At what point did this series turn to shit ?

At what point did this series turn to shit ?

Was it really the curse of mobage ?

I just finished the VNs and zero why did they make all this weird alternate reality shit i dont understand any of it

I still stand firm that zero is the only worthwhile thing to come out of fate.
the heavens feel trilogy might turn out to be good at least the first one was, but we'll have to wait and see.

>At what point did this series turn to shit ?
The second stupid niggers like you started making threads about it

Is this Fate for peter files?

what about prisma illya
i think thats whats carrying the fate series right now


It went to shit the moment it was created.

Honestly I haven't watched it yet, but I was mostly speaking of the traditional style fate shows like ubw and zero.

Truly the star wars of the anime industry


Well there's your problem

I'm just talking about the ones that focus on a grail war

He means read the fucking VN.

Why would I waste my time on a VN

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The things written by Nasu are generally very good. I mean there's a reason the original VN became popular in the first place. Spinoffs written by others are more inconsistent though, some are great and some are terrible. The problem is now it's pretty much entirely spinoffs (well I think Nasu writes some of the FGO story but I don't know much about that so I can't comment). There are things like Prisma which are actually pretty good, and things like Apocrypha which are awful. Also I haven't watched the HF movie but for the most part the anime adaptations of Stay Night have missed the point in some regards of what made the original so good, meaning the people brought in by those adaptations like the series for somewhat different of a reason, and I would assume they try to cater to what their audience wants to an extent so having a change in audience will end up with them appealing less to the original audience.

I really hope Nasu goes back to writing VNs. I haven't read Mahoyo since it's not fully translated but apparently there's supposed to be a part 2 but it seems like Nasu has no intention of making it any time soon. And it doesn't seem like the Tsukihime remake is being worked on at the moment either.

Just in case you're serious I'll give a proper reply. Why do you think you can "stand firm" that something isn't worthwhile when you haven't experienced it? Do you actually think you can say something is bad because you watched something that was based on it? The quality of an adaptation does not necessarily reflect the quality of the source material, in fact from my personal experience I would argue that it almost never does. You don't have to read the VN if you don't want to, but then don't act like you can comment on the quality of it

>the anime adaptations of Stay Night have missed the point in some regards of what made the original so good, meaning the people brought in by those adaptations like the series for somewhat different of a reason, and I would assume they try to cater to what their audience wants to an extent so having a change in audience will end up with them appealing less to the original audience.


Mahoyo was so so, but that's an artifact of Nasu's writting. His stuff aways starts pretty slow with lots of setup. Mahoyo, as the first part of a trilogy is mostly setup.

Fate went to shit years ago, but Ilya (and her mom) are still perfect.

>Saw Fate:Stay Night.
>Saw half of Prisma Ilia.
>Stopped at getting a bonner at 12 yo.

Later learn it's like a gazillion animes or whatever.
Why the fuck is this still going on?

>Kara no Kyoukai
>Mahoutsukai no Yoru

Type Moon keep milking Fate

Well I mainly say that because the majority of the anime only fans, at least from what I've seen, seem to like the series primarily for the action and the fighting. VN fans tend to care much more about the story and characters. I mean I guess this is partially because anime only fans haven't even seen the whole story since not all of it has been adapted, and because some characters are only developed in certain routes. But I think it's also to do with what the anime itself tends to focus on. I think the anime itself puts more emphasis on action and less emphasis on story and character development than the VN did. Also since in an anime you have to worry more about pacing and time constraints, they had to cut a lot of scenes, and most of the cut scenes were there for character development.

The clearest example of this is how pretty much all anime only fans seem to hate Shirou as a character, but hardly anyone who has read the VN hates Shirou, or at least not for the same reasons as the anime only fans do. And as someone who started with UBW and then read the VN, I can say that I didn't appreciate Shirou at all until reading the VN. Same with Rin, in the anime I thought she was cute and entertaining but that's about it, now I absolutely love her as a character.

I mean maybe I'm wrong and there's some other reason why the anime only fans and VN fans differ so much but this is just how I feel about it, I don't claim to be an expert analyst of this stuff.

Why would anime fans hate Shirou? Are they jealous of him?

Did you not read my post I literally said I was only talking about the anime adaptations. Which by the way is usually what people are talking about when discussing fate.

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>At what point did this series turn to shit ?
I would say that Extra and Apocrypha were the beggining of the end, when Fate went from chuuni novel for otaku to shameless cashgrab spin off shitfest.

Because then you will come to shit the threads with retarded questions and complaints.

When they just kept milking fate over and over again. So around Fate/Extra and Fate/Zero.

Because without all the internal monologues Shiro goes from mentally ill justicefag that slowly gets better to generic high school protagonist. That's why so many people who obviously didn't read the novel treat him as a "generic self insert" when anyone who has read the novel know that Shiro is far from generic.

I'm too lazy to look up if the Zero LN came out before or after Realta Nua, but RN was the point where the series turned to shit. Sure, voicework and some new graphics were nice, but removing the sex scenes signaled that the future of Fate would be as a cashcow.

The Zero anime sealed the deal by bringing in unbearable masses of secondaries who thought it was actually a good adaption, and this carried over to the UBW adaption which ruined so much while adding a bunch of nonsense that failed to mesh with the themes of the route in a clear attempt to provide a connection to F/Z when UBW is the route with the least connection to that storyline.

For fuck's sake, how do you screw up a scene as simple as Archer walking down a ruined staircase?

Problem was that the first entry in the series basically wrapped up all the series' lore and themes and plot threads so you couldnt actually make a sequel.

They did /Zero which was also good, and worked because it was a prequel, but they've also established that every grail war before Zero was really anticlimactic / unfinished / shit in some way so they only way to kill milking their cash cow was to start making a fuckton of spinoff garbage.

I kind of dislike this image because the way Rin tackles Shirou and muffles his screams was one of the best parts of the adaption. It's amazing how they got so many of those little details to be so satisfying, yet managed to fuck up royally by inserting a garbage backstory for Caster and a bunch of "hey, remember that Illya is connected to Kiritsugu?" without ever having her mention that to Shirou or having him learn about Kiritsugu at all. Like holy shit, they wanted to reference the F/Z stuff so much, and yet they completely drop it at the end even when Saber admits to being a participant in the last war and the cause of the grail's destruction right in front of Shirou. If they were going to change and add a bunch of shit, why not bring in some of the Fate route stuff that will never get adapted again (hopefully) with Saber and Shirou discussing Kiritsugu? Saber keeps making strained faces when his name comes up, but they never did anything with it.

How do you fuck up something as simple as UBW that badly?

red saber was the jumping the shark moment. it was the point where the series shifted in focus from masters to servants that all look like saber.

I think Jannu was the first saberface outside of maybe Mordred, who is the only one that makes sense being actually related to Arturia.

The biggest mistake that ufotable made was to cut out all internal monologue. Also, the director for UBW is that hack that also directed KnK 6. Coming after F/Z it really left a sour taste in my mouth when I saw F/SN.

When they went full Fate mode and decided to churn out low effort shit for a quick buck

>1998 - Garden of sinners
>2000 - Tsukihime
>2001 - Kagetsu Tohya
>2002 - Melty blood
>2004 - Fate/stay night
>2005 - Fate/hollow ataraxia
>2006 - Fate/zero
>2012 - Witch on the holy night


>2010 - Fate/Extra
>2013 - Fate/Extra CCC
>2014 - Fate/Extra CCC Fox Tail
>2015 - Fate/Grand Order
>2016 - Fate/Extella
>2018 - Fate/Extella Link
>2018 - Fate/Extra - Last Encore
>2018 - Fate/Grand Order Arcade

>being too much of a retard to understand

>8 years later and Extra *still* won't go away

"Last Encore" means it's going to be the last Extra entry, right? It's over now, right?

>Was it really the curse of mobage ?

Fate is now centered on a pandering gacha mobile shit

I don't know what to believe anymore.

What importance does Shirou's monologues serve anyway?

Nasu said he was done with Extra so many times it's impossible to know. He really enjoys it.

So you can understand his character.

if we're being really technical, Hisui is the ur-Saber when it comes to the general eye/face design. but, honestly, Takeuchi has always been samey as fuck because he's a mediocre artist who has managed to make maybe 5 or 6 great designs in his 20 years as an artist. he's just been getting more homogeneous over the years due to general laziness, I think. there are many pieces of recent artwork where the exact angling/pose/proportions are basically the same from an earlier piece -- literal copy-pasta. but i guess it's ok if Takeuchi does it (nevermind that the Japs grazed one of the GO artists alive for doing the same thing)

I cannot understand why. Aside from CCC practically every entry has ranged from mediocre (the original Extra) to horrible (Extella)

To be fair, they sort of included that spiel in a scene where Shirou daydreams about Archer's hard, erect swords in class.

Extra is basically his dumping grounds for old ideas. There's a lot of stuff taken from Notes and so on.

I agree that it's mostly been a bad series of spin-offs, but there's some interesting material there. It's a shame that you have to go through so much bad gameplay and cringeworthy fanservice, though.

>At what point did this series turn to shit ?
when we finally got the UBW installer.

this franchise is garbage.

Fate/Cooking is great though.

I like how even they pretend the Tsukihime and Deen!Fate animes don't exist.