Jitsu Wa Watshi Wa

>Motherfucker gets his waifu
>Has a harem of thirsty girls lusting after him, even though he turned them all down
>3 (okay 2) of the greatest bros ever, one of which wins the christmas cake sensei
>Steadfastly determined, never backs down even when things look bleak
>ALWAYS protecting that smile
>After much difficulty, gets the approval from the gruff father of Youko

Is there any rom-com protag (besides Ataru from UY) more ALPHA than Asahi?
Also Jitsu wa thread I guess

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Alright, if I'm being serious for a second, this manga series was fucking amazing. Why aren't there more threads discussing this? I know there were nice little general threads that happened when the new chapters came out, but I'm surprised this isn't talked about more, cause it's a fucking great example of what a good rom-com should look like.
Also all girls were best girls
Yes, even orange




which chapter was maid akarin?

Shit, I forgot to finish this. I miss threads, they were comfy.

how does wekkly shounen hachi compare since there's 3-4 chapters out now?

A shit.

There were some threads when a chapter was translated and dumped but I guess it never got popular. Might be because art style is quite unusual, he improves as manga continues though.

I believe the anime killed any chance of popularity.
I think you mean especially Orange

What's even point of this post? You can't even shitpost properly

i'm reading for the first time, now at ch 109. this series is so good. thank you to all who told me to read it

The chapters with him being bros with the male werewolf were my favorite, shame his less fun porn counterpart took center-stage

>the anime
Oh god no

Ch. 73
God, it's so rare for the christmas cake to win anything in any series.
So glad she got with Sakurada


It's possibly my favorite ever comedy manga and it manages to be a pretty good romance story too.

When did he develop more "mature tastes?"

Looks like it's slightly less of a comedy.

Wish we'd get translations though.

Author of Jitsu wa Watashi has a new manga out called Shuukan Shounen Hachi. It's started off pretty promising.

He's in love with her for the whole series. Earliest hint you get though is the phone in helpline chapter.

chapter number?
been a while since I read it might have to reread soon.

nigga, what.
this ain't gonna be some forced drama shit, right?

Reminds me Alium.

I don't even remember the hint, but I do know he officially states it in the chapter where they do the dodgeball thing with Akari. The one where it's the whole school vs Sensei. Can't remember which chapter number though, I think it's past the 60-70 mark

user....just keep reading
maybe download volume files and read them that way instead of a reader site

You're slowly getting to the point where yes, drama will be introduced, but don't worry. It all gets resolved and there's no dissatisfying loose ends at the end.

There's nothing forced about any of it. Everything has been building up to it through the course of the manga.

i generally don't like downloading manga, cause then i might binge it. i wanna take some time with it
idk if 'forced' was the right word, but this seemed so out of place since the previous chapters were real fluffy. i have heard the manga ending was the best one in a while, so i look forward to it.

i'll keep reading, anons.




Fuck off.



This is a nice thread filled with cute dumb girls. Plz no bully ;_;

Don't be a fucking idiot then, instead of crying no bully.


>rumors about his friend being a scumbag womanizer gets spread
>enters insane death godmode and finds the two bastards whom he thought responsible because he knew his friend wouldn't be like that and he hates it when someone talks shit about him
Oka was based because he was a fucking dick but still great, but this guy was different on an another level. He's fucking based because he's really someone you could call a real fucking friend, a perfect balance of bro and jerk and you can still actually call a gentleman/nice guy.

I love the art style but to be honest I can’t get into romcom, I prefer manga where romance is in in second or third place. I do think is a good manga, just not my taste.

How did he get her pregnant again?

i enjoyed the anime

He is too pure for this world


What was wrong with it?

Only watched the anime, what are the blue alien girl's chances of winning the bowl in the manga? She was the cutest.

>all these anime only people

The manga shits on it from a great height. You need to read it.

Ok I will!

Well Satan,
she basically forces herself on Kuromine,
and has her way with him


I bet he secretly liked it.

He pretty much reused the design for Aizawa down to the cute butt.
For a male character.


Jesus christ, what a manwhore.

technically she told the truth, since papapire dun goofed

But the truth isn't set in stone! They changed their fate and got the happy ending everyone wanted to see.

i know

>Is there any rom-com protag (besides Ataru from UY) more ALPHA than Asahi?

This ugly son of a bitch is fucking his true love and basically you are fucking stupid

>literally impregnates Youko mid-series
Nigger what the fuck? Unless you're talking about the blood-sucking which counts as sex for vampires, did they actually do it? What chapter?

Shimada was shit on far too much, he should have been redeemed


blood sucking got her preggers

not a meme though I think it is implied they fucked at the end

178-179 they didn't do it but she is pregnant

shimada was a mistake
making lewd wolf fall in love with mc was a mistake
ruining glasses guy was a mistake
time travel was a mistake

other than that the manga was pretty good

>shimada was a mistake
>making lewd wolf fall in love with mc was a mistake
>ruining glasses guy was a mistake
>time travel was a mistake
I respect your opinion, user


Negi from Negima, except that he chose the wrong heroine and he was a total fucking beta.

Oh hey a pire thread.

Lyendith is working on it.