Dragon ball super

You rike?

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No rikey

>last thread deleted
Based mods

Y-yes, I love it Goku-Sama... Please stop hurting me now.

Give it some time, they will return.

Why do you spics still watch this shit? Is this the only anime you know?

I do because base Goku hair style is the best
Too bad Toei don't get the memo and think it's supposed to have a different style

Why are out of focus Jiren shots so fucking funny

>2 episodes left
What’s happening to Freeza, bros?

I still want to make half sayain babies with this spunky girl

I thought he just recolored the original SSG but it is actually a completely new drawing.

anyone have that comic of beerus telling goku not to master another form while his back is turned?

dodge this gokek



thank you user, much appreciated.

3 episodes, actually.

so memes have become reality and blanco is real, how does this make you guys feel?
do you think its going to be called blanco forever? instead of mastered UI or whatever

>Goku Blanco

Is Goku getting younger?

What will the next and likely last set of Ms paint comics be about considering goku is stronger than jiren now and no longer holding back?

Simple but gold



Stop fucking making dragon ball super threads. it's the same bullshit over and over again. How many times you faggots going to talk about the same shit it's getting fucking old. It's about time for super to get ban off of Cred Forums.

Jiren is still holding back

Anyone got that Gohan Blanco comparison with the actual episode from DBS?

The same can be applied to virtually every other thread save for when a new episode/chapter comes out relating to the content.

Also, nice 9gag meme text on your shitty anime picture.

El Jiharen...

Stay mad moefag.

I was rewatching SUper and I noticed that goku has to absorb energy from other people right before going UI.

Spirit bomb (Everyone's energy)
Kefla (Frieza's energy)
Most recent episode (Vegeta's energy)

...is the joke that Gohan thinks he would stand a chance?


FUCK I msised the goku blanco shitstorm. how did that go?

Are you being unironic right now? You have to be a mega newfag to not understand the meme. I mean "I started using Cred Forums a week ago" new.

Why the fuck did Goku get Blanco? It was supposed to be Gohan's turn!

It was glorious, gohanfags had a meltdown.


Shut the FUCK up

I don't get it

die gohancuck

So Jiren is Martian Manhunter if he was an alien?


CHADren always wins baby


Nice headcanon, burger, but

genki =/= ki

Scroll down and you'll find it!

I laughed


Enjoy watching him get erased.

I am so f*cking hyped for Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren bros. Truly, this is the most epic thing to happen since Gohan turned SSJ2 versus Cell.

Post yfw the U6 saiyans appear in the new movie

>Martian Manhunter if he was an alien?


no one cares

Is there a collection of these somewhere

Seriously, how fucking new ARE you people?

Since last year, gohanfags wanted gohan to get a power-up, they overanalyzed an interview about Tori saving white color for later and decided to project this idea as a power up for gohan. Thus gohan blanco meme was born, people forgot about the interview and when complete UI was revealed gohanfags had a ragefest.

>yfw they wont



>Implying they aren't filler and will appear in any dragonball related media ever again

stay delusional

>tfw Jiren is superman if superman was an alien


Top 10 of the ToP
1. Goku (Mastered Instinct)
2. Jiren (100%)
3. Goku (Ultra Instinct)
4. Jiren (Holding back)
5. Kefla (Legendary Super Saiyan 2)
6. Vegeta (Beyond Super Saiyan Blue)
7. Goku (Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken x 20)
8. Toppo (God of Destruction)
9. Kefla (Legendary Super Saiyan)
10. Aniraza

>jiren is batman if batman was superman

can be said of majority of anime. its the same thing over and over again and thankfully, the threads die once their seasons are over

Why didn't Bardock create his own androids to kill Frieza?

Holy shit

So many newfags today jfc, so back to your other threads.

>Goku's father
He was obviously holding back (his intellect)

>no el hermano


U6 will probably win after the time ends because they forgot about him.


If blue is supposed to be your body remembering the power of God, how the fuck did Veggie Burrito get blue if he never went God?

Also why is God portrayed as weaker than blue?


Both are plotholes

Because you are fucking retarded

Gohan build up for new form was nothing
Angels being evil build up was nothing
Goku and Hits comments about breaking free of gods rule build up was nothing

why does toei keep setting us up for disappointment

Let's be honest... Gohan Blanco vs El Grande Padre could have saved Super, prove me wrong.

How did 17 blow up if he doesnt have a bomb inside of him??

This is why I fap to Saiyan Girls! Fucking sexy. Just like Kale.

If you unironically waste your time watching Turdper you deserve nothing but disappointment.

Of course, i'm not gay.

Someone post the pic of the power rangers with a different colored goku head on each one

Is there a real answer or are you just memeing?

I know it's bait, but I've never been this fucking bored before. Goku and Vegeta were shown acquiring Blue in the anime, meaning you're a speedwatcher and need to rewatch it. Just because Vegeta wasn't shown getting the ritual on screen doesn't mean he didn't get God Ki through any other means.

God isn't portrayed as Blue, it's literally shown as having a Universal feat, while Blue has no stronger or equal feats. Despite this, Blue is a x50 increase off of God. (Due to it literally being the Super Saiyan version of God.)

Also, it's stated that Blue is stronger, but God has better stamina management, not that that shit even matters anymore.

bravo toriyama

He'll make an appearance on the GeGeGe remake.

>he faps to horrible garbage

The answer is nu Toriyama is a hack.

>How did vegeta blow himself up if he didn't have a bomb inside of him


it unironically would have
super is so bad and that would have at least been funny and interesting

This bait is full blown retardation. Stop posting it, you fat white fuck.

What is cute? There's nothing there.


Does she fuck with champa?

she gets uglier every page, how does she do it?


>also filler

Now I've heard it all.

>Goku and Vegeta were shown acquiring Blue in the anime

>Just because Vegeta wasn't shown getting the ritual on screen doesn't mean he didn't get God Ki through any other means.
If he just gets it offscreen with no explanation it's literally an asspull/plothole. Not speedwatching.

>God isn't portrayed as Blue, it's literally shown as having a Universal feat

Wasn't it straight up said in one of the anime episodes that blue was his body remembering the power of God? By that explanation God should be stronger.

>better stamina management
Yea I remember this and it's probably just an excuse for them to show every single form in his U6 Saiyan fight.

Is goku stronger than bills now?

Saiyan trannies are not girls.

>2012(Before Super): "We won't get recolor transformations because Toriyama is orginal and not a hack!"

With mastered UI? 100%.

>Jiren gets punched in the gut by UI Goku in 128 with obvious signs of getting hurt
>Jiren gets kamehameha'd in close range from UI Goku and Jiren pushes him back


>faggot that stopped training for years supasses GoDs and angels in 2 days

>If he just gets it offscreen with no explanation it's literally an asspull/plothole. Not speedwatching.

No, I meant he wasn't shown transforming into Blue pre-Golden Frieza fight. But it was shown that the two had unlocked Blue's power.

>Wasn't it straight up said in one of the anime episodes that blue was his body remembering the power of God? By that explanation God should be stronger.

God should have some actual benefits, but Blue is a straight upgrade in every way, especially with Toei outright NOT giving a fuck about stamina/abilities. Transformations are just "unga bunga me stronger now"

Try not to ever worry yourself with Super having any level of consistency, all we can ever tell you is: Toei is incompetent and lazy as fuck.

Reminder that "El Hermano" is canon as well

Fucking sexy. Needs more Kale thou.

Another one

I always just considered the reason he stopped adding God in was that it was more expensive to add the CGI fire. And it would make kaioken less distinct on top of it.

Still mad Goku stole Blanco but goddamn if it isn't the funniest shit ever

>Blue is a x50 increase off of God
We already told you your headcanon is wrong Paco

Cred Forums is so fucking stupid.


The best part about Super are the fillers, all of them where great.

Reminder that yo're a fucking idiot who believes anything he sees on the internet.

>Needs the both of them getting erased ASAP

What is she saying?

She's carrying his child

i cant wait to see them getting erased again, its gonna be so fucking good, I hope toyo makes it more violent like their eyes popping out of their sockets and jugs of blood coming out and their body just explodes just like spopovich

How is that headcanon, and how is it in any way related to mexicans? Really, if you want to think about it, absolutely all multipliers and theoretical strengths done via powerlevels or powerscaling are all headcanon and could be associated with anyone on the planet.

Goku in God Form was going somewhat even with Base Kefla. Kefla goes SS, and Goku goes SSB, absolutely no gap is created whatsoever. Therefore the difference between God and Blue is the same as Base and Super Saiyan. Saying "x50" was my way of simplifying it.

>Cabba is a faggot


"I am a shit character, fuck you for making me exist"

> bills
spic detected

Friendship is da bomb

>yfw all the recolor are from Super

Holy shit!


Keru a cute.


Your pic disproves your own post.

>How is that headcanon
It's an assumption, LITERALLY headcanon.

>anime only content
Not an argument, in Toriyama's mediums (movies and manga) the difference between God and Blue is small as hell.

Kale didn't even say anything in chapter 33.

You have ten seconds to name a SINGLE fight CHADly has lost without his opponent relying on mary sue esque asspullery. That's right, you can't.

BROforce wins again baby

She didn't even have any lines in the episode she was erased too. She literally is a non character.

>not a recolor of KK at Namek arc
Top kek

Caulifla has slight amounts of respect for Cabba after being beaten up by him.

Goten and Trunks vs Bio Broly

nice headcanon

You called it a headcanon, disregarded the points I offered as "anime-only content" even though it's been stated multiple times and meme'd for days that Toei and Toriyama both do their own thing, yet both are canon iterations of the series.

>Not an argument, in Toriyama's mediums (movies and manga) the difference between God and Blue is small as hell.

What if I do what you're doing and say that I don't take the manga into account because I don't like it? Which is what you happen to be doing right now.

>does a complete 180 and is already following his orders (refusing the juice) like a bitch
Still shit.

Is it weird that I don't find Kale or Caulifa any special but my dick goes absolutely fucking wild for Kefla?

Trips confirms good taste

Kefla made Goku her bitch

They are all garbage, so you being attracted to even one of them still is weird. Could be worse though.

That's what makes her great. Quiet mysterious girls are hot. They need no word.

>lost to water

yeh you're a faggot with no taste.

>that trunks
Oh god its fucking perfect.



>tfw bio-broly exists

That's not how I remember it.

GT ain't so bad. It gave us just one transformation, Super gave us a fucking rainbow of them.

>CHADhan blanco will be a thing in Heroes in the future

Best timeline, CHADhan ALWAYS wins baby


U6 girls look like stick people
Kefla is the only decent one

>even his spanish is getting weaker

literally forced him to go ultra instinct

And this is what happened next

how can other half-breeds even compete?

And we all know what happened after that.

What are you guys talking about

Gohan may be the best but the others will get plenty of stuff, too. Goten for example will achieve Rose.

That ass. I want to eat it.

For fuck's sake have you just not been paying attention?

Which one of you fuckers is doing this?

The real question is, if Beerus ever manages to stop lazing around and get back to training and master UI himself, would he then become stronger than Goku again?

Blue Kefla would be stronger than EGP

People watch this unironically?

and then this happened


COUNTER TERRORISThan will go blanco within our lifetimes. It has been confirmed.

The force just can't stop winning can we.

>never got ssg
>never got blue
>won't get blanco before these 2 transformations


>when you realize no matter what happens the fight will end in a time-out/double k-o and frieza wins by default

Nah she'd be Champa tier

let's not get too cocky

Is this the best kefla fanart?
My dick

I want to build lego sets with her.

Trips confirm, based CHADbba did something about his virginty while he still had time.

I'm sure Blue is going to become the next SSJ3/4, where every one is given it in Heroes.

already stronger

LSSJ2 kefla > ui omen goku >>> beerus > champa

T-that's not t-true!
And don't you dare saying SSJ2 was just SSJ1 w-with spiker hair

That Chodehan fucker was talking about heroes.
Everyone gets everything in heroes.

don't question my headcanon
Stronger than UI as a SS2 and blue so far above 3

>ui omen goku >>> beerus

>never got ssg
>never got blue
oh trust me he will, its only a matter of time. in Heroes and in Super.



>t-teach me how to kiss a girl bejita-san

Based GODhan

>LSSJ2 kefla > ui omen goku
>ui omen goku >>> beerus

I want to feed her chocolate pudding. While watching the Lego Movie Trilogy.

He's a Kelfafag. Everyone already knows he's retarded.

UI Omen Goku is weaker than Jiren, who is weaker than Champa.

>10. Aniraza

not canon, the shitty robots arent even at the tournament in the manga

>chichi asks Goku to kiss her
>he doesn't know to and asks the prince to help
Gokek would have Vegeta kiss Chichi as a testing dummy.

Bardock got SSJ to SSJ4 but never god forms. Gohan won't get god forms either

Tell me, does her pubes turn blue too?

>he likes something i don't what a retard

>Gohan Based?


No you have top tier taste

Thing is, SSJ2 ended up looking identical to SSJ for most characters.

Only Teen Gohan (I know he's actually like 11 or 9) actually went through a significant change. Everyone else, even Adult Gohan, just got electricity added to their aura.

And sometimes, normal Super Saiyan got that too.

But Jiren is stronger than Belmod, and Belmod beat Beerus in arm wrestling.

Sorry buddy, but this is heroes, CHADhan will get it eventually, they know it will sell

>5 years since SSG debut
>Still no SSG gohan in media

Keep waiting gohanfags

Feels good to be part of the BROforce.

>he likes garbage
Retard spotted.

Tailsdon't change in DBH (i thinkg they did in GT) so no
Fusions don't have pubes

Kefla would job to Buuhan.

We always win, no matter what, it's quite fun.

WINNERhan never fails to deliver the goods

only metaphorically

what a poor imitation to the all powerful CHADforce
i guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

dont worry, we know he will get it.

Post faghan

But i don't like freeza user

>both are canon iterations of the series
Sorry Alejandro but canon =/= continuities
Toei having their own continuity is nothing new, they had their own continuity for the original DB anime and Z too. Still not canon.

>because I don't like it
Sure thing, stay in denial. The versions overseen by Toriyama says God and Blue are close in strength, everything else is pointless.
If you want to talk about how some stuff is in Toei's continuity it's not different from discussing about DBH or DBXV continuity, you can do it but don't be so stubborn when people talks about what actually happens in Toriyama's vision of DB

Who will be first to lose their kissing virginity? Gokek, Cabba, or Freezer?


Freeza has a son already



I think you meant caulifla buudy

My bad, ABSOLUTELY based is more accurate, GODhan always wins baby

Frieza strikes me as someone who kissed tons of men.

so does Goku but he still has yet to kiss a woman

>Super Dragon Balls are used to retcon the entirety of Super
>final shot of the anime is a glimpse of the Black Star Dragon Balls on the Lookout

Godhan is too based, he should have his own show.

If you are going to fucking powerscale do it correctly. Don't assume Blue is just normal SS on top of Red, it is its own transformation. We don't have exact scaling using Red and Blue because all we know is Blue>Red>SS3 because each is shown to be stronger than the last with no proper multiplier. Manga gives a stated multiplier of ~10 when going from Red to Blue and that's about all we can infer.

>antigohan fags seething because he'll eventually get blanco

We're talking about the anime, and it's pretty clear that Whis was talking about Belmod when he told that story

Super Saiyan - the original
SS2 - hair becomes spikier and the aura looks a bit different, basically an upgraded SS
SS3 - hair becomes very long, loses eyebrows, looks neanderthal-like
SS4 - radically different from other Super Saiyan forms since it harkens back to the great ape transformation, with the tail, fur, and longer hair
SSG - red recolor
SSB - blue recolor
UI - silver recolor

why did they stop trying


How does he do it?

Did Gohan start eating soy as an adult?

>"gohan always thins baby!"

Gohan! This will give you a power-up to end your faggotry! Here, catch!

>he'll eventually get blanco
we are still waiting on ssg gohan
Bardock broly and gogeta will get blanco before gohan

SS2 Kid Gohan still gets in every single game because of how good he was

Hair colour always seems to have less shadows too afaik. Goku's hair pointed a bit more upwards at first afaik


blanco is stronger than calvo tho


the 10 times you posted this before nobody found it funny, i dont think why you believe that will change.

Last fight of the ToP will be Shin vs Kai

Screencap this

>gohan will get calvo

And he will surpass EGP, based

It also is the most popular version of Gohan to this day in nipland (and probably many other places as well)

No, if she was directly stated to be stronger than a spirit bomb in the ToP there's no way she would be weaker than any Buu

He's millions of years old and we have on screen evidence of him not doing too badly against Beerus. Champa would clown Jiren and Belmod at the same time

What would their fusion name be?

pure saiyans don't seem to give a damn about romance for the most part.

All the fucking transformations are lazy outside of SS4, you can try and talk up SS2 and SS3 as much as you want but in the end they are literally just "oh i added lightning" "oh give him longer hair"

>tfw gohan peaked at 11

Both continuities are canon you dumb fuck. The movies and GT are the non-canon continuities


Is there some compilation of reactions of blancofags?

>still clinging to that statement
There's no consistency in Toei's Super.
Freeza goes from laughing at Dyspo to being raped by him and needing to be saved by Gohan in the very next episode.

cabba is not pure, neither is any saiyan on u6. they have no tails.

>There's a GoD out there who beat Beerus in arm wrestling, and there's a mortal in that universe stronger than his GoD
You can make a case that Beerus and Champa are about equal in terms of strength, but Jiren and Belmod are stronger than those 2.

You do know Super Saiyan was made just so Toriyama wouldn't have to draw black hair?
He was always lazy and never trying.


What if one of the GoD was a saiyan?

It's mostly denial, basically what you're seeing in this thread about him getting blanco in Heroes.

Vegeta got to feel the god aura when he did the hands thing with the rest.

meaning Gohan and even trunks/goten could get God if they tried

obviously only Pan will get it. The age of Pan Blanco is upon us. DB will become a magical girl franchise once Pan takes over the show and Goku's VA kicks the bucket.

this headcannon is embarrassing.

If Freeza jumped up to blue levels with just a couple months of serious training I'm assuming nearly all of the rivals and villains could do the same. Even 17 did and he spends his time slapping poachers.

Unironically the spic story would have been better than Super

Hahaha. What world are you living in?

gohan didn't train, vegeta had to train a ton by himself to get it, since half breeds achieve transformations faster they will get it if they work for it.



DBZ anime is the canon version.
The manga is incomplete and only 10% at most of the audience has ever read the manga.

Will Pan escape gohan's faggotry or will she turn into a filthy quarter breed? Find out on next episode of Dragon Ball Ultra!


>You rike?
Toriyama ruined Dragon Ball.

They evolved out of it, evolution can happen faster than you think. Shift in the environment.


Why did they delete it?

He peaked again in his brief fight againts Buu

>the one trait that puts saiyans apart from others
nah, they are mixed.

>Dyspo weaker than Frieza
>Dyspo powers up
>Frieza is no longer strong enough to win
>This is now called inconsistency by tardscalers

holy shit he's so fucking good

Waifufags clogged the entire thread

He was 11 yo you retard.

If Goten trained with Vados for a year, how strong do you think he would realistically get?

Maybe it's cause of the fact that there is a rise in offtopic and low quality crossboard material?

user I.....

>transformations at the original manga
>Goku is stronger now that he looks different!
>Goku is stronger now that he looks different!
>Goku is stronger now that he looks different, but there's a massive drawback that makes him useless!

>transformations at GT
>Goku is stronger now that he looks totally different!

>transformations at Super
>Goku is stronger now and his energy got a special property!
>Goku is stronger now, his energy got a special property and on top on that he got another unique property! There's also a drawback but can be solved with smart strategies and techniques!
>Goku is stronger now and can use a top tier technique based on a neat IRL martial arts' concept!

Super's transformations (in the manga at least) >>> DB's transformations > GT's transformations

Goku Black strong

>peaked in Buu arc

What do you mean by incomplete?
There's a lot of off screen development, which I've never been a fan of, but that doesn't make it incomplete

>t. Cred Forums geneticist

That's not the only trait dummy.

It's weird that you want to tell strangers about your dick

strong enough to kill broly one more but solo


>Super was always a barebones, creatively bankrupt piece of shit that relied on transformation shticks to hype super special snowflake power ups with absolutely no thought into it "God, Blue, Ultra Instinct" to sell as much products as possible

>People are *only* realizing this now after the 3rd fucking hair dye

Slow on the uptake, huh.

Is this what happens when you suck Tracertaro's cock too hard?

Who can defeat El Hermano?


GODhan is an absolute beast
I said in his brief fight against Buu retard, read again

No, I dont.

Gohan was born with a tail hes more saiyan than the nu saiyans.

Would he have done better?

>superbabies are autistic
Who would have thought?

Against Buutenks


Thanks for proving you are just an ignorant. "Canon" defines the real version of a story, the only one that actually happened in a diegetic universe, therefore is simply impossible that two different continuities are canon.

There's your (You)


>jobs to Goten

Hes just too fucking based

no he isn't.


>ad hominem
Is this what happens when you have no argument?

What kind of dicks does Vados likes

>brief fight
>still jobbed even if the fight was brief

>Esto es el fin, El Hermano

Nice headcanon

>him getting blanco in Heroes

Zbabbies BTFO

yeh he is. u6 saiyans are not real saiyans.


>had 10+ years
>was probably still weaker than his dad was on Namek

YamCHAD will beat jiren AND beerus

He dominated Super Buu the entire fight, Buutenks is a whole different fighter and a different story

Some guy tried to make a meme out of Gotenfags vs Brolyfags

cant wait to see blanco in heroes


Do you have Buu saga only compilation ?

>be me
>saiyan prince/elite
>arrive on earth and manage to defeat kakarot
>job to his 4 year old son and manlet best friend
>strive to be the strongest warrior and surpass kakarot
>believe I'm a super saiyan and fight freeza
>kakarot becomes a super saiyan with just anger alone
>train my ass off in space and finally become a super saiyan
>manage to defeat one of the androids but job to a woman not soon after
>become super vegeta and manage to kick cells ass in his second form
>have a chance to kill him
>let him become perfect and proceed to get my ass kicked
>job to his autistic children
>kakarots 9 year old son surpasses you and defeats cell with a single punch and kamehameha wave
>7 years later
>finally unlock ssj2
>high on majin power
>have a rematch with kakarot
>find out he's been holding back the entire time
>decide to do the noble thing and sacrifice myself to protect my family
>blow myself up to kill buu
>does nothing
>attempt to fight kid buu
>job and admit kakarot was stronger
>a few years pass
>freeza returns with a new golden form
>get the justice i deserve and kick his ass
>just as I'm finally about to get my revenge kakarot steals the kill at the last minute
>time passes
>fighting zamasu with my son
>our combined galick gun is barely able to push back his attack
>kakarot does it by himself with ease
>fighting in the top
>kakarot gets his ass kicked by jiren
>kakarot somehow gains ultra instinct
>still can't hurt jiren
>there's still hope
>fighting jiren
>manage to see through his attacks
>get btfo by jiren
>eventually gain my own power up, who needs ultra instinct?!
>blow toppo the fuck out
>realize it amounted to nothing since he's the biggest jobber in u11
>fight jiren
>get my ass kicked without putting up a fight
>cry like a bitch
>give kakarot the little energy i have left
>kakarot manages to hurt jiren with a power up he got on a silver platter
>realize all your training amounted to nothing


U6 got deleted

unironically samefagging at it's finest

Based Jiren.

For everyone that has been saying Jiren is a non-character or boring obviously haven't been studying his interactions with other members of his universe and universe 7. His quotes pack so much meaning that people overlook. Jiren puts all his faith in his own strength, and looks down on those weaker than him. Even so, he claims that he seeks "that which lies beyond strength." What could he be referring to? I think he's still looking for the answer to that, but he may finally get it when he witnesses Goku's mastery of Ultra Instinct. With all the focus that's been placed on Jiren's meditation, it's safe to say that he feels confident in his strength and instead chooses to focus on his mind. The energy from his glare, that barrage of punches as he closes his eyes; these attacks seem to stem from pure focus. Ultra Instinct, on the other hand, is about taking the mind out of the equation and letting every part of your body react on its own, a feat that the Gods themselves struggle to achieve. I don't believe Jiren was aware of UI and what it means when he first fought Goku, and even later when he observed his fight against Kefla. To someone who's put so much emphasis on sharpening his mind, the idea of removing it from the equation entirely must seem preposterous. It's in their final battle, when Goku finally masters this ability, that Jiren will truly understand what he's up against. He'll also have to reconcile with the reason why Goku, a mortal far weaker than himself, could obtain such a power when he could not...

"Trust begets nothing."

This sentiment seemed to strike a nerve with Goku, and I believe it's Jiren's greatest weakness. Whereas one warrior, scarred from childhood, foregoes emotion and true relationships and relies solely on his own strength, the other feeds on the trust his friends and family bestow upon him, which ultimately aids him in trusting himself, and his own instincts.

>Buutenks is a whole different fighter
>It's literally Buu but with a power boost received from Gotenks
>jobhan fags grasping this much for straws

>being a mangafag
>I look at stills black and white images and make up the sounds in my head but I swear I'm not mentally ill

Can superman beat Goku Blanco?

you forgot about getting his ass kicked by beerus and hit

Reminder that goku is number one and this is his show, everyone else is irrelevant.

Only Blanco Completado

cont.) 2/2
To let go of all inhibitions and mental blocks, and trust your body to achieve the impossible; that is the key to mastering Ultra Instinct.

Until Jiren puts the past behind him and learns to trust again, in himself and in his teammates, he will never be able to achieve that which lies beyond strength. Will he accept this fact and attempt to learn from his mistakes, or simply double down and attempt to grow even further in strength? Just like Vegeta, Beerus, and Hit, I believe Jiren will be yet another "enemy" changed for the better by his encounter with Goku.

Why didn't Kefla ride Goku's face while he was knocked down

Are you implying fusions aren't a separate fighter?

Gohan is canonically a smart guy but only for being a bookworm. Martial arts wise he's as bright as a rock, just look how shit was Trunks when Gohan was his only master and how strong he was when he went back in Super after learn shit from his father.

Fucking brazilians making people believe all the "spicmeme" were from mexico when it was actually from the hueland

I just realized I could have avoided hearing grandma Goku if only I had dropped the Super anime and picked up the manga instead. Oh well, it's too late for that now.

still seething over gohan? jesus christ, every thread youre posting this.

Wow guys i can't wait for the next season of dbs so i'll be able to see goku turn green to beat that strong opponent! This is so exciting!!

>everyone eventually gets Bianco
>Gohan looks the worst, just like he does in Super Saiyan 4

>toeimutts once again

You mean Arale-sama

>Pan Blanco
Is this her final form?

Goku Menta is old news, he already did that against Zamasu.

Nah, if Beerus got serious he would body Goku

a chadforce member probably sodomized him after kicking his ass
he needs time to heal

>he didn't have that version of budokai 1

>Gohan overpowers Super Buu
>So cocky he let Buu absorb Gotenks
>put the whole in danger for the 2nd time
>literally needs his daddy to save the world again

>fusions = Absorptions
>pulling out the "seething" card.

When are we getting broly calvo?

Gohan killed all those people

gohan is the best ss4, he doesn't like like some faggot ass old man nu metal from the 90s.

>too fucking based

>so fucking good

Is it a coincidence Gohanfags speak like 12 year olds high on Monster Energy?

Honestly, Super would be way the fuck better if Toei wasn't in charge and they weren't constantly behind on schedule in terms of animation quality and writing for a show whos concept was a cash grab to follow up with the 2 previous movies. They should have followed BNHA's example and done a seasonal anime instead. Its clear that with Jiren they had no clear idea or direction in what they wanted to do the characters or story. Plus, it still has the problem of showcasing more than two characters before trying to kill them of an episode later. Goku has enough energy to get beat up by Jiren twice, enough energy after Frieza helps him (This happens all within a few minutes of In-universe time), AND fight Kefla? And they expect us to believe he was ever fucking tired? The Kefla fight could have be done by any of the other members of the cast and the tension would be even better because we know they're not Goku so we don't know if they'll win or lose where as most of Goku's fights are predictable. Also, I really wish the ToP wasn't just a weekly fighter arc focused entirely on U7. They had tons of jobbers to choose from to enhance the threat the fighters would have been to the Z-fighters.

What if Beerus wanted to fuck 18 and Bulma?

>jirens face
subtly full of contempt, it's great

His haircut makes all his Saiyan transformations look like shit. No wonder his Ulti form looks best on him.

9 you fucking autistic retard.

I can only imagine, I just wonder how someone can get this butthurt over a fictional character like Gohan.

I mean look at this hes completely obsessed with him, more than gohanfags.

Everything south of texas might as well be one country. Theyre all shitters, nobody gives a fuck

LOL AHAHA these Gohan Wojacks are killing me keep them coming PURE GOLD PURE GOLD!

>*one shots your legendary form*
>*steals your heart*
>*continues your dream of fighting poachers*
>*be best bros with torankasu*

How can you deny that CHADten and HUNKs are the greatest?

bbm dicks of course, it's not like she didn't overfeed him on purpose

> Be Vegeta
> Don´t exist because you are subconscient projection of Goku, just as Gohan, Goten and Trunks are.
> Realize that Goku hit his head too hard while defeating Piccolo in the 23rd Tournament and this was all a dream
> Vanish peacefully as Goku wakes up

Dragon Ball is saved

>gets baited like a moron

>everyone jobs to U7 just like in the anime
>wow based Toyo changing absolutely nothing! s-shut the fuck up Toeishills this is good!


*becomes irrelevant in super*

s-shut the fuck up toeishills, this is good!


>hercule high

Wtf am i reading? Dubmanga?

>gohanfags using seeth card when they can't support their argument anymore

Wow it's fucking nothing

Whoa, this whole time I had Kamehameha powers inside me, thanks Kakarot


Toriyama fucked the continuity cause he couldn't do math. Gohan isn't even 16 here, he's 17 due to the HTC

But Gohan looks amazing in SS4

thats exactly what hes doing, seething, posting it in every thread, its literally the definition of seething.


>was only relevant while fused back during Z
>said fusion isn't even relevant anymore


Hercule is a better and more fitting name. And it is iconic too.

He didn't do either of the first two though

Indeed, he was just too angry to think straight


>literally posted 4 posts pertaining to jobhan in this entire thread

Fuck that's hilarious
Too bad Goku is a dumbass in the manga continuity as well as the anime. Even the fact he has never kissed his wife made it in

Umm genius, he didn't stay a full year he left early with Goku and didn't return.

Guess it would be pointless to bring back Frieza and not have him do something, still, he can't keep up with Jiren and Veggie has to take the fall to give him space, fucksake
Comfy cruiser episode with universe 6 along for the ride when?

>Its better that way (laughs)

>due to the HTC
Shut the fuck up speedwatcher, he didn't even go in for a full day.

Someone post that comparison clip from last night showing the Gohan blanco scene with Jiren getting gut punched versus what happened in episode 128.

I need to blow a buddies mind.

It's still a full 9 months you dumb fuck

Reminder that DBS is incapable of Math.
Vegeta who can't even ssj powerlevel (1) + crippled Goku powerlevel (0.5) = SSB (1000)


oh oh

you post it in every fucking thread 20 posts about gohan, you're seething while everyone just shitposts.

Jiren is exhausted. It's been a long tournament.

Yeah, at least he isn't 100% stupid with the mentality and dialogue of a 6 year old

Ss4 is shit, it looks stupid as fuck

Only a fucking jaja would think growing fur over half your body would be cool

Oh and its not even close to being canon

Isn't even GT Gohan better off than Super Gohan?

please I can see his filenames retard and check the history, you're literally retarded dont post again.

>toeishills again


>we are no longer allowed to round .75 years to a year
Dumbass, it's not like you don't spend any time there at all until you spend the full day

shit bait

Señor Picoro!

>Implying you don't love him and want to protect this
Stop being tsun

>Saving Goten from Zamasu means Trunks never gets with Mei and turns out gay

He really doesn't, his spiked hair ruins it, if he had his teen/future self's hairstyles it would have looked amazing on him

>people can't have the same file names
I've seen some other user with the filename barkek and I also have that filename. Hell, sometimes I save images and copy/paste the filenames from other anons


>*slurp* gokurr, are yoo shurr *sucking sounds* ziss wirr make me go brue?

>not Vegeta kissing Goku

Has she seen it?

And there are 12 months in a year. Dumbass.

No, he just looks like a doofus

>Manga gives a stated multiplier of ~10 when going from Red to Blue and that's about all we can infer.

SSG is not base form with god ki

No but this will

>trying to run away from the fact he posts in every single thread
you're seething friend, its not even shitposting. You're more obsessed with a fictional character because some gohanfags make you butthurt, just their presence triggers your butthurt. Its sad.


>400 posts in 2 hours
How do we do it? Are we the chads of Cred Forums? These threads are easily the most active

Based suckposter

>debuts as a 4yo kid
>is 5yo when they try to wish Goku back but he wasn't dead (saiyans arrived early, not a full year happened from Raditz death to Vegeta's attack and Namek arc)
>6yo when he meet future Trunks
>9yo before AND after the RoSaT (he wasn't a full year there)
>16yo at Boo arc, 7 years after he killed Cell
Looks fine to me

Lel nope

how new are you if you think this is significant?

>tfw never have Raditz and Nappa as uncles for Goten and Trunks (Goku and Vegeta are gone due to some mysterious reason).
>no shenanigans going on like the boys training their uncles how to go SS. Discipline struggles between the boys and men. Nappa telling Trunks censored tales of his times with old Vegeta. Raditz and Yamcha having contest to attract the most tale and Nappa+Tien fighting over Launch.
>Space adventures later on with massive drama.

>Reminder that Toei is incapable of math.

I don't think Quitela has a dick that reflects his personality

>Don't assume Blue is just normal SS on top of Red, it is its own transformation.
Except it's literally what Goku states in the fucking show. He literally says it's the super sayian form of a ssg. Look at pic related

Gohan was smart, his mom had him study to make up the time wasted while training

Why is Toyotaro so obsessed with Jiren's butt?

Kale is perfect birthing/mother material.

Cutegang did it

Reposting the pasta prepared for the "SSB is SSGx50" faggots

After the first movie Toriyama said Godku was a 60% of Beerus full power, then he did RoF and SSB was still weaker than Beerus, but still strong, so strong that if Goku and Vegeta fought Beerus together they could put a good fight according to Whis (and this was only changed in Toei's version of RoF, not canon).

>the scale was retconed
That's also headcanon, the manga supports God and Blue are relatevely close in strenght. The difference between God and Blue against Toppo wasn't significant, God puts a good fight on Toppo and Blue matchs Toppo's full power. Beerus also called Blue "a power up from SSG" because that's how he see it, it's slightly stronger than God but no more, that's why Goku and Vegeta are still behind him.
Another example is Vegeta being fast enough as God to react to Black's moves and going Blue when needed ALSO even if you still refuses to accept the true and you think God is still far from Blue, the difference is still not so big since they confirmed a weakened SSB (at 10% of his full power) is weaker than SSG at full power. If SSB was 50 times stronger than SSG, weakened Blue would still be 5 times stronger than God.

I wish red-haired Super Saiyan Blue was canon.

Will you drop the manga if Krillin, Tien and Roshi manage to defeat Frost with teamwork?


>multiple people can't dislike the same character
>people can't have the same filenames despite me saying another user with the same filename as mine
>literally destroyed all your arguments and now you're left with the seething card
Like clockwork

he didn't spend a full year in the HTC.

>at 10% of his full power
They said less than 10% of his power which would mean anything.

Remember DBS is more comedy than Z. Toriyama probably told Toyo to draw a very define ass for the lols

>destroyed arguments
I wasn't the one discussing with you earlier I just pointed out that you're a seething butthurt fag who spams the same shit everyday.

>i-its n-not me..!!

I know its you retard, the posting is the same.

If you like Broly in drag

esto el fin


Nope, he says it's a SS that uses the power of God (like Toriyama said), not literally SSG going SS


>2 non canon characters

You know, that would actually be a great setup for Frost getting erased.

Frost getting cucked by the weakest of U7 will definitly anger him and he will start rage-attacking them while he's on the bleachers, thus leading to his erasure.

What about Beyond SSB?

>Vados in charge of the shotas
doujins when?



>they said less than 10% so maybe it's a 1%!

>I wasn't the one discussing with you earlier I just pointed out that you're a seething butthurt fag
>Being this obvious

>"I know its you retard, the posting is the same."
Yeah, the posting is the same because there's this thing called shitposting

What do you have in mind?

its not shitposting when you're seething

Just like everything in GT.

>Freeza's dumb cousing btfo by earthlings
I would LOVE it as soon they actually dont' go full retard with the power scaling

>they said less than 10% so it's 10%

youre unironically seething though




Filler but by its look you can argue it's SS grade 2/Ascended Super Saiyan version of regular Blue

But it's silver.

At this point I am desensitized to transformations being little more than hair and eye color changes.


they'd probably defeat him the same way they defeated The Preecho in the anime

>roshi uses his thunder shock surprise to paralize frost
>tien pushes him out with tribeam

Why would I be mad about the character I dislike jobbing? What's it like being retarded user(s)?

Not exactly 10% but clearly not 5% nor 1% or he would have use these numbers, it's probably a random number like 7,4 or something like that

>seething this hard

daily reminder Young Jijii fixed Super Saiyan 4

I was about to ask about Kuririn's role in the fight but I guess it's pretty much confirmed that Kuririn being ringed out by Frost is part of the outline.
I'd love if he does something significant to beat Frost before failling tho, like cutting off his legs or something

>tfw that pic reminds me of Vados-kun


>the seething card pulled out yet again
I accept your concession

People are still not over Goku getting "Blanco". Give it a year at the very least.

by making it worse?

That looks awful.


>seething so hard he posted a smug

Cred Forums doesn't care though.

>red iris with black sclera and PURPLE eyeliner
>mixing brown fur with golden hair
>also SS hairstyle for a form that's supposed to be more balanced, like a base form
>black claws that not even ozaru had

Frieza's species reproduces asexually, he was born from his father King Cold.

>Zeno didn't bring back everyone just so they could watch the Goku vs Jiren fight
>Caulifla will never see shirtless Goku

looks like Super Saiyan 4 is the original Super Saiyan form that exists

Is Goku going to take responsibility and raise Kuriza?

Nope. THIS.

Anyone have the MSPaintAnon image where someone is yelling about how SSJ is incorrect and SS is

>Freeza is supposed to be a biological clone of Cold since their species don't reproduce sharing genes each other but just replicating yourself
>Freeza ended up being MORE mutant than his father somehow
Toriyama isn't into biology huh?

How strong would Gohan and Caulifla's son be?

Weaker than Goten
But still stronger than Broly

>no caulifla/goku interaction

Cursed ship

Hes been standing doing next to nothing compared to any other fighter. Hes only started moving recently and thats just him casually blocking ppl

Don't worry, Caulifla will be interested as soon she sees the new transformations

>smug = ur mad
another jobhan fag BTFO

buu killed everyone on earth before

Kind of hard to interact with a for-reals dead person


>taking responsibility
Reminder that he stayed dead after Cell by his own choice, literally leaving Gohan's upbringing (plus Goten's, who he didn't know existed yet) to Chichi. He never contacted anyone and his one visit to Earth just happened to be for the sake of some tournament.
In the meantime he was off doing cheat mode training in the afterlife, with no physical limitations such as having to eat.

Very, I guess


Gokek would get raped by heat vision.

Caulifla doesnt fuck weaklings that can't catch a damn earring or dodge.

I forgot that the afterlife allowed him to do all sorts of stuff that would usually tear his body apart like stacking kaioken on full-power super saiyan and discovering super saiyan 2-3. Not to mention all the different strong dead guys his fought.

Goku's weakness is lasers


But she couldn't dodge Goku's ball

>can gokek beat superman

Either give it golden body hair or keep the hair dark. That looks horrible and I can see why they chose not to use golden hair with brown fur.

>SS3 mental image

>fucking a slum saiyan ever ( tailess btw so even less saiyan than half saiyan gohan)

>2. Jiren (Holding back)
>3. Jiren (100%)

Keep in mind that Superman could use it to spread over an entire planet, so even with Ultra Instinct Gokuck would die.

it took a form with a broken multiplier to make a low stamina, non-fused character to turn into a new form that promptly curb stomps said form.

I don't see how this is a good point in defense of kefla, not only did they use artifacts, to get an edge over a not even full-power Goku, if Goku and Vegeta had performed fusion as well, Kefla would've had less screen time than pre-109 Jiren.

delet this now


that what inspired SS4's design to happen my dude


>posting porn

fucking kek, will cuckhan fans ever recover?

too bad the form is useless and shit


>giving a fuck

Considering the deaths we've seen of Superman in comics. A reality shattering character that can destroy his source of power in seconds and can punch exponentially harder than Darkseid and Doomsday should be able to handle superman.

>now resorts to porn
s e e t h i n g

>exponentially harder than Darkseid and Doomsday

Now you're just making shit up

>one of Toriyama's ideas for SS3 was that makes Goku's tail grown back
Would SS4 made more sense like that?

It is the most popular anime in the world.

>It was over, Goku managed to knock Jiren out of bounds with a second to spare
>U7 is declared the winner and the Zeno's proceeded to erase U11
>As Goku prepares to make his wish he is overcome by a bright light
>"What's going on, Zen-chan?!" Goku shouted at the Omni-King hoping for answers, but he, along everyone else, was fading into the mysterious light
>Before Goku could do or say anything else, the light intensified with the force of a thousand Solar Flares for a moment leaving the Saiyan alone in total darkness
>As Goku lied within the void, he heard a faint, almost familiar voice calling out to him
>Slowly, he opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of his old friend Bulma leaning over him, muttering "Thank god" or something
>Goku has overjoyed and about to ask how she got there but then he noticed some off about her, she seemed... younger
>"What happened?" He asked, noting that his voice sounded funny
>"What happened? Kid you you just got hit by car, how are you alive?!"

you're supposed to be oozaru-inspired and a follow up to SS3 and you decided to go fucking pink

Both SS4 and the fanfiction SS4 are trash


>most popular anime in the world
Both naruto and pokemon are more popular.

>not even top 10




that's the point
but at least Jijii "tried" to make SS4 decent and proper

>Goku going faster than the speed of Light = slow earring Hercule level?


>at least he tried
And failed

Stop posting deviantart.








And still made something that looks much worse than the actual SS4

>Both naruto and pokemon are more popular.
Pokemon, sure. Naruto? Maybe in Japan but not in the world.

But it's red

>supes gets headshot by a robot


Naruto is less popular than DB in Japan. It's the other way around in America though.

this is red




Absolutely seething.

And everyone posts the same pictures every single day? not obsessed at all


>And everyone posts the same pictures every single day? not obsessed at all
>the pictures are fucking popular on these threads, thousands of people could've saved them for future use
Wait a minute, didn't I already beat you in the argument?

You can say no all you like but considering the absolute mess of a redesign you posted, you're wrong.

Now who's the one claiming everyone that defends Gohan is the same person? AND claiming you won a single argument? seems pretty pathetic to me.

Anyways yes it's pathetic, almost like avatarfagging but worse because you don't even like the character, it's just done to shit on him. It's obsession

>hes the only one replying
>clearly showing hes the one posting the pictures
k e k


retard alert

>Now who's the one claiming everyone that defends Gohan is the same person?
Never once stated that
>AND claiming you won a single argument?
I debunked all your points and had nothing left so you kept repeating seething over and over again.

You can say yes all you like but considering the perfection of a redesign you posted, you're wrong
so stay mad, GTtrash

And you're still wrong, user

So you're assuming I'm some other user who in your mind lost against your argument?

AND you can't stop posting your images, this keeps getting worse for you lmao

argument discarded

right back at ya

>just goku but hairy and edgy as shit
>perfection of a redesign

The entire point of SS4 is that he's controlling his latent space monkey DNA in Buu's ideal form. Turning him into a wild animal with claws is the stupidest thing you can do, especially with that shit tier color scheme.

>So you're assuming I'm some other user who in your mind lost against your argument?
Yeah, I WAS assuming it. Now I'm assuming you and the other user(s) are both retarded.
>AND you can't stop posting your images, this keeps getting worse for you lmao
>Literally getting mad over the pictures

>getting mad over the pictures
I'm just stating how retarded you look by posting the same pictures over and over again

>I'm just stating how retarded you look by posting the same pictures over and over again
>same pictures
So you're mad AND retarded?

The same pictures you post in every single thread.

Do you have a folder full of pictures that shit on Gohan? because that's proof that you're obsessed

if its about just controlling your oozaru form, then it shouldn't be a follow up Super Saiyan stage at all but its own thing like Mastered Instinct.

calling 4 is dumb when its not even looking like a traditional Super Saiyan form. Primal or Hitozaru sounds like a better name for it.

>"The same pictures you post in every single thread."
>multiple people can't save the same fucking picture
Yep, you are confirmed retarded