Well the Net-Juu director...

Well the Net-Juu director, a guy who turned a minimal budget adaptation of a dead manga into one of the cutest shows in recent memory, got the axe thanks to ANN's personal crusade against his political views.
Another proof that jews ruin everything, and even anime will succumb to their tricks.

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They just seem to distance themselves from those tweets, unless I read wrong they never state that he's been fired.

Oh shit I just read below there's an english translation, but also

>has never been our company
He was just a freelancer and never has worked with them in-house aparently?

Nice bullshit post op

rent free goy

Damn, the Net-Juus actually got to him. Those fucking bastards.

If studios have to make public announcements severing all ties between them and a director, don't expect him to get any more work in the future, no matter how talented he is

Seriously if you're employed just don't speak about anything because people will twist it any way they want.

How many anime fans care about the staff's views on certain thing, I would say very little, Fuck ANN for making a big deal out of it as well.

What did he say?

We'll just have to wait and see.

Denied the holocaust

he wrote
>I don't buy kosher kielbasa

I see he's a man of culture as well.

Japanese nationalist (not the good kind) and holocaust denier


Time to buy blurays then.

You can't deny something that didn't happen.

He was pretty clear about hating jews and denying holocaust. No twisting needed.

they already fired him

>Dude says some racist shit yet you mad at ANN?
Denial of the holocaust is not a political view. It flat out being a racist or just being an idiot, mainly both.

I'm mad that show was fucking cute
I was hoping japan still didn't give a fuck about pressure from the western audience

The world is so full of people "policing," censoring and other shit, it's fucked and only going to get worse.

Fuck off to tumblr faggot

are you not allowed to hate jews now?

t. Kike

Everything offends someone these days, better not have an opinion against the majority or you're seen as some sort of evil being.

really smells like Cred Forums here

Wow! This guy said something our ruling Jews don't like? Burn him!

>just ignore it bros, if you ignore them nothing is going to happen!
Cred Forums is always wrong, always.

You look like a faggot

Considering how the Japanese do so much to avoid conflict and associating themselves with any sort of trouble in any form, I doubt he's gonna be seeing much work.

nice comeback, so creative.

Still has nothing to do with his skill as a director. Who cares about his private opinoins?

You can't just deny what the authorities say is history. That makes you worse than Hitler!

People have different views whether you agree with them or not. The director wasn't forcing his views onto anyone through his work, they're separate issues and should be treated as such.

Talking shit about jews is not the same, unlike sjws they have power and can shut you down for wrongthink against them

cross boarders should kill themselves

Does ANN really have enough power to make an anime director get fired?

protip: don't say dumb shit
people wont want to be associated with you if you say dumb shit
fuck no

Hating a certain group of people is ok. Telling the whole world that you hate that group is significantly less ok

This is how the left thinks, folks.

oh no the thought police is here
hide your thoughts guys


Talented directors getting shunned is becoming a trend. Hopefully we'll see more cgi upstart anime and the whole fucking house of cards will come down.

what level of doubleplusgood doublethink is required to consume the media of a country of isolationist xenophobes, once an axis power, whilst decrying racism
your xenophilia is unrequited, sirry gaijin

Shouldn't you be in your designated containment board?

This may sound new to you but most people don't want to work with racists.
Shocking, I know.

>People really think SJW wont put their hands on anime

Imagine when netflix and amazon start funding anime with a bunch of politics inserted in it. oh boy.

I'm sure THAT will convince him that there is no worldwide jewish conspiracy.

Jews... Everyday, they make their case worse.

You are free to express your views, but that doesn't mean there will not be consequences for doing it.
Even if you can act like a dumbass out of public view, that doesn't mean everybody is going to take it as kindly as nerds on some forum.

Who translated this?
The Japanese actually says that (1), the director is not an employee of our company, (2), assuming the tweets were made by the man in question, they were not made in his capacity as director for our company's anime, and (3), our company does not and will not support any efforts to promote any kind of racial/traditional discrimination including antisemitism (and then blabla about making moe animu).

Violet adaptation is very tame compared to the novel which had attempted rape of a 9 year old and gory descriptions among other things, I assume this cut content was Netflix's doing

Japan hasn't been infected with the racism cancer america has

Is any of the outrage actually domestic or is it just whitey butthurt that not every country shares western sensibilities?

> some dumbass went full holocaust denial on social media
> a private corporation decided to distance itself from that dumb shit

>Kyoani animating something like that
>Netflix fault

sure thing buddy


No one cared about his twitter rants until ANN made it their mission to bring him to justice last month

Blame Canipa Effect for all of this
>support the anime industry
>but nah, not this racist. Ignore his future projects and fuck him

fuck off kike

Most of Cred Forums is literally underage autists.
You can't blame then for not knowing how the world works.

I suddenly want to buy blu-rays.

Hey digibro!

Oh you hit reveal Cred Forums button. Now whatever you do don't mention that blacks are the same as whites.

>No one knew about his twitter rants
Fixed that for you.
Glad i could help.

This may sound new to you but outside the US/western europe, racism isn't a big deal (or it is even the mainstream)

Someguy stand for himself and for Truth and lost his ability to make a living.

People should get upset and ignoring it make you an asshole.

Not exactly correct, it's just that homogeneous societies naturally regard outsiders with suspicion. They still are force fed the diversity bullshit in school. Go watch any on-the-street interviews and they will spout the same "correct answer" to diversity questions that you hear in the West.

They didn't get him fired. He was not an employee of the company in the first place.

Denying a history wrote by the winners sure is racist. Also don't use Tomoko, faggot.

C'mon, Devilman just came out. I strongly doubt Netflix care.
It could had been late night television and Kyoani still wouldn't animate that. It just not their style, never was.

I bet you feel so smart now

You can and people can hate you for it too

>blacks are the same as whites
nice b8

Just western social justice crusaders. He wasn't fired, he is just a freelancer working for hire, that link in the OP is just the company washing their hands and nothing else, probably because ANN kept sending them emails about him.

haha fuck this guy. cute show but it wasn't even his work, adaptation of something from a female mangaka

It's darkest before the dawn, user.

Perhaps because they dont live with niggers that were slaves of their race and now are killing them in their country.

>this dumbass

If you're talking about the Yuta channel, his interviewees are clearly not randomly picked. Watch a random street view cam and look at how random Japanese people look, then look at the weirdos in his videos.

Devilman came out with rape, murder, marshmellow bonfires and it was successfull.
Eat dick.

Picked up!

The victor twisting history to favour themselves? I'm sure that has never happened!

>google Canipa Effect
>think it's some sociological thing
>it's just some pretentious faggot with annoying voice on youtube
Why you made me do this?


Come the fuck on, are you seriously saying that the dude lacks any responsibility for his own actions?
People going under fire for anti-semitic views isn't anything new, if you start talking about this stuff you should be aware of what it can result in, and be ready for consequences.


>All these comments

my sides

brb buying 6 gorillion blurays

Yeah, the point is that the consequences of voicing the truth should be positive.

so is he safe?

Hello there thought police, would you kindly fuck off?


I highly doubt ANN or any concern about Western perceptions had anything to do with this. China and Korea are much bigger markets for anime than the West, and Japan regularly downplays or outright denies their past war crimes against those countries. Why would they suddenly care about this? They were probably already looking for a reason to distance themselves from this guy, he had to have pissed them off behind the scenes.

If you honestly believe this to be truth, then you should be ready to act as a martyr. Never in history has anybody been celebrated for rejecting widely accepted fact without presenting some evidence to contrary.

>Cred Forums says the West doesn't influence anime
>gets a director fired because of SJW liberals
lol. time to buy that CR subscription I guess

>they ruined tv/movies
>they ruined video games
>they censored my music
>now they've come for my anime.
How did we create the most entitled generation who are absolutely hellbent to legislate everything away? Where did it go wrong? Can I even continue living?

hello discord, mind ruining a different thread? there are a lot of franxx threads up

Can't we all just get along?

>are you not allowed to hate jews now?
As long as you're not in canada, scotland, israel or germany you should be fine, legally.
People are 100% free to fire you tho, don't act in a socially unacceptable way if you want to stay a respected member of society.


>private company wants to distance itself from retards
I wish Cred Forums didn't come out of it's containment board.

>female mangaka
That's why she looked like a 5/10 and the guy was was out of her league.

>People going under fire for anti-semitic views isn't anything new

It is in Asia.
They know and give as much of a fuck about Holocaust as you do about the Rape of Nanking.

>they ruined video games
I'll give you movies/TV but I rarely see good game series die due to this BS, just new IP's that were fated to fail.

just because they don't care about that sort of politics doesn't mean they won't drop someone for suddenly gaining bad publicity for any reason.

It's absolutely pathetic that we live in a world where some retards can stir up internet controversy and get you fired because they disagree with a comment you've made, though.

Not one person involved in this campaign had any intention of buying something from the company in question, it's purely a witchhunt for wrong-think, and utterly terrifying.

Imagine being a kid today, and posting something innocuous online, and then having it dredged up in 10 years as a reason for you to be fired?

What did they even have in the ann article? It was an interview or something with him, right? Does someone have an archive?

He was not fired.

It says nothing of him being fired. The part about his comments not being made in capacity of director for their anime imply that they don't consider having him be director as supporting his personal views (which they say they don't share). So there's nothing preventing them from having him direct the next season. But we'll have to see.

>someone dare contradict our ruling Jews?
Get out.

ANN created a "buzz" around his stance on the holocaust, that made several big youtubers make videos about him and in general sparked a lot of conversation on all the western anime websites
those people would easily generate enough hate-mail and attempts at guilt tripping the studio to make them publically distance themselves from the director in question

>This fucking thread.
Cred Forums please get out

Are you fucking kidding me? How is this Cred Forums shit still here, almost an hour after I've reported it?

interview? fuck that, the guy had been posting holocaust denial shit on his public twitter since 2001
he was a fucking idiot

I'm not talking explicitly about this particular occurrence of mob rule. There are plenty of other examples of this shit resulting in people losing their jobs.

The holocaust isn't widely accepted outside of The US and parts of Europe.

>Cred Forums said america would not influence japan in any way
>Now they are getting directors fired
>Soon they are going to influence them to make anime about a black protagonist

Thanks america


It is only going to get worse.

and then they'll learn that firing the director won't mean shit because most of the people that bitched don't even buy their anime.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure it's only seems this bad because Cred Forums posters are autistic enough to post and tell everyone as if anyone cares. It seems that the vast majority of users on Cred Forums don't care enough to engage so they just say nothing. It's like when a game forum gets flooded with nothing but complaints so it's perceived as an awful game but really everyone who's fine with it just has no desire to tell everyone they're content.

So they do give a fuck?
Because I'm pretty sure someone in the US can get fired if they denied that ever existed as well, especially if they're a director.

>Interviews on youtube that cherry pick the responses
Are you telling me they make videos for views?

>Not political
Some one hasn't seen Grave of the Fireflies

Sounds like they know how to get things done. And here we are, the actual jews refuse to buy merch and then cry about no season 2 and axed manga.

I thought ANN was kill?

I'm buying the blurays and picking up the show.

Read the thread.

Are you guys memeing the show was shot and the direction was nothing special. Is this another kingdom deliverance where you pretend something made by an #epic#based#deusvult#gasthejews ally is awesome despite it being objectively shit?

it's anime related

> "I feel sick that I named it one of my best shows of the year, and I wish I could take it back," Silverman said. " I know that there are some people who would say that it would be overreacting, because it takes more people than a director to make a show successful, but I can't stomach praising the work of someone who would deny or praise what was done to my culture."

>Silverman's extended family attempted to flee Europe during World War II. Some successfully made it to America, Canada, and in one case, South Africa.

>"The rest of them died and several of the villages they lived in were fully destroyed," she said. Family members on both Silverman's maternal and paternal sides fought in the war, but when it was over, the sting of being labeled outsiders still remained.

This is from the ANN article about him. Silverman is a journalist at ANN. Literally guilt tripping their readers into hating him, and it's only a short excerpt from that article

Hey buddy, reddit is 2 blocks down

The Cred Forumstards want an inch.

I mean we know that to be patently untrue considering subscriptions to Crunchyroll and other services.

Jesus fucking christ, what's with all these crossboarders
Mods, do your goddamn job already

After seeing all the butthurt here I might just be contrarian enough time side with sjw.

Man, can't even be a nazi today without people getting mad. What has the world come to.

He also made the storyboard for Flip Flappers episode 3

pretty much every private company that doesnt want to get hit by bad PR for some loon's dumb shit
welcome to the real world

I find that hard to believe. It's definitely true that West is way more aware of Holocaust than East is, but that is simply because it happened closer to us. In similar way, East is much more aware of Nanking Massacre than West is, and has way more people who deny it.
Do you have statistics about % of population that denies holocaust in different countries? Simply having Asian countries listed would be useless without point of reference for West would be useless.

Maybe some day SJWs will learn that their actions usually help the other side.

Where do you think "our guy" came from? They'll look anywhere for some sort of validation. I honestly feel kind of bad for them.

>Holocaust widely known the world over as one of the most depraved examples of human cruelty and evil in history
>Accepted by virtually everyone except a few teenagers on the the Internet and skinheads
>Company employee makes remarks denying that it happened, which is seen by most people around the world as a huge "fuck you" to millions of victims
I wonder which audience the company cares about more, the general public who would find the guy's comments revolting, or the skinheads and teenagers on the Internet?
Sure is a tough one to figure out, given that a business is out to make money, not give fringe beliefs a free speech platform.

wow he said something on twitter
literally a nazi
literally worse than hitler

You're influenced by your time spent here but I can guarantee you most people don't have the slightest clue what it even is and any Spanish, German, French or Italian guy could do it as much as he wanted without any reprecussions.

If you don't know that, well, then just pick another highly controversial issue for that area. Say, deny colonialism wreaking havoc, mongolian massacres, Manchu massacres, and the list goes on.

>be an anti-semetic piece of shit
>get axed
what the fuck did you think was going to happen lmao

reminder that literally no one cared about his comments until ANN brought it up for a tear-jerking "article"

yeah the japanese public cares so much about the jews in world war 2
japan fought so hard against the nazis

Yes anyone who uses twitter are just as bad as the nazis, they should all be hanged.

That is BS.

If you support and espouse communist views then you're a communist
If you support and espouse nazi views then you're a nazi

Well of course, if no one knows then no one cares. Do you have brain problems?

Seems like being communist is pretty okay.
>Implying any fag that is outrage about this would have support the show.

Considering there have been other more awful genocidal purges of people. If denying something that happened close to 90 years ago gets you into this much trouble then it really makes you wonder about it. Considering there have been other more awful genocidal purges of people.

Gave the article a glance, through an archive of course, not giving those clowns a click. That entire site is garbage and always has been, how they stay afloat, I'll never know.

I have no idea how Cred Forums got so wrong. You make a thread with questions about the anime you just watched, promoting discussion, and it gets deleted within minutes, for no reason at all.
Some cunt makes 20th thread about franx, or wafuposting, or some shit that should be in /c/, and it lives for hours.

>Germans were nazis
>Now it's racist to do nazi shit in Germany
What?? I thought they were nazis!

They finally did it...They wiggled their way into firing people a world away. Now it's a matter of time til they use their gains from this to get their grubby hands on the production process and bully studios into producing all inclusive Burger Kingsclub genderfluid shit. That Goblin Slayer anime you were curious about? Canceled because it portrays immigrants in a negative light. That shonen anime? Male Power Fantasy! Wanting to watch Cute Girls do cute things? MALE GAZE! Every anime will now be some retarded YA novel adaption or capeshit.

yet people these days can proudly say they are communists
no one cares stalin killed 60 million people

>Generally conservative and xenophobic country who used to be part of the allies
>Make a big deal about a guy having right wing views
Also no one fucking cared about the director beforte this.
First they make a big deal out of Dies Irae for fetshizing nazis and now this, fucking ANN.

>all disgusting women deserve chads!
>the taxpayers should fund single mothers!
>Down with the patriarchy! Long live polygyny!

anyone remembered her review of KLK talking about all the nazi imagery?

This. Glad to see the piece of shit's career is ruined. Maybe he can salvage it if he apologizes.

And yet only one of them could get you fired or shamed both online and in real life, really makes you think huh

I can't even tell who is serious or baiting or biting bait ironically.

Many from the middle east don't believe in the holocaust. But muslims are know antisemits.

>Some cunt makes 20th thread about franx
It's better than generalfaggotry.

>So there's nothing preventing them from having him direct the next season
There was never going to be one in the first place

>Also a libcuck.
What a fucking surprise.

If you make threads about anime that isn't currently airing people barely post unless its some pretty popular anime, but threads like this gets a lot of discussion.

That's because Stailn killed 60 million not communism.

Japs still deny Nanking and had the gall to make anime about them being the victims in that Irregular magical student show. Yet none of those cock suckers batted an eye like this.

go back to Cred Forums

Why do you even care?

I do not understand. Why would nips give a shit about crying gaijin?

>tfw political correctness is wiping scum like you from the public eye

Well shit I actually like flifla and especially ep 3

>yeah, there is no way someone would disagree with my intelligent dogma. this isn't happening.

because crying gaijin made MANY other gaijin cry

go back to ann forums.

i for one would be perfectly fine with retards getting fired for denying any of the communism massacres
fact is communismn has had better PR, so there's less outrage for that kind of thing, so companies don't really need to do it

>Accepted by virtually everyone except a few teenagers on the the Internet and skinheads

Not really.
North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia all have Holocaust denial as a part of the curriculum. Jews are the aggressors in those parts of the world so they're vehemently against giving them an inch.
The rest of Africa has much bigger problems than some random European history.
Asia, likewise, ignores it.
Dunno about South America but keep in mind several of the states there have been nazist until relatively recently just like their founders in Spain.

It's a western world thing only.

It's called choosing your battles. Easy win.

m-muh free speech!

but at the end of the day they are all gaijin so my question remains

the worst part of Dies Irie was there weren't even any nazis after the first episode. why was that flying golden throne manned by battoru maniac ubermensch dropped in favor of some generic goddamn highschool shit fucking dropped

Because there are Japaneses people who also dislikes nazis.

Fuck off Cred Forums.

>Meguca 2.0 meme

Holocaust denying probably isn't what got him into hot water. That's what annoyed ANN. It's the Japanese nationalism that's dangerous and Japan is purging thanks to the Olympics.

How is it not better to have one thread instead of 20 existing at the same time?
Yes, but I've seen threads deleted, not buried under other threads, within minutes. I had my threads deleted like that too. Like, give us a chance to discuss anime, that's what this board is for, fuck's sake.

Choosing would imply they knew about their history. Problem is, ANN is mostly made up canadians that only were taught WW2.

>there are Japaneses people who also dislikes nazis.
not really

>North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia all have Holocaust denial as a part of the curriculum
[citation needed]

Imagine being a degenerate enough to care about other degenerates. Laugh at the moron who got caught.

picked up

>that's because the nips aren't Western so we can't hold them to our enlightended standards.
>t. lefty fag

gas the kikes.

If you read further up, he was never employed by the company and they gave a canned response clearing up that connection so angry gaijin won't spam their inboxes.


As I said, they hate Israel and it simply goes from there.

you didnt post any proof for your claims either, why should he

why don't you faggots start up your own alt right anime site lol

>He never watched Memri TV

Of course there are, even if it comes from such thing as American film.
Or do you mean that modern Japan are sympathetic to nazis?

So this thread is a big deal about nothing? Good.

it's called Cred Forums

>(not the good kind)
there is no bad kind

Stalin killed to protect his idea of communism.

Holy shit it's literally another, "feel bad about the holocaust goy" piece coupled with a character smear. (((Silverman))) indeed.

director's career is still dead in the water though
in nippon if a company issues a statement like that about you, you're as good as sudoku'd

I fail to see the problem unless he actually inserted some of his antisemitic views on the anime which doesn't seem to be case. Just let the guy have his own opinions as long as they don't interfiere with the work.

Fuck off Cred Forums, anime is degenerate shit, so go back to wank on Adolph-kun somwhere else.

I mean I get it, you think everyone who doesn't care about your opinion on the internet is a "white soyboy" but I'm just some asian dude who doesn't want to read endless complaining about how "this generation is fucked, everyone is retarded but me" and "sjws have ruined everything, I miss the good old days".

How much until ANN start hunting other member of the staff from different studios?.


Do you think it's okay for a company to publicly vilify their freelance workers when said workers contradict the ruling Jews? How long before every living human is forced to repeat whatever their rulers say for fear of unemployment? You kids better get smart before you find yourselves stuck in living hell.

But he's right though. Non-westerners have little reason to be neurotic over a European affair that boils down to whites chimping out on other whites.

net-juu is set in an alternate universe where the nazis won

Stalin killed people to protect his power, which for some part stemmed from his use of communism.

>It seems that the vast majority of users on Cred Forums don't care enough to engage so they just say nothing.
t. I started posting yesterday

Japan can do no wrong. The amount of Nazi references in manga/anime is insane as well, now suddenly ANN cares. Then again these days everyone has an hard-on for japan

You're arguing with someone who is afraid of a bean lol

the answer isn't to not fire nazis
the answer is to fire fucking commies

but that's impossible because commies dont have jobs

Bet you wont say that in a public restaurant.