When did you realize maids were so great?

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I always knew.

Probably when I learned what maid outfits were.

Hotori is probably the only meido that I really like.

Yeah, it's astonishing how perfect she is.

Just to be clear, Japan does know what a maid's actual job is right? Because every time I see one, outside of certain exceptions, in anime it's always some waitress.

Best maid wasn't even actually a maid.

Yes, Japanese maids are a fashion. Most of the time their outfits would be inconvenient for actual house cleaning.

Maids are boring.


By far the purest part of any band.

Not by choice.

Why doesn't Chiaki Omigawa get more roles?

I miss Hotori

This really hurts me too user. I love her squeaky voice, but she's kinda absent nowadays.




>Din't hook up with the teacher
That only flaw in that manga

I have to agree with you there, her, maybe . I find myself not liking most maids, fell in love with Hotori, though.

To be fair, Hotori is nothing like a maid, she's more like...a Hotori, Ta-Tsun is much more maido than her

top ten ed

That's because Moriaki is for mole sensei.

Tooru is a cute meido.

Back in the early 00s when Hanaukyo Maid-tai came out.

Show should've just been about her and MC.