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Have you not learned from the last thread?
Go back to /vg/
Let KF have its peaceful rest

>No fun allowed



Look at all the rectum wrecked salesfags.

You know if they pressed 10,000 discs he just made 33,000 USD

*350,000$ Actually
All straight to the 10 people in Irodori. More money than any anime this season, that had a thousand people working on it.

It's always funny to salesfags suffer.

Etotama comeback has left them in disarray to boot.

Irodori is 3 people. My copy comes tomorrow.

It's going to break 60k copies so that would be around 2 million dollars

And it costed them just 3 ramen bowls

Lucky you.
I wanted to buy one so hard but I am so tight.


user, they did not print 60k copies. that's an awesome fantasy, i love your optimism.

*Haven't yet.

Neck yourself.


At this point, you're probably the only one who still has the courage to declare a limit to Tatsuki's marketability


"I wanted to make sure everyone who couldn't get a copy at comiket got one who wanted one."

thats not a statement someone makes if they print 60,000 dvds. irodori is the indies, its doubtful they had the funds on hand to make such a number. we'll find out when oricon posts the numbers, and whatever it is, we can raise a toast and chase our whiskey with kyoanifag tears.

that's a paddlin'

Fug, I still haven't watched KF since the final episode aired. I miss being NEET.

>they said that a cheap CGI shit would flop
>they said that it won't be a nationwide success
>they said that the director does not matter
>they said that the people would not stand with him
>they said that the franchise would survive without him
>they said that there is no hope for him
>they said his new projects would flop
You are now here:
>they said that he won't be able to break his previous record
>they said that KF shall not return back to them.

Be wary of the words you speak, for the records we shall keep.
A blessing to the needy, a curse to the greedy
Pride shall wither and fall, the humble shall no more crawl
Rise up and be in glee, by the name of Tatsuki

>someone else thinks KF will return to tatsuki

are you me

We saw the same thing happen when Fate was in the hands of DEEN until sold to Ufo.

Who knows? The new comitee handling Keimurikusa might be so impressed with the results that they would buy Kemono Friends out of Kadokawa and return it back to its peak glory.

Not like Kadokawa would gain anything with keeping it at this point anyway

I don't really care about Stalker threads.
I just want Kadokawa to watch as the money that they could have made if they kept Tatsuki and apologized to the fans

UFO didn't buy the rights to fate from deen. deen was done with f/sn when their anime finished and the production company decided to hire ufotable

studios don't buy the rights to x y an z generally, they are hired to do a job. deen ruins everything.

comparing smalltime fate to tatsuki is laughable. even granblue, which sold 65,000 per volume, is less than half of what a single volume of KF did in sales.

tatsuki is a darling. nasu is autistic shit in a silk stocking.

kako when?

I don't underestimate his marketability myself but I do doubt the ability of a 3 member independent organisation to meet 60k worth of orders in anything like a reasonable time.

Grandblue is bigger than KF though.

I mean, there's the production committee handling Kemirikusa and it is not outside of possiblity that Kadokawa would sell the rights for the anime at a heavily discounted price.

That or we could just forget about it altogether as it gets outshadowed with whatever Yaoyozoru has for everyone

It's 3 people who hires disk printers to print disks for them at a rate of 2-4k disks every 2 weeks. Based on what happened this month, I guess

yeah, and KF still sold more than it, and granblue's BD/dvd's were giving away items that cost upwards of 100$ in the game with purchase.

and KF still beat it. 20 million gamers were smacked in the face by the throngs of KF fans as they mobbed their local zoos last summer

Stop looking at BDs alone.
Kancolle is at 20k.

I have a decent amount of doubt they will even put it back on Amazon again anytime soon. Don't you think with the recent announcement that Kemurikusa would be selling very well if they put it up for sale? Or do you doubt the marketability? They aren't a corporation, they don't exist to make all the money in the world.

you have to contract a company to make your discs, and they are already working on other projects, they won't just drop everything because ZOMG tatsuki called! you have to press the silver discs, buy the cases, print the books, print the inserts have it all delivered to you, assemble the final product, shrinkwrap it, and ship it to amazon's warehouse.

production is a bitch.

>Don't you think with the recent announcement that Kemurikusa would be selling very well if they put it up for sale?
Yes. Absolutely. Tatsuki is a cult leader right now who would buy his products based on name alone

This kind of thing is one of the most important reasons besides funding that production committees even exist. Creators like Tatsuki are good at and want to focus on making anime, not working of the logistics of shipping thousands of discs.

I know. That's why there's a limit of disk per order.
You can order again after though
A disk printing factory near my place can produce over 20k in just a few weeks. But I am allowed to order only 1000 and takes months to deliver

I found a red neck Kaban chan!

His hat is not impressed.

Thats a bigtime manufacturer. there's no way tatsuki contracted with a mass producer, the cost would be too high and there are minimum order limits.

using 2-4 smaller publishers at 4-5k per place on discs is plausable tho, and they probably had to call in some favors after their stock sold out on day 1 and they were supposed to ship 5 days later via amazon

Interestingly they still sold some of Comitia after selling out on amazon too I think.

Japari Park was an abandoned sex theme park right?



I want to delouse all the Friends of Japari Park with special anti-lice shampoo with Kaban.


I want to have children with Ezo-chan.

Running a zoo ain't cheap, gotta have alternative revenue streams.

But seriously though, the whole park is a real big deal; spawning humanoid sentient beings out from almost thin air would cause a huge shitstorm. I'm not sure whether they (whoever originally came with this idea) have thought about the whole circumstances, because then there'd be huge demand for everything in there, including of course the cute little Friends.

Why is there an extra ear growing out of its neck