The Friends-Eater Classroom (Tomogui Kyoushitsu) Chapter 1 Translation

I'll dump it here for the people who don't want to open the link for whatever reason.

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*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.






Why no colour pages? They're available on Jump+.

Seems to be from the physical volume itself


>know it takes forever to dump manga on Cred Forums
>decide to read it online instead
>loads so fucking slow I might as well just wait for OP to finish dumping
Holy shit!

Part of the reason I'm doing this, yeah







the creepy guy always sits in the last row in the middle so everyone can dramatically turn around



He's gay isn't he?



What the fuck? What kind of lesson was that supposed to be?


>Edgy teen



What do make translators pick up all these trash manga when there are a lot of good untranslated ones? I know japanese but I'm too lazy to do translations of decent manga for free. I just can't fathom choosing even shitter variant - translating retarded piece of shit for free.








uh oh


Too much insight




And that's the end of the first chapter, hope you enjoyed.

ow the edge

>Stop liking what I don't like


bretty good, thanks for the dump OP

without batoto it's become almost impossible to find new manga


Mind = Blown

Another pointless edgelord gore manga.

Yeah, it's great, right?

Ousama game ?


>not loading the entire chapter

option is in your user settings

Oh great another Japanese high schooler death game manga only this one seems to involve cannibalism. Are Japanese publishers incapable of over saturating the market.

>Japanese high schooler death game manga
these literally never get old

Is she OK?

Ok, so going by name I got to say he got the short end of the stick there. Although there must be worst.

I actually though it would catch on in the West but nothing beats superheroes though. Anyhow off-topic.


You need to lurk a whole lot more.

So, can someone explain how this death game even works?

There's also that one where they have to complete mazes

You probably have to eat your match or donor to not die.

So is this her here as well? Will she be headless through out the manga?

She should have ate him right away


nothing even comes close to batoto

Really? Again?

I mean, there is literally a new batoto site that's picking the slack, and to begin with batoto wasn't all that good nor necessary if you know how to do stuff like this, not to mention Madokami, if you know the basic of the basic of an Irc client. You just need to lurk more; Not just here, on the internet in general. You will thank me later.
Also, no, I am not telling you how that new site is called.

tell me right now

many substitutes have popped up, but nothing comes close to the exposure batoto gives, and the fact you even mentioned Madokami shows you actually have no clue what I'm talking about

you need to get off your superiority horse

I mention Madokami because it is always better to download and you can clearly find stuff in order there, with no loss of quality.
Also, for real, batoto? Who gives a shit? As if it was good for anything other that occasional use of FMD on it.

Regardless, I will not fall for such lowly bait and simply recommend you another solution. I mentioned Madokami because, as easy as it is to find, I know people are too lazy to actually use it.

Ta ta, good fellow, good luck in your internet travels, and do lurk more.

I'm not talking about downloading. Downloading shit is easy as fuck. I'm talking about EXPOSURE, which you would've understood had you not been an illiterate monkey eager to show off his superiority

Batoto's centralization, popularity, and interface made it extremely easy to FIND new manga. Every day there were a few dozen uploads, and you can easily and quickly skim the summaries/art for anything that catches your interest. Nothing else comes close to that exposure.

It's linked in the goddamn thread you niggers.

not even close to batoto's level

Ousama game but it's not about doing commands, it's about eating your friends.

IDK first chapter seems rushed, doesn't really give the class a chance to know the game, just "OH SHIT SOMEONE DED"

da fuck

mangadex servers have been shitting themselves on and off

another edgy series

such fun

Well, at least the cute girl was offed before she whored herself to the class chad.

I liked the version of this story where instead of friend-eating it was baby-making.

I like edgy manga, they always make me laugh cause they're so grotesque. Like that one about the dude that wants to kill his crush cause he's got some bloodthirst sickness and the whole town gets wrecked and nobody remembers the day after.

This is going to be fucking terrible and I am picking it the fuck up just to see the mess threads we'll get out of it.

>another social experiment game scenario

i was expecting something less dramatic, like a secret cannibali lover

This is too spooky for me I don't like it

>a secret cannibali lover
So like a young female Hannibal Lecter?

>of course ... i wasn't listening!

i wouldnt mind hannibal loli honestly

Body's still warm. It's a-okay.

holy shit

>haha eating bugs is gross xD
>Cannibalism? Eating a friend? That really depends on the situation...

which one is this? Anime OP.

Oh shit, are the Yarnhamites invading Japan? Can't wait for Bloodlicker JK.