Who's the best Gundam pilot and why is it Kamille?

Who's the best Gundam pilot and why is it Kamille?

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Kamille's the best because he actually got in-series endorsement by the rest of the cast for the title. Rather than fan validation, that actually counts for the most.

>piloting a retardedly overpowered mecha
I bet you think Shinji was a good pilot too.

That's a cute girl's name.

Uso is best pilot.

Usso a best. Pretty much every part of his MS is weaponized by his creative mind.

>Zeta Gundam

Mate, have you seen Unicorn?

Kamille learns Meikyo Shisui from an old book halfway through Zeta. How does the remainder of the show change as a result?


praise jesus!

Just because that suit is more overpowered it doesn't mean the Zeta wasn't overpowered at the time.

For me, it's Amuro.

Bellri by far.

Some Gundam MCs started piloting because they had to, others because they held a grudge or grad ideals.

He, on the other hand, simply wanted to bang Aida.
Once it turned out she was his sister, he went "Ooops!" and decided he might as well ride it out with the rest of the crew now that he couldn't go back nor chase after her any more.


Make it stop

Don't forget the bit where he almost murdered four police officers in frustration when he found out he couldn't bang Aida.

Oh, and don't forget how he basically flips of Mask and flies off to Japan rather than finishing their final battle.

Absolutely based.

Only jesus could be inmune to a fucking nuke.

>the love of his life

Only twice.

Could be worse, he could have done it four times.

Zeta is strong but nowhere near being overpowered, that would imply that the gap between it and enemy and ally suits alike was too big. By the time Zeta rolled out, shit like the Hizacks were already replaced with more competent suits that weren't too far behind Zeta.

Overpowered would be something like the Strike freedom and its aimbot that can flawlessly disable non letally dozens of suits with a single attack and even elite enemy gundams can't do anything against it, which led to the infamous flawless victory scene

This is the only true answer

But that's not Amuro with his RseX-78 machine...

Again, is it the most overpowered mech ever to the point that it becomes a sad joke like in Destiny? Not at all, but that doesn't mean it's not still overpowered. I don't remember it being hit all that much, and it literally has a deus ex machina device that lets you turn the suit into a psychic missile of doom that rams anything with no damage to the frame.

Again, overpowered means X thing compared with Y thing being ridiculously superior. Zeta got into tough situations several times in the second part of the show and in no time it completely trivialized the encounters like genuinely overpowered gundam does. It was very fast as expected from it being its selling point and had a strong beam rifle, but that never made it be beyond what one would expect from a main character mecha. Besides, it simply couldn't afford getting its parts destroyed, the Zeta was expensive shit with no replacement parts, so it better had to be one of the speediest motherfuckers in the area, or else we would've gotten shit like the Zeta zaku earlier.

For everyone else too.

He wasn't even the best OYW pilot though. That title goes to a guy with a GM Sniper.

you posted him



Zeonic front making you fear white base is amazing.


That's a pretty neat gray ZAKU.

s1 Setsuna

>implying Kamille ever did anything as cool as this

The master of the Zero system of course.