Beautiful personified

Beautiful personified.

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>Be light novel author
>Hate the isekai genre so you make a parody of it
>Give the character 3 girls that have something bad with them so he doesnt get any interest and make him weak as fuck
>After the manga have many volumes you start to realize you want the MC to have a relationship with one of the girls and actually do it
>Realize that you always liked isekai genre but you were a big hipster faggot about it

Fuck this author for making a parody of its own show.

I want her to die giving birth to my child.

>you start to realize you want the MC to have a relationship with one of the girls and actually do it
Wait, what? Who?

>no tits
>no hips
>no ass
Youre just gay op, even traps look better

Why is this boy so smug?

Jesus, that's disgusting.

made for breeding.

Don't taint this board with your 3d shit.

>Characters should never develop and remain stagnant forever
Stick to American TV

Kazuma and Megumin start dating in volume 12

>no hips
It's shit

You've gotta be fucking kidding me. Dropped.

About time. Hope she gets knocked up too.


Literally a starving skeleton

I'd probably last 10 seconds on a good day

Where's the penis? How can I enjoy myself now?


Stop posting loli skeleton and post L I C C H instead

Not as beautiful as you, user.

Underdeveloped JC body is the best.

John Lennon

has the body of a fish if you ripped its scales off.

How many children does she end up bearing him?

>I want her to die


One of the WORST pics honestly, this is not the Megumin body at all, even at intro she wasn't this much of a stick.

Them not enforcing the character designs is what lead to this travesty of stick....child Megumin. She's supposed a petan girl, and SMOL...not a child.

Dem childbearing hips!

Note the thighs-



Budding Megumin > 100% flat Megumin

Not knowing and loving the kazumin!



New figure for best pic.

>you will never bully Megumin to tears

Seriously, why the dog collar?


>Hate the isekai genre so you make a parody of it
lmao some anons are such projecting idiots. you really think someone became a light novel writer because they hate light novels? jesus christ lol.

why don't you go watch girlish number or imosae or something? get a feel for how the people in the industry really feel. these are shows written by light novel authors.


>not a child
She's literally like 14 though?

>>Hate the isekai genre so you make a parody of it

>Every LN is isekai
You have to go back.


This one looks kind of shit
This could be great though
She has a black belt in chuuni fashion, you fucking pervert

Are you calling her a child, motherfucker?

Child as in prepubescent. We are talking biology, not arbitrary legal sense.

She's about to turn 15 btw (not that peeps care) , but it imply's shes already reached her full height and physical maturity.... Looking at her mother who is taller, but built similarly, we can see her starvation diet growing up stunted her growth notably...

is that her at 15?

you look kind of shit

It's a cheap figure sure, but at least the body shape is accurate to the character...

About 14 and 3/4. We been expecting her birthday to happen for last two LN books but they kind of slowed time down, no time skips at all. Between end of v9 and end v13 could be as little as 7-8 weeks.

Not Aqua? Not interested.

>hate the iseaki genre
You are a grade A retard.
Also isekai isn't a genre.

More like doos child hips

>Also isekai isn't a genre.


>isekai isn't a genre.

How does it stay up?

Her pantsu?

Blame the simplified anime design.


>literally thinks of guys
>questions the sexuality of others

That face is disgusting. Do people really find this attractive?

Was Megumin in this doujin, dare I say, TOO slutty?

Megumin is horny pretty much 24/7 she just never really acts on it.

>Megumin is horny pretty much 24/7 she just never really acts on it.
Do you have anything to back that up?

would you sniff?

Everything really.

She has to explode once a day or she'll die

I would rather lick.

Delicious flat chest.


Original image
The same picture was not found

nice armpit pussy

Enter konosuba and english into exhentai
that was hard

Does anyone have the other gif of Megumin humping her staff? She does it twice in the anime, and the second time is even more lewd.

>clever post that newkids are too young to recognize
>Lucky 7 Trips
>no (you)'s
The state of this board. I appreciated your post, friend

iqdb to saucenao worked for me. Don't give up after Jewgle inevitably lets you down

ywn explode inside megumin and take responsibility

I was going to tell you that trips aren't worth (You)ing, but nice dubtrips.

whats the point of living then
there is no fucking point why, why is this world so cruel

That's why humans invented the imagination. You can simply self insert as Kazuma.

I want to be Yunyun's friend!

Why is she so lewd?

that only works when you know the series, had it been a different image or a series I don't know I wouldn't be able to do that.

oppai kinshi

>flat bitch who acts smug about showing off her washboard

gets me hard

Because she's extremely horny and the only release she gets is explosion magic.

>already has a lewd outfit
>put her in a less erotic, less revealing, out-of-character outfit for a "sexy" figure
What is the fucking point? With her red tunic you'd get a pantyshot from the back and a nipslip from the front.

Fuck you OP
I'm doing noFap and you post this

I would stuff it down my throat and die.

Oh damn, I totally didn't notice!

i'd do what kazuma would do and keep them as a family heirloom to be passed down from father to son
if i marry megumin then son cannot marry until he has his own pantsu that he claimed

I gotchu

Megumin herself is God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!


Dat little hip jerk, unf.

Where are the LN's translated again?

I'll leave you with vanilla cute Megumin

It's not stunting my growth that's for sure.


the true fetish

>Vanilla Leg lock
Truly partisan taste

What the hell is wrong with you, that's peak performance you're looking at bro.

Gonna get rich, bros

What's all of that for, user?

I'd probably make a living as an engineer if I was reborn into this world. The invention of the bicycle would make you billions.

Taming wild chuunis into bedroom minxes


I want to FUCK Megumin's tight little 14-year-old pussy!

Sorry user, but you can't just tame this bitch like that.

If I pop her with a pin, will she die?

s&m tools


Honestly you'd probably get rich off of even a few components of a modern bicycle, let alone the whole thing. Ball bearings ferinstance.

did he actually make any profit? i can't remember.

>impregnating a retard

She'd explode, with no survivors.

she is a goddess and must be given love and headpats and consensual kissess

>Reincarnated into fantasy australia
>Open a small pub and inn in the countryside
>Cook good food and provide clean rooms for tired and hungry adventurers.
>One night a perverted crusader and her party walk in
>Recognize the guy from old wanted posters back from when he supposedly blew up a noble or some shit.
>Fuck my life
>By morning half my pub is exploded, their priestess purified my ale supply, the pervert crusader is tied up in my meat locker and actually begs me to touch her inappropriately, the guy, Kazuma, is prostrated before me begging me not to call the authorities because he's somehow millions in debt still.
What should I do guys?


Demand one or all of the girls as compensation.

a few rounds of treating darkness like a horse with a riding crop and a few days of starvation with only your special milk as sustinance

Yes. The explosion rises!

>Underdeveloped because she was poor as a rat.
>Meme girl of the group.
>Bullies Yunyun, a sweet girl that did nothing bad.
>Impregnation means death by childbirth.

She's wide enough.

Megumin is Yunyun's friend and has helped her numerous times. She's just trying to toughen her up
>death during childbirth
Girls smaller, younger, and less healthy than Megumin have been giving birth for tens of thousands of years. I don't know where this meme came from, but her hips in official art are definitely wide enough to push a baby through. See >meme girl
But I love memes

Fuck she makes my dick crazy.

>Lolipedos are this deluded
How embarrasing.