What is your opinion about dominant/sadistic females in anime and manga?

What is your opinion about dominant/sadistic females in anime and manga?

Fuck off stupid betafag
You've already made this thread

My dick loves them.

It’s remarkable that I can think one is both a bitch and also best girl

My opinion is that you should go to /h/ or /d/ to discuss this shit instead of making what at this point are basically generals.

>degrading a fan of submission
I don't see that helping

>actually unironically recommending anyone to go to /h/ or /d/

Yes insult us more, we love it.

Don't care for it.

Bratty, smug, and cool are my fetish.

How long until the insecure faggots show up like always yelling about how "they are only good for breaking"?


>if you ever get rebellious, she'll hold you down and fuck you until you ahegao
and tomboy it is

tomboy or ara ara for me

Bully,Tomboy and cold are the best

tomboys are the best

I love it. Anyone who's too cowardly and insecure to enjoy a powerful woman is truly a pathetic being.

my waifu is one, so you can guess my opinion.

she is the best at what she does.

2018 will be the year of femdom

Please step on me Tokiko-sama!


cant wait for tomo to dominate jun for a change

I'm not recommending, I'm sending you there. This board is already trash enough with no barely concealed fetish disscusion. Seriously, you fags are almost as obnoxious as footfags.

footfags are just the worst.

Make me faggot

I don't know how aside from reporting and saging, because I know that insulting you only makes you harder.

/h/ is slow and full of NTR. i've never been to /d/ but i'm sure its garbage.

Don't flatter yourself, unless you're a cute girl I have no interest in you or your insults.


Haven't gone to /d/ in ages, but it used to have pretty good femdom threads (not the gentle femdom ones which were bitching central tho), had some good faps there.
Ok fag

I only go to those gfd threads for the porn but they have so many stupid rules regarding what gets posted it gets tiresome

>people getting this butthurt over a dominant waifu thread.

>go to those gfd threads for porn
It's like 20% porn and 80% whining if i remember correctly

ballbusting anime when

Cool Bully and Ara Ara Sleepy

I used to go also for some decent stories that anons wrote, but I got tired of the normalfag bitching.

I want to dominate them.

hey man that 20% is still porn

Smug tomboy

>is stronger than you and can do whatever she wants with you and will remind you every chance she gets

Heart says ara ara but bully and cold are the ones that can break me, why this shit is so difficult

I want them to sit on me and step on me

Just like bully, then?

Nothing wrong with having a personality instead of losing to your biological drive to be breeding machine
Nigga you gay

Not nearly enough of 'em.

Bully and Cold are absolutely my fetish. I want a girl of either type to absolutely break me.

Looks like the threadly shitpost was late this time

>she is the best at what she does.

Cannibalizing her mate?


I love to see fendomfags get mad when the girl breaks in a doujin with that tag

I never seen the complete image before. Sauce?

It was always a little funny to me that the girl used for Cool is best known femdom-wise for a doujin where she's the prime example of the Disdain type. Almost certainly a big inspiration for listing that as an archetype too, considering the exact same wording is in there.

is cowgirl sex femdom?

Whats a good premise for a femdom anime?

How about a violent cold+bully?

MC accidentally gets transfered to an all girl's school and gets the shit bullied out of him.

I kinda wish there was one where the mc was actually a masochist and not just ""unlucky""

I'd like it if MC learns to love the abuse over time.

Oujo-sama is the MC, a new boy at the school is a delinquent and she decides to tame him through subtle manipulation, elaborate pranks, and bullying.

Illness that wipes out most males in the world? I think it's been done maybe a few times.

Amazon position is superior.


world end harem on the top of my head, though such premise would usually lead to the boys being treated like kings as they're a valuable resource.

>tame him through subtle manipulation, elaborate pranks, and bullying
>not break him through nonstop reverse arep

You're doing it WRONG!

In all content i wish there were more aggressive girls. Though i wish they'd mix it up with the few that do appear. Not all dominant girls should be
straight up Sadists. Imo, anyway


Usually the MC in this situation ends up being an idiot and chasing his one-itis while dodging all the girls thirsty for his dick and eager to repopulate the world. I mean come on man. A situation where it’s not only a man’s urges but his moral duty to impregnate as many women as possible, and you get hung up on “muh one true love”

If anyone can name a manga where the MC doesn’t do this I will gladly read it.

>World wipe ends with only weak men and a single strong woman
>she conquers them for a harem
Fixed it

It’s not Cred Forums but holy shit Y the Last Man was funny for this. Ignores all these women and repeatedly exposes himself to danger to chase his gf across the pacific ocean, only to get dumped. Literally the last man alive and his gf wants nothing to do with him anymore.

does my wife count?

>Fantasy setting
>Main protag very competent in combat but is bad with women due to upbringing
>is naturally weak and submissive against women but tries his best to hid it.
>female enemies tries to exploit his weakness through temptation, lewd techniques, domination etc.
>female allies look at protag with disgust as he lose pathetically to every girl he faces.

>protag learns how to deal with women through a year of training or so
>goes back to adventure
>everyone trained to become stronger during the year so he's now too weak to take down female enemies no matter how well he does
>weakest of the troop
>gets bullied by both enemies and allies in combat and outside


Somebody fund this. Especially if it gets made as an eroge


This ranks amongst the greatest hentai work of all time

How do you define "conquer"?

Rape and mindbreak

But she's female.

>1 2 3
>4 5 6
>7 8 9
>0 = all

>party lose to female enemies because the hero lost terribly
>female enemies step on hero's dick and mock him in front of his female teammates, stop right before he cums
>he begs them to keep going, they only let him hump their legs pathetically like a dog as they mock and demean him in front of everyone
>party gets teleported back to church
>female allies start looking weird at hero for the humiliation he got, start passive-agressive bullying
>weakest, shy girl accidentally knees hero's balls during sparring, everyone laugh
>bullying gets worse: everyone toys with MC during sparring sessions to humiliate him as much as they can, with moves involving facesitting, trampling, stepping on his balls while mocking him
>even weakest shy girl has gotten cocky, she's actually the one who dominates and humiliates him the most
>everyone at the same time step on hero's face and body at the end of everyday in the dressing rooms, make him cum until he falls unconscious

Nice meme

This has been updated there used to only be 6

That's just straight up awful. I would honestly feel bad for the guy with the amount of humiliation he's getting.

That's why it's hot

Like the previous 50 times you made this exact thread with this exact OP, my opinion is that you should stop conflating dominance and sadism since they're unrelated concepts.

>I would honestly feel bad for the guy with the amount of humiliation he's getting.

You might, but my dick doesn't.

Throw in a ara ara girl who loves to pampers him and think of his inability to deal with women cute, just to please the gentle femdom fags.

They're not automatically related,but it's best if they are
sadist girls = best girls

we're making a anime not a eroge user

Disdain and Ara ara but only if I self insert as a crossdressing shota.

>fact = meme


I don't know what that means.

>Make femdom thread in Euro time, barely get 10 replies.
>Make femdom thread in USA time, get almost 100 replies.
If I'm not mistaken, what do they mean with these?

there are more people on during us time than euro time

A lady after my own heart.

Fist bump, originating from Afro American culture similar to a hand shake.

What's 88m3?


Is there a version of this for people who are S instead of M?

And have her killed on episode 4 because fuck gentle femdom fags

Just check the girls of literally any harem anime.

What type is this?

great thread


Ara-ara and cool for me

that's not S, retard

patrician taste. ara the best

>nu/a/ is hypocritical and most members project self consciousness/inferiority complex
it's not news if it's common knowledge.
besides you should assume every contrarian opinion that isn't a formal discussion is bait because the soy boi didn't just pic related

t. cocklet

What stage of femdom are you on right now?

>a boy falls in love with a girl
>she's a yakuza crime boss
>a rival boss confesses to boy
>girl on left wins after 3 episode
>12 episodes of girl teaching boy economics and interpersonal communication
>advice is useful to user
>4 episodes of rival 'tempting' boy and threatening war
>5 episodes of boy living as a house husband and raising 3 boys and 2 girls
>2 ovas about yakuza conflicts


When is the year of maledom?

Please tell me this is an actual doujin and not just a one-off illustration.

Never hopefully

>he doesn't know who dhibi is from the art style alone

what is this from?

They make excellent villains for the hero to dominate and kill.

Nice meme

What about a yakuza daughter falling in love with a lesbian serial killer that is sponsored by the state?

>what is Parallel Paradise

That is kinda true now that I think about it.