It really wasn't that bad

It really wasn't that bad

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It was good, actually.

If you weren't such a new piece of shit you'd know only a vocal minority of Cred Forums says it's bad. Regardless of how you feel about the animation it was one of the few adaptations that did justice to the original material.

Which is why there was such a huge shitstorm when it aired and barely got threads afterwards right?

Yes. Call it pleb filter.

>Which is why there was such a huge shitstorm when it aired
Secondaries make shit threads, what else is new?

The manga just has much better art. If you're going to rotoscope don't make it worse than LA. That's my gripe with it. Use some god damn shading.

I got eye cancer from trying to watch that shit.

it was kino


>barely got threads afterwards right?
There's always threads of people who actually liked it, just like OPs. It was a shitstorm because Cred Forums is full of retards with no taste (just look at the catalog) who enjoy seasonal otaku pandering shit like darling in the franxx.

wait wait wait what's going on it hasn't been that long

japanese didnt like this show because hit to close home

user, I...

3D Nakamura is kinda cute.

targeted seething, I can tell where you came from child

The most cheerful OP of the season. The most depressing ED of the season.

>this mad

>Regardless of how you feel about the animation
It's an anime, a visual medium, the animation is the most important part, and it looked like a cheap knockoff of Waking Life.

it's even worse

I'll forever be mad at the undeserved banter this show gets. It was fun to see the shit hitting the fan tho, I won't deny that.

Holy shit I remember that.

I'm sorry but the rotoscope looked like shit.

Go back.


Where are these retards coming from?



Was that popular on Cred Forums????

This type of animation fit the story better.

You could still make it look a lot better than they did

>half ass the rotoscoping and make the animation look like shit
>some hipster faggot still defends it as a valid artistic choice anyway
The visual added absolutely nothing good to the adaption besides some unintentional comedy.


You're seriously comparing a one-cour TV anime with hollywood production?

Yeah, and the poor Japanese anime is better

la creatura el japano...

But that American crap is seriously terrible user, I'll get some nightmare tonight.

Being a TV series isn't an excuse for garbage direction, and that's the difference between the two moreso than anything else.
That's not even my point, my point is that the animation style can easily look good if effort is put into it.

>garbage direction
No. You can't shit talk all you want about the animation but I won't hear you tell me this shit is badly directed.

The threads were fun

Never understood the butthurt about the animation and rotoscoping. I know some people only guide themselves by how pretty and cute is something, but they always try to pretend pretty and shiny and detailed is the only way, and that their opinion and tast is a fact. I actually liked the style of the animation, I prefer it to VEG.

Because it was lazily done with low-detail character designs and art. Actual rotoscoping looks good. You only like it because it looks different. VEG looks bad sometimes because of the stupid blur filter and saturation.

>You only like it because it looks different
Not him but I like it because its actually a good, faithful adaptation.

>because its actually a... faithful adaption

Aku no Hana would unironically be my favorite anime if it had an ending. As it is, it's just a tease of what could have been.

Are you retarded? Have you never read the manga?

>the cancer that is nu/a/ likes this trash
And this is why this board is practically Cred Forums tier these days.

It was fantastic, and I legitimately think less of anyone who criticizes the artstyle. I seriously can't imagine them having anything higher than a 110 IQ.

>people on Cred Forums are now too stupid to read

Yes, I've read the manga. That's why it's such a tease, the show ends right when the story starts to really pick up.

It wasn't that bad but also wasn't that good. The only noteworthy thing from the show was the ED and the classroom scene.

That's it. It's shows like these and REFLECTION which make me doubt the director and think that Mushishi was just a fluke.


You're right, it's even worse than people say.

The threads were the only good thing about this shitshow.


Pretty much this.

>Mushishi was just a fluke
To be fair, he fluked twice since the second season of Mushishi was also great. But yes you're right.

This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.


I don’t find the lack of detail a problem. I prefer it to over detailed works, or worse, a more animeish style. That’s why sometimes I can’t get into some stories, colored hair and big eyes bother me too much, like the story of those girls in post-war world or Girld und panzer.

For the budget they had, they sure did a half-assed job at it.
It wasn't really bad, just really lazy.

It takes actual effort to make me think that the 3d live actors genuinely looked better than the rotoscoped animation.

I think the worse case is Watanabe, I can’t believe the guy who directed Champloo then did the same with Thank you no terror.

Its still Oshimi Shuuzo goodness...

>story of those girls in post-war world or Girls und Panzer
>examples are both shows with predominantly normal hair colors with one or two exceptions

Making one shitty show doesn't make you a fluke, only making one good show does.

It was a great adaptation. Since it looked ugly, lots of people started hating it, but it was pretty good. Much better than darling in the franxx or VEG.

Those threads were hilarious. You got any more pictures like this?

Why did the meaning of potato change ?

Haven't watched it yet but I actually like the rotoscoping
Realistic designs win with me every time but I guess it depends on the genre

What film is this again?

Jin Roh

that's some serious retardation you have

>muh realistic designs
Just watch live action then, faggot.

muh gatekeeping

Killzone: Nothing Happens Edition

Except the one you posted actually looks good, unlike Aku no Hana.

I loved this show! I love the jarring rotoscoping, I love the insane characters, I love that the MC is a spineless shit, who finally acknowledges that he is spineless shit, I love how fucking slow it is... God, this was so weird and good

It's pretty ironic when the seiyuu who played this character was pretty cute. Anyways, the snail pacing of the anime turned me off.

>show is about dumb teenagers doing dumb shit
>people who defend it pretend it's some kind of deep psychological story

but it was good. like really good.