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What's the best samurai anime?

Samurai Champloo.


sword of the stranger

Pic related of course
katanagatri could have been great if the ending didn't fall apart.

Kenshin OVA

Samurai Jack

There was nothing wrong with Katanagatari's ending, faggot.

>he missed the entire point of the ending and how the show built up to it

You posted it.

Katanagatari's ending is a pleb filter. It's intentionally anti-climactic, not to mention that the final battle was incredible.


>kill literally everyone he shouldn't
>doesn't kill the one person he should
Yeah it was great

>he actually believes this
thanks for the laugh

tsukikage ran

>doesn't know his Chinese history
Pleb filter working its magic

Jesus, the pleb taste itt.

Came here expecting a bitchy complaint about the ending and an equally bitchy reason for disliking
I was not dissapointed

whens the next thread, doc?

Good defense of the ending


Sorry Togame was your waifu.
I liked her too, but you shouldn't let your love for a single character cloud our jugement about the whole story.

Just finished this last night definitely top tier

your argument is the ending falling apart. Basically you think the MC is doing things he shouldn't or against character and you feel the story did a 360...except if you actually payed attention to the show you'd know exactly why that isn't the case and how the show ended in the best way it could have ended. It isn't even obscure, this show could be watched once and understood perfectly.

already gave you an obvious hint that was repeated many times in the show, and now you expect to be spoonfed a proper answer, going the
>muh good defense route when you barely even elaborated on what you think went wrong. Thanks for the laugh. The ending wasn't even a pleb filter yet you keep acting like one.

So did her eyes change when she was lying, scheming or telling the truth?

>not 23 replies of "Gintama"
I'm disappointed Cred Forums.

I like this one. Not sure which one is the best though.

Instead of telling me that I didn't pay attention try telling me what you think I missed then I'll actually have an understanding of what you're trying to tell me. Saying I don't know chink history tells me nothing.