Dragon Ball Super

Reminder that Potara fusion is allowed in the ToP but Goku and Vegeta didn't fuse despite having a numbers edge over jiren when with 17 and freeza and only a few minutes left in the tournament

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Base Vegito at bare minimum would be > SSG Goku

Now stack Blue on top of that
Jiren is fried

They didn't bring the earrings with them and are already in combat so cannot get items from outside

Rewatch episode 115. Shin has potara's and zeno allows you to throw them in

God this show is stupid even the fights look bad. It's finally come true I'm watching Chinese knock off cartoons

After the bait and switch that was episode 66, I didn't want Vegito back.
I just want a canon appearance of Gogeta

No point. They'd just do something retarded like hurrrr goku and vegeta are stronger than in the black arc so lets make it last 30 seconds or 1 minute

Today i will remind them

When are they making a new song?


I can't believe there's retards who like this series.

>There's a literal CLOWN as one of their Gods.
>Zeno is literally a fucking baby. You retards have a baby that has to explain to you "wow, look at the neat explosions SUUGOII!!"

You can't make this shit up, the fucking antagonist Jiren doesn't even have a personality and the writers just got away with a blanket background and they're making so much money off of people with no standards.

I mean come the fuck on, you retards kept on watching after the shitty animation at the beginning. The shitty fucking frieza arc (I skipped) and more. They got away with so much bullshit and you guys STILL like it, why?


Retards were able to sit through Vegeta sucking on a pacifier, there is nothing that can possibly make them drop this show. Even if it showed Buu taking a dump for 3 episodes straight.

Duno about others but I don't like it. I only watch Super ironically.

How well would Vegito Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Beyond Blue Kaioken 20x Ultra Instinct fare against Jiren?

What's his endgame?

>Fuses but then defuses but is still so powerful that it destroys Jiren

WHAT? Filthy gaijins no rike my ebin gags?

People dismissed Vegito Blue possibly being stronger than beerus cause shin said it but...

Beerus said Vegeta could be a GoD candidate elsewhere. A fusion between two candidates would be a worth opponent to beerus

Sleep for trillion years until he gets assigned into a new universe

Why do you get so mad over what other people watch Pablo? You could easily be watching an anime you enjoy.


>It's another furryverse

So, they ever explained Jiren's eyes?

Loyalty to the series. Super has had some great moments, but they don't make up for the animation and dullness. The movies are pretty good.

Probably won't until 130

at first I thought it was UI, now I don't know

jiren plz


Why are you getting mad over what other people think about what others watch? You could easily be thinking about something else you enjoy.

2 or 3



it's 2

MSSB Vegito would beat multiple gods of destructions

>129, 130, 131
I'm counting three

Why is everyone so cute in the manga

>doesn't answer the question
Spic please. And how am I getting mad about what some sperg thinks? Like what anything you say matters.

o-only 2?!
why?! when is time for my boy frieza to shine???

Numbers edge is literally how you win this fucking tournament. Whichever team has the most amount of fighters left at the end wins, so if Universe 7 has 4 fighters left and Universe 11 only has Jiren, then Universe 7 wins, even if Jiren is never defeated.

MSSB Vegito (ToP Arc) > Beerus

We're still at 128? Damn.

Break next week

Even SSG Vegetto is stronger than Beerus. Even SSBKK Goku would be stronger than Beerus in Toriyama's mind

>muh powerlevels
Get these spics out of here

I absolutely hate it but I keep watching it so I can shitpost here after each episode

Too many

the shitposts post-gohan elimination episode was great


Guys how scared would beerus be to fight Vegito?

SSBKK made him nervous

Frieza will win

2. Closure for a series I've watched for literally almost 20 years of my life.

Caulifriends assemble!


129 = Jiren defeat UI Goku, Mastered UI Goku aka Blanco is born.
131 = Goku defeat Jiren in 5 minutes, the rest of the episode is about the wish and maybe a party, the end.

Will be this the worst and most rushed end of an anime?


>Break next week
an extra week vegeta bullying

>Will be this the worst and most rushed end of an anime?
There should be worse and more rushed endings out there.

Whats her name again?

2 minutes

not on my watch

Right here.

hello sweetheart

What about Frieza?

129 = Goku Awakens to Blanco
130 = Fight ensues but Goku isn't able to defeat Jiren in time
131 = Frieza remained in the ring leaving Universe 7 with the most fighters alive, thus allowing them to win. Goku and Frieza have to battle it out with each other to decide who gets the wish. Ends right as they clash for the final battle.

Who is this retard?



Should be SSJ3 GoD


>goku didn't care about her
>had to ask kale to join the fight because caulifla was boring him
>jobbed to one ki blast
>earlier jobbed to the pride jobbers including the little tornado guy
>kale is forced to fuse with her because shes already on her last breath
>kefla is born
>job like a motherfucker
>deleted next episode
>goku doesn't even mention her again 16 episodes later
>cucked out ss3
>confirmed to be piccolo tier if not lower
>in order to fight for relevance caulispics manufacter a romantic reationship with goku whos like a granpa next to her
>some other retard tries to bait people with making her goku daughter
>deleted and forgotten

>it’s another caulifags shitting up the board episode

>yfw the last scene in Super is EGP smiling then it cuts to black and all we hear is keikaku doori

Waku waku u6 haters!

U9 is better than U11.

The best they can hope to be is second fiddle to Chadverse 7 anyways.

Hello friends
She really is the perfect Saiyanfu isn't she?


If super itself wasnt bad enough as it is, you could tell how retarded the viewerbase had become when U6 saiyans were pushed more heavily on the viewerbase. (not to say that the viewerbase started out with geniuses anyways).

Anyone who enjoys and cheers on these characters who were spoonfed babbys first transformation because "tingly back ex dee" after the saiyans had to develop their characters and put in blood, sweat and tears for these transformations, just isnt an intelligent viewer. idk if you guys were just desperate to find a new waifu, or are genuinely retarded but the u6 saiyans are complete and utter garbage. good riddance to em

God, whoever draws this can't draw for shit. The eyes are so fucking close to each other and the heads are so skinny

Today I will remind them

They are coming back right after el Goku Blanco defeats Jiren.

>people actually think u6 won't come back when they have cash cows like Hit and the saiyan trio
You can't be this retarded

>are you enjoying this private conversation cabba?


.t-they're coming back!!1 S-Salada arc will happen..!

Eat my ass Vados

How do you manage to ruin a thread so fast?



>hey bejita check out this new technique I mastered!

By having too much shit taste, that's how.

Is Super ending because Toriyama is going to prison for tax evasion?

I want to massage her back, she looks so tense.

I really hope it's silver in the show.
It looks much better than straight up white hair.


Compared to other power-ups in DBS Caulifla getting SS easily is not too outlandish.

saiyans and angels don't do that stuff.

It is silver

I wanna see a serious dight between these two Goku vs Vegeta style

>blood sweat and tears
>goku masters UI in 48 minutes and goes from below GoD to Angel tier
You retard.

>n-nuffin wrong about my stick piece of shit waifu getting power ups!

most definitely

>gohan gif
>talking about u6 saiyans without shitting on them

Something's not right

Caulifla would stomp sadly

Idk, they have different power levels and they would need to take time to learn how to use them together, like with Kefla


W-where can I buy these

Oh fuck off I had enough of that cyan and blue shit already. I don't want to see any shade of blue hair ever again.

I don't think there's anyone who can seriously say its white.

It's not surprising, either.

You do realize we can post off-model shit for nearly every character in the series, right?


>Last few seconds of the tournament
>Jiren is about to lose
>El Hermano bursts in and knocks Goku out
>Zeno tries to erase him but it doesn't work on him
>This theme starts playing youtube.com/watch?v=QvWB3mmBx8g

would that fix the climax?

>specifically stated "babbys first transformation"
>blood sweat and tears for "these" transformations, once again clarifying talking about initial saiyan transformations
>you somehow think I'm talking about UI and not ss1, 2 and 3.

Her back isn't the only place I'd massage

>Literally Goku Blanco
Super went to shit

Gohan sympathizes with Cabba because they both have the jobber haircut and because they both will eternally be cucked out of the spotlight by WAKUWAKUfags

Her off model still would be bottom tier even among those, no thanks to the on model being crap too.

It's time.

What did she mean by this

I'd massage her feet as well.

I did understand it, you mongoloid. My point is, if it's okay for Goku to do it now, it's okay for everyone. You don't get to cherrypick. Hypocrite nostalgiafags are the biggest scum in this fanbase.

>poor champa-san was very sick yesterday!

No it isn't, because Super is non canon and irrelevant for what happened in the past.

He mastered it in less than that even. Wasn't there only like 15 minutes left at that point?

It's going to be like SSB where it's only ever actually blue when the aura is on otherwise it's greenish blue


And her insides

>You... W-what are you??

>I am the Hope of the universe... The Answer to all living things that cry out for peace.

>I am Protector of the innocent. I am the Light in the darkness.
>I am Truth.

>Time to make the donuts Jir-


He can't comprehend the separation between Z and Super. Just let it go, logic dies in this thread.

This is an angel

>no thanks to the on model being crap too
Sure thing, you faggot contrarian.


>NIGHTMARE to you.

btw how do I make this look more capeshit? I have no idea how that artstyle works.

Cabba would have to pull some treacherous strategies for that one, or train with gods without her knowing.

Y-you think I can get blanco too, tousan?

CHADren always wins baby

>caulifla asspulling is bad because it's not like it was Z
>goku asspulling is okay because it's not Z

What did Toei mean by this?

How about I turn her insides out?

but there were only 3 minutes left when before vegeta made his final stand.

burn that shit

Zenkai though?

Gohan will achieve "Blanco fase Dos" during his fight with Golden Duracell SSBlue in Dragon Ball Ultra-

What sick and irrational hatred against an imaginary cartoon character does one need to possess to spend time creating pictures like this?

I love how absolutely triggered everyone is over them and how they're posting them as actively as cutegang themselves.

>blinded by his obsession with his shit waifu
She's a broom


gohan blanco


Gee, almost as though there are 2 minutes left in the tournament, maybe a huge powerboost fo ronly 3min might be useful?! Who knows?

I wish I had actually created it.

>They are coming back right after el Goku Blanco defeats Jiren
Imagine hearing this a month ago

>imagine being this upset over anime characters
Absolute cringe.


But don't you like comics user? Superman is the best and the guy who wrote his 25th reboot did an amazing job!

Caulifailure deserves the Umaru treatment, or worse.

watch this thread blow up when Kafla appears in the manga

And if she doesn't even make an appearance?


>2 episodes left

What’s happening to Frieza? Is he becoming a good guy since Goku sees him as his friend?

Nice strawman argument.

Nobody is making the claim that goku's asspull is ok. The entire argument is in Z the saiyans (aside from goten and trunks) had to work for their transformations. Contrary to this, U6 all had it spoonfed to them. That is the only argument taking place here. There is no defending the audacity that the writers had to deprive the viewers of building an actual connection to these characters and making us WANT them to achieve these transformations, and instead just throw it all at their feet.

It would have made the viewerbase a lot more tolerant of them if we had time to let the characters grow on us, to show different storylines in depth and let us witness the moments they first attain these transformations.

Instead they gave the viewerbase "Hey Kale check it out, tingle ur back you autistic piece of shit"

Reminder Kale is a sexy loli.

>yfw kefla is filler

t. pedophile

>anti-caulifags SEETHING

>not sexy
>not a loli either
What now?

Cauli and Kale are young adults 20+

>erased and gone for good with no more screentime with the series ending

I want #18 to do a #1 on my face!

Caption this

>tfw this is what master UI was original suppose to look like
>but then toriyama got the idea to change it white from all the blanco memes
>Toriyama is lurking in this thread right now



So fucking kawaii desuneeeeee~

>thread is already shit after 2 days from the latest episode
>next episode is released in 2 weeks

Reminder the "Cuck Circle" was actually Beruus idea and Gohan being the leader of Universe 7 is Toei fanfiction




>Kale if you wake up I'll take you to the lego store!


>got erased from reality like the scrub she is

what's happening

>I've met someone

I think the arc could get much funnier if Jiren was asking that instead of Frieza and Goku said that speech.


do you think she gives good head due to how she eats her meat?


>if I post pics of her people will think she is not garbage

No doubt

>that image
spine machine Broke

Can't wait until she comes to global dokkan.


>65 posters
>94 images
>193 eplies

>ToP starts!
>Make cuck circle for weaks of U7! *raffs*
>Make everything look cool!
>Goku vs Jiren!


You sound gay.

They'll never appreciate her

Depends if she's willing to get dirty and sloppy with it

>over a shit girl getting erased

>but it turns out he's a total faggot


No doubt


Jiren Vs Goku Blanco last episode will have the best animation we've seen in Dragon Ball. I expect movie quality Toei

>Let us sure him together.

>m-muh blanco

>further proving my point.



she looks like she just smelled one really good fart


>Jiren is grey
>Ultra Blanco is also grey

This is UI incomplete Vs Jiren. Next episode will look like pic related or even better

>you will never be held in the arms of a qt Saiyan girl

>no caulifla/vegeta interaction


Reminder this scene broke Cred Forumsnti-waifufags into pieces

Rainbowing all three immediately.

I actually looks good animated than that shit sample magazine pic.

what the fuck is wrong with his body?

>another thread claimed by the Caulifriends
Feels John Goodman.jpg

>none is cute and both look like trannies



>proving your point
>when your shit waifu's erased and irrelevant

She will never be erased from our hearts

What if you were Goku in this situation?

R e n t F r e e


Cabba is pure, dumb shippers.

Yes. Soon.

All three are pure shit, yes.

Just filter them you retard

I have Kale and Caulifla with one dupe.
I'll see if I can get dupes of them and Kefla's with her banner.

Why do fujos and Caulifags always show up at the same time?


>Caulifla will never eat you
Why live

this scene broke Cred Forumsanti's, /r/dbz retards, youtube cancers, and tyrone.

Bless Kefla.

Fill her up

shit taste


Cabba married Kale & Caulifla. He is a Based Alpha.

For everyone that has been saying Jiren is a non-character or boring obviously haven't been studying his interactions with other members of his universe and universe 7. His quotes pack so much meaning that people overlook. Jiren puts all his faith in his own strength, and looks down on those weaker than him. Even so, he claims that he seeks "that which lies beyond strength." What could he be referring to? I think he's still looking for the answer to that, but he may finally get it when he witnesses Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct. With all the focus that's been placed on Jiren's meditation, it's safe to say that he feels confident in his strength and instead chooses to focus on his mind. The energy from his glare, that barrage of punches as he closes his eyes; these attacks seem to stem from pure focus. Ultra Instinct, on the other hand, is about taking the mind out of the equation and letting every part of your body react on its own, a feat that the Gods themselves struggle to achieve. I don't believe Jiren was aware of UI and what it means when he first fought Goku, and even later when he observed his fight against Kefla. To someone who's put so much emphasis on sharpening his mind, the idea of removing it from the equation entirely must seem preposterous. It's in their final battle, when Goku finally masters this ability, that Jiren will truly understand what he's up against. He'll also have to reconcile with the reason why Goku, a mortal far weaker than himself, could obtain such a power when he could not...

"Trust begets nothing."

This sentiment seemed to strike a nerve with Goku, and I believe it's Jiren's greatest weakness. Whereas one warrior, scarred from childhood, foregoes emotion and true relationships and relies solely on his own strength, the other feeds on the trust his friends and family bestow upon him, which ultimately aids him in trusting himself, and his own instincts.

>he says, while posting a literal turd


They should have kept the hair black like Mystic Gohan, colored hair is shit

I want Jiren to win

Ugh the salt in those threads
Good times