LOGH thread

So I just watched all of the prequel gaidens, and I really liked them.

Thoughts on the prequels?

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Here are some of my thoughts:
>Spiral Labyrinth
This story starts out nice, showcasing Yang Wenli's childhood and how he became the hero of El Facil. It is somewhat boring in the middle, but once the prison riot breaks out, it picks up again. The conspiracy across both FPA and Empire is interesting, Yang Wenli is always fun to watch and the supporting cast is nice (With the old prisoner and Patrichev being the stand outs). 7/10.

>Valley of White Silver
This is a really nice action story. We get some of the best animation LOGH has ever had. Reinhard was a badass while fighting both the FPA and his own superiors. Overall a solid arc. 8/10.

>The Mutineer
This one was also nice, with Reinhard being a mutineer and trying to save the ship from incompetent commanders. The crew were all typical tough, but good soldiers, but I liked them. The arc itself was intense, with high stakes and it was cool to see Reinhard win over the crew with his charisma and caring style of leadership. 9/10.

>The Duelist
One of the weaker arcs. The setup is interesting, with Reinhard accepting an honourable duel, not knowing that his opponent is an assassin. The fact that Reinhard is the main character of the main series, kinda spoils the whole outcome. The evil aristocrats get a little bit more screen time, setting them up as villains. Also, Lutz had a cool cameo, showing off his famous marksmanship. But thats about it. 6/10.

>The Retriever
Another intense arc, showing Reinhard taking part in a super secret mission. There are some flaws, but those are minor things. Seeing how Reinhard met Wahlen, Müller and Eisenach is also nice, and doesn’t come off as fanservice, since he had to meet them somewhere. 9/10.

>Morning's Dream, Night's Song
Now this is one boring arc. Reinhard goes back to school to play detective. The mystery was basic, with your obvious red herring and final twist. Nothing much to say about this one. 5/10.

>A Hundred Billion Stars, A Hundred Billion Lights
Now this is by far the best part of the gaiden. We got some nice ground combat, while a fleet battle is going on, with almost all of the main players here. Rosen ritters get their own origin story. Grimmelshausen was an interesting and nice character. Many of the series regulars played small parts here and there (Reuental and Mittermeyer, Bittenfeld, Kempf, Kesler, Yang, Bucock, Ovlesser, Mückenberger etc.). Lüneburg was an alright villain. The fleet battle at the end is real nice and on the scale of the main shows battles. It was cool that Yang and Reinhard were already fighting eachother before they knew it. Rosen ritters get the best moments, with them singing on conquered ships to challenge their former commander. 10/10.

>The Third Battle of Tiamat
An FPA admiral acts retarded and uses the time honored tactic of: LEEROY JENKINS!!! against the empire. Unfortunately for him, Reinhard is there to bitch slap him back to reality. Seeing the Brünhild for the first time was really nice. And Rainhard loosing his cool and getting mad was really funny. 8/10.

And we end this epic saga on another damn detective story. The mystery was not that interesting, since drug use was never a plot point in the main ova. That being said, this arc did give Kircheis time to shine and some character development. His zero gravity fight was really cool. The old detective was also a fun character. Not as boring as the other detective story, but nothing that great either. 6/10

Very solid reviews. I pretty much agree 100%.

You've really thought this through, OP. I don't even remember what they were all about except for the duel arc, the loli arc and the Yang solving historical mysteries arc.

phantom blood DIO

First of all, phantom blood had Dio not DIO. Second, Dio was ripped, Reinhard is a twink.

>mfw remake is coming out soon
I agree. Why remake perfection? I hope it bombs.

It'll be carried by the basketball audience.

Oh shit.

Basketball is so boring though. Why do fujos even like it?

Stop reminding me ;_;

>Why do fujos even like it?

I swear to god if they give Reuental a pair of glasses in the remake, I will get my homemade crossbow and murder the director of that fucking project.

Where can I watch the Mutineer and the duelist

Well, if you are willing to stream, then Kissanime has them.

Don't be a casual. Learn how to download anime.

Nah it'll be Oberstein.
Instead of mecha eyes they'll give him glasses, he'll be able to dominate the room without saying a word as usual

Nah, this is how he will look like.

I enjoyed it though some arcs were better than others, it was nice seeing the crew again. I watched Golden Wings recently because I was curious and it was pretty damn bad.

>Why remake perfection?
Good question. There are so many other shows out there, that deserve a good remake. LOGH was not one of them.

Oh fuck me.

Yeah, this one felt like true LOGH arc.

Prequels are good. Watch them

>Thoughts on the prequels?
They had a good loli.

Funny how the most challenging opponent Rainhard and Kircheis went up against, was a loli.

So, what will Mittermeyer look like?

Is Fahrenheit close enough?

Am I the only one who kinda appreciates Mückenberger? He is such an underrated character. I mean, the guy was an ass like the rest of the Reinhard haters, but unlike them, he saw that Reinhard was actually good. By the end of his career, he respected Reinhard and didn't join the lippstadt league against Reinhard. A rare example of a high noble who actually used his head.

I'll never understand why men aren't allowed to have nipples in shounen when you can straight up show someone's ass.

Wait, if that is Fahrenheit on Reinhards ship, then that means that the older fatter guy next to him is Merkatz? I mean, Merkatz, Fahrenheit and Staden were all on Reinhards ship in the pilot movie. If that is the case, than what the fuck have they done to Merkatz? I want my Merkatz to look like Charles Bronson, and not like a discount admiral Kempf.

I loved him in Sea of Stars, really interesting character and actually acted like a man when he realized the rumours about his sister pushing his promotion was bullshit and that his time was coming to an end and he didn’t want to burn up with the old generation and went off in peace.
Personally I hope he gets more spotlight since they likely won’t adapt the 3rd battle of Tiamat.

Am I the only one who is still mourning? Every time I get to episode 82, I literally cry my eyes out. This and the final few minutes of episode 110 never fail to make me into a sobbing mess.

the magician did not return

About to watch episode 82 the magician doesn't returnwith my wife. It's her first time

She suspects Rinehard is going to die from healh conplications soon. She has no idea what's coming. I feel really bad.

Pic unrelated.

How did she miss the foreshadowing?

Okay, but what if someone redeemed the trailer?


Whoever made this image could have at least used a shot with the right Japanese subtitles for this part of the song