Pre-80s anime

What are your favorite pre-80s anime, Cred Forums?

I've been watching a lot lately and it's impressive how the directors did so much fantastic work with such limited animation and use of stills.

>liking Gundam

>liking a highly influential series that's responsible for many of the things that people love

What an absolute noob

Rose of Versailles was amazing.

I recently tried to watch Cutey Honey, and it was abysmal. Great OP, good colouring, nice designs for Honey. Everything else was awful. Even the fanservice was shit.

They all suck except Lupin III and Gundam

>posts a mosaic containing shows made by the the most talented people of that era
>uses this to generalise the quality of said era
The 60's and 70's had some absolute masterpieces, but the average show from that period is significantly worse than average shows from other eras.

Chirin no Suzu

How can you not like Cutie Honey? It's so ridiculously fun and the direction is stylish as fuck

The same can be said for every decade. I think the best directors from back then had a better grasp at taking advantage of very limited direction. Even Toei, who are terrible now, had a long string of very well directed shows from various directors.

Direction being animation, my bad.

60s anime suck, stop judging anime from Wikipedia articles

>Sabu and Ichi
>Cyborg 009

I only managed to stomach the first couple of episodes, the episode previews, and the finale. Nothing about it made me want to watch more.

Didn't like the directing at all. Some stuff in the finale was okay, but a lot of it just seemed weird and clunky, like scenes ended a couple of seconds late or anything. None of the characters were at all interesting, and nor was the action. Especially with how bad most of the animation was.

Rose of Versailles, Belladonna of Sadnes, Yuurei Sen and the Galaxy Express 999. For some reason I have a hard time watching tv shows from this era, Rose of Versailles was the only one I could really watch to the end, also Gundam but it was a real chore. I love the aesthetics of many works from those times but I don't know. There's something about the execution usually, maybe the pacing.

Have you tried any of Dezaki's other works, like Aim for the Ace? There's constant drama and it never really slows down. Super fun show that unfortunately has a lot of reused animation.

I've seen so little, but I loved Uchuu Senkan Yamato and found Ace wo Nerae to be really good as well.
Working on Rose of Versailles, but it stopped when it got too scary/uncomfortable for me

I've tried Aim for the Ace and Ashita no Joe, might just go with the movie of the first. That's what I did when I got tired with Harlock and Galaxy Express. I'll try to maybe check out Takarajima as well.

Have you seen the second season of Yamato? It improves so many things and no longer feels as episodic.

Arcadia of My Youth is drastically different from the TV show, which is based on the manga. It's completely separate and also has a pretty sweet sequel TV series that unfortunately got cut short. The Galaxy Express TV series is super flawed and adds a lot of filter to the stories it adapts and many of them feel too similar. Rintaro did a great job with the movie.

Yeah, I watched Arcadia after I got bored with the Harlock series. I just love the idea of Matsumoto's works, romantic space operas, with beautiful heroines and tragic heroes but when I get too actually watching them, anything more than a feature film is just to much for me.

All putrid and unwatchable

I always appreciated Leiji Matsumoto's works and their adaptations.

There's always the manga versions, which Seven Seas is working on. Harlock never got finished, though.


Ashita no Joe: waaah I killed my rival now I am sad for 100 fucking episodes oh fuck off you angsty cunt
Cutey Honey: it's the worst version, just watch the Gainax OVA
Yamato: the villains are just humans with blue skin, anyway watch the remake it is better
Galaxy Express 999: boring as shit, the only thing I was watching for was for the SS undertones
Rose of Versailles: If I wanted to see an ugly Mary Sue, I'd watch the new Star Wars movies
Aim for the Ace: it's an awful sports series, avoid
Mazinger Z and Getter Robo: Embarrassingly bad, how can people watch this nonsense? Anyway Gundam is the first decent Mecha title if you can handle the pacing issues


Does not make it good

>getting scared at RoV
I get that it's a bleak series, but how?
God help you if you watch Oniisama e.


Good thing it is pretty good for the most part

>Cutey Honey: it's the worst version, just watch the Gainax OVA
The Gainax version is not Cutie Honey. It's a completely different character. Their OVA is terrible. Not to mention it pales in comparison to better stuff like PSG.

>Belladonna of Sadness
>Ashita no Joe
>Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
>Galaxy Express 999
>Zambot 3
>Arcadia of My Youth
>Castle of Cagliostro

What do I watch next from that decade?

Lupin TV

I could treat the drama in RoV seriously though. I can understand when people are dramatizing because they're abused by aristocrasts, I can't really feel the same for a girl who's childhood crush didn't come on time and is just as devastated about it.

No, only seen the first season. The plan was to watch Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato before I continued on to the next season, but that never happened.

First it was the realization that the show was about French royalty in the late 1700s, and I got bad suspicions about the ending. But then I decided to continue, but got to a woman who started tricking and lying to the queen, which was also uncomfortable and a bit scary.

Lupin it is. Got the first season on BD and it looks pretty fantastic. I've been watching some of the movies to decide whether it's for me and whether I like the characters enough but it looks like a fun series.