One Piece

>better quality of the best pannel
Now even scarier and sexier


Namie Amuro > Katakuri


more of this art Oda please

When are they gonna show her with the crew?

You and the LuVifags need to learn a lesson


Who is the real Little Sister King?

I can't wait to see regular Tankman. I'm expecting Luffy's fighting style to be like pre timeskip Chopper changing between Gear 4th forms on the whim.

The little sister king is the youngest sister. Whoever it is.

Joscarpone and Brulee.

BEST oniichan!

did someone else mock up the panels for this? it feels a lot more fluid than oda's usual stuff

Anana then. Probably.

The video is playing on her tour, apparently.

Galette, she was the only one Kata helped when Whole Cake Chateau collapsed

Best everything.

So everyone will ask for her when she is not on screen and will come back to her planet?

Anyone has the video of her tour?

God these food devil fruits are so fucking awful and make zero sense. Too bad Katakuri would've been pretty cool.

>She becomes a character at Wano as the kunoichi who can sing about meat to Luffy.

>Luffy uses snakeman
>Katakuri transforms into a donut
He is so tsundere

Could be any of these 3. But yeah my bet is on Anana too. She was kind of singled out in that scene.

>could have easily sunk the ship right then if he'd wanted to
What's his endgame? Is he sick of Big Mom's hunger rampages endangering the family and actually secretly wants someone to be strong enough to take her down? Is that why he's been acting the way he has been?

What are you implying?

Who dis?

We don’t know yet, we have to see their reactions to his face.

My bet is Brulee, who probably saw Katakuri brushing his teeth in the mirror or something and doesn’t care what he looks like.

If he was then it would make more sense not to anything, like Smoothie is doing.


Namie Amuro. The Japanese Madonna. She is retiring from music this September.

Too bad Luffy doesn't get the hint.

Perospero was ready to allow Brook and Chopper to flee with the Shark submarine, but they clearly intended to keep the ship for themselves.
Kidd destroyed some of their ships, so stocking with a ship like the Sunny is a smart move.

They were planning on steering that ship to the island with the cake.

Caesar's gigantification formula. Only needs to live long enough to get Big Mom pregnant.

>could have easily sunk the ship right then if he'd wanted to
You can make up an explanation to this actually, Tamago said back in FI that Kidd destroyed a bunch of ships, so you can say that they wanted to keep the boat to help cover for the ones that were destroyed, that was off the table once the SHs took it back from them though

Robin, you feeling ok?

Katakuri will hug Luffy and will be the new Hancock

At what exact point do you believe people will finally accept that Jinbe is officially a crewmember?
When the arc ends and he's still on the ship?
When he says goodbye to his old crew?
When he is added to an anime opening video?

So they made episode about her?

>The Japanese Madonna.

Is she? I remember meeting her like 100 years ago at a not too big anime convention. I had no idea she had gotten so big as to be the Japanese Madonna.

>ywn have your face smooshed into Katakuri's pecs
Why live

Maybe the others didn't need help. But yeah Galette is indeed a legit candidate. Brulée too.

I hope Oda is planning on giving us a real answer on who that sister Katakuri favors is. I can't tell if that stuff about popularity contests was just something he made up to give Flampe context and personality, or an actual plot point that will be relevant when Katakuri comes out and faces his family without a scarf.

Some poor Tontatta walked into that cave and got complete consumed by an egg cell

In Japan.

No. Probably a tribute for her retirement. She should be a VA.

I hope it's Brulee. Ugly girls needs loving big brothers too.

>yfw your face won't be stopped by Katakuri's dick
Why live

Why does this dog penis guy have the exact same power as Luffy? He ate the mochi fruit and can turn into donuts so he has he perfected gears? Fucking what? Gears apparently aren't a concept Luffy came up with himself now? Completely trivializes everything Luffy has ever done.



Yeah, she should be a VA.

It would be less tiring than constant concert tours.

At least she is retiring in better shape than some western pop singers.

It's a shame though because pop singers from her generation have also retired due to stuff like losing hearing in their ear or throat issues.

Law is the undisputed best boy

mah GODA, Luka canon. LuNa BTFO

Why do you do this user? You know everyone is just gonna answer you with pics of Katakuri.


Katakuri will be forgotten in a couple of months after WCI.

>tfw my brother's name is Luka
At least nips call them Katalu

>I hope Oda is planning on giving us a real answer on who that sister Katakuri favors is.
It's obviously going to be Pudding.

No he wont

I'm sick of this panel desu.

Somebody should really edit on the scar.

Post LuKa

Just wait and see for yourself.

You would know a thing or two about popular characters being forgotten after a couple of months without screentime, wouldn't you, Lawfag.


Law got 3 years of him being an important character and he's still the most boring fucker

What the fuck is this abomination?
And nah It won't be Pudding. They both had opportunities to care or worry for the other along the course of the arc and neither seized them. Moreover their respective character arcs proves neither knows/cares for the other's diformity, so they didn't bond over that common ground of theirs.


PW4 up until WCI when? There's enough new characters, and there's still a lot to flesh out in stages:
>Gaimon's island
>Whiskey Peak
>Little Garden
>Rainbase side of Alabasta
>Separate Skypiea into Angel Beach/part of Upper Yard and rest of Upper Yard/Shandora Ruins
>Long Ring Long Land
>Umi-Ressha/Enies Lobby's main Island
>Impel Down's early floors
>Punk Hazard outside of a lab
>Post-Pika Dressrosa
>Totland connected through Mirro-World
A lot of these choices wouldn't make a lot of sense, but the way the stages are designed doesn't make a lot of sense with them only covering part of the arcs instead of it as a whole. Enies Lobby being only the Judicial Building and the bridge is retarded when early Enies Lobby is the most Musou One Piece's ever been, and it was in PW1.

>Lawfags desperate for relevancy

I fucking hate Musous but I'd buy anything WCI related.

God dammit what the fuck happened to OP threads


Katakuri could probably rock a wedding dress.

It's a fusion apparently.

it's not release date so threads revert back to their standard form

Fuck me, I forgot the picture.

They can feel their favourite character slowly but steadily being pushed away from the spot of most popular homo endgame. Literally the last, desperate cries of cattle on the verge of being killed.


Weird to think that in a few months Law will be a nakama and Katakrappy will be dead and forgotten.

Wish I had more fanarts

Lawluanon please.
I know it can be hard, but you have to accept both your boy and your ship are past their relevancy. This is the era of Katalu now.

So beautiful it brought a tear to my eye.

Law has his own crew kizaru

in a few months Law will be sucking Zoro’s dick as he learns the difference between a swordsman and a useless little twink relying on a broken DF to cut things

Law is as popular as ever. In fact, he will surpass Luffy in term of popularity when he sacrifices himself while doing the eternal youth operation. Nips love that shit.

Shit taste.

>Nami is supposed to be Swedish
>Amuro, who is Japanese, looks like Nami
What did they mean by this?

>Law is as popular as ever

>when he sacrifices himself while doing the eternal youth operation
God I hope that never happens. I hate shit like that.

Don't tell me they're keeping this op until that moment, that's like 50 ep away, shit.

She's from East Blue. She's Swedish in real life and that's obviously not real life. So Amuro is probably from East Blue.

>Law will be a nakama


Their castle just got caked. The ship filled with rare machinery is at least some form of losers prize.

When's the last time Luffy had a fight that didn't involve him getting shit on the entire fight until Oda suddenly remembered he's the main character and can't lose?



I want the uncensored version

>There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

Doffy? Maybe Cracker too cause he wasn't really getting shit on.

how old is kata anyway

Funny how at some point Cracker decided to put sparklers into his hair. Even keeping them inside his cookieman.


Face it lawfags, he's the gohan on one piece, had his moments to shine as fujo bait Mary sue, but doomed to fade into u relevancy. Get a board the katakuri train before its too late.

Is there even one?

How can you have such shit taste? Egg egg no mi and crack crack no mi are the hottest shit ever. I eagerly await table Zoan and bubble logia

Katakurifags are probably as ugly as their favorite character. Look at his teeth lol

They're part of his power like Galdino's candle flame.

Fuck off, Flampe.

>They're part of his power
How? They're just pirate accessories inspired by BB, the actual one, who used to braid his hair with fuses and light them up in battle.

You'll get a nami clone regardless of race.

they aren't, galdino is a candle man while cracker a biscuit human. they're just a play on his name, firecrackers

>Shipping gay couples
>No one mentions the most obvious gay couple

If I had to ship Zoro with man I'd rather it be Mihawk or Luffy. Not worst boy.

How can TralFAGar Law even compete?

>most obvious

Can I like both characters?

>worst boy
Zoro disagrees


He can teach Luffy lot of things

It HAS to be with Luffy, surely.

Dialogue is gonna become so frustrating with those two. Oda will keep us out of the loop every time.

Excuse me! Patrician couple coming through!

>fanart without the ugly teeth
Nice try

Even Bon-chan knows who to cosplay as to make Luffy happy.

You're alright user, and so is your ship.

A lot of humans seem to be able to produce fire out of nowhere
Is it like Fishmen's control over water and Mink's Electro?

must confess
first time this caught my surprise

>a lot
Sanji ace and luffy are the only ones who can produce fire with no explanation

Sanji belongs to Nami.
Fuck off LuNa tard




Human can control water too like Koala and Electro like Law (He can use Counter Shock without Room as seen vs the Yetis and Vergo).


So ... it's too late to change the protagonist?


He's just the best for Luffy.

He said with no explanation. Ace had the mera mera no mi, which explains why he had fire powers

I know he ate the fira no fruit me but even then if luffy and sabo do it then it's because the fire of brotherhood so it's safe to assume ace can do it even without the fruit

Have a rare perospero.



That's pretty rare

This perospero is so rare, it forgot to upload itself.

Am I having a stroke or is this guy having one

It's a One Piece thread in 2018. It's safe to say we're all stroke victims at this stage.

Thank you. Have another one.

Ok. I tried to help you out but now i have no idea wtf you're trying to say

the elements are explaination mostly especially fire

>the elements are explaination mostly especially fire

Why is Tumblr and Reddit here?

I meant mostly,especially fire
Like it applies to most but especialy fire

More like SOYNa.

Anyways, anyone got any pics of adult-Anana? I bet she’ll have some kind of blender fruit. Can chop anything up just by touching it.

You say this as if it explains everything. It doesn't. No one has any clue as to what the hell you're saying.

What exactly applies to fire?


Ok let me exp[lain
he said a lot
it's not alot
it's explained why fire for most of them who use fire in their attacks
The only one who creates fire out of nowhere is sanji and evne that is explained by deablo jambo and friction
red hawk is a total ass pull though

Sanji creates fire with his love for Nami

Nami is gay, but Robin is on record as finding Jimbei handsome. She also has a propensity for fondling people's balls.

Ah, I see. You brought up Ace for some reason. And then when asked you whipped out this "the fire of brotherhood so it's safe to assume ace can do it even without the fruit" which is crazy talk. Plain and simple crazy talk.

>I'm so fucked up

I wan Robins to fondle my balls while I suck on her big tits.

No it makes perfect sense
ace ace brootther

Thanks for making us laugh, user.

Thanks that was my goal

Yeah, I had a feeling. Figured I'll indulge you just in case you were an ESL

How big is Katakuri's dick?

Big news

As big as you want it to be.

Ask Luffy

Much smaller than Law's

With that filename, I can't help but imagine it means that Katakuri is a cuntboy. Hot.

Big enough to give me a ahegao

Given his gifted body size, at least 50 inches long.

About 90 Gomu Gomus

>Much smaller than Law's Polar Tang

LawLu is the always the true pairing Go away Memekuri fags.

90 Mochi Mochi*. i want to hide inside his foreskin and feel his warmth

You can’t be serious.

>when law is THE biggest meme in one piece

wasted digits

>i want to hide inside his foreskin and feel his warmth

How the FUCK are my hetero friends okay with all this fag talk here?

It's the current year. Gay is here to stay, baby!

Shipping is to blame. All this heteroshipping shifted to homoshipping. These people don’t know men fighting.

>Cred Forums

I don't know about you guys, but I haven't liked Mom's crew at all. Save from this guy, the egg/chicken guy and Peros, it's been a major letdown. The food theme for devil fruits has been plain stupid.

Oda, where's my friend Bobbin?

Go read dbs then.

>implying you wont

Not gay. Katakuri overtook Persopero as my favorite WCI character.

The Charlotte Family is by far my favorite enemy crew in the series, actually.

Yeah. Now, fuck off.

>almost 900 chapters
Too late


I need to stop trying to discuss One Piece on Cred Forums before shippers ruin this series for me

I want to drown in his semen

I wish there is a place to discuss One Piece lore and maybe the opening songs. I’m addicted to the latest opening.

so, what does jinbe add to the crew?

You should not be in Cred Forums if you can't handle shitposting.

Helmsman abilities.

Jinbe - Uncle
Carrot - Youngest daughter

The nakama who will die this year

hasn't franky been a great helmsman if they've made it this far in the new world? seems a bit redundant to me, the current crew has been together for so long a new member feels unnatural to me, and what position is absolutely necessary that needs to be filled?


canonically underrated

Here you go user.

As far as his actual role goes, a helmsman.

In terms of being part of the "family" he'll be the uncle. Jinbe's both a meathead fighter and one of the older, mature ones. His seriousness will help ground the goofier side of the cast a bit more (which they really need, Franky and Brook joining consecutively really tipped the ships dynamic towards rapid-fire gags), while him being a fighter will help bridge the boys with the awkward Nami/Robin bubble that's formed over the years.

Regarding the larger scope of the narrative he's got ties to the World Government, Sun Pirates and Whitebeard Pirates, as well as the lingering Fishman Island subplot with Noah and Poseidon. He's very convenient for Oda to have on the ship, and since his dream involves liberating the Fishman species he'll be the one to resolve that shit in the finale. Without him the audience doesn't have too much of a personal connection to the Ryuga Kingdom and their fate would just feel like a detour.

oda please, draw some other charlottes in their threatening forms. i bet that a heated oven would look great with a clever use of lighting

Franky's taken up the position but he hasn't really done anything crazy really. Plus his role is shipwright, so. Jinbe is a known helmsman, can do crazy things, knows the sea incredibly well and can possibly be useful for whatever crazy sea shit Oda decides to draw.
The other thing he adds to the crew is strength. Strength which the Strawhats sorely lack. If they're to fight Yonkous and their crews, they need strong people with them. Jinbe's pretty perfect in that regard.

I wanna the smuggiest compote.

great display on the aquarium

well when you put it that way, I guess it's pretty good overall

His abilities made them survive a fucking tsunami, you fucking speedreader.


Someone besides Luffy strong enough to fight yonko commanders

He'll grow on you, I'm sure. Just give him some time when he's actually with the crew.

mein fuhrer

Shut the fuck up, speedreader.

Long before the timeskip, Zoro and Luffy already handled tsunamis.

I like the character, I just didn't see him fitting in with the crew


>sleeping in one bed

Why would Nami and Robin do this?

post Luffy and Hancock love please

What would Carrot add to the crew and family if she joined?

Yes, by punching and slicing through them. Where were Luffy and Zoro against a tsunami from an Emperor like Big Mom?



Ah thank ya

Why is it that so many people dislike best girl?

In the next popularity poll, what rank is katakuri going to be? What do you guys think?

Last place, hopefully.


Above Law

slowing things down is my business and business is good!

Not with those teeth

go away you canon filler tumor

Female Chopper

Is he even popular to the Japanese public?

unironically good post

post more please

I really think that Oda's original plan for Katakuri is very different from the final product. Stuff like the jellybeans, how his mochi looked at first, being changed from Logia to special Paramecia and the quick changes and new abilities he gets, plus his 180º in character (even if it made sense) make me think that Oda liked the character a lot more than he expected and had fun developing him.

The west seems to love him so the japs will probably hate them. Because they have shit taste.

>Big Meme is not threateni-

Someone brought up that Oda seems to design the characters to the island's theme, so it seems to me like Katakuri was always intended to be a counterpart to Luffy (alice in wonderland type island, so luffy fights a mirror match in the mirror world, etc).


What kind of element would he have been if he stayed a Logia anyway?

i'm kinda disappointed that there's not much, you know, "leftover skin" flapping around from starving mom's arms but otherwise, i love her transformations. unknown mom still looks the best to me tho


Who does the japs like?



>only 5 chapters away until the big climax that will happen on Chapter 900
What will it be?


He was always Mochi. He was changed to Paramecia to make his CoO be more impressive due to achieving the same effects.

Oda an heroes

I like both characters.

Blackbeard invading WCI because of having a mole in CP0.

She looks like she's about to keel over and die

literally how am i suppose to get into a 900 strong manga
i have a job for fucks sake
it looks so fun ;_;

Pedro is alive

I think it has more to do with the fact that mochi isn't an element of nature

I'm not a fag but I can't stop thinking about LuKa. Please help.

Simple user, you read it in bursts, a chapter or two a day adds up, so if you ever get a day you want to binge, you'll be at chapter 900 before you know it.

you could start now instead of posting

Are you a Hāfu?

If you read at a fast pace for an hour a day you could be caught up in a few months.

What is that? And what’s with the accent in a?

Half Japanese.

And Swamp is? Light and Darkness? Electricity? And I guess Pica should be a Logia, as stones are natural.

An "element" or "force" of nature is completely ambiguous and retarded, in the end Logias are about producing, controlling and transforming into a material/thing, not being natural or not. I can't wait until Oda finally makes a Logia that ends this dumb debate. And in case that is a requirement, I don't get why Oda would make such a specific group of abilities.

feel like i'm being smoothie'd right now, it's a dry ass week for one piece content

all those things you meant are naturally occurring things at least, if not elements.
Paramecia definitely fits katas fruit much better and the special tag justifies it's heightened capabilities it just makes much more sense
I'm not one for long internet arguments though, so we'll just have to see

What does "naturally ocurring mean"? Swamps aren't things, they are places, unless you mean the liquid which isn't something unique, but a mix of other elements. And that requires living organisms' work to exist, just like Mochi being made by humans.

It's just arbitrary and dumb sometimes.

Top 5 guaranteed, top 3 probably (3rd)


Maegllan should have been a Logia. Oda just fucked up.

What is and isn't a natural element is pretty obvious to anyone who isn't being pedantic or purposely looking for edge cases.

Luffy and Katakuri getting married but Hancock objects. Drama.

Is it really? Why isn't rubber or stone a natural element? And "swamp" is just as much of a natural element as hair or leaves. Besides, if it's so obvious why was there doubt of Trebol's ability? And what exactly is darkness? That isn't an element or force, it's just a concept that should be included in Kizaru's power.

The return of Jobbin Bobbin

Isn't Namie Amuro the chick who sang fight together?

Anana is best girl btw

Gonna have legs like Smoothie, hips like her mother, a waist like Amande’s neck, tits like Pudding, and an ass like Compote


How will anyone beat him?

He can only move in straight lines

straw hat member katakuri can see where borsalino is gonna end up ayeeeeeee

Because they don't want her to be happy with the only man who didn't treat her like shit.

I hope not
Having Pelldro survive would ruin what his death was supposed to represent

How can you beat someone who can move at the speed of light? Even Haki wouldn't really help much against that.

By predicting where he’s going to end up. He can only move in straight lines and by reflecting off of things so just haki punch where he’s going to be

I feel like because it turned into such a gag people forget why Hancock fell in love with Luffy in the first place. It was't just because he had no sexual attraction to her it, it was because he challenged a traumatic figure from her past, the Celestial Dragons, and didn't give two shits about the repercussions.

Rayleigh managed to wound him. I'm sure others can as well. Lightspeed is really really nerfed in these kinda stuff.

Is that really a reason to fall in love with someone? Admiration is fine, but she doesn't know anything about him.

just FUCKING do it. Start now, one episode or cjapter. I watched until about 400, then started reading/

Rayleigh didn't "wound" him. He managed to keep up with him.

it was a combination of things. He stood up to the only people in the world she fears, gave no fucks about her secret, and isn't immediately fawning over her. Plus, he's not catering to her every demand like the other men.

Wouldn't the rest of the men on the crew save for Sanji do all those things if they were sent to Amazon Lily by Kuma instead?

Fuckin 10/10

Law, Ace, Sabo, Hancock

Brook would hit on her, Chopper/Franky are oddballs and probably wouldn't interest her anyways. Sanji is a lost cause. Zoro mightave caught her attention, but he alse doesn't have the weird, personable charm that Luffy has.

So, maybe? Luffy was just the perfect storm of traits and actions to end up there, though.

>Brook would get turned to stone asking to see her panties
>Usopp is a closet perv
>Franky is into older women so Hancock would be his bottle of cola
>Hancock constantly kicks cute animals so she would hate Chopper
>I don't know about Zoro, Oda's been flip floppy with him regarding women, so who the hell knows but he would probably be turned to stone in some convoluted way.

That's not how starvation works man. You're thinking of a liposuction.

Maybe top 10, but we will be over WCI for a good time already when the next poll is made, so people probably will be over Katakuri already

why did people forget my nigga doffy

Nice to know that Guts and Zodd finaly had a kid.

Probably, because he and his arc were pretty dull

excess skin doesnt magically vanish as you starve. its a slow process. the rapid weight loss that Big Mom went though is a lot closer to lip anyways.

I like Hancock also but not her bitchy attitude.

I didn't


Only Lunafags misunderstood that.

we had kids being crucified in public
how is this bland

How come Katakuri is so muscular when he is made of Mochi.

is this a cursed pic? it looks like someone punched mingo on his left eye

Zoro doesn't care about women, he didn't go up to peak at Nami and Vivi when everyone else did.

I've seen worse. Did literally nothing to me.

Ready to get BTFO next week edgefags?

Looks like both Katafags and Jirenfags are getting BTFO at the same time

Notice that all of them are characters that pander to the genitalia of fans. Law, Ace and Sabo are the fujos Holy Trinity and Hancock is the waifufags bait

This just makes me think Hancock wouldn't fit in the crew at all if she somehow actually joined.

It doesn't matter. Whether it's luffyfags or katafags that get btfo, us LuKafags shall reign supreme

It takes much less time than you think
I even binged the anime till like around episode 600 in a month(intro is skippable)

well, duh. Not every character is supposed to join the crew. Hancock has always looked more like a supporting character, probably a captain of a division like Whitebeard had

How come they don’t like Katakuri? I like most of the One Piece girl, especially Robin because of her dark jokes.

Franky and Zoro have the best odds, but Luffy is the best mix of them both.

What about Jinbei if he joined the crew by that point?

>How come they don’t like Katakuri?
We are not sure about that, we are just speculating because japs tend to have contrary opinions to the fans in the west, thus the joke that everything western fans love/hate the japs will hate/love

really nigga
Maybe we'll get a stone related logia at some point, doesn't seem all that weird except for the fact that the usual intangibility would be kind of funky
Because his apparent level of intangibility was up until limited to logias, while he could also produce (and this was before the possibility he could be awakened and do both was known to readers). I guarantee you if Oda had called him a Logia we would have people crying the same thing they did with Katakuri about snot not being a natural element
>And what exactly is darkness
darkness, duh

I hope they like Katakuri so Western fans and Japanese fans can enjoy him and the rest of One Piece.


I mean he's interacted with Hancock, so that speaks for him.

Would it suck if Kaido was a dragon who ate the human human: ogre model fruit?

what made you reach that theory?


Why isn't there a manga about the Charlotte family?

So you're saying that a fat person going skinny over the course of a day is something realistic?

Fuck off Luffyfag.

Luffy is going to lose.

I kind of feel sorry for wan piss fags, luffy is such a one dimensional character and oda would never show him expressing sexual attraction, making it totally far game to assume he likes dick, he probably does to be honest.

at this point he already had to fucking stitch his insides with his fruit

Stop speedreading. The only time Kizaru actually showed off his real lightspeed was only against Drake.

Kizaru literally teleported in front of Drake before his eyeball could even move and attacked Drake.

There was no flashy signs or hint before Kizaru teleported, right in front of Drake.

That was the only time Kizaru actually showed us how fast he was. It seems Kizaru's real speed doesn't give the enemy any hints because he teleported in front of Drake without the entire surroundings bathed in yellow light.

He still moved in a straight line

Im a LuKafag.Try again sweetie

re read alabasta

Marco also wounded him.
And Katakuri is definitely stronger than Marco.

Oda wrote the One Piece Movie Z and Kizaru moved in plenty of random directions.

Marco didn't wound shit.

Fuck off Marcofag. Hope you are on suicide watch when Marco is balding and heavily depressed and suicidal the next time Oda introduces him.


that got me

Salty kizarufag mad that his boy is the weakest admiral.

That and Big Mom.

Not to mention the chefs said that nobody has ever seen him eat before, even when pic related happened.