Non Non Biyori

This is Non Non Biyori thread. Just respect Ren-chon and everything will be honky dory.


Use spoiler image at least, newmouse.

I really cried when they presented their old toys. Because it reminded me the 90s in my shithole country.

Ren-chon is my daughteru.

Reminded me “of” the 90s fucking ESL

I want to adopt the Biyoris.
and make Hotaru my wife.

How do we stop the ESL menace?

I like Hotarun


I love you Natsumi!

Koma-chan is cute!

I still can't believe we're getting a movie.

by stopping the spread of English language

just die al ready

Two best girls

It honestly feels like the English language is being distorted out of existence due to the prevalence of ESL. If you work on STEM you will be stuck listening to ESL coworkers every day (feels bad man).
Now I know how the Spaniards must feel about Mexican-Spanish, though even that is not nearly so bad.

>disregard philology and linguistics
>not reading literature
>listening to some n-words during the whole day

this episode just upset me