The one with the sharpest fans huh?

The one with the sharpest fans huh?

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These memes are out of control

Is that so? Wow.

Bun butt is out of control.

i would kill to be her bite if you know what i mean

Quads confirm meme magic is out of control
Let's make S2 happen

Why do people only care about ratel and bunny?

Russian 2ch is swarming with Cheetah fanboys

i care about orange sonic

I can't help it. Bunny is too cute.

I want to FUCK this goat.

I really need to catch up with this. I've only seen the first episode.

is cobra actually dead? because until now it was pretty tame for something called KILLING bite
it didn't really look good for him, at least, considering he was doubly castrated then cut in half

Made for thigh-worship

Made for bullying

She looks much better without colors.

Characters are pretty hard to kill in this series. Just look at the MC.

Killing.... Bites huh?

>Ratel will never SUHLASHU you

Killing nibbles

The one with the biggest pseudo-penis


damn girl, lookin like a snack

This show makes me want to pay strippers to beat me up

Why tho?

Please somebody add pubes, I beg you


But cheetahdyke is my favourite.

I hope it is soon revealed who saved his sorry ass.


What a fat ass

>Made for bullying
That would be Cheetah.

I like Cheetah more than Bunny, but she gets overshadowed by Ratel.

The one with the fattest ass wins. Look at bunbuns in the Destroyale

I wouldn't be surprised if pic related had something to do with it.

that scene was so hot, i want more cheetah abuse

It's perfect.


i thought gecko and the black haired girl at the table were the hottest

Post her when she was mindbroken on the bathroom floor.

Give me a quick run down anons. Should I check the manga, or is it not worth it? Or should I go with anime? Is it a hot chicks beating each other up show? And how bloody?

Go with the anime, this is one of the rarer cases where the anime is actually the improvement of the series.

Just play the game

>When she started to get excited showing off her body
I didn't want to fuck a honey badger when this season started, but I sure do now.

Naturally. Curious.

I watch for the Ratel ass

I watch it for both that and Cheetahs wild bush.

The one with the bushiest pubes

Just wish we had more translated.

I wish there were some good pube edits for cheetah.

Wasn't there pics of loli goat sitting up ontop of telephone poles or something?

I want to know why faggots are so obsessed with rabbits everywhere I go

I had rabbits as pets, they can be like mini doggos and they are really cute desu

>I want to know why faggots are so obsessed with rabbits everywhere I go
Instant ovulation every time a rabbit mates. Rabbits have no safe days.

rabbits are naturally associated with eros due to their vulnerability from being popular prey animals and their promiscuity to out-pace that issue.

also, carrots are internationally recognized as a lewd vegetable

Why? This is just blatant fapbait for waifufags.

Bunny girls are cute. There's not much to explain.

Thank you captain obvious.

She was being railed by Leo's thundercock atop the corpse of her murdered grandpa at the time, it wasn't her. It was probably fan lady.

So this is what killing bites is.

They taste good too.


The one with the most lickable abs wins

I don't get it.


She looks like Rudolph the red nosed reindeer


damn user

This is just porn, right?



I wish. There aren't even any doujins of it.

this bitch always repeat the same line the one with the sharpest fangs wins, THAT IS KILLING damn bitch we get it just kill the nigga

the overacting is nice too


I sure like Bloody Roar

Congratulations you answred your own question.


The perfect woman.

It's so that she can piss people off, so they get angry, attack her, and give her an opening to SLASHU.
In b4
>the one with the sharpest fangs wins
>she wins using her claws
>haha got'em

Cheetah is best girl.


To be fair she does bite too.

And for the most times, she wasn't incorrect. She can win *and* have the sharpest fangs; it's not her fault if other people assume she's going to use them.

She seems too honorable and nice to be hanging around the japanese mafia. What is she really like?

Dislocate her jaw?

Whats the point of the animal powers if some characters straight up don't use them? The hippo dude should be literally impossible to kill for anyone but an elephant/rhino and elephants and rhinos should win literally every fight

I want to bury my face in Civet naughty bits so I can inhale all her slutty pheromones

This anime has the best bodies. Jesus christ.


Better bring a beard trimmer if you want to navigate that jungle desu.

Is this /furry/ aprooved anime?

>tfw she sees your twin cobras.jpg



RAWs when?

You have 10 seconds to name something that ISN'T Killing Bites

Lads, for some reason I'm still struggling remembering the name of this anime, what was it, again?

Deadly Jaws?

Cuddly Paws

What happened here? I thought she liked him.

Jewish Maws

>elephants and rhinos should win literally every fight

Wait...Honey Badger isn't the main character? What?

A suicide show

When you don't have the sharpest fangs.

Scraping Licks

Chapters 20 and 21 likely won't be out until Thursday or beyond. Have to deal with some IRL stuff that's keeping me from having time to typeset. If any other typesetters out there maybe want to help me out for a couple chapters, I'd be happy to send you the script and raws and then I'll do QC. Otherwise yeah, it's going to be a wait and the anime will likely catch up to us.

I want to drink Civet Coffee.
If you catch my drift.

I really didn't expect their OP's to sync up so well
>That chorus at the end

Size or gender

the real suprise was using FripSIDE in the first place an'way.

Cobra didn't deserve what happened to him.


On the other hand, no one would want this to happen to badger-chan.

so caterpillar will start being a sequel to arachnid next month
are you ready for rape zombie apocalypse hd?

>Everyone kills the shit out of each others
>The only one left intact is the rabbit

Killing Bites


She does even after that. A Ratel's heart is a complicated thing user.

I guess they could line up Doggo for Grosby shoes promotions in-universe!

He knew too much, so the doctor ordered his badger to tie up loose ends.

Scratching Claws

the thumbnail alone gave me erection

Doggo a best


Would you stick your dick into a cute hyena girl's Psuedo penis?

Because that's how they fuck. They give birth through that thing too.

>not thinking a rapist deserves exactly what happened to Cobra

ending stich fucking when??

She's the antagonist now

>Killing Bites
>Monster Musume
>Elf-san can't lose weight
>Kaiju Girls
>Kemono Friends
>Jitsu wa Watashi wa.
What has Japan done to me.

in related news, choubu no shinobi looks like a basilisk ripoff
does that mean everyone will actually fucking die this time?

Trying to get you into bio-engineering.

making you a better person one procedure at a time!

Japan hasn't done anything but help unlock the feelings you've always had inside.


where can I read this far ahead? all the usual places only have up to chapter 19.

no, this is killing bites