Hard mode: only have two main influences

Hard mode: only have two main influences

Weed Smoking Aliens(WSA-Waseheiah) invade the government and only ONE MAN can STOP them.

Cred Forums try to defeat the jews. Fail miserably every single time.

MC is an elementary school boy with an overworked single mom. She's got a good attitude and tries her best to be there for him whenever she can, but he can tell that she goes through a lot. He's mature for his age and works hard to make sure his mother doesn't have to worry about him. It's cute to watch the two of them try to sneakily do favors for each other.

One day, his mom is in a good mood and jokingly fires a "Love Beam

a lot of Cred Forums users are jews though

>Cred Forums drops his toast in the morning
>He's technically not wrong

Something sword and magic fantasy adventure, bit grim dark. Only thing that is absolute is BBEG at the end is in fact the MC himself stuck in an infinite time loop. Where he must kill the BBEG and take his place, do all the evil shit he set out to stop for 40-60 years before the reset where he then must allow his looped younger self him kill him and take his place. Drive behind this is fuck you time magic and if he doesn't the world is more or less completely destroyed.

Rape must dick punch readers at some point as well. Pretty much want a manga that pisses off the readers.

In a world where everyone has superpowers the mc is the only one who doesn't.

In a near future Japan, a neural network has been created that anybody is open to feed any type of data into. People who feed it data it deems "useful" are rewarded with a higher "level", which increases the amount of data they can use. Higher level people will start being given requests by the network, and are paid real money for fulfilling these requests.

MC is a high school third year and also a high level user who does photography. He is given a request to work with another, much higher level user. That user turns out to be a younger girl who works as a model.

It's an anime about a guy taking pictures of a little girl.

middle school girl with black hair, long skirt and glasses collects panties of other schoolgirls. she steals them in every possible place, often founds herself in funny situations but then she becomes a master panty thief. then she discovers that there's a panty stealer contest happens every year, organized by the secret Panty Thief society. she applies and sees many panty thief masters. they compete in different places, cities, forests etc. what do you think?

I think that there is no way this hasn't already been done before.

i think my idea is very original

An isekai but the truck driver is the MC

MC scarifies himself to save his world.

The truck driver goes insane after running over multiple young people that disappear without leaving a trace. It derives to schizophrenia, and manages to commit suicide by running himself over with his truck. The ending is like Evangelion, with everyone clapping and congratulating him

Cyberpunk harem set in a future where a hereditary disease has left the vast majority of women infertile. As a result various “birthing facilities” have been established which gather up girls who have been identified as fertile and forces them into relative isolation, subjecting them to various inhumane and abhorrent methods in order to accelerate and streamline the birthing process, pretty much like a human farm.

MC works at one of these facilities with the goal of rescuing a girl he was close to who was taken there. But after smuggling her out he can’t bring himself to leave it at just her once he’d seen what they all went through so he continues to rescue girls one by one over the course of the show. They become temporarily dependant on him as he works to both rehabilitate them into society and help them overcome their traumas while making sure none of them get found out.

Isekai but the guy is suicidal and purposely walks in front of that truck

A group of women who are entering the covenant to become nuns try to solve a decades-old murder mystery that happened in a chapel.

Two tomboy girls in high school fall in love. Each of them thinks the other is actually a guy - making it straight. All of their classmates think both of them are dudes and their flirting is yaoi. The audience is the only one who knows the yuri truth. Rom-com hi-jinks ensue, sell all the blurays

This would be a great one cour.

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People are trapped in a VR death game where titans are eating people. :^)

Nice desu

>get a (you)
>excited to see somebody reply to my post
>it's a reply to the copy pasta I posted and not my own idea
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>MC falls in love with his underage sister
>Gets beaten to death by his father

Angels fight Machine abominations.

>becomes a ghost
>gets sucked into the nearest body as his soul seeks a living host to remain alive
>closest body is sister
The plot's consistency has increased resistance.

Is this the final redpill?

>closest body is his father
this would be Gamers 2, le misunederstanding comedy

Some beta male has an 11/10 qt 314 gf who is more powerful and confident then he is. She loves him more than anything for no reason.

MC gets isekai'd into a world that turns him into a legendary sword that a woman soldier finds and uses to fight. Hilarity ensues when the other knights believe that she has an erotic attachment to a sword, when it's actually just platonic through the whole story.

And only she can turn the transformation on and off.

4 or more Cute girls play a monopoly like board game, but game set is magic and transforms them into powerful and sexy office lady CEO;s we watch as they battle to control real estate ,markets ,industry ,banking and other things before bed time.

StarStripes girls
>the american bill of rights as represented by a group of magical girls,they fight monster laws and people that endanger american freedom and burgers.
thier personas are similar to the amendments they represent
I. Foul-mouthed, yankee girl constantly challenging authority
II. /k/ tier gun-nut who thinks more firepower is the answer to any problem
III. Soft-spoken maid type who secures the base and groceries
IV. Hikkineet conspiracy theorist who just wants to be left alone to her imageboards
V. Honorable, chivalrous knight-type who takes her code very seriously
VI. A Genke idol type who enjoys keeping an eye on everything
VII. Ojou who views the world entirely based on money
VIII. Two-faced sadist who puts on a kind and caring outward face while secretly enjoy the torment of others
IX. Caring onee-san who believes protecting others is the most important thing in the world
X. Very average, everyday high school girl still just getting used to her magical girl powers

Together, they manifest the American destiny
other notes
thier HQ is under the lincon memorial
The statue of liberty is realy a mecha, the book turns into a shield with bladed edges and torch shoots lazers.
Their enemies can include:
>Chinese magical girl that copies herself powered by collectivism and the spirit of state control
>gun control bill is an actual troll summoned to grab guns
>civil forfechure & budget gremlins stealing money
>NSA robots trying to take lewd pictures of them at the beach
>antifa stand user type powering hate speech law with human sacrifices
and more

shojo sashimono

Our MC is a girl who is interested in making friends in her new class. She is very energetic, careless and also flat-chested. As a result, she often ends up breaking people's cherished possessions.

She stores damaged objects all throughout her home. These pieces of damaged furniture and other items scare her, emitting a strange aura due to their damages. She can see this aura due to the teachings of of her grandparents. They taught her that each piece of furniture and houseware should be respected.
One day the spirits guide her to an old magazine that features her grandparenents repair shop,now she desires to repair these items to honor her grandparents.but she has no skills or tools.

then, she hears a loud hammering and the whirring of saws coming from her neighbor's backyard. When she goes to look, she sees her classmates cutting wood and building furniture. Inspired by their skills (and big boobs) she asks the other girls if they could give her guidance in the art of furniture repair.

Every day she learns the ins and outs of traditional woodworking and uses these skills to restore her possessions, healing the objects' auras, and as her skills grow so too does her chest

Over the last century random girls have been mutating into monstergirls at the end of puberty, and struggled for acceptance in society.

Recently some monstergirls have been able to control their monster forms and pass for humans. A group of these were-monstergirls form an idol group to promote mutant/human friendship with songs and stage performances about compassion, understanding, our differences are only skin deep etc.

One monster boy was also created for the monster girls. He also was able to control his form but instead became the manager of the idol group unknown to all the girls.
He knew the power he had over the monster-girls now forever spellbound to him and submitted to all his wishes.

A shota is given the opportunity to save his family from poverty

by having sex with a older woman for a company

He impregnates her during sex, they go their separate ways

Timeskip to the shota becoming an adult and rekindling the woman he had sex with, and their child.

Over the last century random girls have been mutating into monstergirls at the end of puberty, and struggled for acceptance in society.

Recently some monstergirls have been able to control their monster forms and pass for humans. A group of these were-monstergirls form an idol group to promote mutant/human friendship with songs about compassion, understanding etc., and performances using their transformations to highlight that they're otherwise still girls with feelings and passion and so on.

Reverse Isekai.

NPC from a VR game possesses a player and steals his irl body. Becomes a badass superhero by using superior intelligence.

Prequel to