God damn it Japan

What ís it with Japan and marrying your siblings?
Don't stick your dick in your sister, blood-related or not.

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Don't worry, it's fine if they're just pretending.

I bet you wouldn't even dump all your cock milk inside of your sister's womb on her ovulation day. Disgusting.

>a girl that your father found at the side of the road
>a sister
Come on.

Well the royal family did it for a reason user.


It got axed so the mangaka went with the closest route he could reasonably end in 4 chapters. Imouto end.



Google search

People who don’t have siblings are the main people who fantasize about incest

Not blood related

I have three sisters, so I guess that makes me abnormal.

3D =/= 2D

What should he have instead then, 2D sisters? What are you even trying to say?

Sisters exist to become their brother's wives.

There's nothing wrong with fucking your sibling, though?

Imagine being this much of a faggot.

Not blood related, they're in the clear

How did you like the ending anons?

>How did you like the ending anons?
I didn't see it coming, but like user say

It was too obvious from the start.

Ending? What? It's over?

Yeah it is over. He is on his way to marry his sister.

Looking back on it you are right.


Why is Hyocorou so based?

I'm so fine with this. Would be better with br though.

worry not user there was this asspull on the chapter before

Didn't this shit get axed?

If I had to put my finger on anything, it would be the long history and frequency of adoptions in their culture. Especially since many of them were adoptions/betrothals.