Flip Flap

So, I've been watching the Flip Floppers.
Very much enjoyed it.
Are you guys all fucking deaf? The soundtrack is about half of what makes it semi-brilliant.
Never seen it mentioned in any threads about it, besides muh art, and muh yuri (which is pretty much irrelevant, as you can just take it as friendship between girls.)
It feels like what's where the heart should be breaks every-time I hear 53:15, which is the battle with Yayaka in ep.9.
Anyways, wish we had more animes like that.

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>which is the battle with Yayaka in ep.9.
Yeah, the music really makes it, that is my favorite scene in this anime. I'm also a big fan of ~Determinazione~, which plays during one other of my favorite scenes.


Time to leave.

>tfw I lost all my flipflap webms
please post

Thank gods, I'm not alone.
I was starting to think people were robots Cred Forums. Last time I mentioned it, I didn't even get a single 'it was ok' sign.
Besides, the outro, that is just amazing, I also really like the one at 25:51, which is the clock tower, if I'm not mistaken.

>The soundtrack is about half of what makes it semi-brilliant.
You are correct.
>the yuri was pretty much irrelevant

Well, you can ignore the yuri side of it, besides one episode, and just take it as frienship.
That's what I chose to do.

>friendship between girls

Dude, grab the flac from the usual place. The music has great production value, especially orchestral songs like ~trading places~ benefit from flac. By the way, I love how this songs sounds like the whole band had a lot of fun.

Overall the sound in this anime is fantastic, they put a lot of effort into this.

how did you ignore the love confessions, the horror of episode 5 being built around class S, the bridal battle armor, the obvious differences between Cocona's friendship with Yayaka and her relationship with Papika and why did you OP with a pic from the gay feelings admitted episode in particular?


>hating things so much you have to ignore it
Why not move on to something else your taste

I love how the OST has songs named in Italian, Finnish, German, French, and so on.

Only soundless webm I got

Idk, man, maybe it's just a cultural thing, and I can't see yuri in anything, even if it's explicitly announced.
I guess my brain just filtered it out.
I guess I can't picture love between kids or something like that.
Maybe that's what makes other people not like it.

If this isn't yuri then what did that scene where Cockona went to the love hotel supposed to imply?


Are they correct for languages? Some german ones are a bit misspelled
>Berechnete Zwillinge
>Gebaut freundschaft

Have a .gif instead

>it was just the yuri devil tempting her

Well, that's a fantasy.
The whole fucking episode is.
So I take it as a fucking weird dream.

OP here, I've gotta go catch a bite.
Please keep it civil, and actually talk about the music or something.

For Finnish and Italian they're pretty alright but not perfectly correct.

Fuck you, that is our thread now.

I hope you choke on it.

>Well, that's a fantasy.
>The whole fucking episode is.
The whole fucking show is.

The electronic battle theme was fucking based. Imma go find a link...

>itt: brainlets who didn't understand the fantasy episode
I, too, take everything at face value and refuse to consider the context.



German titles are fine, except "uberwaltigende macht" would be "überwältigende macht" and "Gebaut freundschaft" would be "Gebaute Freundschaft" but that's pretty good compared to stuff like Blumenkranz from Kill la Kill

Part of the problem I had with it was that it started out as the visual equivalent of hard drugs. And then they tried to add a plot to it. Adding a plot to the visual equivalent of crack-cocaine is not something that can be executed well.




I love this show

It had a bad director who only focused on visuals instead of the whole work.

"Berechnete Zwillinge" is wrong in case they wanted to go for "calculating twins" and "gebaute Freundschaft" doesn't really makes sense. You don't really "build a friendship" in german. It can be "built on something", but not "built"

Yayaka needs to get a spinoff where she gets her own girl and adventure. She deserved better.


From 30:03 onwards

>muh plot
>muh no plot

Still sure episode 5 was a reference to rule of rose, a game with canon lesbians.
This scene when Yayaka tried to make Cocona uncomfortable by getting closer to her without success was aboslutely perfect, the absolute essence of her character.
Guess it's time to rewatch again.

>rules of rose reference
Welp, you learn something new every day.

I didn't go into the meanign much, but i don't think they would accidently translate calculating from a verb into an adjective, otherwise you would use "berechnende" here.

Not sure about "gebaute Freundschaft" either, since i think this was the song that played when Cocona was cease-fire with the twins and it's meant in a way like "artificial friendship", otherwise you would use "aufgebaute Freundschaft" or something like this.

I enjoyed Flip Flapping.

Nice hadn't caught that before. I'll agree it looke like that was one of the things being referenced and possibly where the horror theme was pulled from (the shining also gets a visual nod) but Class S / "just a phase" / romantic friendship yuri as a concept was the horror at the center of it all in my eyes based on the constant lilies, the tea, sewing, uniforms and other staples of the genre, the time rewinding, the death if you leave school and eventually defeating the scenario by smashing the clock.

"Artifical friendship" makes a lot of sense, the whole time I thought about what they could have meant, but yeah, that's probably what they were trying to go for.

You must be a lesbian.


Had to look up Class S, finally have a name for this stuff, thank you.
Already figured a lot of it was due to existing tropes but those 2 are the only ones i know of that combined it with horror and even used a a lot of the same visuals.
If lesbian schoolgirl horror is a big thign already i'd really like other examples, so far both are among my favourite shows/games.

The shining reference was a bit cheesy, but still pretty funny and i guess a more sutble one wouldn't work that well in Japan.


Also the Kubrick tracking shot was fucking great in that episode.

Sadly I don't think many class S really count as horror. I think the episode looks at it through a horror lens because the idea that your sexuality has a time limit on when it is considered acceptable is a horrific one.


This actually sounds like a very interesting theme, but i don't think they actually choose it, since the horror comes more from being stuck in a point of time rather then the end of it.

Don't have a much better explanation though, if the rule of rose connections was actually intentional they probably went for it because it was the most natural way to transition into horror, the director talked about a scrapped zombie idea for episode 8 so they probably wanted to do horror like they did action in episode 3.
It also worked pretty good for them because a Class S theme alone would be very difficult since the show already featured lesbians in a school setting.

I'd really like if more shows did this kind of comfy horror setting that still manages to be actually creepy.

Today I will remind them


Flip Flap is a very unique show. It might not be perfect but pretty much every aspect of it is very special while being a literal treasure of references to the entire Japanese animation and various side stuff.
If only it had been longer, or without the writing shift.

I seem to recall the studio doing the background art and the main writer were both switched out around episode 8-ish? Somewhere right around where they tried making things make sense. I think the series ended all right, but that blip really killed a lot of the momentum and atmosphere of what was being built before.

>or without the writing shift
We are still at it?

holy shit
I guess Flip Flap was too deep for Cred Forums

What do you expect from threads full of salesfags like you OP? But you're right, the music was the main draw of the show after all is said and done. It's more common that "yuri" meme shows have good soundtracks than you might think.


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3Hz fags, what do you think of their next project? Are they slowly becoming a "girls with guns" studio?

Being stuck is the horror of class S though. It's a relationship that can only exist in the school setting: the age when it was culturally ok for girls to play at love and relationships with each other.
That's why the world was so tempting to Cocona (and Papika), it offers a safe place for them to live out their feelings without the danger of a real relationship but it's also a trap that will not let them actually reach romantic fulfilment if they let it control them. If they fall into the routine they accept that their relationship can only exist within the boundaries of class S: that it is something they would have grown out of / has an expiration date without the magic of the recurring world.

They announced a new project?

they are doing a side story of SAO with girls and guns.

Fuck, I doubt I want to get into that just to see 3Hz animation. Well, thanks for the info.

Sword Art Online: Alternative Gun Gale Online (TV)

Karen Kohiruimaki is a 183-centimeter-tall (6-foot-tall) college student who's insecure her height, and is bad at dealing with people in the real world. She enters the world of Gun Gale Online with her avatar, Llenn, who is less than 150 centimeters (5 feet) tall and wears all pink. She meets a beautiful, brown-skinned female player who goes by Pitohui. They hit it off, but one day Pitohui pressures her to participate in "Squad Jam," a team Battle Royale variation of the Bullet of Bullets tournament.

I like Kuroboshi's style too much to skip it.

my first feelings as well. I'll be keeping an eye on it though.

But why



This show was dumb.

Honestly i'm very thankful someone out there likes the show enough to put so much effort into this

Dumb fun

It's not even been a year, give them time.

When did you stop being a pleb and realized the second half is better than the first?

Yeahhh, I don't think I'll be able to treat this seriously.

On rewatch

I don't get it

Way to make your post shit, faggot.

Clock tower blew my mind once it started to play, fucking magnificent.

Any news of director planning something new?