What is the ultimate soy boy anime?

What is the ultimate soy boy anime?

Boku no Pico.

Blend S(oy)


It's called baccku to



Why is Cred Forums so shit?

Please keep your forced memes away from here.


Fuck off back to Cred Forums cancerous newfag.

Love live

Anything by post 2010 KyoAni.

Die Cred Forumsermin

The irony is that only actual soys such as yourself are this desperate for attention.

Lucky star

>iphone filename
the irony!

Attack On Titan.

It's pretty fucking terrible, I'm glad Cred Forums isn't that shit yet. Tried to go there to talk about rainbow six and somehow the thread turned into Donald Trump Cred Forums garbage.

Devilman: Crybaby


>this shitty meme again

Code Geass


Back to along with OP


Tatami Galaxy and you all know it

It's not Cred Forums, it's Cred Forums shitting on Cred Forums because they're triggered


my fucking sides


lmao what a soyboy

>Hate Cred Forums donald trump shit
>I'm automatically a hillary supporter
Maybe I don't care about any of it and just hate it when it derails a thread.

It's both. Cred Forums went from Cred Forums 2.0 to Cred Forumslite

Revolutionary Girl Utena

triggered about what? Trump won and recently an anti-sjw game succeeded financially. Is this a 'n-no you are!' sort of thing?

>it's Cred Forums guise!
Cred Forums was shit before Cred Forums existed you retard newfag.


hillary supporters are the ones shoehorning politics into games where they don't belong

Every yuri anime

haha soyboy meme!
Please stay in your containment board.

Just because something was already shit doesn't mean it can't get worse, and it did.

Fuck off, Cred Forums was shit but Cred Forums made it even worse. The only people who can stand Cred Forumsfags are other Cred Forumsfags.


enjoy your ban

but Cred Forums also has gotten a lot worse. We still don't blame Cred Forums for that. Yes, the royal we.

Cred Forums always is shit, they only like "mature edgy anime like me"

t. creature of the soy

Cred Forums has gotten worse but it's in no way as bad as Cred Forums. And Cred Forums isn't blamed because Cred Forumsfags aren't tolerated here.
t. soyboy

t. Soybrainlets

>still not public banned
come on mods, i thought it was the only thing you're good at?

He's not entirely wrong. Cred Forums is the containment board for children and Cred Forums is the one for the edgier children. These obviously overlap, so blaming Cred Forums or Cred Forums itself isn't any different really.

You're what's plaguing Cred Forums. Let that sink in for a bit.

t. Soybeaner

unironically Violet Evergarden
it's the soy kino of the season

Cred Forums doesn't like moeshit like k-on and yuru camp

Why these boards need every season a new buzzword to shitpost between them?

>le ebin soysoy xD
I don’t know where the fuck did this underaged meme came from but you have to go back

>Cred Forumsfag saying anyone else is plaguing this site
Did you think you sounded smart just then?


wow i can totally see that happening

t. el goblino.....