Murenase Shiiton!!

New chapter, It's a Chloe chapter

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she must remain pure




Best ass.


>ntr chapter


>chad stripedcock asserts his superiority over the virgin donkeys






>genuinely concerned about her being spineless rather than mad about getting cucked










I love it



aaaaaaand done

Great chapter

Chloe a slut

Donkey pussy belongs to human dick

neat, kinda nice to see one of the bitches getting a non-MC love interest

Hot pants are amazing

Thanks for the chapter

Ore no turn!

Why the fuck are panda and shiteater making that face?

I wonder who actually threw him out?

Thank you for your work, TS-kun.

it's up on mangadex now

Again, thank you.
See you tomorrow for the omake.

wasn't sure how this'd be resolved

Incredible her love interest is from the same species, we wont suffer another King-kun drama

Hmm, TS-kun, it's species, not specie.

Yikes, I'll change that right now


I know where is this going.

they either liked her femdom side, or just like cute tomboys, either way, those donkeys probably have good taste.

and here it is

>she is already expecting the mocking commentary

she has come to know him well.

they are learning that Jin is more of a tsundere than a straight up jerk

Poop especially has known that for a while, they're just being smug/rubbing it in his face there.

It's a pity he didn't get to fuck her before he was found out

>Poop especially has known that for a while,

hate sex when?

>tags: scat

we could avoid it, but I guess she licking his anus could be a compromise? just to keep the joke in some form

because I definitely wanna hear someone talk about how their shit taste when they're having sex

is there any hopes of getting porn on her without shit? she has big boobs, we could focus on that

Are we still using!A8dmGRQa!8nPyVwXK8Epv8DbwMQQqDQ


Never, she is worthless.

I'm gonna hit you with some crackpot shit and say that they know that Hitomi's not human.


The chapter should be up in a bit


I remember this manga, it's pretty great. What happened after rapeman dropped it? Who picked it up?

Just no handjobs pls.

Her arm strenght is said to be terrible.

Jin is great.

all of them? the whole conversation was going into "girls talk" territory and he wasnt going to play nice.

Miyubi and Hitomi are too weedy, physically and mentally, to do that

I can see Hitomi doing it for shit like "girls only" stuff, Miyubi would probably die on the attempt.

He's a Jindere.


Wheres the credits page ? and omakes

No credits. And the omake will come out tomorrow, we're up to date right now.

>I can see Hitomi doing it for shit like "girls only" stuff
she's never been that forceful

>no credits

Am I not seeing it or is the Chapter 41 Omake missing from the Mega?

TS-kun didn't upload them there.

I got that in my pc at home, i'm at my job now

Damn, it's been months since I was in a Murenase thread. I missed you guys.

>I like to talk to one of my fellows since our numbers are dwindeled
>I also imply with this that we have to breed like there is no tomorrow
How smooch.

What did you miss about ous user?

Being part of a small fanbase without too much funposting.

>Chloe chapter
Just what I've been waiting for

Glad I wasnt the only catching that one

How would you guys react if that becomes a plot twist?

i will not typeset that

How utterly predictable and cliche

I'm sure this theory's come up before

still satisfying and funny, though

What would Hitomi be? An evolved version of our homo cousins?

Maybe humans are nearly extint and she isn't a homo sapiens


That was thought of by like chapter 3. But I think it's safe enough to say she's 100% human. I know her ship has sailed and there's really no reason to dwell on her much more besides a supporting role, but I would like her to get a few chapters to herself to develop some personality or quirks outside of "Girl Jin likes/liked". She's clearly the weakest of the bunch.

Also I know it's old news but I'm still a little annoyed Panda ended up staying. Kind of cheapens the whole lead up and departure chapter. The fact she's a regular while Kirumi is still a once in a blue moon member is ridiculous.

>Official TCG Magic:The Donkeys

>Hitomi is actually a Homo Superior
>Jin is a filthy unevolved Homo Sapien
>Jin is the real inferior species
I'd laugh my fucking ass off

>says he hates beasts
>is living breathing animal encyclopedia
How long before flashback episode where little jin gets his heart broken by a beast?
How long before his harem goes into heat and rapes the tsundere out of him?

She's Homo Erectus, because she erects us


Oh shit I forgot this

>The fact she's a regular while Kirumi is still a once in a blue moon member is ridiculous.
Kurumi being a once in a blue moon character makes sense for her

>Homo Erectus
That implies she has a boner herself, not that she gives boners to others.

We all saw it coming, but I was secretly hopping they would go with a red herring plot. I like it when not all the girls are for the MC, god damn Harem manga.

How is this NTR? Are you saying Jin ever expressed the slightest bit of affection for the Cebra?

Picture her closing her eyes, middle pushing, a bit flushed and pushing softly while muttering "girls only".

There, now it is on character.

Did one of the donkeys die? What happened to third donkeybro?

Round glasses showed up on the donkey page in Volume 2's extras, so he's not completely forgotten.
Looking at the picture though, maybe he is dead, damn

Thanks. See you on the omake.

Jin saying "It's just a card game, right?" reminds of the cards game episode of Akiba's Trip.

>Koala resting her boobs on the table
No, Boner! She literally eats shit!

I fucking love Jin.

The last thing we need is impala falling for Jin and inderectly ntr king

Don't joke about it too much, I could see it happening;

>Jin does something offhand that is typical of an MC

>Impala blushes and watches his back

>King is stupefied and then loses his hair again.

God forbid racial mixing right.

Will King ever know happiness?

The manga promotes racial mixing, just look at Lanka and panda craving for Jin dick, while Hitomi is slowly being pushed with hyena

Hitom is a guy. That why (she) bonded with Hyena.

I meant how he though it was all fucked out the minute it was pointed out his wasn't of the exact same subspecies. I know how much this manga promotes beasteality.

Zebras can racemix with donkeys. She will end as donkey cumdumpster.

Stop being so tsundere Jin. You are embarassing yourself.

>implying she wont femdom the nerd donkeys

She is going to train them well

Chloe's not really a tomboy I don't think. Actually aside from hyena there aren't any tomboys, which seems a shame

Where can I read and/or buy this? I stopped after rapeman stopped scanlating it

I just want king to get another girl, impala is way to shit, maybe zebra? Keeping the HunterxPrey theme

>It's not Jin

Where's Kurumi?

That could use an edit.

Is this even a card game?

>You sure exploited that feeling.
Shouldn't that be
>He just exploited those feelings.

Because it was the Quagga that exploited her?

Also, instead of
>I have not said anything.
I think
>I didn't say anything.
Would sound more natural.

Wan wan~

Why can't other accept their shit taste? Koala is best girl. Only for mating with me!

>I know where this is going

His double just got murdered in an alternate universe, so it's expected.

Yea I just finished reading the chapter on mangadex and thought it seemed. I went back to the raws and I'm pretty sure that's what he said. His next line on the next page should also be
>It's only natural you'd send that guy flying...

seemed weird*

I don't remember kicking people in card games too, maybe I'm playing it wrong.

Thanks for the proofreading, I'll make those changes asap

Round Glasses left the club early on. I think they talk about it in one of the omakes.

This is why psuedo harems >>> harems.

>Round Glasses left the club early on.
That's a funny way to write he went to the glue factory.

Koala's bamboos on the table.

It is the little things.

What the fuck is a pseudo harem?

Maybe a harem with only one or no winner, which is the worst kind?

But must harem end with just one winner

Zebras are the pandas of horses. Abominations that shouldn't have ever existed.

No good harem ends with just one.

What is "The world only God knows"

Explain, please do, what are you talking about?