Shokugeki no Souma

What's next?

more tournaments

No I mean what other parallels of Shiroi/Saber will happen with Soma/Erina?

Erina > Saber
Shokugeki > Fate/shit

What if Souma summoned Saber? Truly it would be a paradise for her.

The axe.

What did Tsukuda mean by this?

Seems like Tsukuda helped supervise the anime. I wonder if most of the content will not be skipped this time and it seems they put a lot of care into this than the first cour.


>Wanting this great manga to end
No. Don't be like that.

This is missing the part where Alice's mom talked about REGEND and Tsubame Gaeshi.

Tsukuda cannot write that he has to use ideas from Fate instead

Shit writing

>no shiro and saber sex scene

A new poster for Volume 28. Glad to see best boy Saitou.


He's using references. He did it with JoJo and Yu-Gi-Oh as well. But I wonder if he's also going to imply that Megumi is the Sakura of the Fate universe. Really hope that's not the case considering Megumi is supposed to have some hidden dark side that's supposed to appear later in the story.

>Megumi is supposed to have some hidden dark side
She was never said to have a dark side. It was stated Megumi had another side to her which people assumed it would be a dark side which was not the case. Her other side that Tsukuda Yuto foreshadowed was her shoujo persona.

Well I suspected as much, but for some reason there are a lot who still think that her shoujo self wasn't her other side that Tsukuda was referring to.

Wrong. Soma is best and will always be number 1. Saitou or any other boy will always be number 2 or higher.

Souma is not even top 5


Erina's armor looks better.

There were only 2 boys yet you choose the wrong answer.




Hey bois
I just don't get it
When will the OVA be released?

You had the balls to post that bad quality


Poor Anne.

The promotion exam arc was shit anyway, I doubt they can improve it.


The ova was said to release alongside volume 29 which I believe releases in April. We might get a pv for the ova within a month or so.

Only way to improve it is remove everything and make 4 episodes about comfy chapter 178.

It will release on May 2nd in Japan

Either way a pv for the ova will come out soon I hope

I see, they're still as delusional as ever.

I'm really hoping for that to happen.
Though, Megishima looks closer to Berserker than Tsukasa does.

Tsukasa is Gilgamesh desu

Shhhhh. Erina-sama is sleeping.

Anne is not part of this damn it

Mana transfer before the final battle.

W-What does that mean...?