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Vote which prince you think will die next.

Before the 1st banquet
Second Week
After Kurapika wraps up his crash course (2nd banquet)
>Zhang Lei

Fugetsu, Marayam and Woble will escape. Their mothers will die.

Final battle will be between Halkenburg and Tserriednich

Rest in peace Sale-Sale.

Well, it's confirmed you can explain your ability and shut him down. Not that I think it will be relevant in his death. Chances are he'll probably just get punched to death for maximum irony.

I think the most likely is Sale-Sale, but it could also be a random younger prince
Momoze dying sort of came out of nowhere besides that bit about her feeling tired
The one I'm hoping dies as soon as possible is Tyson though

>Oito will die
Please have mercy Togashi

The guards mostly seem to have reconnaissance type abilities. I like that soldier types don't have some silly power attacks for once.

Other than Vincent's excellent one hit kill air blow of course.

Princes with their nen beast power revealed are more likely to die.

Is she sleeping?

Tyson will not die so fast. Togashi will use her (?) as a character who experiences some sort of a breakdown seeing that world is not a fairy tale.

I doubt both marayam and woble survive. maybe woble will die as well as sevanti and oito adopts her surviving children or smth like that.

It is pretty cool and makes sense. As a combat unit, it wouldn't be great to just have a bunch of heavy hitters. Like in the PT how everyone valued unusual skills like Koltopi's and Paku's over just hitting or cutting real good.

She's more alive than ever!

If he activated it when he knew nothing it won' change shit..

Voting for Zhang-Lei. He's supposedly influential, but really pretty bland and random, making him the perfect candidate for "shit got real" death, which should happen quiet early I guess.

I hope Togashi does something interesting with her character and beast. And she seems pretty safe right now. Izu and Mr. Smiley with a blessing from her beast are pretty substantial foes.

I think he'll be an important fourth or fifth death. I doubt he'll die until he shows off his evil side Togashi has frequently alluded to.

l-looks fine to me ;_;

371 viz was good quality, that user was solid.

Humans aren’t interesting.

I'm pretty sure Fuugetsu dies and not Kacho. From what we see, I see Kacho is prepared to die for her (hence the bitchy act), so her Fuugetsu's death will end up being more tragic.

Katty is prepared to sacrifice herself to save Fuu. Even Togashi wouldn't be so cruel as to do a reversal on that.

I want to pet Pitou

Why didn't Killua know about nen before the hunter exam and battle tower?

Wake me up when Hisoka appears

He hasn't done enough to die yet.

That's exactly why he'll do a reversal, I mean, if he kept it secret until the end, I could see him sparing Fuu, but now... no way.

Just taking a beauty nap, she will wake up any minute now.

he was not an obedient kid (like his siblings) so teaching him nen early would be too dangerous for the family

Zhang will win mate.

his parents didn't want him to know about it yet.

Not everyone can "do enough", there's way too many characters. His death will be equivalent of bad guy OHKO'ing hyped super-powered being in a fight-oriented arc. So for all intnts and purposes, I expect him to be a jobber. That's how I see it at least.

3.) They will both die.

He wasn't taught nen.

Sometimes killing two characters is less tragic than making one of them live, user.


This is arc is boring and confusing

They will die, resurrect and then die again. Finest tragicomedy.

It does have a few boring stretches, like the beginning of the current chapter, and if you try hard to rmemeber all the bodyguards, it’s rough. Usually they’ll remind you of who they are, until you naturally remember who they are.

>I doubt he'll die until he shows off his evil side Togashi has frequently alluded to.
I bet he'll invite the Troupe in to kill everyone else, only for him to be one of their first victims.


What evil side? The mafia is the only thing I can think of.

Me too. She is so goddamn cute.

I've even reread chapters and still can't remember. I don't think i'm retarded. The refresh page from the new chapter naming all the princes and their mothers and I still couldn't remember any names.

To you who can remember everyones names, god bless you

look at her adorable grin

Shimano said that he's the kind of balanced type. Kind and benevolent when it fits him but ruthless when he needs to be. The fact that he is affiliated with the mafia at all says something right there. And Tubeppa's irrational hatred of him has to have some root beyond just being "indulgent."

I can't stomach MS anymore after seeing how much better Viz was this time around. But I don't know if I can just wait for Monday so its a necessary evil.

Someone post the chart for this fellow. I have it and I saved it from these very threads, but for some reason it's too big for me to post.

Just think of MS as a more elaborate spoiler than the basic text spoilers. Plus it gives us some nice memes. If someone doesn't have O MY RUBBER NEN saved in their otherwise Viz volumes, they're no fun. Same thing with "The Succession Crisis can choke on my cock. Fuck that shit!"

s̶̨̯̗̺̫̬̣̭̯̫̞̺̽̐̽̋̚͜ͅͅp̵̤͍̬͋̎̔̔͊̎̈́̔̓͗͘͘͝͠͠o̶͎̝̰͓͔͊̑͐̊̾́̆̾͆͂̑̊͘i̶̼̜̽͊̄̈́͂̊͛́͑̓͘l̵͎̝̖̠̺̬̩̠̖̹̻̤͓̯̟̾͋̈́̂̈̂̈͠ē̸͍̥̼̺̜̿̓̒̀̀̓̿͝ȓ̴̡̠̰̞͕̥͇̖̥͇̹͓̱̬̓̽́̔̈́̃͗͌͋̂͑͝s̶͖͇̤͚̳̯͔̙̮͉̻̿̄͊̔̽̆̆̈́͜͜ ̸̥͇̭̱͋͛͒͜w̸̧̙̞͈͈͌̈́̇̀͑̀͒̉͛͆̀͐̽͛͜͠ͅ ̶̨̞̗̮̻̫͇̣͚̥̺̖͉̉̈́̓́̑͜h̸̛͚̪͚̰̞̥̙͎́͌͐̈́̄è̷̥͈̠̯̙̥̬͐͊̌͜n̶̛̤̻̜̱̪̮̫̘͈̺̬̳͖̱̈́̀͑̔̄̑̾̆̆͘͝͝ͅ

Ka-chin will survive and then bang Fuugetsu to celebrate.

Marayam will probably die due to his guard refusing to work with the Hunters. Not sure how early, since keeping him alive removes Bisky from the equation for the time being and I doubt Togashi would want Bisky running around, considering how strong an ally she would be to Pika. However, if some villain finds out a way to kill Marayam without undoing the Hatsu, he is more or less guaranteed dead, as that would benefit Togashi the most (removing two of Pika's allies without killing them)

Sale-Sale seems like a good candidate for dying, since it seems like we know of his ability, and he doesn't have any POVs besides Benjamin's guard. But then, we have to learn what the banquet plot is. If it is a bomb, it could come into play after another Prince learns of it. If it is an assassin, then Sale-Sale would have to live a little longer.

Camilla is already captured and only waiting for Benjamin to execute her, but the fact she shut down her Nen Beast has to become relevant at some point. Possibly leading to her escaping from captivity before being executed.

Tse doubted that Tubeppa could make it alive to the First Banquet, and since he seems the main villain of the arc, I am betting on him being right. If there is some build up towards learning of Tubeppa's ability, I am sure she will die.

Tychon has been really weird so far, but the fact she has two hunters with her who would go help Kurapika if she died probably means she is staying alive a bit longer.

The earliest I can imagine Luzurus and Zhang dying is during the first banquet, but they will more than likely become intertwined with the Spider plot.


you'll have to ask nicer than that if you want access to my rarer Pitou's

Yeah, the mafia connection sort of guarantees they won't be offed until the Spiders come onto the scene. Of course, once Luzurus fulfills that, he and Basho will be killed off horribly.

I don't exactly understand his power. If he guesses the ability of his opponent, he basically wins, since the predator grows inside his opponent? If I'm correct, that sounds OP as hell, how can someone counter that?

How many Pitous do you have?

be an enchancer, emitter or oh-my-rubber-nenner and you're good.

it's about quality, not quantity my friend

Kinda, but no. Predator creates a "Perfect Counter" to the ability inside his own body. So if he guesses Pika's chains, Predator would create a "Chain Repellent Magnet" or something like that that would keep chains away.

§þðïlêr§ w hêñ

I want to be Pitou's friend.

>he basically wins
No, his chances of winning are higher.

I want to be Pitou's pillow

The entire chapters out right now nigger

I'll be Pitou's blanket.

Until we see exactly what the Predator is capable of, who knows. The closer his guess is the stronger the Predator can counter, but we don't know if it's a sure win or anything.

And the ability isn't very OP because in normal circumstance you don't get to observe the enemy this much. This dude is looking at the Hatsu 16 hours out of the day, so it's strong. If he was thrust into a direct combat situation, it's unlikely he'd be able to deduce the enemy's ability with any high accuracy and grow the appropriate Predator. And he can't counter simple Enhancer or Emitter abilities, and there's a lot of those. His ability is good in this situation, but pretty bad outside of it. It's cool, though.

I'll be her fan

I'll be her cookie.

If you have better basic Nen skills than him, Ten, Ren, etc. and a mastery of Ko and Ken and shit, you could just beat him without your Hatsu since he wouldn't be able to use his. Since Ben's guards aren't as good Nen users as Hunters, someone like Knuckle could just beat him up old school, no need for fancy tricks.


Man, the Hunter Wiki is making me feel stupid, I always thought Genthru was a transmuter with some emission abilities, but he's a conjurer, the heck man.

He conjured the bombs on the bodies of all the guys in the guild, didn't he?

Which is why he's useful in an army where others can cover his weakness and he can only be deployed in situations favorable to his abilities.

then I'll be her fish

There is plenty of stupid shit on the wiki though. But yes Genthru is a conjurer.

I'll be her skull.

user, YAMETE.

Zhang's bodyguard started guessing about ways to kill Halkenburg the moment Halkenburg's bodyguard revealed that his Nen ability has a heavy restriction. Nobody else but Kurapika knows about Halk's ability, which means that if anybody is going to put Halkenburg on a lockdown situation, it would be Zhang. But for that to become necessary, you would need to get Halkenburg to become a real contender above the First Princes, which just isn't happening the first week.

Moreover, Kurapika remarked that Zhang's bodyguard uses a gun caliber that most Nen-users can't block even with Gyo, meaning that somebody near Zhang has some experience facing Nen users. Add the Mafia background

There's a lot of abilities he wouldn't be able to counter on the fly unless he observed them use it against someone else. Against APR, if Knuckle didn't explain anything, there's little chance he'd be able to figure it out and develop the Predator before he went bust. If Welfin went Missleman on him, there's just no chance you can logically deduce that ability because it's so absurdly complicated for no reason. Against a counter-type user he wouldn't be able to deduce anything meaningful because he wouldn't want to trigger their ability start with. Even if you figure out they're a counter-type, there's a huge difference between Feitan and Cammy's ability, for instance. Etc. Etc.

Plus there are a lot of simple Hatsu out there that he can't counter. If he ended up against one, he's toast.

out of the loop. is it that bad?

Might be doing that on his own. Though Zhang seems the kind of guy who covers all bases. Similar to Kurapika in a way.

Well, the "bombs" were all part of his transmuting aura, I thought that he used emission to simply stick his aura(bombs) onto other people.

I'll be the rest of her skulls

It's just a lot of guess work most times.

Stop talking about the convoluted story. Talk about Pitou instead.

Wiki is full of assumptions with sources to manga pages that don't support them.

It had all kinds of convoluted rules and restrictions, that's usually a tell of conjuration.

It would be nice if there was a new databook with Togashi's blessing so we could put to rest so many of these conversations. Because a lot of times we end up with characters that could arguably fit two different categories. It's particularly troublesome when they have an unusual Hatsu.

I'll be the annoying food between her teeth.

Pitou has been irrelevant since forever. It's just a dead cat.

Rules and restrictions aren't exclusive of Conjurers, but ok.

Thanks for the new Pitou pics

You are a dead irrelevant cat.

You can find many here, Pitoubro.ネフェルピト&order=date_d

He said convoluted rules

The Pitou posters have all gathered
now is the time to unseal your rares

There are cats that can bring you back to life. I guess too bad Pitou never thought about that, being a dumb-dumb.

Pitou, Killua and Hisoka are the best characters in HxH.

I miss Goriunu.


Who is your favorite pro hunter (outside of the MCs)?

When will Togashi bring Pitou back?


Definitely Ging.

boat announcer girl



Leorio. Hes that angry guy from the election arc

I ask Pitoufags to stop spamming.

Morel or Pariston or Biscuit.


I promise not to post pictures of her unless I'm also genuinely responding to something else in the thread from now on.

I hope Franklin gets a cool fight, but somehow I know he won't.


Thank you, may your waifu rest in peace.

>Sees Hisoka on the ship and starts firing his bullets
>Hisoka casually uses his Bungee Gum to clog Franklin's finger holes which kills him after all the bullets explode inside him


anyone have the viz chapter?

Aren't his Nen bullets extremely strong because he's autistic enough to cut his fingers off? They killed that one hunter even behind his curtain of Nen soldiers.

Pic related.
Don't worry, the princes will provide fodder for the spiders to outskill.

The last thread did. Check the archive.

There's no way Hisocuck can dodge Alphranklin's Nen bullets.

Short of gumming his holes, Franklin is a pretty legit counter to Hisoka.

Rubber and Gum is stronger, just like with Gotoh's coins Hisoka can block the bullets and send them back.

I would have liked one of the normal zodiacs to be stronger than this fucker

I don't think Hisoka is that much stronger, he's crazy strong fighter because he can use his hatsu in million ways, not because it's inpenetrable. Gotoh just had a fucking lame hatsu.

Gotoh's coins were physical objects though, and blunt ones at that. I would imagine Franklin's nen bullets would have much better penetrating ability

next you will say gumo gumo no can block Razor's Nen balls?

That's where you're wrong

yeah I'm sure there's tons of trees for Hisoka to bungee gum away with and hide behind on the boat

It's true we did see it not break when Razor spiked that ball or Gotoh's shitty coins, but we don't really know what level of force Bungee Gum can take. Franklin's bullets seem pretty stupidly strong.

If Hisoka's rubber nen can resist Razor's spiked ball it'll have no problem countering Franklin's bullets.

Which hair color do you think Cammy has? I'm thinking light pink

razor's spiked ball was still just a volleyball he was using shu on, and it did break all of the fingers on both of Hisoka's hands to deflect it.

I just automatically picture the hair of the princes with lighter hair as blond without thinking

You're comparing a physical blunt round object covered in Nen to a person that believes he's a gun shooting his own aura like bullets. And Hisoka still snapped his fingers to return that ball.

Razor just hit a ball really hard. Franklin's whole Hatsu is Nen bullets and he even cut off his fingertips to "make it work better." I don't think it's the same thing at all.

I think blonde but just because people kept posting pictures of Prince Baka and I can't unsee it.

This has them all blonde, but Volume Cover colors are of dubious canonical value.

Well, there's this cool new state of the art invention that I read about in a new science magazine. You may not of heard about them, but they are called "walls", "tables", "cargo", and "ceilings". Togashi likes to add cool technology into his manga, so maybe Hisoka will make use of stuff like that?


Razor is so strong though that even with Frankin's dedication it still is no match for him, him and the other spiders knew he was stronger than them which is why they backed off instead of trying to take him on. Razor's true power is never truly shown either because he's using most of his nen to power Greed Island. Hisoka probably would've died if Razor was using his true power.


Wow even Luzurus is blonde didn't expect that one


Franklin's nen bullets will go right through tables and cargo, and from what I've seen the ceilings aren't that high in most places. That leaves only walls for him to retreat behind, which doesn't really give him much dodging ability with his bungee gum.

Have patrician killuafags really become extinct and overtaken by pitou/cammyfags?

>momoze isn't a red-head

shit girl, glad she's dead.

>There are actually people ITT that seriously think Franklin's bullets can pierce through the properties of both rubber and gum

Hisoka is an overconfident clown, don't take his word as law.

She better suits pink or blue hair, but red hair doesn't seem too bad either.

I'm more of a Kurapifag but Killuafags are people of taste too.

There was one Killuafag posting some threads ago. I guess that's what you get when you're turned into a siscon and get put on a bus.

I think this fanart coloring is pretty good. She should look like this

Some days I get the urge to ship Killua and Pitou, and Killua is by far my favorite of the main cast. But Pitou is just too lovable

Killua is cute!

wew lad the artist is pretty shit at proportions tell him i'm not paying for that commission

Sale Sale should have hot pink hair

I'm getting really tired of the properties of both your overconfidence and bullshit.

Cammy is CUTER

Pitou is cuter

Have we even seen an ability capable of piercing is fucking gum yet?

I think some of them would be at least brownhaired. But sometimes I forget that HxH has purple and green-haired people.

Is that a...

You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, getting outta here is a delusion
Even a smooth Prince one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with the bullet that she bought
Nine millimeter kickin' thinking about what Benjamin gonna do to me


pitou/cammyfags GTFO this is now a /killua/ thread

Only one cat allowed

>mfw I realize that when Hisoka jizzed in machi's mouth he infused the jizz with bungee gum

Please fucking don’t. The JoJo fan base has degraded beyond the point of no return and now discussion is impossible outside of new chapters, don’t spread that to my next favourite shonen series please.

Nobody can resist Cammy!

Since Camilla is based off of Carmilla she is probably a lesbian.

This has been a god-awful thread. Maybe we should give up on generals for a bit.

Why do people even like JoJo. I remember trying to watch it when the anime came out and it was clear to me that it was made for homosexuals


It won't stop until they announce the hiatus.


What makes Bungee Gum so good is that it has the properties of gum and rubber. Not trying to meme here. This is a pretty dangerous combination.

? The Jojo threads are of pretty good quality compared to all the others shōnen (muh jojo is a seinen) threads.

head canon:
>Ben - silver
>Camilla - light blue
>Zhang - black
>Tser - blond
>Tube - light blue
>Tyson - black
>Luzu - dark brown
>Sale-Sale - light blond
>Halken - dirty blond
>Kacho - blond
>Fug - black
>Momoze - red
>Marayam - black
>Woble - brown

How long would that take to clean? It’d be super sticky. Her mouth was probably gummed for weeks. Speaking of Nen and cum, since Nen is life energy and cum is life juice, would a transmuter be able to convert their aura into semen? You could produce a hatsu that turns your aura to semen as soon as it leaves the body. It’d be the perfect defensive ability since no one wants to touch all that cum. If you were in a confined space like the Black Whale then you could literally drown people in cum if you produced enough aura.

>Since Camilla is based off of Carmilla
Source: your ass

So Camillia can only use her revive 9 times right?

lmao, her nen ability sealed the deal

she's definitely inspired by carmilla

Sounds like Killua's dream come true.

I can't wait until Camilla dies and her bullshit hatsu is unable to save her.

Her ability is called "Million Lives Cat", sweetie

Bitch you think that's hell
better come to hear my tell
bout a pair spoiled brats
getting higher in the ranks
Don't wanna clear Battle Olympia
Don't wanna travel to Philistia
If you think that suite's a cage
then come and see my wage
I don't get paid enough
"Elevator girl"
this job is tough

As many times as long as the cat can kill its target.

It'd be able to take up the properties of gum, but I'm not sure it'd be something you could inseminate people with.

There’s your problem. It’s been running 30 years and changed drastically over time. The first 3 Parts are kind of dumb and very homoerotic but fun, the substance and style begins to shift in 4 and 5 and the writing actually gets good in 6. 7 and what’s out of 8 have been excellent. It’s one of those series where you can really trace the author’s growth. Like Togashi, Araki is always trying new things and pushing himself to improve, though he sucks dick at planning more than a volume ahead, until Part 8 anyway.

To be fair it’s been published in a Seinen magazine for 14 years now.

Is this some ancient copypasta, or did you make it up? Dont remember seeing it in HxH threads

Does anyone else think that Benjamin is ugly? Like sure, Tyson and Tubpmeme are uglier, but he's certainly bottom tier in terms of attractiveness.

In example, he can't compete with hotties like Tsetse and Sale Sale.


Use some Emission in there too and you could fire cum beams at people.

Tse is obviously the only good looking male Prince, he looks as if he was adopted into this family.

>caring abou being a pretty boy when you have to run a countries millitary

I just made it up with my poetic hatsu.

>he JoJo fan base has degraded beyond the point of no return
That happened the moment the anime brought it to the attention of Tumblr and twodigiters. It was only possible to discuss anything in the series around until the OVA.

JJBA is probably the most overrated series ever made. Proof: there are actually subhumans who think "Ztands" are superior to Nen or an inspiration for Nen, when in fact they're just a random meaningless shit version of a fraction of a fraction of Nen's powers (Emission). Also, the only good part was Part 2, after that it went down the drain (because "Ztands" appeared).

Benjamin is half lion.

>JJBA is probably the most overrated series ever made.
[Insert One Piece joke here]

>All these fags that don't enjoy both HxH and Jojo

Just read the manga and ignore the fanbase

Kill yourself retard.

What happened to the viz scans?

The thread just got derailed didn't it?

Haha idiot my stando has the power of trapping people inside my anus when they call me a retard

Princes rank by looks:

1. Tse
2. Benjamin
3. Halkenburg
4. Sale Sale
5. Maryam
6. Luzurus
7. Zhang Lei

1. Cammy
2. Momoze (rip)
3. Kacho
4. Fuu
5. Tyson
6. Wobble
7. Tubeppa

>fraction of Nen's powers
>Nen is just classifying powers seen in DBZ and the like

>you don't like my overrated dogshit asspull shonen? how dare you?!

Just as I expected, yare yare...

This thing is in front of Halkenburg? Really?

Wrong, Momoze is no way above the twins.

Nen is the most perfect power system in battle shonen history

He's got a good body. Chicks dig that

I was told that too much muscles scared girls did i get memed on?

Emission > Conjuration > Enhancement > Specialization > Transformation > Manipulation


Professional body builders get a lot of pussy.
i.e Arnold Schwarzenegger

I'm sure this is samefagging.

After a point, yeah. Ben is obviously beyond that point.

At least with stands you have a chance of getting one with a really OP ability and strength without needing any real training while with Nen you can be training as hard as you can you're whole life but end up still being weak and that some little shit that inherited all his dad's potential has become a better nen user than you in just a few days after learning it just become he won the genetics lottery.

And you're giving (you) to Zushifag, good job.


Just like life

Sounds more like some bullshit nen ability to me

You still have to not be a pussy though, you only get a good ability if you’re not a pushover and fate isn’t being a cunt (which it usually is). Most people would get Stands like Highway to Hell or Cheap Trick, only sociopaths who don’t think like normal people and people with incredibly strong wills get good powers.

Why doesn't someone just shoot him.

So you have the same chance of being shit with both system then? Not sure what you're trying to argue here.



>At least with stands you have a chance of getting one with a really OP ability and strength without needing any real training
Are you sure that's a positive? Despite some people having more talent in nen than others, there's still plenty of room for developing abilities and strategies to make up for that fact. There's nothing like that with stands
Wasn't there a guy that could capture anyone who showed fear inside napkins?

>shitposter who thinks he can mind control the king is so mentally ill he actually thinks it's a minority opinion to say that Nen is the best power system in a HxH thread

Literally no one who disagrees with us ITT except you.

>speedreading Hiatus x Hiatus
the absolute state of this dood

Wobble is chick bro.

>He doesn't know
Ganbatte speed reader kun.


She's a girl, my man

Not surprising, this is a containment general after all

You have a better chance of getting a good stand than being a good nen user, remember this is Cred Forums no one here could physically be a hunter or use nen efficiently but they could at least have an OP stand that can do shit like skip time, hop between dimensions, ect.

Literally no one uses that phrasing but you. Now fuck off forever.

>be Chrolo
>spend the entire fight running
>have to use like 5 different skills
>get help from multiple people, including the innocent crowd

Maybe he was talking about even including her in the poll, given that's she's an infant.

If Leorio can do it, why can't we?

>fair fights

Leorio is super talented, my man. Even Hisoka gives him a pass.

He could store people inside paper if he correctly guessed how they unconsciously expressed fear (lip biting, heavy breathing etc) and then scared them. Kind of a dumb ability but it was clearly more art focused since the process of being turned to Paper was drawn like Escher interlocking art.

Did he really? Was it in the hunter exam arc?

Infants can be cute (in an absolutely non-pedo way)

Yes, when they were trapped with him in the fog. He spared the people with potential.


Leorio isn't a normal human, compared to the other MCs he does look like one but remember back in the Zoldyck arc he was able to open a 2 ton door by himself while the others only did 1 ton.

Leorio has so much potential that even the author doesnt know what to do with him

Wait what the fuck? why did they change it in the 2011 version?

The people who get good Stands are all people who are really strongwilled and physically capable since they’re generated by a virus. Don’t forget that the Arrow kills people outright if they don’t have the capacity to handle a Stand, and that natural born Stand users are one in a billion and those who gain them through training spend years doing so and they only help in the field they trained in. Shit like King Crimson is an outlier because Diavolo was fucking crazy, and D4C is literally the ability native to the Heart of Christ and not a naturally attained ability.

Is that it?
The same tired arguments and discussions
At least five different turbo autists that spam every thread with their drivel
Only 1 (one) new chapter every few months and yet you can't properly discuss it

Nice general you have there, Huntertards

To promote the power of FRIENDSHIP.

What is his hatsu? It would be really cool(and make sense) if he's a conjurator, and he can summon his waifu to aid him in all sort of ways.

Wake me up when something interesting happens

Literally everyone ITT agrees with me except you. Now fuck off forever back to your >containment general

Well, he did become a Zodiac. Even if he was basically carried into the role by happenstance.

We've already more thoroughly discussed the most recent chapter than any other general would be capable in 20 threads. Enjoy being a brainlet, I bet you won't even tell us who you're comparing us to.

Stop LARPing and trying to start shit
I have only seen the 2011 adaption did they change it in the 1999 too? Also are there other examples of them changing the story like that?

Yes, yes, I know this is you as well I hope you're going to at least post an edited (You) pic

The 1999 has some other retarded shit with Leorio breaking in the side entrance and them getting chased by Mike as filler.

>HxH is only for intellectuals like me, Togashit filling every page with needless text that only state the obvious is not an attempt to draw less, but to stimulate my grey matter, hmmmmm

i can't fucking keep track of all these characters in this arc

There is a lot of censorship, and they add some things that aren't there (Hisoka getting attacked by those goons in the Exam, while he was the one starting it) or they just dont include it (Kaito)

>still won't say where he's from
You're from here and looking for (you)s aren't you faggot

>state the obvious
You must have really strong psychic powers

don't worry, they'll be dead soon enough.

>where he's from
I'm from Cred Forums
Fanboying some manga so hard that you form an autistic attachment to it is beneath me

It's not that hard

>He didn't know
Leorio was two times stronger than Kurapika and Gon. He would have gotten to the 200th floor of Heaven's Arena more easily than Gon.

I understand you. I didn't know either that it's a SHE.


idk why I love this picture so much

Bullshit. No one will believe that

Can someone post the picture with gon-san about to smash pitou and he turns around to say something philosophical and edited in, to killlua?

Sorry about your autism, but not everyone has such an empty life that they spend it on a general to discuss only one manga day in and out
I guess I should be grateful that it keeps you faggots outside the actual Cred Forums, but being trapped in an echochamber warped your mind

Cammyshit posters need to be killed

>the actual Cred Forums
so you just browse meme threads all day? Fuck off back to them then instead of begging here for attention

One Peice is better than HxH
Togashi has a lot to learn from Oda-sensei

implying it's not just one dude shitposting


>durr durr durr
>I'm such an epic baiter

We only have fun 10 weeks out of the year, so it's not that bad.

Im going to make my own version of HxH and this time Hisoka is the ONLY main character!

Cammy is the most popular prince on Cred Forums

Yeah we should go back to quality threads like that Pitou thread yesterday

I'm making my own, and Leorio is the ONLY character with Nen!

Pitou posting is probably the least awful thing in this thread right now.

His design is very unusual and grotesquely masculine, but "ugly" doesn't really do it justice.

Luzurus is way more attractive than that. Halkenburg's nose is far too wide to be attractive and Marayam is sort of generic. Also Fuu is better looking than Kacho.

Love his dub voice

I love Cammy!

I just realised the king is called Nasubi because his head is shaped like a fucking eggplant.

I disagree. Manipulation is pretty insane

and the thread is over it was fun while it lasted lads.

>he manages to still lose every fight

Do you think Pitou has a small cute dick or a long girthy one?
not having one isn't an option

Yes, but that's only because you're that guy who thinks he can mind control Meruem if he let's you fulfill your cuhndition.

Hah, Leorio never really lost in a real fight!

I never liked how completely random more Stands were. And how they were several times when one Stand was just better than another, could do everything and more, for no reason at all.

DIE, Pitou is a girl

It's average but barbed.

Please, most of us would fall over in agony like Holly because we couldn't support a Stand.

does that mean she can't have a dick though? Just for the sake of it, what would it be like if she had one?

Pitou, Pouf and Youpi have no dicks, since they were born to serve the King. They have no use for genitals

fucking hot

Him being a meme among Hunters carried him all the way to being a Zodiac. The dude is an inspiration.

>start watching
>initial tone is almost pokemon-tier upbeat

Something tells me I'm in for a ride.

>serve the King
>no use for genitals
Not in my kingdom

Long and girthy
That was the real reason why the rabbit guy was scared

For me the anime never gets too grim i think it has a lot with the color scheme they chose

Enough with that autistic argument. We have seen many powerful Manipulators and as a category it's much more useful than Transmutation.

The weird dude with pins on his face is Killua's brother. Killua loses the Exam cause he kills the guy fighting Leorio

I liked it because it made for creative battles at a moments notice

No wonder Cheadle wanted to secure his dick as fast as possible.

Yeah, but Youpi could morph himself a cock. As big as you like.

Leorio kills the King.

None of this is true.

Baise could control Meruem if enough conditions are met

if he was scared of spoilers I don't think he would be posting in this thread

Pitou is a male.


Youpi and Pouf have dicks, they are males. Pitou doesn't. From your logic you must think that all males Ants are dickless even though they can reproduce. Meruem had no cloth at all but it's clear he has a dick. Too bad he died before fucking Komugi.

Why don't we talk about how cool Hanzo is and how sad his death is going to be.

>More useful than rubber and gum
Fuck off.

Are we sure he has a dick behind that codpiece? Maybe he just hands her a bag of sperm he produced inside of him.

>Kurapika immediately tries to fight gang after getting powers
>The gang jumps him and use him as a pleasure slave

But I thought Killua was the strongest person in Hunter x Hunter.

he will be

His tail, user. You know it, I know it.

Personally, I would say Conjuration is the best because it's the most "contained" category. You have it quite easy if you just train your 100% conjuration and get really good at using Ko (Enhancement technique) to compensate for the max 60% penalty there.

Emission seems like a pointless category to be 100%, you have to go really long range or emit lots of Nen (like the bodyguard goy) to make full use of it. When it comes to emitting stuff relatively close to you (like Netorare did), I'd say Enhancement is always better. Enhancement is just the safest category ever.

Transmutation is the 3rd best category. It really depends on what you transmute your aura to, but there are so many good (and so many bad) options and having 80% Conjuration AND 80% Enhancement makes it the comfiest category if you ask me.

Manipulation's main weakness is that you need to always be good at Emission to do cool shit (like Purple Haze). Manipulating your own body or items connected to your body's aura just seems like a pointless variation on enhancing it. Only Poof did it right and he had the massive advantage of being born with wings.

Specialization is a meme category. There's basically nothing interesting you can do with it that hasn't been already shown in the series (absorbing, stealing or borrowing abilities). There's also the problem that it's basically impossible to make an original Specialization Hatsu that doesn't use Conjuration and/or Manipulation.


> Conjuration > Enhancement > Transmutation > Emission > Manipulation > Specialization

Royal Guards are different organisms than the Ants. They are purposely created to serve the King.
Male Ants can mix with other races, but they would soon die out if they do that, since they have regressive genes (no phagogenesis)

He wouldn't even be able to beat Squala's weakest Chihuahua.

Arguably even worse than Pitoufags

The only autist here is you, JoJofag. Nen will never lower itself to your level.

But he makes Colt rub it and kills people with it.

Is there a single character in hunter x hunter stronger than Killua Zoldyck? I'm not talking normal Killua with the strongest assassination talent in the history of the Zoldyck family who's been trained perfectly since birth. I'm not talking about Killua with genius level nen control that at the age of 12 already matched Bisky's in her 20's. I'm not talking talking about Killua with the ability to transmute his aura into electricity that can stun a royal guard. Nor am I talking about Killua with his limiter (Illumi's needle) removed. I'm not even talking about Killua with his lightning god hatsu that gives him reflexes fast enough to catch a dart that materialized touching his forehead before it could hit him and makes his movements fast enough that Youpi was absolutely helpless against his his attacks. I'm talking Killua with a spear the quality of which is equivalent to a Ben's knife, made of the same super material as his yo-yos, absolutely coated in divine script and coated with a perfected shu of transmuted electricity and wielded with the speed and precision only lightning god mode can allow, wielding multiple ghost stones (in the form of anal beads) giving him enough charge to stay in lightning god mode X 10 until the end of the universe using a second enhancement hatsu to speed himself up even more and coated with conjured butter with special friction reducing properties after asking his godlike little sister(male) Alluka(Who he constantly breeds) for even more speed.

Killua has created the strongest Hatsu of the entire mankind, yes. If he gets one of those super high quality knives (or some similar weapon) that Chrollo stole, he can already - at this point - kill his own father and grandfather in Kamen mode.

He can just wish for his opponent's death. He's too OP

Why doesnt he ask Crollo for one?

This is what I was looking for.

If Killua ended up using a high-quality Ben's Knive infused with Shu and electricity, I would not be remotely mad.

Feel like an idiot for asking about Ant stuff, but what happened to Shoot during the palace collapse? He just shows up during the epilogue and I feel like something was unresolved.

He doesn't need to. All he has to do is fight Chrollo. Hopefully he will pull out the knife to say "hey kid, I cut your dad with this once, look how interesting I am as a human". And then Killua just nonchalantly instakills him with JC (that's enough for Chrollo's soft skin) and takes the knife.

No, no, user, he can't wish for it. But he can command Nanika to kill anyone.

Killua can become Killua-san without repercussions so yeah, Killua could kill 5-10 Meruems no problem.

He gets carried away by Know why Knuckles is fighting Youpi.

And now the JoJofag pulls out his "Nanika is asspull" shitpost trump card.


Youpi brutalized the fuck out of him and then ignored him like trash later, making Knuckle mad as Hell. Sometime after that Knov came in and rescued him.

ara ara

JoJo is better

Stop shitposting for Christ's sake.

Cammy's most likely a lesbian.

>said the shitposter who posted
>JoJo is better


Will he die or give in?

I don’t get why it’s so hard to like more than one series or at the very least not falseflag as someone who dislikes it to shitpost.

I hope he dies. We have enough characters.

He's going to have a really unpleasant death.

Stop posting about it, please. Don't feed the trolls. Just talk about Hunter x Hunter by Yoshiro Togashi.


She is hybristophiliac

He's this arc's Brovda

As much as I love all the new characters and the story progressing like it is, I'll always be sad when we never get see Kaito (female) in action.

sorry for breaking my promise but this thread is unsalvageable anyway

Are there any JoJo influences in HxH? Like in YYH it had a bunch of Part 3 stuff

GUYS GUYS GUYS Chrollo cheated

Kite may or may not get brought up whenever the plot gets around to the captured Ants re: individuality and memories.

Such a pitiful samefagging attempt, Pitoufag

weak bait, desu

Kite might very well be one that tries to stop CA Gyro and bring Gon back to the story.

>being reborn female
A fate worse than death

It's OK, kill it with Pitou.

Let's make it better by posting Pitou.

how is turning into this cutie a bad fate?

I don't want to see Kite as a hot grown up woman.

Hisoka's pretty damned Jojo-esque. Beyond that, not especially. There's some overlap of Hatsu and Stands, but nothing huge. They both have their distinct flavors and internal logics. And some characters like Palm have similiarites with Jojo characters.

Not directly as far as I remember, but Togashi has said he considers Araki a major influence before. I’m sure Araki’s been inspired by Togashi at times too, considering they published in WSJ alongside each other for over a decade before Araki moved to Ultra Jump and Togashi’s back reached critical fuckery levels.

God she's so cute. I would literally kill Gon right now and go to prison just to bring her back.

if gon is dead, the entirety of hunter x hunter is dead

>neither Gon nor Killua banged that
And people are still denying that they're gay

He's had plenty of time as a male. Now he'll be able to decide which gender has a better life. Like Tiresias but way hotter.

the only reason vincent killed himself is because he believed Kurapikas manipulator bluff. So Benjamin would not even get his ability. He would have gone to court otherwise

Nobody gives a shit about JoJo. Even BnHA beats them in sales

Do you think he's related to Morel?

S/He's got a rat tail

No it's not. Gon's story of Hunter Hunting was over the moment he Hunted down his Hunter (father).

Kurapika is the Hunter Hunter now.

And? Considering JoJo has been running 30 years and it’s popularity peaked in the 90s I’m not surprised.

Fuck off. Vincent, your mere presence ruins Ben's Army's reputation as smart and analytical fighters. You are a joke and deserved to die.

But Kurapika isnt huning a hunter

It's his Mom-Aunt!

>Talking about the current boring convoluted plot
Here's a suggestion: Talk about Pitou instead.

He’s hunting Tserriednich who hunts women for sport.

Gon's had his arc. He's accomplished what was set up in the first chapter with Kaito and Ging. Now it's time to resolve Kurapika's arc and Ging's arc and not Leorio's.




He'll be relevant again. Its just a matter of time!

Well it's not Killua's momaunt so he's hundred percent gay

Musse died a more pathetic death than him, though

Pitu Pitu Pitu

He never was relevant he didn't even land one hit on the main villain of the Chimera ants arc

I don't think anyone thinks Killua's straight.

No, his death actually saved Benjamin from suffering the same fate.

no duh

If Pitou was reborn as a human, what would she do with her life? Would she become a doctor? a mother? a hunter(if so what kind)?

It's hard for me to imagine

>died heroically after technically killing an enemy Prince
>managed to place his Nen bird which is still useful even after his death
>said bird told Ben of Cammy's ability and how to counter it


>yup this maid just attacked me and I had to defend myself
>AIR BLOW, wait what it's no...
>krrk guhhuhu

she'd kill Ging and Mito, Gone's birth parents

Based on her interests, probably a doctor.

Pitou is cute!

>Nen is the most perfect power system in battle shonen history
I mean, There are a good number of power systems in Shonen history that are equally as compelling as Nen. I know you're just a filthy shitposter but when you make absolutist statements like that it's hard not to realize that you're undercutting other great mangaka who keep their stuff consistent and engaging.

Plus with some new wrinkles that Togashi introduces, he also raises some questions. This arc in particular introduces the concept of selective invisibility to abilities that overrides Gyo and En (since Bambi couldn't detect the dolphin within his field). This is crazy stupid good for people who previously had abilities in the series because making it so that no one or everyone but your target can see an ability is a tactical advantage.

I know that it's in service to the plot and subtrefuge of the current arc, but sometimes Togashi does beg the question with Nen and we also have some hiccups about how things work that really do "just werk" for the purpose of the writing like Greed Island. We know that a group of people power it, but the 'how' eludes us because we don't know how joint abilities like that work. Golem was a far clearer example of a multi-person nen ability.

Anyways. You'll probably reply with something retarded but I just wanted to inject a bit of sense into this thread. I like nen a lot, but I also understand that Togashi has/can play fast and loose with his own rules. It's in service of a good story so I don't fault him for it.

She was a human though, her Ant part was just too strong. Her proper reincarnation would have nothing to do with her Pitou personality.

I know 3 people who still thinks hes straight, though to be fair they're not too keen on gays so maybe they're in denial

Not that guy, but what are so other good and consistent power systems? I'm always on the lookout for recs.

>There are a good number of power systems in Shonen history that are equally as compelling as Nen
no there not brainlet

Is there any incentive to killing Queens? What would happen to their guards?


>the absolute state of the HxH hentai scene

I think it was specifically stated that all of the royal guards were completely seperated from the lives consumed to create them, or something similar to that.

The Queen's guards report to the Queen's so I guess killing them would be beneficial, although they'd probably just become the child's guards. Creating Chaos could be a factor, since Beasts can kill the Queen but can't kill the Princes.

It's a very homoerotic series, what do you want?

kek, I remember stumbling on that Uvogin x Kurapika one.

I'll never not be mad at how bad the ShindoL one is.

Even with that in mind for a shônen so popular the amount and quality of them are mediocre


The fact that most of them involve killua makes me happy theme of camillas ability


>This arc in particular introduces the concept of selective invisibility to abilities that overrides Gyo and En
Meleoron could do it. Obviously you can't give that invisibility to something directly harmful, just like Knuckles APR was indestructible because it couldn't cause any physical harm itself.

Can I find some newer HxH doujins somewhere?

Needs more pity tbhfam

When Welfin asked Youpi said he didn't have any memories of his previous life because he was just Youpi.

Doujins are really hit or miss. Dragonball, original, Z, GT, and Super including, has been the biggest shonen of all time, possibly of all manga, but it's doujins don't reflect that. YYH was huge but it's doujins are even worse and rarer. Really, the popularity of doujins is directly related to a current anime running and a varied female cast.

I think Zatch bell is one. Book magic is straightforward and provides tactical applications of spells that users have to option select. Paradoxically early Naruto Chakra is good but it falls off super hard once hand seals become obsolete. I had to remove dorohedoro because it's not shonen but magic in that series is good. And you can look at witch hat atelier which is a new series with a language based casting system using runes and glyphs. Magi as well had a great casting system and way to empower martial fighters without needing everyone to be a dedicated mage.

I know I'm forgetting some other old standbys but My brain isn't working with me right now.

Hey my friends. Feel free to make a counter argument instead of shitposting.

>Meleoron could do it
True, I think I am more referring to a non-specialist application to that power though. Something tacked onto an ability rather than the ability itself


Yeah, unlike other Ants, the Royal Guard never showed any interest in their past and had no memories. Just like how the King had none. Probably something to do with the different biology of the higher castes from the lower.

I've never seen a shonen drop in quality faster than Naruto after the Chunin Exam/Sound 4 arcs.

>this is what's happening on the whale

So in other words too masculine to be lewded or fagged up

>gets asked to provide better power systems
>names zatch bell, naruto and magi

No idea what they’d get out of killing a queen, but I don’t imagine the queens will be allowed to live unless their kid is the winner. If they’re all like Oito then they didn’t know about the Succession Ceremony until after marriage and having their first child, and if they lose all their children then they’ll be liable to exposing the Ceremony, so guards might still get promotions under the new regime for tying off loose ends early on in the war.

>tfw most of the hxh doujins have better art than the actual manga

Kurapika is in specialist mode when he uses stealth dolphin.

I guess it is possible to give properties like indestructible or invisible (except for certain people) to certain nen contructs if the conditions allow it.
The doll from "they were 11" is also invisible to everyone except a specific target, maybe that's because the doll itself can't attack, instead visible conjured snakes have to do it.

Nice try my little retard. But I was asked to describe some good Power Systems. Better is always going to be subjective but I think there is something a little bit more solid that can define a good or a bad power system in a story. Again if you want to counter please actually explain why you think those are bad systems.

Chrollo is the best character in this shit show.

you can try sadpanda or maybe pixiv

>If Pitou was reborn as a human, what would she do with her life?


Well there's a reason that any non-pedo stuff is just KilluaxGon

No. Nobody ever makes good HxH doujins anymore. The very few that are made are all yaoi. The only good ones are either old and untranslated or the Cat Emperor Time one



user it's gone you have to let it go

Be a cute cat if she's purely a cat

Be a cute girl if she's purely a girl

Basically cute all around.

But I'm trying to find new Gon x Killua doujins. They can be old too if I have never seen them before.

Pretty much. If you just have a bunch of beefcakes, you're pretty much left with bara doujins which aren't very popular. I've never looked for Fist of the North Star doujins, but I imagine they are rarer than a Catholic virgin.

The Troupe still has no way of defeating him.


Failure to make a point and unable to read basic english.

Pitou is a good wife

He has no way of defeating the Troupe.

>gets ridiculed for naming 3 shitshows
>starts to get defensive and hides behind semantics

>just come into my en radius pal I can even count the leaves falling from small trees

Because that's all they can do. There's little to none of Morel, Knuckle, Phinks, Nobu, and so one.

There's barely any Feitan and he literally reads child torture porn.

he never said he could do that though, just that masters could

sauce on feitan reading child torture porn????

Imagine if there was a doujin about sticking your dick in Bono's holes haha wouldn't that be crazy?

>can't even count fucking leaves
Nobunaga just exist to suffer doesn't he?

only Youpi could fuck all his holes at the same time

Pitou is not even a female nor it is alive. What a joke of a character!

Look up Forbidden Fruit by Trevor Brown

At least there's Ikalgo x Killua.

Why is Tyson so high? Do you guys just hope that Togashi lurks the thread and decides to kill her?

Do you think Togashi browses 2ch?

Although I disagree she'll die next, I can see the reasoning. She's had little impact on the plot and isn't involved in any entangling alliances. She's the obvious choice for Togashi to kill so he has time to focus on other, more important characters.

Stop posting ugly shit characters.

Togashi really is a madman.

What, to read the complaints just to screw with them even harder? Most likely.

What's Izunavi going to do in that arc then though? Will everyone just join Pika?

>momoze is so cute! i hope she wins!

It would have absolutely no impact on the reader tho that's why i think she won't die next

>this thread
Holy shit I was only gone for a few hours and this is what I gotta come back to?

Literally destined to suck.

I'd rather have this than all that autistic arguing we had at the beginning of the thread

She knew

Piyon because she is the cutest.

What the hell you mean those aren't her eyebrows?

How would you feel if Taithon was actually a psycho killer like Tserriednich, but she enjoys skinning men and the Taithon Canon is actually just her scrapbook of victims but no one can be assed reading it so they haven’t realised it yet?


You know anyone can edit that?

That'd be boring since we already have Bateman. It's obvious she's twisted, but I don't think she's that edgy.

I know but it's really specific for it to be false

Aren't those the spots women in ancient Japan put over their eyes to look more beautiful?


It’ll probably be filled with all sorts of twisted population control and eugenics shit to maximise love or some shit like that.
Although she very clearly has eyebrows, too.

Theta is already a puppet controlled by Tse's Beast.

but here it kinda looks like eyebrows

/ourgirl/ Cammy among the lasts


Taithon's design does seem the most similar to the current king in a way, maybe we've been overlooking her too much. If it turns out she is going to play a larger role, Togashi has done a very good job of leaving only the most subtle of hints.

It's possible she shaved the hair and just drew the circles over the bone.

She's deado, friend

check this out lads

removes eyebrows paints them back on again. Ultrarealistic characters

too soon, retard

>only on page 4
>generic as fuck OP
>has nothing to do with fresh chapter
I'm not going to be an asshole and make a different thread or anything, but I'm gonna complain about it.

>once it begins, the right to succession will not be questioned no matter what measures you take
Does that contradict the more recent chapters? Or is it more of a "if you're caught commiting murder during the battle you'll be imprisoned" but "if you're the last survivor you'll be acquitted"

What? we're on page 7 mate

Bill is just a placeholder for Chrollo or Hisoka

Yeah basically the end justifies the means

Pretty much. On paper all killing is still illegal, but off-the-books they can do as they please. Like the King said, it’s falls to the individual to interpret the rules as they see fit. It’s a might-makes-right situation, if they can get away with it then it’s allowed, the intent being to turn them into that kind of ruler.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

Finally you stopped falseflagging and posted your true opinion.

This is what all Chrollolets think.

Somebody should make a new thread because that OP is cancer


Is represent the content of the thread fairly well then?

It's not like the OP actually matters. Leave it be and post quality material in the new thread.

Unfortunately the hotpockets disagree.

>tfw the mods shit on my waifu


>thread got pruned
Aaand that's what you get for calling my best boy a girl, faggot.

Someone make a new thread with a better OP.
I want to post my updated autism infograph.

Kurapika's so cute in Hunter Exam.

I won't accept it until Togashi draws her genital on a spread

Thanks Mods for killing general cancer for a change

Canon porn WHEN

And now i'm getting called cancer by a Hisokafag this place is a disgrace

Alright, different new thread, then

Even a broken clock is right twice a day faggot.

Probably blonde.
Shuiehsa colors(as much as I like them since I’m a plebeian brainlet) colors don’t count, Togashi doesn’t have a set color palette either. Best guess is just blonde

Kurapika is a girl

>Chrolloshit pretending that Hisokabros are cancer
Die reddit.

Shut up patreak. All characterfags are cancer.

I'm not your friend, you mentally ill reddit poster. You are the biggest cancer ITT and I quoted you 3 times in my last two posts.

Pure, cancer.