I love the inchlings!

This show is the hidden gem of the season.


Best boy got tricked into drinking alcohol by two pint-sized vixens.
It won't end well for him.

Yeah, he better kiss goodbye to his kidney.

This episode was effay as fuck

Boring is fun.


I wish Mikochi was my wife.

How can someone so small even use a pc?

Tiny keyboard.

This is AotS, easy.

your tiny life is boring

>Sexy beautician will never get porn

I'm glad Mikochi upgraded from her usual drab outfit. A girl as insanely hot as herself deserves better.


Why is she so obsessed with mohawks?

And how did they get Haruhara Haruko's voice actress? I never hear her in anything besides GAINAX / Trigger productions.

I'll give her something to be obsessed about.

Mohawks are great.

I'm still iffy on that one

Fuck. Are you even sane?

>you wanna voice a semen demon?
Easy peasy Japanesey

>That bedroom eyes look

Is there any alternative? The official subs are utterly unwatchable.

>gets a pixie cut
>dresses in boys clothes
>works a masculine job
this lesbian relationship is getting less and less low key

Boys can't be in a lesbian relationship.

konju is cute, CUTE!

She's very cute.

The cutest. I just want to put her up my arsehole.

Huh? Shitty as MTBB-PAS is, is there even one reason to watch the officialsubs over it?

That is a dyke cut.