Why would you do this to your cutest character?

translations never

that's what i'm saying

But the translations are all caught up?

Is Okazaki really here ? Last time we saw him he was about to get slice&diced, so Sakurane is surely lying about that.
Also is Nora still alive ? plz ;_;

>Is Okazaki really here
Clearly not, he's lied to her about literally everything since she arrived.

did he violently finger her or what

I guess it's just slow releases then

I think there was more than just the fingers user

last release was october 30th last year, pretty long wait

subject of this thread

Still two chapters behind.

well fug

Fucking retard


i see no proof of a dick being involved

I'm pretty sure it was a knifing, since he cut off her nipples too.

100% identical artstyle to Chi no wadachi.

user... i...

Wow I wonder why!

I dream about doing this to yuri

>Chi no wadachi
mangaka of aku no hana should actually sue these fuckers

Are you retarded?

Picked up

What's this manga is even about? I think I've opened a chapter randomly some time ago and it was some weird cult and a girl in a cage, What was it all about?

It was a joke, son.

its about vampires and suffering

Is a thriller or something like that?

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

yeah this really depressing, I cant keep following this

Why don't you fucking read it yourself and find out.

>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18

Because reading it would take more time than asking about it. Duh.

Go back.

It only took me an evening to read it all
there's only 35 chapters, ~30 pages each

>has time to act like a retard on Cred Forums
>doesn't have time to read a couple of pages

>has time to post K-On pics
>can't summarize a manga he reads

Cred Forums is so weird. It would spend all the time in the world avoiding one question because who knows why.

Because you could actually look it up for yourself instead of wasting my time

What'd he do? Stick his fingers in her ass?

Wtf it isn't happy at all

is this porn for psychopaths or something?


Why would anyone fall for what this guy says?

Jesus fucking Christ, these manga disturb me.
If you can enjoy them while keeping from doing this stuff yoyrself, by all means go for it. I'll pass.

I don't think I can resist acting out some of the scenes portrayed user

This is fucking nothing, why do you redditfags keep flocking to this board and shitting up our threads?

So is Yuki going to save this nobody or is Sudo going to get diced in front of this brat who will in turn incite a riot amongst the cult?

My edge meter is off the charts
"Happiness" on google right?

none of this is happy

There are literal uncropped, full pages ITT. Just reverse search it moron.

The latter, if he doesn't die it would cause problems if Okazaki returns.