Tfw just found out people hate pic related

>tfw just found out people hate pic related
Excuse me?

You have to have the shittiest Akane ga Elfen Lied taste to enjoy it.

Another manbaby show what is next Barney?

the entire thing is shit except Yuuno, who unironically turns it from a 1/10 to a 9/10

Honestly it boggles my mind that there's such a vast discrepancy between how shit everything is except one factor, and how that one factor can single-handedly carry the entire manga on her back

I love how Third had absolutely no motivation besides wanting to kill people

Also Paradox was top tier

The weirdest part is that this, of all things, had an unironically 100% happy ending.

I dont get the hate either.
It sure had its flaws like the others not actively fighting eachother wihtout the MC's presence or some unexplored mechanics of diaries like phones running out of battery/no signal etc.

But even with all this in my the only anime that made me feel just as empty afterwards is S;G

Not to mention the opening/ending songs were top tier.

It was fucking awful.

>Tfw we'll never see what happened in the First World with badass Yuki (who might have shot Minene during the school incident) and semi-normal Yuno
>Tfw we'll never have a Paradox OVA with cute Akise x Tsubaki

Life is pain

The writing in general is top tier. Not a single wasted moment. Tons of memorable dialogue, characters, etc. That's hard for an anime that's 26 episodes. I honest to god think it's one of the few anime that's actually this consistent.

Its literally : "Plotholes" the anime

>That moment when Yuki and Kurusu smiled cutely at each other
>And then Kurusu pointed a gun at his head

Gets me every time

Considering that Murmur (and later Gremory) are outright called demons multiple times, does that mean Satan existed in the Mirai Nikki universe?

Minene is also involved in carrying. Not as much as Yuno, but at least 2-3 of these 8 additional points you assigned are hers.

>tfw its my alltime favorite but im scared to rewatch it all these years because my taste and expectations might have changed

in my experience they only get better on rewatches. But only because you've seen so much shit anime.

I see Cred Forums complain about protags being shitty all the time, but I never agreed until I saw the MC in this one.

I just dont know man. Never again im getting that feeling when the ending song finishes playing and im just lying in the bed cold and sweaty. Its 3am and the only thing that puts me back into this world is the massive lightning strike outside

[spolier] but if you say so... [/spoiler]


I don’t get it either, some of the gore may have been unnecessary but the second half was top tier.

The manga was super fun to follow month to month

Especailly during the end when the MC was murdering all the orphans and then his friends

The ending is balls because the author can not write an ending to save his life, but it was an ejoyable series

The anime is meh

>know it has tons of problems
>still loved and enjoyed it to the point putting it in my top 10

Here's a reason why Mirai Nikki is bad, OP:

>Main girl is the only driving force for the show to be watchable
>The protagonist and his gay detective boyfriend are literally Shinji/Kaworu
>the concept of the diaries die with mr. mayor, who is able to literally make fictional god given powers into a bitcoin mining rig, which can use everyone's phone in the city to just fuck shit up, YET he dies from the most cliche thing he could've: friendship
>literally, everyone is brain-dead apart Yuno
>Deus ex machina literally Deus ex machina's himself out of existence with plotholes
>"muh viscous cycle of farming universes to be with muh bf"
>we did not see anything from the world one where Yukki was ACTUALLY with a spine
>also, Yukki goes 0-100 just because he got a blowjob off-screen
>Yukki's parent's are a crime against humanity
>to top it all of, Yuno is perfect in EVERYTHING she does, hell, she is able to kill bulletproof Swatbois by hitting their arteries with a MAGNUM GUN, NOT ENCOUNTERING ANY RECOIL, AND JUST SCRAPING THEIR NECKS, A WHOLE SQUAD OF THEM, MIND YOU
>Also, ninth-kun
>she is literally was made for the author to patch up the swiss cheese that is this show's plot

and god bless her existence. wholesome terrorist bean uwu

I like it but I still can admit it was shit.

>Being this autistic
No one cares you fucking sperg. HAHAHAHAHA

>calling people names on a anonymous board

boy you showed me

It was a nice ride. I really loved the Power Ranger guy episode. Yukiteru becoming a scumbag was nice too.

That is actually my all time least favorite show.
Pic related it's the plot.

>babby's first edgy anime

>I remember Cred Forums threads every chapter when the manga was just coming out.
>Every frame of every page was meticulously dissected and analyzed.
>Speculation threads were shitpots of hilarity and fail.
>each new release was greeted with WHOOOAAAAAAH
>Code Geass sundays had nothing on Mirai Nikki
>Manga ended
>then an anime came out
By that time all my hype was gone. I couldn't care about the series at all. I'd already had my catharsis from the manga. Anime? It's just a fucking rerun, as far as I'm concerned.

>Main girl is the only driving force for the show to be watchable
I honestly thought she was one of the worst characters.

There's not a single good character anywhere in this shit.

Shit female lead.

Shit female lead but the only one to carry the fucking thing.

Like Franxx?

I rewatched the whole thing a few months ago.
It was shit.
Paradox is the only good thing to have come out of it.
Maybe the game too but I don't even know how it ends with the 13th player.