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Requesting Rikka doing something lewd with her thighs or feet

Requesting Rena Kariu from ReLife posing and showing off her feet like the pic on the right.

/r/ing Kamille as an 80s delinquent/yankii. Perhaps in a classic squatting position. refs: imgur.com/a/hhpUH

Requesting Mr. Gesupeta dressed up as Solid Snake sneaking up on Dan, Ai, and Pinta


Requesting Strike Freedom Gundam (left) standing triumphant over Barbatos Gundam (center) like Michael over Lucifer (right).

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I would like to request Nurse Hitomi in a qipao (like the one on the right), cuddling or playing with the cyclops/monoeye doggo depicted on the left. Hope you all have a Happy Year of the Dog!

Requesting Pitz and Lappa parodying The Flash issue 139's cover as Flash and Reverse Flash, respectively.

Requesting Garnet Mclane and Kirika Misono, naked and bound together by red ribbons, symmetrical docking, flashing cheeky smiles to the viewer.

Requesting Cosmos from Fairy Tail wearing a Qipao and showing some leg.

Yeah I think when you try to constrain your art to some sort of rigorous methodical approach, it won't ever be quite right. I dunno though, it may be the right method for some but not me.

Requesting Youko gagged with duct tape in this outfit please, she doesn't have to be tied up or have her fan otherwise.

>noticed other qipao requests

Talk about a coincidence. Can we do a gagged girls in qipaos mini collage? Just a thought.

>Can we
Draw it yourself


I dont like qipao

Requesting Balalaika (blonde) looking excited while Revy (brunette) looks scared as they both look at a dick.

Requesting Foxgirl Magane on all fours

Requesting Airi from Queen's Blade covering her breast in chocolate or in a china dress

>red eyeliner

Here some sketchy giraffe

need sauce on the left

same. /r/ some traditional kimonos instead

Requesting Kila Kushan going Super Sayajin Rosè

Requesting smug Yume (pink hair) putting Kanami (or someone else from the anime) in a headscissor!


Very nice.

WOAH user that is gorgeous.

Ai Enma in a battle with Izuru Kamukura


both of em dancing.

Requesting Erza holding Romeo's head into her breasts, oblivious to Romeo's shock and embarrassment.


why won't you draw it yourself?

Your characters aren't Cred Forums related but you might want to try /u/. I don't know if OC is against the rules.

OC's aren't allowed here

Requesting a motivational Uzuki please!

>Make or request Cred Forumsrt here.
I'm requesting art though and I don't see any rules anywhere but if you say so, i'm so sorry

Cred Forumsrt, as in anime art. OCs aren't from any anime. It's off-topic.

To add onto that, fan characters of any anime are also off-topic. You know who you are.

lewd and cute

Cry more A-chan.

Bumping this

Requesting Hitomi (Killing Bites) doing the same pose as the girl in the right pic.

>double dipping

whoa this is amazing! very nice work!

Requesting my wife Kanbaru laughing

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC


Requesting Deku and Nemuri holding hands.

finally colored after about a month

don't do this to my posts pls
but I just thought an actual specific request for him now, and I think it would be funny ;_;

Requesting this cap from Kare Kano but with Shinji and Kaworu instead.

very nice

Requesting Elf-san being overjoyed at finding fries at the bottom of a fastfood bag.

It's Ursula's birthday tomorrow!
Requesting Akko throwing a birthday party for Ursula and bringing out a cake she made herself, only to either drop it on the floor as she's walking to the table or Ursula gets to actually eat the cake Akko made.
Or you could just draw something involving Ursula

Requesting Oscar as Liberty leading the people.


Yeah, that's amazing

We don't do that round these parts, BOY.


That's sum good gundere

Which is generally preferred in a delivery: the artist's own style of the character or their best attempt at staying on model?

A healthy mix of both

Depends on the OR, but they tend to care more about staying on model than the drawfag's take on the character.

Good thing you've asked this since this is a reaccuring problem lately. I think that since this is anime/manga characters we're talking about here, it's okay to insert your style in coloring and styling, but its more important to be closer to the source material especially in the face area because that's how you recognize the character itself and let's face it, that's why people come here to request.

However, you absolutely must not touch the hair. It is crucial that you get the hairstyle exactly the same, else don't even bother drawing.

Beautiful, user. Proud of you.

Hair is okay to mess with as long as the face is perfected enough to make the character recognizable.

Requesting Sae as FranXX Hiro piloting Hidamari Hiro as 02...
and if you got that, pls no lewd

I like the artist's style as long as the character's recognizable

First watch this:


Requesting Kefla doing the same workout as Lisa Marie (Bodyrock). If you're interested, please draw a nice panning shot of her abs just like the one in the Bodyrock video.

But sameface is completely rampant in anime, especially for anime girls. For many shows and manga you can take the entire female cast, remove the hair and colors, and you wouldn't be able to tell who's who.

Requesting your husbando in an effay 90s fit

Well, you cant expect people to deliver 100% accurate art in here, but we should at least TRY to make it as much similiar as we can to the original.

>colors too
No shit. You'd also have a very hard time with human faces doing this.
With colors you can easily recognize most of them with just the eyes, as many threads about this have been made

So is ever going to deliver?

very nice.

Reminds me of Granblue's coloring, what's your blog?

Why were they so deliberate about making Altair so fucking chuuni?

Like were they trying to show the girl who offed herself was an objectively bad writer?

Alright let's do this again.
Pick a pose a give me some characters.
If you want anything special (like clothing) feel free to specify. I would also appreciate it if you tell me what kind of face they should be making.
I'll choose the suggestions I like the most tomorrow so people have time to post.

Can you do 6 with rishia? make her look like she's broken, with empty eyes and crying/sobbing slightly.

4, Sailor Mercury, with jizz all over her face and visor

>Like were they trying to show the girl who offed herself was an objectively bad writer?

She was 16 and suicidal. I'd come up with a ColdSteel-tier character if I were her too.

5, smug, add eyepatch over left eye

Requesting Hibiki as a fluffy limbed dragon girl with feathered wings based of the dragon on the bottom left.

Number 3 with Sucy

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7. Preferably 4 or 6.
Her face should embarrassed and reluctant.

1 or 4 with Uzuki please.

loli mom from masamune-kun's no revenge number 1 or 4, happy face, thigh highs

1 or 3
Really shy and embarrassed expression.

Requesting Asagi using her side ahoges as orc radar, unnerving one of the more 'herbivorish' orcs

Kinko Inuyama pose 5 or 4
Confident but blushing expression please

Number 4 with Sinon

Requesting smug Kajou dressed as Junko raising a sign with the phrase "winner by default".

Guess it's Kajou again for me.

what's the joke here?

Yua Nakajima doing pose 2 or 3.
Have her blushing and looking kinda unsure of how her body looks.

8 Please
Yuzu giving a loving lewd look (blonde) and her on top
Mei (black hair) is looking reluctant but still likes it and her on the bottom.

5, with beaming confidence and high self esteem

Will draw cute anime girls with cute muscles

2, 3, 5 or 7. Not sure how to describe this but like, she is frowning and blushing, but still wants you to see her body?

A quicky!
Hopefully someone else picked this up.


That's great!
Every delivery ITT so far has been so good, damn.

This gyaru is strong and has muscles, draw her. Hibiki Sakura is her name.

Sorry if this reference doesn't work, I can provide another one. 8 please, with Yuzumori (loli) on top and Mimika on the bottom. Both having a really happy, loving expression.

Requesting honey badger memes with Hitomi from Killing Bites

Requesting Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza.

How cute are we talking about? I would love to see muscle Alice

I second this! And if it gets done and needs coloring, I volunteer what little free time I have left to do it

ah!! Thank you so much drawfriend! this is superb!! fantastic linework I love it!

Wow. These drawthreads really go fast.

Requesting one last time.

Full-body armor Chad (from Bleach).

No, I won't insist again.

Requesting Izumi Curtis either casually topless or in a sexy bikini.

surprisingly buff Kogasa

6. with cosmos, please

Would you do this one please?

I did this as a practice. I hope someone does a proper delivery of potato elf.

Requesting sadina giving drunk paizuri or doing arm wrestling.

Requesting lewd Fallen Angel Super Mode Kalawarner. Outfit doesn't have to be the same as Akeno's (I'd prefer a different lewd take), she just needs to have at least 6 black angel wings

I'll be honest man, that picture made me laugh so damn hard. Thank you for this. Her hard nipple is both concerning and hilarious.

Just got this picture of post-apocalyptic Mako and love it.

Just wanted to let the drawer know.

Requesting Maria Inomata from Gakuen Babysitters in her room, studying and wearing pajamas.

This must be bait.

Seconding this.


Not bait. I just like the early game DxD antagonists.

Also I don't feel comfortable requesting the protagonist DxDs due to most of them being someone's waifu.

Requesting kid Kaneda protecting kid Tetsuo from some bullies.

Hey I'm just happy someone wants to see Alice muscle

I need to watch DxD.

Answer me, is kalawhatever a random name or does it have a meaning.

of course user I want to see

Requesting Granity and Pixie symmetrically docking/anything lewd with them

Are we talking like a bit of toned stomach or full blown hypermuscle?


Requesting Nono Natsume removing her clothes and showing her belly like Lotte's picture.

Draw someone drinking Slurm


Nice job mysterious xice-like artist

Nice and THICC. Good job!


Oh god! That is so wonderful! Hajime looks really sexy and has the right amount of thick. I really love how you colored her hair, the choice of bikini, and you made her belly look really nice.Thank you for this.

Requesting more of Sailor Jupiter/Makoto in this outfit, showing off more of her curves.

Oh dude, mere words fail what that thicc makes me feel. Hope you're doing more my friend, thanks for drawing this. Though i'm not OR.

Requesting Aoi getting sad at all the lewd pictures drawn of her.

Requesting Lisa Lisa performing a striptease, warning the viewer to keep their breathing steady.

I'm sorry.

I should've seen this coming.

But they are very off model, is that allright? and drawn not that good to forgive it


How much i hate flesh fangs holy shit.

Requesting Sailor Moon in her famous "I'll punish you!" pose from the reference on her knees and getting cummed on.

Requesting Hotaru Shidare getting dry-humped from behind by a customer in her candy store, leaning against the counter for support as the guy cums his pants.

Damn son.

Very nice.

Requesting anything of Panty Anarchy in this dress, maybe teasing a guy's crotch under the poker table or straddling a casino patron at the slot machine.


Now add a tooth fang.

Would be better as just normal tooth fang but this is acceptable.

Glad you like it
Im doing a couple requests for Cred Forums now after that I can take more requests here

This kills the Aoi.

Stop it! You're making Aoi uncomfortable!

So much better.

Requesting Misty in her Goldeen leotard performing a lapdance.

looking forward to it.



Is that anything like herbivorous?

Herbivore-ish. As in more like a herbivore but not quite.


Perfect. Now she can consume the flesh of lesser beings.

Wow. It actually looks way better. Who would have thought?


Requesting Kanna from Dragon Maid as one of the following:

1. Cosplaying as the Dragonborn from Skyrim
2. Being bullied by Dranerys from Game of Thrones, or:
3. Bathing lewdly with some dragon's blood goat milk soap.

Very cute!

c u n n y ~

So are you asking for lewds or not?

I want a picture of Aoi finding all the lewds people drew of her either from Cred Forums, twitter or pixiv and being sad after finding out about them.

That is a dirty word!

Requesting smug lolis with rape alarms dragging scared anons into alleyways

If you have a request you can give it to me now

Pose 4 with A) Naomi Evans (black hair) and B) futa Rieri Bishop or using a strap on.
With Naomi making a lusty/lewd face while saying "please take care of me Rieri-sama"

Both girls naked or in swimsuit
Tanned or normal

Normal version: gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2870536

Why is she holding her weapons like a violinist?

Re:Creators was a weird show.


That's a guy version

Requesting Asuka from Evangelion dressed as Wendy from the fast food chain, or vice-versa.

Fantasy weapon.

Well, like before. Raphtalia wearing thighhighs, with a bit of skindentation, if possible.

>fantasy weapon

Choose one.

Requesting dramatic and cringy 90s - early 2000s flavored showdown between Haseo and Kirito.

>Didn't watch the show so he shitposts

Its not the Shpagin that's fantasy, its the fact that Altair can use her hopscotch abilities with it.

Oh right, have her be in underwear (bra and panties) too if it's not much problem.

6 with Aoi the cutie pie, if you like.
There is that scene from her anime where she is sitting slumped in a room with her legs spread that I always saw as bait for lewding. Facial expression: Exhausted and almost fucked silly would be fitting. Clothing: Cardigan opened and slid down her shoulders, so her bare shoulders and small breasts are in view, and her skirt flipped up for a full view on her precious place leaking cum of course,

Requesting Misty without her t-shirt, only wearing her suspenders in a way that cover her nipples and wearing a Heer M43 field cap.

I feared this day will come eventually.
Fellas, how do you draw feet?

do you realize what you've just done?


I'm the same user as again, just so you know. I don't wanna double dip, just had another idea, but for 8. Namely these two girls, Ibara and Kanon, presenting their vag00s to an unseen male. If you want 8 to be proper yuri though, then just ignore this one. Ibara and Kanon have a complicated relationship, starting off as enemies but turning into rivals/friends and it's kinda implied Kanon prolly likes the same boy as her rival. Kanon is a slutty gyaru so she would be assertive on top, Ibara is wholesome and almost oblivious to love so she'd be on the bottom. My idea is that Kanon roped Ibara into sharing their love interest and Ibara ends up totally embarrassed. Do you know those Aspergillus threesome doujins like nhentai.net/g/97099/ ? Love those. Nipples of the girls rubbing against one another during threesome is a fetish of me. But ignore it if you wanted to give the yurifags a treat with 8.


Boxes and cylinders.

>look down at feet

Looks perfext!

Don't you fuckin dare
Do like I do and hide the feet

post feet

Requesting Nagatoro dressed as T-elos


unironically Loomis

Just do it.

I’ve seen guides that exist.

Hey if you drew that, perhaps for more experience could you try this.

Why not ;_; ?

Requesting Goku Blanco digging Gohan's grave as Gohan's dead body just lies there next to him.

Requesting all dragon ball shitters to kill themselves.


Requesting a valentines day pic of Misty with armfulls of overflowing chocolate pouring out of a heart shaped box. It's a chocolate Muk and it's everywhere.
Misty is yelling "Ash! Get back here and help me with this!" and a little Ash in a circle in the corner of the page, back turned, is running away.

Requesting Brass as a stereotypical Mega Level Digimon

Shinji Ikari as a cute girl.

Hey there!

Requesting Azusa Sawa as the Magic:The Gathering card Azusa, Lost but Seeking (imgur.com/a/mQjAa). Now that they are reprinting her, I really want to build a deck with my favourite Guppie as commander!

Filthy green. I have a few requests lined up already, but I might try it later; no promises.



Requesting an Akko scissorhands.


>Filthy Green
H-hey, at least it's not blue! It's not a deck I'd usually build, but simply sharing Azusa's name makes me want to try


I chuckled

Requesting cheesecake of the Saiyan girl

Requesting a random waifu drinking 4Lokos and smoking weed.

Requesting Minako Aino wearing this lovely outfit and brown suspenders(she is not wearing any t-shirt) in a way that cover her nipples.

Does anyone have the smug cat flipping me off?

It was my cat irl and the thread 404's before I could save it.

Requesting Irina or Kaede doing the Mega Milk pose.
If it's Kaede, have her hold something else, like cups of pudding.

Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)




Requesting Bakura from Tsugumomo showing her feet like in the image in the link danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2986776

Requesting Len wearing only stockings, and showing off her cat tail while posed like this pbs.twimg.com/media/DM9RqbzVoAABkeC.jpg

What did he mean by this?

He’s requesting cheesecake pinup if that Saiyan girl.

Good stuff.

A triangle and a rectangle

Oh no she broke her umbrella will she be ok?! Thanks man she won't be bullie around by Sanae any more now!

Requesting Zero Two dressed as an Oni, meaning a tubetop and skirt in tiger print and carrying a tetsubo.

Whats cheesecake?inb4 a picture of the food

A pin up model.


Hey that’s also really cute

Requesting female Ranma as a cute Communist, giving freedom to the Proletariat:
She on a T-55 tank on Saigon fall.


Very cute!

>completely misses the point so he projects

People can walk and chew gum at the same time, you know.

>Fellas, how do you draw feet?

Well, first you take a writing implement and something to illustrate on...

But Kogasa IS the umbrella. You made her kill herself.

Requesting the "ultimate waifu" with Rachnera's spider lower body, Akeno's upper body and wings, Witchblade Masane's arms, and Asagi's demon form head and skintone

Anchors if artist has the final draft of

Daaaaamn, looking fine. Thank you so much!



Literally who the fuck

Anime original fodder from DxD season 1.


That is funny and disturbing at the same time.

Oh I think I remember now, she was with Raynare right? What a waste of good design
I need to draw them someday

I lol'd

OR here.

Thank you, still funny as ever.


Then again I think the author killed Raynare to proving his ecchi battle shonen had some degrees of teeth.

Resurrection R never

Requesting Stheno as an oppai loli, while wearing legwear with a garbelt attached, and panties (optional, a version without panties).

Wasn't anime original, she was just not shown in any scene before her death in the LN iirc

Damn that would be pretty cool if they did that.

Golden Raynare form.


So basically in the anime she was used to give Issei a free win after getting shanked?

>I don't feel comfortable requesting the protagonist DxDs due to most of them being someone's waifu
Just request whatever the fuck you like, man. Waifufags do not have a monopoly on any girls no matter how much they wish they did.


Emo-tan did kinda draw it. A bit of stereotypical Spanish Dragonball flavor though

Yeah pretty much, anime just put a character design to the name.

Ah so that’s what that was for.

If they don't feel comfortable with it then don't push them.

Don't be a pussy. I'm sure they've seen worse of their waifu. If you don't do it, I think I'll start requesting stuff of Rias and Akeno.

You're on a roll today, great job!

>stereotypical Spanish Dragonball flavor

Spanish Dragonball fandom is weird.

It's how Gohan Blanco and SSJ5 happened

Yeah this is utterly stupid

I mean who knows you might be sticking up for someone else whose waifu is yours

You mean, goku blanco.

>Spanish Dragonball flavor
This is a great insult; I need to try harder.


Serves you right for your crimes.

Still really good funpost art. Like that Koneko Tom, but even better.

Nice work, thank you.

Give me loli's to draw getting fucked silly

This smug bellend

Baselard from Frame Arms Girls


hi bicco




Requesting more pics of Sayaka wearing these glasses and overalls.

Requesting Gyaruko blowing into a condom thinking it's a balloon.

Birkenau inmates getting his revenge.

how about Miria from im@s Cinderella Girls for #4

was thinking an entranced/animal in heat look on her face if she gets chosen

Go back to the Cred Forums drawthread

Nice work. You do commissions?


Nein :D

I do hope i'm not late.

Requesting a dizzy Ruby (Jewelpet) with spiral eyes.

Requesting bikini lunch either form

face seems too flat and the hands and hair need work but overall that's pretty good

Requesting pregnant Asagi lewds.