this feat, I suppose the rest of the cast must pick up his slack.

>You will reach Super Saiyan Cuck, Cabba

He's a Shonen protagonist, you either love him or hate him. the other characters are allowed to change and Grow but due to his spot in the story he basically needs to be the same character from start to finish.

>the person who made the gun be able to fire

You mean the person who pulled the trigger

So transparent user

>*spanks cabb's ass 50 times* don't worry cabba you'll get Super Saiyan Cuck 2 very soon!

>that asspull
Which one? SKW gave Goku ki sensing and Vegeta just got it after being blinded (before SB could pretend it matters *only to get stuffed*).

Same shit, with all the Spanish in these threads I'm losing my ability to speak English properly.

I bet they called everyone retarded before it was official then were BTFO and were still in denial after it was official

Admit that Mexico won.

Wasn't Mexico rooting for cuckhan


Some people think the show will be on hiatus.


For everyone that has been saying Jiren is a non-character or boring obviously haven't been studying his interactions with other members of his universe and universe 7. His quotes pack so much meaning that people overlook. Jiren puts all his faith in his own strength, and looks down on those weaker than him. Even so, he claims that he seeks "that which lies beyond strength." What could he be referring to? I think he's still looking for the answer to that, but he may finally get it when he witnesses Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct. With all the focus that's been placed on Jiren's meditation, it's safe to say that he feels confident in his strength and instead chooses to focus on his mind. The energy from his glare, that barrage of punches as he closes his eyes; these attacks seem to stem from pure focus. Ultra Instinct, on the other hand, is about taking the mind out of the equation and letting every part of your body react on its own, a feat that the Gods themselves struggle to achieve. I don't believe Jiren was aware of UI and what it means when he first fought Goku, and even later when he observed his fight against Kefla. To someone who's put so much emphasis on sharpening his mind, the idea of removing it from the equation entirely must seem preposterous. It's in their final battle, when Goku finally masters this ability, that Jiren will truly understand what he's up against. He'll also have to reconcile with the reason why Goku, a mortal far weaker than himself, could obtain such a power when he could not...

"Trust begets nothing."

This sentiment seemed to strike a nerve with Goku, and I believe it's Jiren's greatest weakness. Whereas one warrior, scarred from childhood, foregoes emotion and true relationships and relies solely on his own strength, the other feeds on the trust his friends and family bestow upon him, which ultimately aids him in trusting himself, and his own instincts.

(cont.) 2/2
To let go of all inhibitions and mental blocks, and trust your body to achieve the impossible; that is the key to mastering Ultra Instinct.

Until Jiren puts the past behind him and learns to trust again, in himself and in his teammates, he will never be able to achieve that which lies beyond strength. Will he accept this fact and attempt to learn from his mistakes, or simply double down and attempt to grow even further in strength? Just like Vegeta, Beerus, and Hit, I believe Jiren will be yet another "enemy" changed for the better by his encounter with Goku.

Time spent kissing is time that could be spent training.

This boring piece of shit better have a more developed moveset before he wastes any characters slots in future games.

he got raped twice sort of like in his fights with vegetable

Vegeta played a big part. Giving him his energy and yelling his name.