Are you ready for the best Steins;Gate girl to finally be animated?

Are you ready for the best Steins;Gate girl to finally be animated?

we're going to drawn in leskinen memes

Best girl is Suzuha.

She already was

Yes and so is my dick.

It's going to be shit.

Only correct answer.

Reminder her name literally means magic.

No, I still haven't finished 0

That's not sweatertits.

I'm just waiting for the influx of new fan art

>still don't know if it's 1 cour or 2 cour

This board never has enough Steins;gate threads.

considering they had trouble fitting all of the first one in two cour, i highly doubt it’ll just be one without skipping out on a LOT of the plot

because she is magical

>says the Zombie
Just you wait till April.

>philosophical zombie

Fuck this feel.

She's been animated for years.

Plus the new figures.

Rounders are monitoring this thread.


You would be surprised how many times Japan has done the retarded thing and tried to shove 24 episodes of content into 12 episodes. I have zero faith.

chaos child was butchered


Sex with Serika would be quite the wild ride.

She is an animal, yes.

S;G is their big money maker though. It would be downright suicidal to try and stuff it into one cour.

Superior taste mein freund

Please, anyone, give me some Kurisu hentai. My boner is dying...! Help an user!


I got you senpai


Fuck yes, motherfucker.

one more for the road

Kurisu is about as real to you as she is to Okabe, as in that it's all just in our heads.





>kurisu will never suck you dry

Adaptation when?

Man, I really want to fuck Serika.

Kurisu will always be trapped by the glass on your screen.

Who cares about the girls? post leskinen

what about shaman girls lintahlo?

If she's trapped by the glass on my screen, how is she in my heart?

Cause you remember that you couldn't save her.



This is the only anime we need.



She already was

Dumb frogposter


Man, just imagine...

no lewd suzu pls

Reminder that Suzuha is a fathercon

She's the exact kind of person who would giggle while posting nujaks.


Maho lewds when

Was that the "localized" version of the Nullpo joke? I played this on Vita so they did it literally.

A few exist right now you know.


what is she doing?