Kokuyou's tiddies edition

did we get a translation of 107?

it's not even out yet, idiot

Please let this shitty tournament arc end soon. I want to get back to some good old fashion filicide

>tournament arc
pure shit in every manga/anime

Bye bye thread.

kokuyou is love

So next chapter is just Kazuya raw fucking Kiriha for the entire thing, right?

It needs to happen soon, since she may not have fully recovered.

Isekai yourself.

A little less than a month.



Is she gonna die next?

>No official lewds on pixiv since the anime was announced
Why do we go on?

This is still going on? I thought in ended after Kiriha died.

Did you really check his pixiv lately?

>20 to 41
Did he just draw 20+ lewds and not upload them?

The つぐもも20巻宣伝 is for the Volume 20 announcement user.

Im glad hes back

Did the mangaka take a break last month?


Wait, let me guess
>I didn't read new chapter because I was too stupid to find it so I assume there wasn't any new chapter whatsoever