Is Mai a well written character?

Is Mai a well written character?

Well designed, yes.
Written, not so much.

mai is for _______________

>Well designed, yes.

I love Mai!

For old dicks

Complex character.

With detailed backstory, eh.

No, but I'll tell you EXACTLY who is.


Yes she is. Read the light novels if you want to learn more about her character.

Top-tier girl stuck in a boring anime.

You're thinking of Koitus.


Well defined plot

Mai is for choking Koitus with her thick thighs.

>Read the light novels

>huge tits overlapping the panel frames

You'd have to import them from Kyoani shop.

ruru is better

Reina is the best

The limbo scene was the most memorable thing from her lame show.
Her design is made for gangbangs though.

Drawfags here?

this the most butt-heavy kyo-ani show?


Will KyoAni ever animate anything better than this?

Did the mc fuck this bitch or not?

You could say she is very well rounded

>harem anime mc ever getting pussy
You haven't seen an anime in your life do you?


Post webms of her fight scenes
Underrated aspect of her character to be honest

Now we are talking.

Her big thick ass is.



You have ones where they're fighting to supervisor bot inside a factory in the third episode? Her flying kick right at the finale is one of my favorite action shots in the show.


how do you write an ass

The lack of monkey rape doujins is a travesty

This is the one I have. If you mean the one where she kicks one of the smaller bots to destroy the Robo Phantom's anti-sound device, then I don't have that one.

pretty bland character but very good fap material

For anal.

anime tiddies

What element would she summon if she rubbed her butt?

I want her to be my mom

Wow I've only ever actually fapped to the doujins but these action scenes look pretty decent. Is it worth a watch?

You're on an anime board bruh, just fucking watch it.

The only episode worth watching is when the MC turns into a shota and Mai has to take care of him. Pure kino.

Which subreddit is this from?

The one that you should go back to

You first

>/fit/ girl
>draw her fat
why do landwhales have to ruin everything that is good?

Eh, it was boring.


she's /fat/

Wrong. Haruhiko said that aside from the chest and butt she has a tight slim body.



How old is she?

>not posting the MelonPan version

The shota episode was cute.


>This is fat
You landwhales are delusional

Best slam piggy.