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Is Shinso Izuku's twin?

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who gives a shit post dekumina

Shinsou is Deku but more bitter and with a more broken quirk.

Okay but what if the



I'mma be pissed if the upgraded hero costumes aren't in this.



Mirio a cute



last one I'm posting since i don't want to spam too much
game looks alright so far. i hope the roster is a decent size

Are you excited for Jirou's arc?

Everyone likes Tin Tin

Badass Elsa

They won't for sure

Is that because it's marketed towards animeonlys and new costumes will probably be at the very end of season 3?

I'm really liking the different effects for each character. Not only are the colors unique; the size, shape and (from what we've seen) motion of these effects seems integrally tied to the character they come from.

Uraraka's pink bubbles, Iida's blue speed lines, Bakugo's orange explosions, Deku's green OFA all looks really stylish. Can't wait to see more of them in motion.


Imagine Hatsune Deku

The only right answer.


The difference between a good Deku and a shit Deku. Know the difference.

I like Deku, he's wonderful. But this page made Mirio my absolute fav. Nothing could top this.

Yeah that was out of place.
As long as we can forget it ever happened.

This. Mirio's fucking great.

la creatura...

Everyday until canon. No it's not Inko's head, don't worry.

Yeah I like it too.

It really was. Especially since how determined he was to prove that he deserved OfA to Bakugou and Nighteye.

Where's the pic?

Is it me or are those hands yaoi hand tier?

I was about to ask why his model looks so awkward with his hand movements and expression, but then I remembered Todoroki canonically has autism.

la creatura...

Quick, draw your quirk

That's not even talking about the comic book style sound effects. the BOOM or ZZZZZT effects floating off the characters' attacks looks so cool, I genuinely love it

The Chad Toga vs the Virgin Shinso

So your quirk is a lamer version of Darkside's Omega Beam?

Mirio is a top tier bro
Shame grapefag ruined him for some people here

It seems pretty much everything has a sound effect.

Good guy, yeah.

Who Todo x Yui here?

Shinsou is the fucking HERO, BnH needs right now.

Hi my name is Izuku Midoriya my existence basically boils down to two autistic children fighting over a game boy

I'd be a lot more positive about Mirio if the story didn't already have a billion characters just as interesting as him.

I got this.


We don´t need the guy that just gave up on his attempts to be a hero properly and tried instead to get in by pity. UA wasn´t the only school he probably could have applied to. Not to forget that someone that just is invisible managed to get in, but not him.

I'm tired of this happy go lucky bullshit. Deku needs to suffer to grow. Nighteye's death wasn't enough. Just kill off the fat blob known as Deku's mother. Maybe that will finally give the crybaby some character development.

Please stop

I think we'll see a more stoic Deku when he gets to 100%.
Similar to post-timeskip Straw Hats.

I am in favour of this. Except 'happy-go-lucky', 'fat blob' and 'crybaby'. Fuck you.

Give him an arc

This. If caveman Camie with her quirk could get into a hero school so could Shitsou but he decided to be a bitch instead.

she can suck Bakugou's dick for all i care

>you can literally reenact bakugou vs todoroki
>except in hero costume
Who would win this one in canon?

Patience, user. This prancing around won't be for too long now. Not everything will go as in
this pasta, but I do believe it is time to say our goodbyes to All Might.

A literal soyboy

too lazy man, everyone knows the pic anyway

next time, it will be just la c...

I would argue that Nighteye and Bakugou did a number on him psychologically; Bakugou's win over Deku despite Deku having the quirk that their mutual idol possessed as well as Nighteye flat-out saying Deku isn't deserving of it both come into play here. Winning over Overhaul with Eri, who rewound his damage, was the final nail in the coffin that made him think Nighteye's got a point.
All that said I still think it was a terrible moment, it made me angry about Deku, and it took me that HK Izuocha doujin to love him again.

Not before pic related gets one. At least Sero has a useful quirk. Ojiro's quirk is literally just he has a fucking tail. Better yet, just kill him off.

Pretty much my bother with him, i don´t hate the guy, but he really didn´t try hard considering all options. He just failed once and got salty, and if he gets into the hero course at this point it will be pretty much because Aizawa helped him getting his shit together and showed him how he did it.

He's a carbon copy of midousuji from yowapeda

He meets a girl, falls in love with her and finds out her dad is chief villain in the-

wait a second Hori is that you

No, stop. Phos going through this was enough to me, I don't want another one of my genki MCs to lose their genki. I would legit cry if Deku went stoic.

Ojiros tail lets him jump using it and is strong enough to bash robots with, that thing got power.

If their opinion changed because of an annoying shitposter then they're weak minded to be honest.

So... is this our last 100% academia arc?

You leave her alone

how does he shit

The fuck is wrong with you?

No, there should be plenty more in the school itself, but its probably the one that focus the most on a "normal" school activity.

Basically. and I don't understand the gripe with the robot system either. I wish a future mechanic scientist villain appears who unleashes an army of robots just so Shitsou and Jobberzawa would eat their fucking words.

yeah shooting tape sure is better than having a superpowered extra limb and knowing karate

Well for japs you don't get more schoolish than a school festival so it makes sense

>traumatized and tainted the deuteragonist to the point where stoic imaizumi lost his shit anytime he went near imaizumi
>can reverse psychology bakugou to make him do anything
>only member of bakusquad to not receive a chapter focusing on him
Oh fuck.

Why OC quirks shit again? You are risking being banned you know.

>Sero manipulated Bakugou into doing shit that would help the VA learn more about UA dynamics

Traitor confirmed

Am i the only one who think its a good thing that Shinso didn't pass the entrance exam because his quirk is garbage? The power is usefull in itself but dont work on machine , dont work if ennemies dont fall for it , and once its publicly known it has 0 effect. Even if full of hope Shinso didn't bodytrain to compensate his weak quirk.
He would do well as a police officer or an hostage negociator and that only if his quirk work remotly (a thing we didn't see yet).

His hero carrier would be short at best.

>killing a nice girl to edge up her son
Ick. Have the guts to rape Deku directly if you want him to go dark.

>arc ends up being a scott pilgrim parody

>Sero pushes Bakugou's buttons to the point where he's injured and cannot attend classes for a while
>Bakugou gets suspended, Sero can continue like nothing happened
>deku defeats gentle with deus vegan machina

Stoic doesn't mean not genki.
It simply means he doesn't freak out about everything.
It already changed a bit but he could do with more confidence.

I can see the reasoning of it that the ones with less physical quirks have to make up for it with their bodies. But they probably should check it more properly and have it maybe split into more different "Hero types". Just not straight up reliant on the quirk alone, If anything there should be a physical exam mostly unreliant of quirk use, a mental one and a quirk one with different categories todetermine if someone gets in. It´s not like UA lacks the money to do that when they got giant robots to use for training.

Do not underestimate the fluffy tail

His problem quite obviously was that he 100% relies on it. Should have taken some notes from Aizawa before applying and that already would have helped.

Learn to read nigga.

>kill ojiro off
Delete this. Now.

Jirou would fit perfectly into the SP universe and I don't like that one bit

No one asking the right question. Does he surf on ice?

Hey, that invisible person is also a flashlight. That's a totally useful ability that completely justifies her existence.

The point of the phisical exam is that any quirk should somehow improve your phisical abilities even a little, another area where shinzo cant do sh*t. That could be usefull if he can use mind-control on himself to remove his limits, but i doubt My hero writer tought about that.

And for Eri.

You must hate Deku then as well right?

Don't you underestimate the power of Tape user. In the right hands it can be deadly. Imagine if he combined it with the properties of rubber AND gum

Thats the point, she still managed to take down some robots while salty Shinsou just thought "Well, might aswell not try.". She clearly is doing something right.

Shinsou has a great quirk, there is no excuse for him

Not really, because he tried pretty hard the moment he had a quirk to be able to try to begin with to become a hero.

The reason why Shinsou didn't enter the hero course is likely because he's entirely against heroes having to do physical things or being violent, but seeing as UA's hero course entrance exam is just about beating robots, he got disillusioned and bitter.

Viz scans?

Nice fanfiction.

I don't think those are big drawbacks (most villains show up in person and probably won't think to check for Shinso in the middle of a fight), and the drawbacks are balanced by the fact that he'd instawin a fight if he successfully uses his quirk.

And his quirk is even better in rescue situations. Think about how many people die because they panic instead of staying calm or because they don't know what to do. Shinso can just hypnotize all the victims into doing whatever they need to do to keep everyone alive.

>be deaf villain
>WOOOOW it only took your inability to hear to beat me

I don´t see why him now being a pacifist would make sense. Being a hero obviously involves physical abilities (You´re not going to mindcontrol the guy stuck under rubble out of there, thats for sure.)

In a world where battlefield are noisy and you'v to track a lot of things at once Invisibility is a power house. On a 1v1 setting its kinda weak but when you enter a group fight scenario its godlike, As a vilain you'v to take into account the possibility of invisible girl every single fight. Also you can scout ahead and recon which is super-usefull.

If that were true he would've joined the management department.

You fucking moron. Deku doesn't give up to be a hero. Even if it's not UA he would go somewhere else.
Shinsou is a cunt.

Exactly this, she just got a different way of doing it than a straight head on fight.

Stop pulling bullshit out of your asshole Shinsou never said any of those word neither Horikoshi implied any of those trait for Shinsou.

That's some retarded reasons , because vilains still will be violent ans Shinso isn't 10.

Yeah, and if the next "reasoning" would be that he should have tried before getting OfA its pretty easily explained that becoming a quirkless Vigilante is not the smartest idea, even if you can Knuckleduster your way through it.


sure could maybe be usefull in rescue

But the minimal amount of phisical shock free you from mind control. So you can basicly only fight 1v1 because any vilain is susseptible to shake their allies that act weird (that why it was introduced in the turnament). also any low environement damage like 'debris' would wake you up. And Shinzo need to be able to talk to his ennemies, Rendering him useless in any situation where you can talk , like paralysis or presence of gaz.


>there are people who hate Deku/Shinsou but not the other even though they are so obviously a clear parallel

What can we do about all the brainlets in this fanbase?

Anyone got Viz translations for this week?

Basically my fetish
Suffering is delicious and fleshes out the true depth of a character

Guys my coworker is watching S1 right now

Wat do

>Iida kicking his future wife

You must love Tokyo Ghoul then with how much Kaneki gets to suffer through it.

Ask him if he is a Tokoyami-fag

Ignore them. Anime-onlies are cancer.

Friendly reminder that Mandalay will win the Dekubowl.

You know what my absolute favorite is?
Intense suffering after a comfy SoL arc like this one.

Get ready to stop him from calling the frog his waifu. Gotta start early on that.

Forgot Illidan.

You must care for the character if you want to enjoy their suffering.

>not wanting to see big bloodied broken brused fit guy

Play it cool. Ask their favorite character and then internally judge them if it's a character you dislike.
I want this arc to lead to a suffering one like the Forest Lodge Arc. Hori writing pain is the best pain.

Fair enough.

Derp. Ment to go here

Disassociate with normalfags. Tell him he has shit taste and make him stop talking to you.

Get them fired.

Not everyone is a flaming homo.

Watched season 1 and it had some good parts but the characters weren't likeable enough for me to get more into the series

Your first mistake was watching TG, and not reading it.

I would advise reading the manga if actually trying to get into. Its probably the better option until reaching :re where it gets....bizarre.

What page do you want?

Bakugou's rant, please. I want to know how Viz translated it. I imagine it should come close to MS'.


Maybe it was for the best otherwise he might have developed Stockholm syndrome like the other /tg/ anons.

>looking through a pixiv fan art log
>first half is cutesy pure art
>latter half is suffering and rape art
Can't help but feel like they did it on purpose to spook the readers with the contrast in tone

It gets pretty disappointing the further you go into re.


good shit man thanks

I second this

God I hate that. I found out today that one of my favorite Baku nip fujo is also the one responsible for rapist Mina. What the fuck.


This is a pretty good translation. Iida's line makes a lot of sense too here. Thank you user.

>Not everyone is a flaming homo.
But seriously, let us exclude "fit male" part and replace it with "likeable character, whose suffering would not only make a huge impact on the story, but on the fans also". One of the most common e.g.: Haku died horrible death in the first 15 chapters or so, and yet he is still one of the most likeable characters of Narutoverse.
I'm not saying that when writing a story you should ALL EDGE (please don't do that), but a little significant suffering won't hurt it.

What's the problem, sounds like they have good and broad taste

No problem.
Unrelated but since the quality of the scans are better, Oji Harima looks cool as hell.

That fujo does have broad taste - I mean I ship Bakumina because of her - but I don't want to see a genki girl threaten Bakugou to rape, you know.
>little significant suffering won't hurt.
You could argue Nighteye was that, but to be honest I want suffering to happen to a character that we're acquainted with so Deku learns the lesson that he has to both win and save.

I was saying this from the start, I really wonder what a thief did to be considered as big of a villain as not!magneto and AFO.

Deku already learned that lesson after Deku vs Kacchan 2 and he's taking literally every opportunity to improve himself.
The more interesting lesson is for Bakugou to learn that he might not become the number one hero.

Can you post the page where he heard the Gen ED guys?

I wonder what kind of a thief he was. He has tiny loud as hell bells on all his wonder woman cuff gauntlets.

Reading Viz right now. Does Gentle really refer to himself as an Englishman, or am I just retard who can't pick up on context?

In Japanese, that is?

>I want suffering to happen to a character that we're acquainted with so Deku learns the lesson that he has to both win and save.
Acquainted as in "know him for more than one arc"? If that is the case, then yes, I agree.

Here you go
Yes he did refer to himself as an Englishman. What the fuck?

Looks like a Black Clover character

But did he feel it himself? I mean he considers his win against Overhaul as a not-win.
>The more interesting lesson is for Bakugou to learn that he might not become the number one hero.
Either Bakugou knows, or him and Todoroki will learn it sooner or later when Deku btfos them both. And Todoroki doesn't even know about the whole OFA deal, so it's gonna impact Shouto more.
Yeah, know him for more than one arc.

Fuck off, Lego-poster


It's a little sadistic of them but I wouldn't genuinely get upset over something like that, I like suffering too but after looking at cutesy art the dark stuff hits harder

What's his next power upgrade?

>Todoroki doesn't even know about the whole OFA deal, so it's gonna impact Shouto more.
How much does Todo even care about being number 1?
He first wanted to be number 1 to spite his dad, but now he just seems focused on working out his daddy issues and being the best hero he can be.


He does. Reminds me of one of the Diamond kingdom generals. No complaints though since I love BC's character designs.
No prob user-chan.

who is grapefag?

Interesting. Viz usually has more toned down language, but here they made the gen ed kids' diss sound stronger. And it sounds more directly related to Bakugo even if they don't say his name.

OP as fuck.

Good question. We haven't seen his competitive side in a long while. He also avoided fighting Mirio because he didn't have his license yet.



Not sure what this entails but I'll just pretend I'm a Sun God now.

So, La Brava is going to die, Gentle will become edgy and join he league, right?

Can he shoot blasts of fire yet? He needs a ranged maneuver.

>We haven't seen his competitive side in a long while
I kinda miss it actually.

Can you post the rest of the pages about class A's discussion?

Didn't he design this series of AP Shots?
Bakugou is also not really close-range with his quirk (unless I'm a blind retard), probably not to damage others, but it's something he could do, technically.
Me too. His fight against Deku is what made me love him.

Did you draw that? Very impressive.


I’m dekus dad but with blue fire.

Why not?

>meteor man

No and fuck the shitty league. Fuck you too.

>shitty league

Who fucking knows.

calm down, Eri.

It'll happen dude.

Hey I’ve just noticed every character seems to predominantly take their looks from their moms. Is that how genetics work? The boys should at least favor their dads more I think.

Who is the next to die and why is it All Might when Gentle kills him?

Overhaul, how in the world are you typing without hands? Is Chrono doing it?

Shut the fuck up. My husband will live forever.

Why is femDeku always portrayed with big breasts? not like I mind, but still, why?

Working on fixing that.

Fit girls always have big chests
Otherwise they might as well be guys.

It's funny you think that.

Todo looks a bit like endy.
Besides we have only seen tododad, bakudad and jirodad.

>Implying there's a point in killing all might as he is right now.

Why are people trying to make Gentle into some edgelord? The guy is anti violence and just wants to attention whore for youtube

Todoroki resembles his dad a little, doesn't he? Iida also seems to take from his dad.
No AM suffering!

>Implying rubbing salt into the wound that is All Might having been torn out of society isn´t a good plan.

It's alright for a quite doodle I suppose. I'm still learning how to draw.

Yeah but we’ve also seem lasermom and rockmom who are basically femversions

Get the fuck out Inko.

How do we stop Shinsou? He's a menace

All you need to know is that he's a notorious shitposter here, that's that

He's his triplet. Deku, Shiggy, and Shinsou are all triplets but Shiggy is the bag-eyed chapped-lips evil one and Deku is the shiny good one and Shinso could go either way appearance wise and alignment wise but he's leaning evil with his quirk, but going good anyways on sheer force of will.

I personally want him and La Brava to be the Team Rocket of the series. Come in, fuck shit up, maybe help out the goods every now and again, and then leave. I don't want every villain to be an edgelord. We already have our hands full with faggots like Shigaraki and Overho. Don't want to add another to the bunch any time soon.

If it was Inko she would be right, her husband got one hell of a life insurance.


In 3D-World most fit girls get breats implants because their breasts shrink.
That'a why 2D World is superior!
"The ability to project an aura of grossness and disgust!"
Nothing's changed.


I'd say warn people about him but we've seen that doesn't work

Because people love this. But even Official FemDeku drawn by Hori has big breasts so.

>Kirishima on the right instead of edgebirb even though he barely does shit in the forest arc


>mfw Hori doesn't give a shit about Shinsou and his cunt fans will never be satisfied

i'll weep with you, user.From safe distance, of course

And not even including Shouji. (Kirishima is probably on there because of Kamino.)

Kirishima does stuff in the Kamino arc, which will be the main arc. Tokoyami doesn't even do anything of his own will.

Shouji is too gross and offputting for normies.

Yeah, no. Fuck off.

Oh please, they will like him during the arc.



Gentle could kill All Might by complete accident, it doesn't always have to be edgelord like.

Gotta love the placement though, Deku is pretty much smacking Shigaraki in the face.

Because Bird a shit


La Brava will die and you will see.

>berserker necklace

lol bet u dont even skul lfaggot

oh shit

Can't really kill All Might anymore tho, the closest you can get is offing Toshi and then Deku

Not them but All Might really should have died in Kamino, to punctuate the end of an era. The "You're next" moment was awesome though. He serves little purpose now, I feel.

you take that back before i introduce you to my fist of darkness

Thats nothing:

You shall call me the Music Meister.

It isn't, because he no longer is the symbol of peace.
All might might be seriously Harmed and everyone thinks he is dead, just to later reveal he is alive.
If you think Hori will go the edgy way just for the sake of being edgy then this manga might not be for you.

>Can't really kill All Might anymore tho
Excepted people want to do that?

They want to kill Toshinori Yagi.

Post firedaddy!

Post pure ships

so where are the hypnosis, rape, mind break, bdsm yaoi?

>midoriya-shounen craving my mcnuggies?

Hi fujo

Best daddy

I love brave and the bold.
Musical quirk villain when?

but user your suppose to drawl ittt o:

This type of villain definitely makes for the most amusing ones.

Drawing skills that are nonexistant or a good refrence to this, i had to!


how did Viz translate the whole Mirio wanting to take Erio on a date thing

What's the source on this from last thread?

I’ll get my flashlight ready

Jirou doesn't have breasts though?

They couldn't hide it. However, they didn't add Eri saying "I want to get to know Lemillion and everyone else" and instead they just wrote ”i wanna know everyone else". No idea why.

Any new Aoyama art?

tell him shiggy kills dumbledore

Not until he becomes relevant again.

Thats why hes shit

he looks like flapjack

They really are.
I want Hori to go with a really campy villain one of these days.

If we are lucky we are getting exactly that with whacky Gentle shenanigans.


Only 15 pages. Is Hori dying again?

that's some mad banquet of darkness

Did she say Lemillion-tachi in the original, maybe?

>Deku tries to use 20% of OfA
>People call him Gary-Stu.
>Deku fails
>People say he never wins
>Deku wants to be the substitute for All Might
>People say he's one-dimensional and cliche
>Deku feels guilty about Mirio's situation and desperately tries to offer OfA
>People say he's inconsistent

Being Deku is hard.

pretty sure she did.

No, Cred Forums is just retarded.

>Bakugo does literally anything
>everyone roars in excitement

But still he persists, so you don't have to user.

I am glad he didn't beat OH on his own, they might as well have made him a pro on the spot.
Though I do hope for some more coordination and team fights.

shut up deku the last time you were cool was the fight with muscular

He tries hard.

That’s a lie and you know it at least on Cred Forums what’s the concenus on deku outside of Cred Forums?

>Bakudad likes classical music
>forces Bakugou to take music classes
>he learns drums instead of piano


OH was a little shit even quirkless mirio hold his ground against hm

>extras wreck you so hard that you have to whine to your class about it
best extras

being a shoe-in for the #1 hero sure has it's ups and downs

This is like the fucking tails_sitting.jpg of these threads.
I can work with this

I want to see Tails-style doujin with these three.

this desu, I want qt on the left to rekt Bakugou until he explodes

Oh no. This comic disgusts me.


>Kiri and Todo hanging out
>Todo being the one expected to invite Bakugou
>Todo's scar on the wrong side
>Todo's hair colors backwards

la brava hate reposters

No more.

For a few minutes, because he’s better at close combat. Once Overhaul got some space and could start shooting spikes into him, it was over. Mirio didn’t forget how to fight just because his quirk was removed.

We are dealing with high level Tumblr here.

>"... and she hit on him very aggressively."
Bakugous mom is the best!

She's just mad cause no one reposts Gentle's vids.

i think mirio just run out of gas since he had to fight as a normie

Bakugo’s mom is very cute, it’s too bad her son is a shit

>mom is a sexual predator
>son flips out at sexual harassment

>son flips out at sexual harassment
When did that happen?

gettin stabbed will do that, sadly

That latest fujobait drama.

those were some superficial wounds not stabs

>Dabi is Todoroki's uncle
>Shiggy is Deku's uncle


>his parents are brothers
of course

Hori is obviously lying

He has a werewolf/oozaru transformation and is the traitor.

Hi could I ask you to not post this anymore?

Stop right now

The fact Mirio could even fight overhaul while being quirkless is fucking insane considering how his quirk works. Mirio is too fucking best.

That would be a solid twist.

>slow and steady
is his dad jeb bush?

Don’t say that, he’s a good kid who wouldn’t betray anyone


You mean that Inko is Nana's daughter?
Well this one is very specific.
I guess this is some kind of "power of friendship" power where the user steals the power of their friends?

I wonder if Shiggy would ever try to kill Deku's mother just to find out he had a big sister like in his ero games

>the whole manga is just a very over the top family reunion
As expected of Hori

give me moaaar


Are you a persona MC?

Inko is most likely Nana's granddaughter

If Shiggy's parents divorced then it's japanese custom for the dad to take the son and the mom to take the daughter.

Shiggy was obviously abused by his father until AFO saved him.

RIP fujo-kun

Thats a penis

Fuck off and die.


How old is Inko again? Shoddy is on his twenties so it'd be a little weird if an old hag is his sister


Is this going to be last comfy arc then?

No, just the one most similar to normal school stuff



Shiggy is a manchild in his 30s

probably at least for awhile.


>mfw viz user is kill
at least user dumped a couple of pages

>Kiri as a footfag


yuck this is lesbo isn't it


>another phone emoji censored doujin

Lol no. They still have 2 years in school and the manga will have 500 chapters at least.

Inko is Nana's son. She took a trip to Thailand and had a sex change.
Then Sensei found her and they got married and she gave birth to Shiggy, but Sensei gave Shiggy his quirk and Shiggy disintegrated a clone of Sensei made with a Twice-like quirk.
Then Inko met Sensei again, this time with a different face because he also has a face changing quirk, pretending that fire breathing is his only quirk, and then they got married again, and this time they had Deku, whose quirk Sensei stole before it even developed.
Deku and Shiggy are brothers, with Deku having OFA and Shiggy being primed to get AFO later on.
It's all an elaborate parallel to Sensei and his brother, which Sensei set up on purpose for reasons.
U.A. here i come

That Bakugou glare gives me chills. It's so well drawn and expressive. It's not his typical loud anger. If looks could kill these ED guys would be dead.

Here’s pic

classic BIDF


What clothes would Eri use when she's older? Will she be a slut like camie?

Classic Patreak.

Long skirts.

instead of killing her off like many lads want just for the sake of developing Deku. how about if he did something too crazy even for the MADMAN? enough that he pissed her off so much she decided to shun him? something far more reckless than even the Muscular fight or overhole fight. enough to create a rift between Deku and his only family member. i'm assuming most teenagers have done some stupid shit that still rustles their parents when that incident is mentioned.

Nothing but her dress. The exact same dress, even when she's in her 20's and it's more of a shirt than anything.
Her handler doesn't even try to make her wear normal clothes, since the last handler who tried got rewound out of existence.

>and his only family member
His father isn't dead, he's working overseas. He might as well be from a narrative point of view, but it's not like he only has his mother left.

Disregarding your bias and pairings you find obvious regardless. How would you pair the boys and girls judging from their personalities? Who matches better with who etc. No gay pairings and age gap doesn't matter.

But they changed her dress in the hospital

Tfw you fall in love with a tulpa man that doesn't even really exist.

Bakucamie, we saw first hand how she efforthlessly can get good reaction from him. She could have him wrapped around her finger and Bakugou would not even notice.

I tired but I'm shit at free hand perspective drawing

>during training when she's all business
>is unusually nice to her
>before and after training when she lowkey hits on him
>acts pissed
What is his problem?

Hyper aggressive tsundere I guess

>No gay

Oh look, autism is back.

He is like his mom and preferes to be the one doing the chase

Why is it so edgy though

Reminder not to lewd Inasa

Both have issues. Bakugou screams too much and she speaks like a retard. But I think most would be annoyed if someone told you to suddenly change like that.

>he's working overseas
not once has Hori touched on this subject since the beginning. is he a plain old overworked salaryslave who can only sputter out embers? or is he a Hero working in America? A place so filled with constant battle between quirk factions that he couldn't even congratulate Deku on making it into THE academy. i seriously hope Hori doesn't forget about the father like he did with Aizawa's expelled students but i guess that could be ammo for a plot twist or something.

I've seen fan art of the big three in a Polyamory relationship

Iida just keeps walking in on them.

>black adder reference
A man of culture I see

edgy is cool

I like the big 3 better as the 3 amigos, but if I had to ship two of them off it would be Nejire and Tamaki

Nejire feels like the third wheel in Mirio and Tamaki's homolust

Two kinds of people

Twice isn't edgy

Do you think Deku knows how to play an instrument too? It'd be funny seeing him and Bakugou trying to coordinate.

Nejire and Mirio the best

the recorder

No, he's taking dancing lessons with Mina.

All Might is already gonna die dumbass

His dad is in Tartaros though.

I want to see Deku sing.

Careful user, reverse psychology is a dangerous thing

so like what level of fujo we on when literally all of the latest straight content in doujin are based on genderbent versions of the male characters

Like it's Shin Fujo Ken, you go so hard fujo you somehow end up producing straight content

Real talk would you guys drop bnha if AFO turns out to be Dekudad?

I said it was going to happen before the yakuza arc had even started, people told me it wouldn't happen. It wasn't out of place, you were just wrong. You misinterpretated Deku's character. What you wanted Deku to be was not realistic.

No because it makes sense.

>futa doujin of genderbent character that is originally male
with what purpose?


So nonsequitur to the current discussion, if they were so important to the lore why are we only hearing about Destro and Ouji now?

I can't get over the fucking face, it just looks like Deku is fucking male kacchan with tits and ass.

It's not futa

You want a cookie?

someone has a link to the last three viz chapters?
The usual vizanon died and no one has replaced him yet.

>A place so filled with constant battle between quirk factions

Wait what? Why am I only hearing about this now?

Twice is more tragic than edgy

They are important figures in the history of the series, but not important to the plot.
It is just some small world building to make the mhaverse feel a bit more alive.

They are part of the heroes and villain's history. Nothing more, nothing less. Gentle is inspired by Harima.
It's not tragic nor edgy. Just dark.

At least with bakugou gender swap you can pretend it's his mom

Eh.... fair enough.

Sorry but Mirio is for Eri.

Is he our guy?

If onky fembakus hair was a bit longer, but they always give fembaku a masculine face.
Like what the fuck is this shit supposed to be.

Nah, him and prison school dude are wrong. Breast men are the real men.

It'd be nice to get some more doujin with all of Hori's absolutely top-shelf girls but we got the faggiest fanbase outside of Jojo

Horikoshi is getting an arc to flesh out the school life at U.A.


i'd be grumpy but not enough to drop it. Hori is a starwars fag. that depends on how he delivers it.

Prison school dude?

Do we call this the:
Gentle Arc?
School Festival Arc?
Jirou Arc?

I am legit curious why does it make sense?
Is it because we don't know who Deku's dad is and that doctor that is working for AFO?

i'm not Hori. i only made that up due to how much freedom he has with Deku's father and his other ace in the hole plot points.

School festival

Those who ship Mirio with anyone who isn't Eri are simply wrong.


My nigga.

Wiki already goes with School Festival Arc

Number 2

Patrician taste

This makes me sad. I like Hero Academia focusing on school.

ah fair enough....

Though the US being basically Fallout with quirks sounds about right.

FemBaku > Jirou > Momo > Mina > Toga >>> Ochako >>>>>>>>>> Frog

it's just the most schoolish not the last one

That's inevitable when there's already a character who is literally him with slightly feminine features.

I can dig that fembaku, but those doujins fembaku have some sick manface going on.

>putting a boy before Momo

Bakugou is the kind of guy who still has a part of hm which is in elementary school. He isn't interested in pussy.


>He doesn't realize boys make the best girls

>Bakugou is the kind of guy who still has a part of hm which is in elementary school.
And that part is his penis.

All you'd have to do to get him to fuck you though is just imply he'd be bad at it

yes she is perfect

I don't know what kind of fan draws these kind of djs. I mean, I'm a fujo but this doesn't turn me on at all. What's the point if there's no dick?

Truth dubs have spoken.

At least FemDeku has tits unlike the jirou

Would eating Quirk+ fetuses fix Mirio?

>What's the point if there's no dick?
/d/'s motto

Female izuku is basically Mina but remove the black eyes and the horns

Does that mean that in 2nd and 3rd year there won't be a cultural festival?

Physically, yes. Personality-wise, big fucking no.

mina is more fit than deku

film more la brava

Good joke, user.


>Love Rubber
kek I genuinly hope that's her name. Her quirk is rubber and gentle's is gum. Wouldn't it be perfect?

So, what, you just completely missed the beach scene where All Might compared him to how he used to be?

She is though. Deku wouldn't reach that level of fitness while being a girl just by training a couple of months like he did.

You are seriously underestimating what a proper workout regimen can do.

>Kirishima gets to hit that.

Lucky guy.

he was a wimp and then got toned but he didn't won mass

tumblr hates him and this is tumblr's Cred Forums hideout

Women have to work a lot harder than men to get fit. That's a fact. Mina has always been athletic, while Deku was a wimp before meeting AM.

That's twitter

do we have an official translation of her name yet? everyone i've seen has just been calling her La Brava so its what i've been naming these



No offical, but majority tends to La Brava besides of that also being the most fitting by refrence so far.

Mina can easily beat Deku in a 1 v 1 without quirks.

Not yet. Hori has to spell out the name which probably won't happen until the tanks come out like with Nighteye's name.

Would it break Deku's heart if Kacchan started calling him Midoriya?

>Deku gets to hit that.

>but those doujins fembaku have some sick manface going on.
And meanwhile tumblr likes writing Bakugo as ftm more than any other character.
So is there just something appealing to Bakufags about canon Bakugo but with a vagina?

Here's some old horikoshi art

I'm more confused on why would anyone find Bakugou attractive at all.

>deku finally uses ??% full cowl and beats him in deku vs. kacchan 3
>loses all drive
>starts calling him midoriya


i've seen most of his old works but there's always new ones popping up all the time, like this one, it looks so good

Didn't Hori design him to be ine of the five or four ikemen of the class?
He is held back, by his sperging abd expression which really doesn't do much for him.

word can't describe how much I love this. I want more.

Because he is, duh. Hori purposefully draws him to be hot.

are you user who made this or at least know the name of the user who did cause I NEED MORE!

I don't believe you

Did you see this one

But he's drawn looking like a constipated hyena half the time.

And this one

what if Bakugou doesn't know Deku's real name? sure they're childhood friends but we've only ever seen Deku clinging along with Baku and the boys. is it possible that Deku was given that name because he was so shy that Bakugou dubbed him his insult/name to get rid of him?

ahahahah i literally just stumbled upon that one as i was looking for his older works

He calls him Izuku in the flashbacks.

dude you are retarded the reason why kachan calls him deku is because one of the kanjis in izuku can be read as deku

i love Mirio

What did Hori mean by this

>poor people can't buy instruments so they must sing

Oh snap so Porkchaco is going to be the singer? nice

The same he meant by drawing Bakugou playing the bass.

Why are his eyes so damn weird?

"Deku" can't be that insulting if Ochaco thought it was his real name, right?

Is this >our kendoufag?

she thought kachan called him that because it mean "you can do it"
easy mode


They're so cute

She was present when Jirou was teaching Tooru guitar, and apparently she was playing music with Jirou in the light novel too. I hope this means she's going to be involved.


Spoilers when?


in 3 days

kachan face will never stop being funny

He'll never be as cool as All Might with that name.

Yup. Let's hope for him to improve even more and deliver more stuff.

but girls don't get chocolate this is retarded

I like kacchan cos he REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS

I miss when these two had a romance going on.


I like Kacchan because he's Midoriya's biggest fan and the foremost expert on the subject of him by a huge margin. I feel like you could ask him about Midoriya and listen to him for hours and hours!

>what is white day
user, come back once you have finished your 100th anime.

i hope she gets out of her bottling feelings phase soon

>implying shiggy's pants don't just have one hand over his crotch

I miss when she had any character besides wanting Deku's dick. Oh, wait.

He just forgot his belt hand today.

at least he's not quirkless

I wish it were better. Deku's romance indicator moments are basically him being overwhelmed/excited by a girl actually talking to him, and a girl saying nice things about him. I would like to feel more like his feelings toward her had something to do with her instead of basically "liking someone for liking you".

Well, I don't know about him, but I made my OC's quirk shit expressly to not make him overshadow the cast.

>From up to a range of fifteen meters, this quirk boosts another person's physical abilities to ten times that of a base human. The user cannot use this on themselves.
>which means it's in no way helpful to more powerful quirk-wielders since it's ten times an average person compared to, say, All-Might, even weakened, still hitting with probably the strength of ten thousand peak humans

Her personality is that she's cute.

they get caramel not chocolate

My nightmare would be if they left it until the very end for a flashback


*Time skip
She has plenty of character, fuck off

That is because Deku already has a waifu.
The same goes for bakugou.

>Time skip
i would like a seinen follow the characters as adults

What if the cuck fetishists just got their bottle? Bakugo is stuck with plain Ochako.
Midoriya gets opened up for way hotter, way more interesting Mei or Toga, and we get to see the wacky/horrifying hijinks they get up to in their crazy courtship?

>That scarf
>That strap
All right it seems that a lot of his old art had shit like this, yet hardly anything like it makes it into the manga. Is Hori suppressing his inner edgelord?

>Class 1-A form a supergroup together and regularly mentor other students
>We almost never see their superheroics and it's instead seinen slice of life and we hear about their adventures after the mission
>Office shenigans all around.

bakugou > todoroki

That's more a function of you being a fucking idiot than Hori's art style.

I admit, I keep mistaking him for Vault-Boy.

He loves his monster designs

Bakugou getting SLUGGED is the best one.

they get anything


Being a fat piggy isn't doesn't make a character.



He gave her a tiny bit of development after the recent Arc but I think that's just an apology for not giving the girls the spotlight

he literally explained it

You see user, your eyes have a bad shit taste infection that's spread to your brain. Consult your local homosexual for treatment options.

>i want to save people
>said the hero in training

Not but I think that is the point.
He has an allright face, but because of his autistic expressions he looks like a total retard.
When his face looks neutral he doesn't look that bad, that is what Camie meant with him looking better when he shuts up.

Words mean shit. She needs to act upon them.

She's in it for the money, should've been in class a-1

Got to be stressful to be translator on this series with all the 50/50 choices that you won't find out if you're right on until a month or two later when he finally spells it out in english.

Not them but... I know, right? I don't have a problem with her being pragmatic with her goals but this page made me somewhat resent her. I don't understand how you can be a hero-in-training and not have 'saving people' as a topmost priority (without being a shit, that is). Training for months to be a hero and then dawning upon the realization that you want to be a hero?

Give Mirio his quirk back Hori!

Why can't they just have Shueisha ask Hori for them? It'd take him like a couple minutes tops



Absolutely not. Bakugou deserves far better than a spineless girl who let her heavily injured "crush" get into a dangerous situation and didn't accompany him.

she wanted only to get paid before

I feel like Hori is creating them deliberately to mess with the translators. And he might not even decide which is the right one until Viz puts out theirs and he goes with the opposite. If they were real 50/50's Viz should have gotten one right by now just by luck.

I don't understand the point you are trying to make with this image.

If anything Mei will get more time when the active superheroing is focused-on. She'll be like an infuriating Q that opens comms at inopportune moments on a mission to tell them about a feature she installed without notifying them.

Ok but the most important Mirio question of all:

Would Mirio have run out, utterly quirkless, to save Bakugo from a sludge monster he cannot beat?

>he cannot beat
that's where you're wrong kiddo

Her topmost priority was to become a hero and earn money for her family to live a easy life