This has been quite a good chapter for Jobin fans.
How are you liking JoJolion so far? And what kind of developments do you want to see in the future?

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Gappy makes me happy

I like it. Pure kino.

>this guy again

Joshuu makes ME happy

Jobin's going to turn out to be my favorite villain

I love it. It's becoming my favorite part and Jobin is becoming my favorite villain.

I just generally like jojolion I feel it's a good balance of story and slice of life with some light comedy the only think that can improve I think is the stand concepts but not making them overpowered just making it some sorta stand that someone would relate to or want to have

I think that would be interesting and just add more salt to the show

Goddamnit another thread. Am I supposed to shitpost on this now

So something more like Part 4?

What else are you supposed to do?

It's fucking amazing. Best part so far. Araki has always been objectively getting better at each part. One's tastes on preferring one to the other is purely subjective.

It's my favorite part, I can't wait to find out what fuck its story is about.

What do people see in Jobbin?

Such a good battlecry.

>How are you liking JoJolion so far?
Jojolion is probably my 4th favourite part.
>And what kind of developments do you want to see in the future?
I want to see the "main" villain already.

The main villain is Jobin. There's just no other person that comes to mind.



>has nothing to do with Gappy

>little screentime
>just there to help jobin

Doppio gets me Uppio

Fuck I want to diddle him.

Diavolo is for Diddling, Doppio is for Cuddles.

Batoto fucking died, where to read now?



When will you jojofags move on to a better series?

When Araki retires, which will be long after I've died.

I love~~~
'Fish Sausages'.

Go to bed Joshuu

I'm gay

I love~~~
'Your Mom'.

Unpopular, but correct opinion time.

The dub is better than the original Japanese audio.

>the artwork in recent chapters

The message above is bait, dont bother opening the spoiler

Speed King is too fucking based. Jobin ftw!

Just because you're too scared to believe the truth doesn't mean it's bait.


Wrong, the dub has fucked up in many places.
If you're taking about the OVA, though, that's a different story.
Did N'Doul speak in third person in the original?


Is it worth starting JoJolion if it isn't even finished?

Why am I addicted to these threads?

Yes so you can experience shit like Speed King's screentime this chapter.

If you're so addicted why is this thread dead?

I want to kill Mariah

Last time I read JoJolion our boy gappy had ran into some pair of twins and I remember a soccer ball, maybe.
Anyone know which chapter this was? Wanna get back into reading what came out while I've been away

chapter 43

Many thanks
Have this Scary Monster


Stop getting your fanart from KYM

It's great. I usually prefer the adventure aspect of the series, but Jojolion is absolutely fantastic with what it's doing. I'm really looking forward to where it heads next after the Rokakaka.

I love JoJolion more than I love my family

The anime is so poorly animated holy fuck

That's because you are watching the manga you stupid fuck. Manga has virtually now animation


Only the first 3 episodes of Stardust Crusaders looked consistently good

Don't you get tired of complaining about every anime's animation but still choosing to watch anime?

Don't you get tired of assuming things about people who say things you don't like?

It's just that I see so much complaining about digital animation but people still watch anime like they have Stockholm syndrome. I think the Jojo anime looks like garbage too but complaining about animation is pretty much taking over anime discussion and it gets old.

And animeonlies piss me off.

>And animeonlies piss me off.
Where'd you get the idea that I'm one?

Not him but you whine like one.

It's Bruno!

And why is that exactly? How do animeonlies whine? As far as I know, they don't complain about the JoJo anime, they praise it as the best anime ever. I don't understand your retarded reasoning.

It's ugly fanart!

I'm the original guy and like I said, they complain about animation and continue watching like they have Stockholm syndrome. The only reason I can see too to watch the anime is if you hadn't read the manga.

post your FAVORITE character in each part

Maybe I'm a JoJo manga fan who loves to see adaptations of his favorite series? Maybe one day I was curious about the anime so I watched it, and I was greatly disappointed, resulting in me complaining about it?

I don't have TIME to make a chart.
So I'll just list em.
Lisa Lisa.
And uhh I'm not sure yet.


Gyro and AltDio, because of his EoH kit

I'm gay


wrong reply sorry

Honestly there's nothing wrong with watching anime and criticizing its animation.

I know it's generally accepted that it is Yotsuyu Yagiyama watching Yosuho at the end of chapter 25, but for some reason, that never really sat right with me. Especially because he looks totally different in the next chapter. And chapter 72 made me think of this again.
No chance the eyes at the end of chapter 25 are actually Rai's, right? Is his familiarity with the basement passages a coincidence?

>Hol Horse

Damo (so far)

I want to say you're on to something, the design change to Yotsuyu is very jarring, but it's likely Araki forgot/changed his mind again.
Why would Rai even be there?

It looks like Gappy.

Is Eye's of Heaven worth it at $40? I know it was like $15 last week, but I missed that sale.

What's the name for Johnny's eyes? It's like bloodlust or killer instinct or something like that

Wow it looks better not colored

>>Why would Rai even be there?
Yeah, I was thinking that, too. The only thing I can postulate is that Rai was visiting Norisuke. The theory doesn't hold much water; at most, it's probably a throwback to make readers remember how much weird stuff goes on in that basement.

And that was also my first thought when reading c25 the first time. I guess we can chalk it up to Araki not yet working out the sameface disease in the new-ish art style at the time.

Space Ripper Stingy Eyes.
Murderous intent.


Obviously. The whole manga looks better not colored by Shueisha.