You can only choose one

You can only choose one.

/m/ech/a/ pilots

Overpowered suffering loli. No contest.

> No contest
What's your curse, then?

To life forever while people I care for die and become forgotten in my memory as time flows on?

Doesn't seem like a curse.
Besides, if you forget about them, how are you even suffering?

What if the cycle repeats without end until I become a mere husk of a person who became cynical, jaded, and detached? Unable to remember names and faces as they fade from memory, but I still am able to know that I once had people I cared for and loved would result in utter loneliness and isolation.

Genderbending would be really hot, so I'm taking that.

Hips Moving On Their Own

>Doesn't seem like a curse.

If you pee'd a little while cumming, would you switch genders?

Mecha is objectively the best option. You have to be a closet faggot not to pick it, who cares about getting killed?

I wanna be the very best. Don't really care about being the very best really, just rather troll around, but I guess I will for kasumi chan.

If your ability has already cooled down then, yes.

Yes, ma'am. Except become a supernatural ghost guardian with no responsibilities besides taking care of my waifu and beating faggots up. That's the life.

Where is the fantasy adventures with cute girls and bros?

Genderbending will make me the happiest

I am a newtype, so I'd probably even do incredibly well.
The only problem is that you'd start with a grunt-mech, which sucks.
Char/Amuro is just going to wreck your shit in 15 seconds.

Death Note

I was tempted, but "handsome guy" ruins it.

Hips Moving On Their Own.
No downsides.

Death note is so easy to avoid police if you just don't create a persona. The way to win against L is to not play his game at all.

>You are fat, ugly, smelly and socially retarded.

>being a anthropomorphic pig
>no downsides

Now this is some strange Deja Vu. I was just going through a folder with a bunch of these and came across this same image. I was thinking of posting it but you beat me to it user. Anyway become a loli best choice.

>implying he isn't now

Those can be fixed if you work for it, being hunted or being yamcha can not.

I'm already halfway there anyway.

So the same as real life but I get to have sex with cute anime girls.

Dubs tell the truth

Legal documentation is going to be an absolute hassle.
>Unlimited Imouto Works
I'm a neesanfag.
>Overpowered Suffering Loli
Unless another immortal loli is going to BEFRIEND me, too much suffering
Relatively innocuous, yuri is always good.
>>not being a loli
What's the point if you can't consensually rape an older woman?
>/m/ech/a/ pilots
I'd die pretty quickly assuming real robot.
>Hips Moving On Their Own
I'm a vanillafag.
>I Wanna Be The Very Best
I feel like my pokemon wouldn't be fond of fighting, and I'd feel too guilty to force it.
>Get A Potato Chip and Eat it
I don't really have anyone I especially want to kill.
>Yes, ma'am!
Butler seems too much work.
>Human Tangification Project
There's no internet in the post apocalypse.
>Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!
Saito Chiwa is the first that comes to mind, too much suffering.
>El Psy Congroo
What's the point if you're just going to fuck everything up horribly and somehow try to undo it all?
>This Kills the Miura
I have no talent or charisma.
Living in shounenshit would be suffering.

yaMCha. I'll be the bane of beta MCs everywhere.

*blocks your path*

l8, but bullshit, that curse is implied. Pick another. I imagine it has to be at least as bad as heroin addiction or something.

They literally all suck.

Depends on the verse


Obviously mecha
Joe Esposito You're The Best Around
105mm railgun
Dying like this wouldn't be so bad.

Me on the far left.

Either hips moving on their own or a potato chip

>the power to ruin innocent lives

I cant see the downside to hips moving on their own.
Easily that one.

I pick OP Suffering Loli.
A vampire, probably.
My curse would be having to get at least one headpat daily or else I would suffer uncontrollable bladder for the next 24h.
The curse rule is that I can't ask for the headpat. It must come spontaneously from someone else.

Fuck off.

I'd go with the keikaku
Evey day I would randomly choose a country and write down the names of all its leaders (head of state, royal families, senators and parliament members, notable warlords, everything) and have them die incredibly stupid deaths, things along the line of 'blood loss from anal perforation' or 'choking on their own shit'. Then I'd lulz at the the world as it goes down in flames
Regarding L, as long as I don't fall for that trick where they broadcasted a dummy to pinpoint Light's general area, I don't think he could get anywhere near me

Do you already know the name of the world leaders and how they look? Because Google will know that you look it up.

Proxies exist, plus I'd obviously try to make it as inconspicuous as possible, just a quick glance over the country's general page on wikipedia should do the job without alarming the authorities

>not raising an army of imoutos to take over the world
It says UNLIMITED! How many lolis does it take to kill a grown man? What's the turnaround on teaching basic weapons skills?
The more experienced ones that survive can teach the new ones, and a military hierarchy with me as supreme Onii-chan can be formed.
An entire nation of cute little sisters ruled with an iron fist!

>iron fist
>not iron dick

You had one job.

The dick is reserved for the ultra-elite secret police force.
Giving the dick away for free removes all the incentive for success!

Pokemon for fun adventure with my bros then charm Sabrina after winning the League

I am very attempted to choose hips moving on their own and fuck the shit out of every loli I see on the street till they can't stand up anymore. But overpowered suffering loli seems to be best long term option for myself since I could watch the world forever and have a real impact on it. My curse would be that I can't have people ever like me other than for my body.

Why are you guys such plebs?
Gokigenyo is the only answer.

/m/ech/a/ pilots

How do we know our pilot skills? Cause I'm not doing this if I get stuck with a Ball.

Mecha, obviously.

>How do we know our pilot skills?
How much like a Newtype/Assburger do you feel in this reality?

I'm gonna be the best pilot ever in that case!

Don't even need to read further, I take genderbending.

>peeing(after cooldown)


Yes ma'am, I want a cute oujousama wife

Yes, ma'am! seems to be the scenario most applicable to what I've got in mind.


UIW is closest to haremshit, so that

Thats some nice drills you have here.
I always wandered - if you completely unroll them they will be 2+x longer then her height. Is it even possible to grow hair that long?

Anybody else?

But you need to work in order to pay for your imouto's expenses.

>not teaching your imoutos valuable tradeskills and starting your own business
The possibilities are limitless!
>kawaii sweatshop
>loli remote tech support
>little sis' industrial fabrication shop
>JS Javascript academy

An imouto based economic titan poised to seize control of the market!


I will be but a humble librarian at the academy. The library, usually underpopulated, will be the breathing room for all the girls who need a break from the drama and intrigue.

I will offer every girl that comes in tea and sweets of my own making, and offer advice, ostensibly to help solve their problems, but to also claim my spot in their hearts and minds.

Eventually, I will be the friend of many sides of various conflicts in the academy, and it wouldn't even be my suggestion that I run for the student council...

Pic related is my flower, look it up in the hanakotoba.

OP Suffering Loli appeals to my chuuni fantasies, but would be awful in reality. >not being a loli is the safe choice.

>Death Note
So, I'm not even sure if I want to establish the "Kira" identity. But apparently I'll get L on my ass either way, so here's how I'd handle that.

So, Light fucked up by giving away he was in Japan. That can be avoided. I'll need to skip the small fish in the local news or in the local police database.

I'll act at the approximate times major morning and evening newspapers are released in various world regions, using a random number generator to decide which time zone to use, and also using it to decide what time offset to add to each name I put in the book. I will diversify my news sources for that purpose.

I will avoid confrontations with L and so on, and will not act out on their bait, or on any news release I cannot deem trustworthy.

As for my agenda, I will try to just make the world a better place. Act out on covenants shared between most of the world's shared lore - thou shalt not kill and so on forth. A bit ironic, yes, but it will help in not losing my head and going mad with the powers.

For steering the world, I'd need to be careful, causing chaos is not necessary.

>I Wanna Be The Very Best
>unless you beat the league, you will be oblivious to the other sex

I become a girl and chase after girls. Problem solved. For the pokegirl I pick Jessie, she's probably a cake by now.

Overpowered suffering loli.

Curse of hourai, living forever even after the end of the universe, having to exist in the void doing nothing, forever, while also still feeling pain.

>overpowered ageless loli

The curse is you spend your life accompanying various faggots on their adventures, they all have the hots for you and are mostly useless insufferable retards.

(Basically your typical harem protag except it's not reciprocal.)

>You will never capture British pilots as an Afrika Korps mecha pilot under Rommel and graciously grant each of them a gimlet and cigarette before ethically and responsibly detaining them until the end of the war.