What's her height?

What's her height?

Who cares about her ?


Sixteen over zero two


~150cm of pure cuteness.



>saying ichigo is cute

Ichi is smol SMOL.

7 foot 2

Lol when will they learn


conceptualize an imagine inside of your mind


I... I wrote a song for Ichigo.

You are my Ichigo
My only Ichigo
You make me happy
When skies are grey
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my Ichigo away

I hope she'll like it

not even once

what a waste of time, poor kid


>trying to hold an amazon in place

When will womanlets ever learn?

Ichigo with long hair soon

Hiro is 168cm for comparison. Added in 02 because I like how tall she is.

how tall is goro?


>Hiro and Zero Tsu are carrying on, laughing and giggling in the middle of the night yet again
>Everyone is trying to sleep
>Team leader has a duty to put a stop to this so everyone can be rested for the next mission
>trepidation about knocking on the door to the room with the moaning and slurping sounds
>Pink hair flying around as 02 dances naked, doing a striptease for Hiro
>she is flinging her clothes off and spinning her panties around her finger and she shimmies, tits shaking
>slingshots her panties off her index finger and they fly across the room, as she's starting to gyrate on Hiro's lap
>door starts to open
>What are your two doing in here, don't you know it's late and ev....
>her used panties snap Ichigo right in the eye

Holy shit, she's very probably Almost IMAGINE

Retard, manlet only applies to men, women aren't supposed to be tall. In fact small girls are the best.

> Dear Orog,

>Thank you for your questions. I'll try to answer both in turn. The more troublesome quandry is a classic one that is often mishandled even by the most experienced (mothers with rowdy children will know what I mean!). The key to removing stains from pasta sauce from white clothing is to wet the area immediately with cold water but the trick is to ensure that you don't end up soaking the stain into the surrounding cloth. Ugh! What a mess! Lemon juice does indeed work but only on smaller stains, and who has lemon juice handy on a moment's notice, as you so wisely point out. Then simply blot the moisture with a clean white cloth. Of course, the classic joke about solving pasta or blood stains on clothing is to simply wear red. Just kidding!

> Your second question is much simpler to answer and not as big a deal as you fear. "Whew! What a relief!" you must be thinking. Your guess that your friend had simply grabbed the first pair of underwear she saw in the nearest hamper when she rushed to strip off her messy clothes is no doubt the correct answer. When a lady is in a hurry to save expensive clothes, whether it's men's boxer-briefs, granny panties, or just a towel(!) is not a concern when it means saving a white leotard or heaven help us, that favorite little coctail dress we ladies all looked forward to wearing! A final piece of unsolicited advice I'll squeeze in is that she seems old enough to clean her own room to begin with, so don't worry so much about picking up after her...don't sweat it! You're a great friend who she's lucky to have and we gals are always looking for a man who can make our hearts flutter and still find time to pick up around the house.

> -Agony user


just did the math can confirm

Is this an actual Darling thread or bully Ichigo thread? I don't mind both just wondering.


What's the difference?

All Darling threads are bulli threads.


Continuing on from the screening impressions, seems there will be a new ED for 7 onwards if I'm reading right from multiple people saying it and they played it? And the boy side joked about a male version for XX:me called XX:you.

Guess it is going to be a breather episode. Kind of needed.

Ichigo is the Rukia of Franxx

I think you wrote this song with someone else on your mind.

1 strawberries tall

Fun size

Please stop. She j wants to be loved, like everyone else.


no. Hiro has a head about her. Hiro is 168 cm. She is like 145 cm.

That bottom one breaks my heart for some reason.


how can someone bully this?

>Kokoro second shortest

If Hiro breaks her heart any more I'm gonna be mad.

Goro - 178cm
Fatboy - 175cm
Zero Two - 170cm
Hiro - 168cm
Mitsuru - 165cm
Ikuno - 160cm
Miku - 157cm
Zorome - 157cm
Kokoro - 155cm
Ichingo - 150cm

This, faggots here are too divorced from reality.