Net-Juu no Susume

I still miss Erito Neeto

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>Thinly veiled shitposting thread

Go back to tmblr.

This anime is anti-NEET

I never watched it. Did she get impregnated by the dude?

No you fuck off, with your thread wanting to talk about politics.

You're the only one talking about it?

No, just this.

If people enjoyed the show they should be more worried about the authors health rather than a the fucking director.

No, but what happens to couples after the get together tho


I miss them.

did we ever learn what the author's condition was?


Really lewd

She was suffering from the deadly condition known as writer's block. And then her tiny manga was adapted into anime. Life is strange.

Short hair is the destruction of all cuties unless they came with short hair. Look at Akane from Ranma.

She will always be an elite neet in our hearts, regardless the hair length.

Good post.

Turned to shit the moment she cut her hair.

I don't blame the jews for this.

Wish we had gotten a kissu scene but this was okay I guess.

Stop spamming this shit,fag.I don't want my thread to be dalited by (((them))).

What a cute

Just cause he does that meme doesn't mean he is the one spamming those threads, user.

should have gotten a sex scene

What a cute girl(boy)

I do

Too late. You should have thought correctly before you posted this anime by such a hateful director.

For the life of me, I never could make a female avatar, I just can't get why people would do this.


Remember, Cred Forums is one single loli posting all day in Cred Forums.

After lurking here a few months, I wouldn't doubt it.

>anime about a NEET getting out of NEET life
>Cred Forums gets butthurt


That is a banned wrong-think forum. How dare you link it here, user?

I want to hold hands with this nazi loli.

i want to hoist that neet off her chair after she drowsed off from a night of playing MMOs, pomf her onto her bed and then have my filthy ways with her filthy body while she grumbles and keeps trying to sleep through it.

>Once again thread is slowly turning into politics

wew lad

>talking about the director isn't allowed

Ofc it was a thread created by that nazi retard who got btfo by mods after the last thread.What else did you expect?

I also got butthurt when Tomoko got friends, fuck my life

Honestly it's not worth talking about. The studio already made a statement:

It has come to our attention that a series of Tweets under the handle, @yaginuma_san, apparently made by Mr. Kazuyoshi Yaginuma have included anti-Semitic comments. SIGNAL MD wishes to make it clear that it is strongly opposed to and deprecates anti-Semitism and all forms of racism or discrimination.

Mr. Yaginuma was director of the anime “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” produced by SIGNAL MD, has never been our company member and is no longer employed by us.

Assuming the comments which appear under the Twitter handle @yaginuma_san, were indeed made by Mr. Yaginuma, they are not linked to his role as director of “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” and are not supported by SIGNAL MD.

>Honestly it's not worth talking about.
Yea, the only way to fight this is to hate Jews even more.

>Mr. Yaginuma was director of the anime “Recovery of an MMO Junkie” produced by SIGNAL MD, has never been our company member and is no longer employed by us.

Fuck me, this japs sure know how to contradict themselves.

I'm more butthurt that the series got infested by yurifags.

Fuck off.

Both are one and the same in mongolian cartoons these days

It might also be a shitty translation

I hate yuri and yurifags so much.

>American SJW working at ANN can make anime staff lose their job(He is most likely to dont work in anime since they dont want bad publicity)

Oh boy, where are these fucking niggers saying america would never influence japan anime industry?.

I need a manga where the neet loser with social anxiety never gets better and kills him/herself at the end to properly relate.
But I fear I will kill myself before I find discover a manga like that.

I don't think so, japs love to do that all the time, autistic fucks.

They said it to avoid early reactions against it like a certain fag movement that must be never be named. Once normalised even nihon will accept it like amerimutts.

>deprecates anti-Semitism
Nips cannot into English.

>gaijins literally reverse supported the industry
I am baffled.

Stop it fags.Don't make (((them))) dalit my thread.
Here's where you should discuss about these

He didn't lose his lob. The company just clarified that he wasn't speaking for them when he made those comments.

Is this supposed to be a victory? Is anybody supposed to be happy about this?

A fairly talented guy, if the show was anything to go by, lost his fucking job to some irrelevant shit nobody in Japan even gices a fuck abouy. I am actually mad. So fucking mad.

Thats why i implied that he wouldn't get another job in the anime industry, because ANN would go into autistic screeching mode.

Yurifags are cancer. I mean, they can't even stand their own board.

There is nothing to indicate this. Again, the company just clarified that he wasn't speaking for them when he made those comments. They made no indication that they wouldn't contract him at a future date, as implied by saying that the comments aren't linked to his role as a director.

I remember this manga having somewhere around the score of 6 when this anime started and I was thinking about dropping it then.

I always knew this show attracted fagots from Cred Forums, now we just need them kotaku, resetera images

I need a manga where the loser start sad and miserable about his life and after trying and fail miserably many times, he finally realizes is hopeless and just accept his life the way it is, then he becomes slowly more calm about things in life and less worried about other people

And then this other people still don´t care about him only because he accepted himself and they still think he is a loser and don´t want to talk or socialize with him because of a retardes excuse like he is nice, or because he is different or interesting or want his dick or her pussy.

He accept his miserable lonely life, people still think he is a loser yet he doesn´t care anymore and the chapters are about him growing internaly and developing new hobbies or discovering things he used to ignore or comfy or dramatic chapters about his family.

i totally forgot about the ending. my brain must've instinctively deleted the fact that we had no kiss

Why is it low? Is there soft NTR or something?

Midway through yes.Although its more a love triangle than anything(The manga was a Josei)

Ew. Women like NTR far too much.

no ntr

Nobody wants to read your shitty life

It was'nt NTR.Just your generic romantic triangle drama.
I guess the manga was a generic Josei romance show while the anime was well directed that it became one of the more memorable shows that season.Not to mention the show felt more male appealing even though it was a manga targeted at woman.

This leaves a sour taste in my mouth now. The series went to shit after the halfway point but morimori was atill absolutely perfect.

And now I can't even remember the show without also rmemwbering the awful thing westerns did today. I hope it's just lipservice from the studio.

So manga score might have been lower because the target audience it attracts did'nt read it then.

According to spoilerfags morimori falls for a chad and was gonna let him fuck her until he dumped her for some reason is this true?

Don't tell the mods you mad. This hateful director will never work again and we must celebrate this achievement. Unless you're a Nazi.

Why are people pretending he lost his job, or was blacklisted, when that is directly contradicted by the statement put out?

No just kill yourself, loser, and then we will watch an OVA comedy about your botched suicide.

Because ANN worded it like that.

we both know that it would have just been them erping while the rest of the guild is offline

>we both know that it would have just been them erping while the rest of the guild is offline

I would have watched this.


I find it cute that peopme think the director is going to lose work. It's still Japan, nobody gives a fuck but they'll probably make him work under an alias.

So the spammer got banned again?

This anime has been now cursed by the retardness of these schizos and juice boogeyman desu

It's one thing when it's some 24-25 teehee really cute cake but this one was really fucking expired and fugly. Ugh.

>spend your life doing a career
>miss your shot at making babies and having a family
>try to make your expire package more presentable to men
I pity them.

Started out aots but haircut was the kiss of death and everything went downhill from there. There hasn't been a more upsetting disappointment since Biba ruined Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


Is it gay if he's a man IRL?


Does ANN really have that much power, though? Keijio was annihilated by ANN for mysoginy, same with Citrus and most loli shows and they're all doing fine. Keiji wasn't cancelled for sexism, it's just on haitus. The west isn't even the primary audience.

My menorah have always have its flame died out whenever i put this anime on. I wonder why that is?

how'd he slip this one through?