Hey, wait a minute. This show is for little girls!

Hey, wait a minute. This show is for little girls!

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We're all little girls at heart.

whats wrong with that?

Perfect for me!

>surprised that a shoujo manga/anime is for girls

what's wrong with being a little girl?

It’s for fucking pedos, no matter how much you faggots try to spin the mahou shoujo/slice of life excuse.

how can that be possible when it had an opening this cool?


It isn't faggot. Just because a bunch of sissies pedo freaks likes the show for some reasons doesnt mean that everyone is like that.

The fuck is this?

Dubbing in the 90s. The idiots bought the rights to a magical girl anime and wanted to target it to boys.


I'm halfway into the show and I like it so far.

nani are you trying to itteiru?

I kind of like this theme...Burn me now.

yeah that's why it sucks



>tfw I found out CLAMP are embarrassed by the sealed card and that's why they're trying to retcon it in clear card
They should be embarrassed by a clusterfuck like TRC or all the manga they left on hiatus instead.

>Hey, wait a minute. This show is for little girls!
Just as Saint Seiya, a story about muscular men beating the crap out of each other, is for little boys. But women love that kind of thing.


Wrong, Sakura transcends demographics and is loved by all.

Its for me

>CLAMP are embarrassed by the sealed card
>the movie with the best resolution between Sakura and Syaoran
Fuck you too, CLAMP.

Especially by lolicons, like me.

Fuck off, retard.

Mi esposa Sakura es tan linda!

I exist solely on Sakura's piss.


They got triggered like mangafags do when you tell them the anime is better.

You have to love yourself very little to admit in front of everyone that you are garbage. Congratulations.

>Here’s a note about the words Ohkawa uses. She says terekusai, hazukashii, and indeed it changes to embarrassing in english but I personally don’t think she is using those words with the strong meaning the [english] word embarrasing has.
I think you're over-exaggerating. It sounds more like the movie was too sweet to display in public.

Meant to quote

Sakura is for commies.

Can confirm, comrade!

Still, they aren't comfortable with it and that's why they're retconning it in Clear Card. At this point they should've made the ova official canon for the anime too.

I hope they make a CCS game for the 3DS or Switch. I don't care if it's absolute garbage or doesn't receive an English translation. I will still buy it and love it.

They should make an H-game

>why they're retconning it in Clear Card
Nothing has suggested this. In fact, Eriol's house is the only detail so far that calls it's canonicity into question while other details (the play, Meiling being familiar with Kero's true form) have supported it.

woah shit taste but it's still something, Fujitaka needs to read some Sakae Osugi.

ps4 has several shitty anime games, i hope the make sth good there too

I don't know how they're going to write around Eriol's house being destroyed, cause it wasn't a minor detail like the play or Meiling, it's the main reason why the Nothing card was activated.
But what's weird to me is that if the sealed card never happened, that means in the anime canon Sakura still had the 53rd card (before they went clear) but it's stuck being nameless forever.




i watched this episode this afternoon

>tfw summer is not "soon" at all
They're still in spring in the manga

We're all little girls.

So is Chamapon a communist ritual?

I noticed that in the ED she has a book about constellations and Anne of Green Gables.

I love this show so much, this and LOGH are my faves ATM.

I wonder if Sakura does any research to help her with her magic.

Absolute cancer

I don't know, she said she didn't use magic at all in the timeskip.

>it's okay when japan does it

Kero drinking from a spoon is cute

Her magic is limitted to only using the cards at this point. It would be cool if she ends studying how to be a proper magician.

>It would be cool if she ends studying how to be a proper magician
Magical training montage with Eriol when

What's your favorite Episode? Mine is the one where kero and suppie eat sweets at the festival

Necromancer Sakura when

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't make my suggestion and make Sakura's new love interest a 37 year old american man who lives with his parents but I still like the new season.

I rewatched all of CCS+movies one more time just in time for Clear Card and now I regret it, because it just makes CC look so bland and uninspired by comparison.

the change one probably.

Well that was really epic in a sad way.

>Cinderella play
>Sports Day
>Any episode with THE MIRROR or Tomoya focus

Yet again the spic dub is superior to any other dub again

I have a few:
>The Syaoran and Kero change bodies
>The one that Sakura and Syaoran get trapped in the elevator
>All the episode where Mirror Sakura gets to spend some time with Touya

Dream card, change card, great granpa episodes, elevator episode, Meiling comes back episode (I rewatched it recently and it made me tear up)

Damn the dream episode, that movie scene was the best.


When Mailin cries her heart out in Tomoyo's arms really hit me hard. "I love Syaoran the most. Why it is so unfair..." That shit still haunts me.


because you've been cucked before too?

>Syaoran has a dream where he watches in awe as his dream self gives up the cards and hugs Sakura in a sunset romantic setting
>still in denial about his feelings for 17 episodes after it
Gets me every time

Mirror was so cute, hope we see her again

to be fair the pacing of him falling in love with her in the anime was a bit fucked up, the manga did it way better.

>That soft, sad xylophone music in season 3 when he decides to build a bear
Made me tear up

I liked the slow burn, I just thought it was funny that he didn't seem to be too shocked about having that kind of dreams about his "rival".

I'm in the episode 17,any spoiler?

Looks like it worked

Super Pig and Sailor Moon are as well. And we love it.

Sakura is cute

>completely got rid of the twintails


The best has yet to come.

She's a big girl now. She'd be made fun of if she had a childish hair style like that in middle school.

>She'd be made fun of
Not really, she encourages Akiho to bring her plush mascot to school because she says people don't care about it.

Clamp world (sakura's side of it) is a lot sweeter than ours, doubt they'd make fun of her

CLAMP just forgot CCS Sakura has twintails

They didn't

my god, it's full of stars

B-but Clamp are incompetent

Good thing they suit her.