I miss Mondaiji

I miss Mondaiji.

Please continue...

I miss it as well, hope it continues one day

same. izayoi had cute wives

god hes so lucky

nth for Shiroyasha


that damn opening theme is so fucking catchy.
goddamnit op.

We all do, but on the bright side, we at least have the entire novel translated.


>We will never see the start of the epic stuff that happened in Part 1 that began in volume 3 and 4
Season 2 never.

I marathoned this show a few years ago and I don't remember hardly anything about it.

I miss (You)

cute dorky rabbit


Anyone know what the author's new novel is about?

can't tell if t-shirt or mirrored boobplate

new useless bunny

all I remember is kurousagi is for rape

absolutely the cutest


Izayoi a shit
worse than Kirito and Touma


By what I was told, Million Crown would be some type of bad end due to one of Homura's decisions in Last Emrbyo.

The Author made some comparissions with other series to give a better idea, he said that if Mondaiji is Fate Go/Tsubasa Chronicles, Million Crowm would be Fate/Stay Night/Cardcaptor Sakura.

There's a summary, I'll post it here in a few minutes.


>will never pull her by the ears and fuck her butt




>physically OPed main heroine isn't DFC and blonde hair
What a shame.

Million Crown Synopsis:
Look at this. Look at him. At these red fruitless flowers, blooming in this degenerated world.

Gregorian Calendar, year 307. The time is the era of human decadence.

Three hundred years ago———The human civilization met its ruin.

Just like a tempest, like a tsunami, like a thunderstorm, the calamity that came out from the kiln of hell had bore its fangs towards the entire world without difference, even distorting the way this planet should be. The humanity that should have been ruined down to the last person, was allowed to survive by the slim courage and miracle.

Due to the rampage of the Environmental Control Tower created to seize and control the natural environment of the earth, the mankind had lost most of its living area and was forced to do activities on a city-State scale.

Melting of the permafrost due to abnormal weather. Sinking of the ground due to the change in earth's crust. Rising of the sea level due to the eruption of the deep seas of the planet.

In this age where most of the land had been sunk to the sea, the humanity lived the modest life while relying on the Ruins Cities and the lost technology of the ancient times.

In height of such age, one boy was invited to the "Far Eastern City-State Union" which represented the Japanese Archipelago.

———His name was Shinonome Kazuma.

He returned to Japan in search of his sister, Shinonome Rikka and mother, Shinonome Izayoi, however, he was forced to fight with the monsters that underwent an abnormal evolution due to the enviormental change of the planet.

Giant monsters, the sky-piercing tower, the species of Twelve Crowns.

What is Million Crown......? A challenge that exceeds the power of human intellect.

Here, the curtains open to the tale of humanity's revival

———Open up, the new era!!



Million Crown volume 1 summary

-Kayahara Natsuki (who is the main heroine) was patrolling around the outside of Far East. There she met Shinonome Kazuma (the MC) who wants to go to Japan. In this time Japan was ruined by the disaster that happened 300 years ago. Japan has become the Far East Island.

-Natsuki sees the power of Kazuma, who is really strong (just like Izayoi). Using only one arm to lift a heavy object that has a weight of 20 tons.

Looks like Kazuma is compatible with Star Particle Body, just like Izayoi.

-Natsuki was very surprised. She talks with Kazuma and invites him to Far East by ship. On the ship, Kazuma mets the twins named Hitsugaya Fubuki and Hibiki. Wada Tatsujirou is the boss of Far East.

-Kazuma asked about the story after Japan was ruined. The twins told him that when Japan was ruined, there were 4 huge shelters in Japan. Japan was covered with volcanic ashes so people couldn’t come out from shelters for 200 years.

-The twins take Kazuma to a laboratory on the ship. There they met Natsuki and Tachibana Yuji. Yuji is a specialist for maintenance of ships, army tanks and repairs (like a mechanic). He tried to research Kazuma’s ability by using a special gun (tool?) for research, but it explodes because Kazuma has too much of the Star Particle Body.

-A lot of Sea Lions with madness induced by the Star Particle Body attacked the ship. Kazuma and Natsuki started protecting the ship, Kazuma uses a japanese sword to kill a lot of the sea lion. Natsuki uses her B.D.A (Blood Accelerator) and uses her special ability “Beard of Whale” to support Kazuma.

Humans of this era can use the Star Particle Body to gain abilities, but they still need B.D.A for that (so only Izayoi and Kazuma are compatible so far)

-In Kazuma’s memory he is sitting on a river with Wada Tatsumi (Kazuma's friend). Kazuma’s grandfather is a specialist in japanese martial arts, and Kazuma learns from him so he can control his body better and becomes stronger. Wada Tatsumi is also good at martial arts, but Kazuma is better. Then, Kazuma’s little sister (Shinonome Rikka) some to them, so she and Kazuma go home together.

-Kazuma wakes up in the morning. he was tired from the previous battle. He doesn’t knows where he was sleeping so he gets up and goes out of the room. There he finds a woman who looks like his sister Rikka. The girl is Amanomiya Chihiro and she is Natsuki’s colleague. Chihiro works for the national Library, so she has studied the culture from 300 hundred years ago.

-Wada Tatsujirou is the boss of Natsuki and Chihiro, and also a descendant of Wada Tatsumi (old friend of Kazuma?) and relative of Chihiro. He takes Kazuma to Japan and tells them that Kazuma was found in the Environmental Control Tower by sea robbers and that he saved Kazuma from them. He told Kazuma that he was born 300 years ago. Now that they know that Kazuma comes from 300 years in the past, Chihiro suggests to go to her office. National Library has a survivor list from 300 years ago.

Apparently he was in a deep slumber for 300 years and was awaken by the Sea Pirates when they usen Star Particle Body on him. We still don’t know what happened exactly, only that Kazuma’s father was also working on the nano machines. Tatsumi was the one who helped humans in japan when the disaster came, telling them to go to the shelter, but he couldn't find Kazuma (who was in the Environmental Control Tower). Tatsumi is respected, and consider

-There are 3 million names on the survivor list, so its hard to find Kazuma’s Family Name. Then an alarm sounds (danger time of alarm). Chihiro goes outside and uses he B.D.A to start her ability “Laplace” (yep, like the little demons we saw in Mondaiji). This sharpens her five senses. She finds that there is a Million Crown named “Moby-Dick”.

There is a new race called “Zodiac Crown”, Moby-Dick is part of that species.

-Natsuki arrives to Moby-Dick before Chihiro and battles with it, but the Crown Monster is very strong. Kazuma helps her, trying to fight the monster, but suddenly is stars to luminescence. It uses an explosion attack called “Astral Nova”. Kazuma and Natsuki are blown away.

It looks like this new Zodiac Crown Race are related to the Star Particle Body (Astral Particles). The Zodiac Crown are the 12 species that ruined the world. Also, species that overcame the Genome Tree are called "Crown"

-Kazuma wakes up after being knocked out by Moby-Dick and Natsuki tells him that humanity tried to find prosperity for a few hundred years, but because of Zodiac Crowns, humans can’t go outside shelters. Natsuki told Kazuma that his B.D.A was broken in the previous fight. Natsuki gives him a new B.D.A that belongs to Wada Tatsujirou, the strongest person who is called “Far East Crown” in Japan. It can only be endured and used by a person who has a high amount of Star Particle Body. Natsuki and Kazuma go back to the battlefield

-Chihiro tries to protect the town, but Moby-Dick is too strong. Suddenly Kazuma comes back and helps Chihiro. Kazuma starts up his new B.D.A, and this time he uses 40% power of the Star Particle Body. He says “Override with Far East Crown” and he cuts Moby-Dick with his sword. Now a new “Crown” was born.
-Apparently the monster was actually not the Zodiac Crown “Moby Dick”, but a child of it.

-Kazuma wakes up in a hospital. Kazuma killed the child of Moby-Dick. Kazuma thinks that he wants to go to his real house (the one from 300 years ago). At night he goes there alone. Inside the house he founds Chihiro (who keeps looking like Rikka to him). Natsuki was there too.

-Chihiro said that while Kazuma was sleeping, she and Natsuki tried to find Kazuma’s sister (Rikka) on the surviving list. They couldn’t find her, but notice that she might have changed her family name (if she got married). They find out “Wada Rikka”, Wada Tatsumi (Kazuma’s friend) and Shinonome Rikka (Kazuma’s sister) got married. Chihiro is a relative of Tatsujirou, Rikka and of course, Kazuma. After this they said “welcome to our age”. They go outside to watch the fireworks.

Note: Million Crown are the ones that can defeat the Zodiac Crowns, the current enemies of humanity. Wada Tatsujirou was the former "Far East Crown", a compatible person wit the Star Particle Body, but he lost his arm against a Zodiac Crown. Shinonome Kazuma is the new "Far East Crown"

I want to worship You's legs.


Shinonome Kazuma
Japanese youth that came from the City-State "Shambhala" flourished in the indian ocean.

He has no memory of why he was outside of Japan.
Holds extreemely high combat ability.

Kayahara Natsuki
The girl attached to the Tokyo Reclamation Force of "Far East City-State Union" that represents Japanese Archipelago.

She worked as the commander in the class called "Akafuku(red clothes)".

Amanomiya Chihiro
The girl attached to the Tokyo Reclamation Force of "Far East City-State Union".

With the "Akafuku" same as Natsuki, she investigates the ancient civilization.

Hitsugaya Hibiki/Fubuki
Twin girls brimming with liveliness.

Aiming for "Akafuku", they run about in the historic ruins even to this day.

Wada Tatsumi
A boy who is said to have saved many people during the great disaster three hundred years ago.

He is handed down as the legend of Japan's last moments.
Although, it appears that he has some kind of link to Shinonome Kazuma......


Environmental Control Tower
A tower that seized and controlled the natural environment of the planet by means of scattering the Nanomachines called Star Particle Bodies.

After the of three hundred years ago, it started the excess scattering of the Particle Bodies and greatly warped the global environment and ecosystem.

At present, it is enveloped by crystallized Particle Bodies and no one can enter inside.

Star Particle Bodies
The Nanomachines scattered from the Environmental Control Tower. They have various functions and effects, but due to the excess scattering they caused the strange evolution of living beings.

Blood (Patricle) Accelerator. Arms that take out various latent abilities from the humans who are compatible with the Particle Bodies. Outer shell type of objects that cover the body are most commonly spread.

Far Eastern City-State Union
The Organization that unifies the City-States that exist on Japanese Archipelago.
Alias "Far East".

Akafuku (Red Clothes)
A deep crimson leather jacket that signifies the hope of the "Far East".

That "Red(aka)" signifies the "Japan" of old days.

Ruins City (City Ruins)
Townscapes of the former civizilation that crumbled away in the three hundred years ago.

They have been preserved in a miraculous state on Japanese Archipelago, and the goods of the former civilization that remain in the Ruins Cities are considered as treasures in curent age.

Giants (Big-Framed Species)
Monsters that underwent an abnormal evolution due to the excess scattering of Star Particle Bodies.

Among them, the monsters with escpesially large build are called "Giants" and have become the subjects of vigilance.

Crowns (Crown Species)
The strongest life-forms in the history of the planet that set the world of humanity's decadense in stone.

At present, twelve of them have been confirmed to exist.

>some link to the MC
>said to be MCs friend
>furthermore married his sister

What link? :^)

Million Crown
Name of the humanity's strongest battle power, considered to be the only one capable of opposing the Crowns.

The translation Synopsis and information about the characters and the terms was made by Frozen and the summary by xaxarus.

So his new work doesnt have any connection with his previous works?

I personally enjoyed mondai due to its lighthearted nature despite being pretty plot driven but seeing the summary of his new work it seems that its too serious for my taste

It has connections to Last Embryo. Looks like it'll be a good series.

I really should finish reading the novel desu. Got kinda burned out years ago reading due to the large influx of LNs available.

You can't make more bunnygirls if you just stick it in the butt.

The 10 episodes part never fails to get me.


It's sad to know that we will never see these fucking awesome moments animated.

Yep, still turns me on.

>We'll never see a serious Izayoi animated and voiced

so how did the novel end, did the conquer the place or just rebuilded? what happened to shota harem?

Does he end up with any of them?

I'll be extremely disappointed if Izayoi and Black Rabbit didn't fugg;

>all blondes
What did they mean by this?

Well, Last Embryo has connections to Mondaiji and Million Crown has connections to Last Embryo, no?
Or did I understand something wrong here?

Shota left No Name and is up to shenanigans. Also, no longer a shota.

and the rest? what about the troublesome trio and the old hag?

Good old times

>Joined Highness' faction for the same of his loli pest waifu
Jin is a real man.

Basically that, Last Embryo is Mondaiji's sequel and Million Crown has connection to Last Embryo.

Yo becames the new leader of the No Names and Izayoi and Asuka left the community, Kuro Usagi and Gry tagged along with him.

This was almost 5 years ago by now

I think xaxarus was referring to the guy being Kazuma's friend and the husband of his sister.

Someone post the pasta


Just that Tarou loves to create blonde characters.

Damn, only noticed it now, but I mean sake*

honestly I do too

it was super fun and didn't take itself too seriously but still had enough plot to keep you interested

When did you realize that __You__ is the best girl?

>left the community
They didn't leave it. They only went off to go on their own adventures.

Now this thread is complete


I love You too.

Didn't Izayoi die or something? How does he get revived? Does he end up with rabbit?

Yeah, I worded that in the wrong way, thanks for correcting me user.

No, but he was at death's door before he was saved by all of the available top tiers who came to hold back Azi Dahaka as best they could.

He didn't die user, he was badly injured and was saved by Jack, Leticia, Kouryu, Karyou-chan and Faceless.

As for your last question, no, There's no romance in this novel, just small hints that Kuro Usagi is developing romantic feelings for him but she doesn't understand these feelings yet.

And to answer your other question, MDJ has some light and fun shipping, but it doesn't do canon romance pairings, so no, Kurousagi didn't end up with Izayoi. They are just buds.

>anime cover only the two first volumes of the series
>series already have 971358917358917389 volumes
So, why not second season? Like, seriously.

I'm kinda glad for the lack of romance. I wouldn't have hated it, but it was to have the fun, undistracted adventures of these three assholes and their useless bunny.

100% this

But both Asuka and You are lovely.

>[ForgedSubs] Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo + OVA [BD 720p AAC]
Eternally stuck at 52.1% for almost 3 years and counting. Come on, Cred Forums.

>mfw I get unhappy when a torrent gets stuck for few minutes

They are lovely and I love them

>Its been 6 years.

The world is cruel.

I wonder if Izayoi, Asuka and Yo will bully Kuro Usagi as much as before now that she is a loli when the old gang eventually reunites.

yes they are lovely when did I disagree?

Why does Aqua have bunny ears? Did I miss an OVA or something?

I wanted to say, I think the show could have supported romance.

yes it could have, but I think it's perfectly fine without it

i hope so

Don't compare the bunny with that retard

They can always love each other instead

>falling for it
you didn't find weird that no one was replying?

I don't even care if it's bait or not
Don't compare the bunny with that retard

So do I, but what's been with the influx of Mondaiji threads lately? Not that I'm complaining. I'm always somewhat sad when an enjoyable anime adaptation only has 10 episodes, especially when it's not likely to get a second season.


I miss Asuka

Mondaiji has a good story and there's plenty of things that can be discussed, probably some fans are just tired of seeing such a cool series not getting any attention when it does deserve it, hell, even I am planning on making a thread when we finally get the synopsis or cover of Last Embryo volume 5.

One thread causes some people to rewatch, who end up making new threads.

This is right up there with the katanagatari webm that I named "guaranteed replies". It always draws attention, just like the rest of the anime. It can only be memed so often before Mondaiji gets watched and some user makes a thread for it.

Did these two ever develop anything between them? They were pretty cute together

I personally blame the isekai boom. People look it up and discover this show which was years ahead of the trend.

Yeah, with the sheer quantity of Isekai anime/manga/light novel that is released every year, it's rather easy for Mondaiji to not be noticed by people, which is sad since Mondaiji doesn't fall into the generic Isekai tropes aka harem, excessive fanservice and etc and the characters get development, not to talk that Little Garden is way more interesting than 98% of the worlds that Isekai authors create these days.

Mondaiji does fall in the Isekai trope of MCs being absurdly overpowered for no real reason.

I blame Killing Bites, Inabest reminded people of how wonderful useless bunnygirls are. Isekai isn't all that unique an idea, and it comes and goes. japan is just doing the equivalent of flooding out hundreds of things that would've been posted on fanfiction(derp)net instead because fucking SAO inspired every middle-schooler to write their own isekai. The people in the industry and likely the audience seem to be getting sick of the shit by this point though, aside for masochist anons who actually have begun to have a sensible chuckle by paging through all the awful shit. God damn I've been thumbing through a lot of isekai lately, part of it overpowered farmer isekai and the other half self-insert powerfantasy.


I wouldn't say that there is no reason since that is explained in the novels, and Izayoi is not really overpowered, it was said that he could be ranked in the 4th digit, he was fighting in the 7th digit, that's why he seemed overpowered. But I guess if look from the perspective of an anime only watcher, it can be said that he is overpowered in the anime since it just adapted 2 volumes and the stronger enemies appears only later in the series.

isn't isekai explicitly dying and being reincarnated in another world? or just traveling to another world counts too?
because fucking harry potter could be considered isekai stretching that definition

>isn't isekai explicitly dying

Harry Potter isn't, but Narnia is.

I miss You.

Same. OP MCs that don't fuck around or get bugged down in muh feefees is fresh as fuck.

Here anons, Yo and Asuka to cheer you guys a little.

>well-done adventure fantasy isekai with original plot about problem children and plain and simple TANOSHII with subtle character development
Mondaiji-tachi is many years ahead of many things.

S2 never