Ryuuou no Oshigoto

Praise anedeshi!

Literally what was the point of giving Keika her own episode? Who the fuck cares about her? Get this shitty hag outta here.

Praise Char

talentless hag need to retire for real

Ai > Ai



The only girl who should be praised is Asuka, praise her cuteness and her butt!

>OP with Ginko
OP sucking cocks again

Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > Megane > Fang > Cake >>> shit >>> Ginko

Cake > Ai

Real thread there

Avoid shit bait OP thread

>cake couldn't beat blue ai even though she beat red ai and also had the better start which blue ai is weak against
Can the author please stop writing like a hack.

>yfw da keika win da sho gi

I hope she wins.

fuck off

Keika wins da bowl.

I want to impregnate Ginko-chan!

Ginko > Red Ai > Blue Ai > Char > Fang > Megane > Keika

god hes so lucky


Utter shit taste

Excellent taste.

good taste

Always knew she was a sneaky one

Respectable taste.


>no ear blush
some animes still behind technologically, eh?

I-is that f-for me?

Ginko's "baka" was adorable.

Giving depth to the Shogi social environment.

Is this canon? He actually would marry Keika?

marry blue ai
sex buddy red ai
mistress red ai
leave red ai a divorced single mother

does ginko have any relation to the ginkgo nuts that smell like dog shit?

Why is she so boring.

Shogi sure is deep, huh.


My dick says char but my heart says ginko.

It's a lesson how the girls around MC will end up if they don't marry soon.


Ai < Ai.

Objectively true.

Of course they all want his dick, do you have any idea how much the top ranking shogi players earn?

Isn't the Ryuuou the strongest? Why is he allowed to lose?

Meijin is the strongest. Ryuuou is up there but he's still got some ways to go.

Nah. The Eternal Meijin, who's just an average middle-aged guy, is the strongest.

Actually, here. Just looked this up and Ryuuou is thought to be on par with Meijin? Disregard me, I'm confused now.

Ginko a tree

Where can I watch shogi pro matches? I tried learning shogi because of this and having so much fun. It's much more exciting to play than chess with captured piece drop stuff.

Obviously not. The main girl will win, as usual.

I'm not asking who will win, I'm asking if at that moment in time he was serious about marrying keika

His feeling is sincere, but obviously marrying her is not serious. Simply put, she was kidding and he followed-up.

Dumb cunt got rrrrrekt FeelsGoodMan

vs Shaking retard

No bullying allowed.

served her right
keika is back motherfuckerzzz

Is that a wordplay on the eternal gaijin?


what is he researching?

anyone get how to play shogi
i dont get a shit but still watching this shit is exciting
how do they do it bros?