Source of Manga

Source of Manga





Normally pens, this looks like it was maybe done digitally though, I dunno I'm no expert

Kill yourself, OP.

Comiket has plenty of doujinshi manga, consider going there.

Doesn't look japanese
I bet its ghettoyouth

That looks like a western parody. Nobody would be THAT straightforward in anything Japanese.

looks like some tumblrina tried drawing manga

When threads like this happen, does OP expect people to actually find the source? Also that's clearly a dude. So it'll be faux-manga. Go look for tags with freckles and yaoi.

>That nose.

swollen tumblr nose gives it away
fucking idiots

Damn, I guess so.

>This thread is still up.
The absolute state of Cred Forums.

How can Cred Forums do anything about it, faggot? It's up to the mods to do that. So complain about them.


>the absolute state of x
Take that crossboarder language somewhere else.
Anyway, just report and move on. Nothing else you can do besides entertain yourself while you wait.

Mods are fucking faggots, self moderation is still present in Cred Forums at least.

Western artists (esp. these that draw in the Tumblrina style) are fucking trash. Can't even emulate a foreign style without adding your shit on it.
How come the WESTERN DRAWFAGS here can do it, but these people can't?

Artist could be on board of the ISS, he wouldn't be on Earth. He'd be still in orbit, though.

Looks like Boku no Pico


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