Today is Chariot du Nord (aka Ursula Callistis) birthday. Say something nice to her on her very special day!

Today is Chariot du Nord (aka Ursula Callistis) birthday. Say something nice to her on her very special day!

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Happy Birthday pretty lady!

Cute woman, would nut within and take responsibility

Wait a second, Ursula is Chariot? That's impossible.

They both make my dick hard so I can believe it.

> Chariot du Nord (aka Ursula Callistis)
Are you retarded? Chariot has red hair.


Happy Birthday Chariot and some nobody born the same day

I love Chariot!

Being Chariot is suffering


If season 2 comes they should shove these two off into b plot tier and focus on the other characters including Diana's interactions with those characters


She's so sexy.

Was it NTR?

Don't post it.

She reminds me of succ sensei

I want to give her a lobotomy for her birthday!

i want /fit/ shario to pick me up and snap me in half, killing me instantly

Impregnating a cute witch that children love and respect!


i would really like her to be my personal fitness trainer. if it were her, all my difficulties with motivation would be solved.

she reminds me of light music club sensei, but it's a character archetype.

Nobody beats the Croix.

New threads really need "witch" or "LWA" somewhere in the OP so they can be found easier.

I want to pump you full of yay, then make you lick it off my Shiny Rod.

not every thread has to be a general :P

The greatest of all flustered megane girls

Fucking sauce!

one doesn't preclude the other.

>that Diana

>game is supposed to release tomorrow
>is neither on steam nor on PSN
I've got a bad feeling about this.

Congratulations on another year without being married!
Me too

none of the other teachers appear to be married either

So the game is getting delayed then.

Should have seen it coming, then again, right now im penniless so...

I need Akko reactions


She's the cutest cake in the world.

the sexiest

Two can play at that game, Croix!

Threadly reminder that chariot has holes just for her armpits
What do they smell like?
Happy birthday

>you will never lobotomize Ursula
>you will never slip into her room, the cover of night concealing you
>you will never preform the operation while she's awake, a quick spell paralyzing her so she can't resist or scream
>you will never watch her terrified tears as you finish up
>you will never wait a few moments as her eyes full, completely forgetting why she was so scared
>you will never tuck her back into bed as she goes into peaceful slumber
>you will never go to the school the next day, fully prepared to take advantage of the situation
>you will never offer the teachers to take Ursula to a specialized hospital in America to treat her and her "mysterious condition"
>of course, the American hospital isn't a hospital at all
>it's your house
>soon enough she's transferred into your guest room
>every day you train her into the perfect stupid sex slave
>every night when you get home she's there, drooling into her cleavage
>the second her eyes lock with yours she presents herself like the animal you made her into
>even though she can no longer speak or even think, you can tell that she loves being a subby disabled slut

Does Croix even know that Diana exists?

Witches lose most of their power when they get married.

I love you Chariot Chan!

>Both wear round glasses
>Both have a secret personality from back when they were teenagers
>Both have to tutor a mentally challenged student
>Both are kind of absent minded
I don't remember if Sawako was looked down by the other teachers and students.
I couldn't get any drawfag to draw them drinking together


We need more pictures of Ursula in artistic tasteful nudity

Its tomorrow you retard

Is already tomorrow in nipland.

>what are timezones
fucking brainlet

It's not the 20th in england yet, so it's not her birthdyay just yet

Fuck this traitorous whore.

I'm joking, I wanna put my head in between her thighs

You're buying her game, right? If you don't Akko will have to start working on

It doesn't matter. The only reason Croix would seduce Short Bus is to get under Ursula's skin. So if Ursula uses an actual prestige student for revenge, it's just a case of one-upmanship.

Why did you do this?

I went through making a Japanese PSN account just to play the demo earlier. Of course I'm buying the game. Though I'm not sure whether I want to do it on PC or PS4. Normally, I never buy console version if I know there's a PC one coming, but this time the graphics are too bad to care, Unity is an ungodly mess of an engine and will be much more unstable on PC, Bamco is kinda crap at porting to begin with, and PS4 version may come out first so I won't be able to hold out.

Happy Expiration Date


The closer it is to expiration date, the more delicious cake is.


Aren't unity console ports more unstable?


no ps4 boss, gotta wait for the pc release apparently never ;_;


I know just what to get her!

It would make akko mad.

Chariot and Ursula have the same birthday?

d-do you think they might be related???


what kind of fucking name is that?

I know the perfect gift! will she explain to Akko that she's not gay? You know when Akko tries to give her, her 'birthday present?'

Well, she is French. So odds are she'll be down to try anything.

Explain that she's a super lesbian instead and Diana wants her so fucking much

How does the anime compare to the OVAs? I've only seen the OVAs. Are the OVAs still canon?

Nope. The OVAs and Anime are seperate.

This is a terrible archetype, these personalities makes up terrible teachers with their students ended up failing in life. We need stern teachers that won't let their student walk all over them.

You're going to die alone.

this is too cruel

at least give it to some disgusting fat bald man

At least she isn't going to die in prison being a lesbian rape toy like Croix.

senseis a best

But she's going to jail soon.

>"I didn't think you'd need to whore yourself out for better grades, Diana. But I guess even you have subjects you aren't perfect at."
>"How'd you get in my room? Leave immediately, Akko!"
>"Subjects like... biology, right? Oh sensei! I don't really understand that part of your last lecture. Can't you let me in for some private tutoring?! No need to get dressed."
>"You reek of alcohol."

>Lotte, this is the worst fanfic you ever wrote.
>Y-you don't like it?
>Like it? I love it!

Happy birthday, cake witch

It doesn't exist.

Men your age don't date you because they think you're old and pathetic. Old farts would gladly knock you up, but then dump you later when a younger, more fertile slut came along.

Just find a cute horny boy like Andrew and ride his cock till you're pregnant, his innocent/naive sense of duty will prompt him to take responsibility and wife you up.

So do the other students and teachers know she’s Chariot now? If they do a season two I wonder if they’ll show everyone treating her different.

Wow that's very mean and I can't even geto off to it.
This is pure evil.

being chariot is suffering

I like it

She had to put on other kinds of shows when attendance started declining, the holes are just for easy access.

It's too late, she already debuted on

Damn orcs grabbing muh Akko. They need to be purged.

Bang zoom, to the moon!

>only one base pic for Diana
I can't tell whether they thought she was pure so they held back or they just didn't like her


Oh yeah, that one.

>inb4 she tears off your dick

Threadly reminder that we had the very Yoh Yoshinari in this board and no one asked him why she had holes in there.

>nothing on ps store
>no game page on steam
>not shown in any pre-release pages
I'm scared guys, this shit better release tomorrow

more like Charifat du Nord


Did they delay the PS4 game? Can't find it listed anywhere and it comes out tommorow.

>implying anyone semi-important visits this shithole

By accepting her gift anyway. Plus, she's French.

I want to take Chariot on a date to this cafe in Bayeux

>implying Tattun isn't at least semi-important

He increased Barbara's hip measurements just for Cred Forums

Something tells me only a select group knows. The staff already confirmed she's still going by the name Ursula.



>Implying you're not a newfag

>My Little Sensei Can't Be This Plump!


Don't remind me, I had prepared a text file with all the questions anons (and my own) had came up for months and was aslept when he finally visited.

Kek who was the smartass who changed it?

>implying she could fit in that costume

Do you have the broken one?

Just tweet her, she's usually good about responding to people

Yoshinari doesn't have a twitter account. And it's a him.

Chariot is a failure and a loser.


>it comes out tommorow.

Ment in english, but lucky you user.

Akko is deadass tired with the Elf's shenanigans.

can someone handle me the image when tattum talked about the ships in lwa?

She really is a midget

>An Ursula/Chariot thread
Automatically becomes a Yoshinari thread

happy birthday


>Game scheduled to be released during Chariot's birthday
>Gets delayed
Of course this would happen, they were tempting fate.

>Ursula turns to drugs to hide the pain of watching her fellow witches raise families while she grows older alone


But her birthday is tomorrow.


He means that it got delayed.


>what are timezones

Lies made up to make people think the earth is round.

I'm gonna marry Ursula-sensei!

>A believing wine is my magic!

A believing wine is how she drugs you and has her way with your body while you're asleep, so she can satiate her urge to bear children and blackmail you into marrying her whether you want to or not.

G-go on...

She's French, she would take it anyways.



She doesn't look a day over 35

Considering she's 28, she better not.


I want to impregnate Amanda!

>Ursa Major
>Fountain of Polaris
>North Star
LWA x Fist of the North Star when?

Because she's in her 20's

No me.

I never understood why her hair switched between blue and red, was it even explained?

Only just turned the 20th in England

A believing heart is our magic.

I would be happy to oblige.